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All right pay close attention right now Because I'm about to show you how to use Google Translate and another Google app Combined with chat GPT to make money Online for completely free without Actually doing the work yourself and Without actually creating any products Or services and without having to sell Anything and it also has nothing to do With affiliate marketing or anything Like that so this is going to be Probably one of the easiest ways you can Make money online using Google from Literally anywhere in the world just a Quick disclaimer here if someone replies To your comment like this claiming They're me just know it's a scam I don't Have WhatsApp I don't have Telegram and I would never tax you for money you can Check their accounts they don't have a Verification badge they don't have the Same subscribers or videos as me and They will just scam you my only Instagram account is at I'm Dave Nick People are just creating fake accounts Reposting my photos and dming you asking For money you can check their post the Engagement is fake their new accounts And just know that I would never text You like that so just stay safe and Report them all so let us begin with a Complete step-by-step breaking on first Things first you obviously want to open Up Google Translate app which is an app

That will allow you to translate a Different languages for example Spanish To English or English to Spanish a short Hindi to English like you can translate All sorts of different languages using Google translate if you type in for Example hello in English and you want to Translate that to Spanish it's going to Show you that you are going to say hola In Spanish so that's how Google Translate works now before we come back To Google Translate what you will need To do is you will need to open up a Platform called a CPA grip over at the Cpagrip.com and CPA grip is a CPA Network with thousands of different CPA Offers for you to promote as you Probably already know if you've been Watching this channel so what you want To do now is you want to register an Absolutely free account and then you Want to go to the dashboard right over Here and there you can see all of these Different people that are already making Money with CPA grip and in order for you To start making money you want to go to Offer tools go to my offers now instead Of the default country which in this Case is going to be the US where as you Can see you do have some decent offers Where like giveaways where people have a Chance to win something and you're being Paid two dollars per email collected a Lot of people only focus on the US and

The English-speaking countries but we Are missing out on billions of other People that don't actually speak English So what you can do is you can change the Country over here and you can select for Example Spain or France or Italy and It's going to show you offers that are Available in that country and in that Language for example this is a PS5 Giveaway where whenever someone enters An email address we are being paid one Dollar and let's see what they offer in France if it's like France you can Probably find even better giveaways so Let me try to find something this one is A 500 Euros or 500 wow sure but it only Pays 40 cents which is still okay Because the conversion rate is much Higher than with a US offer so if I open This up I want to see what this is all About because I don't really speak French what I can do is I can just copy The title of this offer and see if it's An actual giveaway to promote so I'm Basically just going to change from from Spanish to French I'm gonna paste that Here and as you can see benefit from a 500 Euros in a March a gift card this is Probably some of their brands so people In France probably know about it and so What you can simply do you want to find An offer that you want to promote from CPA grip and you see combined with Google translate you know that that

Offer is a giveaway so people have a Chance to win something for free which In this case is a 500 euros voucher what You want to do next is you simply want To open up a chat GPT which is an AI bar That can do a lot of different things For you and the best part is that it can Also write articles in different Languages so for example I can ask him To write an article either in Spanish or In French or in any other language so For example write an article in French Which talks about five tips for saving Money so it's something that's related For to money and it's gonna appeal to People that want to either make or save Money and as you can see the AI bot Already started writing our article on Incomplete autopilot I literally just Told him to write an article in French I Have no idea what it is actually means But as you can see it's supposedly some Valuable stuff about five tips on how to Save money in French and if you want to Know what all of this means you can Essentially just copy this and you can Paste it into Google translate and you Can see exactly what it is talking about And as you can see it is providing Valuable text in this article but most Importantly while our article is being Written what you want to do is you want To create a call to action in French Which is going to be click here to enter

The 500 euro giveaway and this is how You say that in French so I'm also going To save this this is a call to action in France so now what you simply want to do Is you want to go back to chat at GPT And you want to grab that entire article That was written for you in whatever the Language you selected whether that's French whether that's Spanish whether That's Italian whether it's Hindi Whether that's whatever language and you Just want to copy that text you want to Copy that article that full-blown Article you want to copy that and then You want to go over to a platform called Google Docs so you essentially just want To go to docs.google.com you want to Paste that article over here here again Here you're going to have a full article Written and between all of these Different lines you will just insert Your call to action that was written in This case in French so I'm just going to Go back and I'm going to copy the call To action and I'm going to paste it here And I'm going to highlight this text I'm Going to make it bold it says basically Click here to enter the giveaway and Then I'm gonna go back I'm gonna grab my Affiliate link from CPA grip and then I'm just going to insert it over here so Insert the link and this is how I'm Gonna apply it and I'm going to copy This and I'm going to paste this same

Call to action between multiple lines to Make sure that people don't really miss It and I'm also going to insert it over Here and as you can see now I have Multiple Call of Duty actions so that Whenever someone is reading this article They can click on this to actually go And sign up for the free giveaway and if They're reading an article that talks About saving money then they're Obviously going to be interested in this Free giveaway so now what you want to do Is you just want to save this to your Computer so click on download and Download asapdf document now you Obviously need a title for this article But if you don't speak French it will go Back to Google Translate and you will Just type in for example five tips to Save money in 2023 let's say and this is How you say that in French I'm going to Copy the title in French and then what We're gonna do is we're gonna go over to A platform called slideshare.net which Is a website that is being visited by Millions of people every single month Where people come to read it is Different PDF documents and so what you Can do is you can log into your account And then you want to select the Documents to upload which is the PDF Document from docs.google.com and as That uploads it will just change the Title to be in French so it's going to

Say that people can learn five different Tips to save money you can select the Category over here in this case it's Either going to be business or economy And finance and then you can also write A brief description about the article For the description I'm essentially just Going to copy the intro paragraph and I'm going to paste it over here and now I can also add some tags in French as Well and I can publish it to millions of People that are on slideshare.net and You can even find this article by Searching on Google for these keyword And whenever someone opens up this Article this PDF document they're gonna Be able to see the call to action inside Of the document and they enter the email Address I'm gonna be paid for that and This obviously makes it a lot easier That they don't actually have to buy Anything or spend any money they Literally just have to enter the remote Address for a chance to win something For free so that's what actually makes This method easy so that's how you can Use Google Translate and chat GPT to Make money online without actually doing The work yourself you can just repeat This again and again and post as many Different articles and PDF documents and Slideshare.net as you possibly want to And you can select different languages You can try different go-to actions and

You can also try different offers from Cpagrip.com I really hope you got some Value out of this video if you did make Sure to drop a like and I will see you Next time

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