Global Online Chat Support jobs HIRING NOW: Non Phone Work at Home Jobs 2022

Hey everyone. Welcome back to the remote professional network. Today. We have two live chat jobs that are going
to be fully remote work from home jobs in 2022. So let's go ahead and dive right into the
first position. This is going to be a live chat position with
blue cave media. It pays about 20 to $30 per hour. This can be performed from anywhere you can
be located anywhere in the world. So this is a global remote job opportunity. Let's click into this one here we can see
there is no phone required, flexible schedule. You'll make your own schedule. And in this position you are going to be working
fully from home. This is an online job as a live chat assistant,
and you get paid by the minute. If you log in and do 15 minutes of work and
then stop, you're paid immediately for those 15 minutes of work, the Pape per minute rate
for these live chat assistant jobs are about 50 cents per minute. So if you log in and do 15 minutes of work,
you'll get paid about $7 and 50 cents.

And in this position, what you'll be doing,
you'll be paid to reply, to live chat messages on businesses, websites, or social media accounts. So if you have any experience previously unworking
any social media accounts definitely apply to this one. This will be the job for you. You will also get full training on any job
that you're assigned to and you get 24 7 support. So you always know what you're going to be
doing. And you can always ask about questions about
how to get paid and whatnot. These are going to be entry level jobs. So you do not require any experience. So this is a remote job with no experience

And again, their estimate is about $30 per
hour. And the only things that you need to get started
in this, you just need a device, most likely a laptop or a computer and an internet access. Ideally, you might want a hardcore sorry,
a hard, a hard internet connection. So what that means is usually an either net,
but that's not required either. That's just my personal recommendation. And yet that there's going to be a lot of
openings for this. If you're from the United Kingdom, it looks
like they are looking for you specifically, but this is a worldwide opportunity. So basically what they're going to do is they
have job openings and projects that you can work on and apply to you to work on and you
can perform live chat, work for them.

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This is a flexible schedule opportunity, head
over to remote professional to apply to this one. And let's jump into job. Number two now, Jeb number two is going to be as a customer
success advocate for a company called Bonzai. What Bonzai does? They are a freelancer website. So if you have ever been to something like
Fiverr or Upwork, it is very similar to that. Basically they help businesses hire freelancers
to complete work for them. And in this position, let's just scroll down
a little bit. They are looking for somebody to work the
Pacific time hours, 8:00 AM to 5:00 PM. You do not need to live there. You just need to be able to work those hours. Okay. So how this work is, you're going to be a
frontline support representative. You're going to engage actively to solve user
problems and answer questions. These can be basic questions or complicated
questions as well. So the way that you're going to be responding
to these customers will be via chat or email, and occasionally an onboarding call for business
owners. That's very valuable experience guides.

If you get any B to B experience, which means
business to business jobs, with those, and then with a business to business and the title
typically pay more. So there are typically two areas that you
can work in when you work in a, in the private sector, B to C, which is <inaudible> business
to consumer or B2B, which is business to business. Typically when you work in a B2B business
to business model, you're going to get paid far more. Your interactions with the customers are going
to be very different. So this is an extremely great opportunity. So almost 99% of the time that you're going
to be doing just the chat and email. But as somebody has a very difficult time
maybe getting onboarded or something like that, they might ask you to do a video call
to help them get their accounts set up so that they can start hiring freelancers off
the site.

Okay, besides this, they are looking for two
years of experience in a SAS company and doing support. I don't believe that you're going to need
that if you just have any experience in customer service previously, but that down. And I bet you're going to get an interview
for this position. And besides that they, they did not list any
specific pay range. I'm going to guess this is going to be anywhere
in the range again of 20 to $30 per hour. Okay. Again, this is a fully remote position. You can work from anywhere for this position
as well. So go ahead and head over to remote professional, send in an application and we will see you next time.

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