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See brand new AI bond which you can use In five different websites in order to Get paid without actually creating your Own product or a service without doing Affiliate marketing and with no social Media followers this also works Worldwide and as I said this is a brand New absolutely free AI bot which anyone Can leverage because you can literally Just press one single button to get it All done for you so if that sounds good Enough then drop a like down below and Let us begin with a full step-by-step Breakdown so the bot that I'm talking About is called a dip a dream generator Just a quick disclaimer here if someone Replies to your comment like this Claiming they are me just know it's a Scam I don't have WhatsApp I don't have Telegram and I would never attack you For money you can check their accounts They don't have a verification badge They don't have the same subscribers or Videos as me and they will just scam you My only Instagram account is at I'm Dave Nick people are just creating fake Accounts reposting my photos and dming You asking for money you can check their Posts the engagement is fake there are New accounts and just know that I would Never text you like that so just stay Safe and report them all and this is a AI bot that will allow you to turn your Text and your thoughts ads into actual

Images whatever it is on your mind you Can therm that into an actual image so For example let's say I'm on I want an Image of a panda riding a bike through The city I can just type that into this Text box and then I can select the Aspect ratio over here I can select the Quality I guess I like the face Enhancement I can upscale and enhance Things and I can just generate this with Literally one click of a button that Will generate a unique image which I can Then upload to different websites and I'm going to show you exactly how to Actually use this but this is unique Content it has never been ever available On Google so you're never gonna find in This image on Google or whatsoever you Can type in it's always going to be a Brand new AI generated image that no one Else has access to so once you press the Generate button you get unique content Because AI is basically going to create Whatever you type in in the box and Which is really really cool and and I Like where the AI is going with this but As you can see here's a pen they're Riding a bike through the city City like Here's an image of a panda and what I Can now do is I can just download this Onto my computer so I can right click Save image as and I'm gonna have this Panda on my computer and that can even Be something even more bizarre I could

Type in a monkey working on a laptop on The moon or something like that it will Show up like this which is pretty cool So what you can do with this art which Is really unique art that and you always Want to type in something that's unusual You don't want to type in a guy riding a Bike because there's already thousands Of those images Like It's Not Unusual With that but like Panda running a bike To the city it is kind of unusual so What you can do is you can use five Different platforms the very first one Is called deviantART and deviantART is Where people come to sell digital art so It's for artists who create digital Content like this and so as you can see These are all like fantasy different Images something that has that is Obviously not real and what you can do Is you can submit your own art which you Can generate with AI only here you can List it for sale and if someone buys You're going earn a commission for that And it literally takes you one click of A button to generate that content so This is one website where you can do it All you got to do is basically click on Submit deviation submit your art you're Gonna upload your image here so I'm just Gonna drag and drop my panda I can write A bright description of what this Represents I can add some tags and I can Submit this to the marketplace it's as

Simple as that now the next platform Which you can use to sell your digital Art from that AI bond is creative Market Already if you just Sign up for free and you can start Selling your designs and your images on Here so you can just list them and the Beauty of this is that you earn a Passive income because once you share This AI generated content it is listed In the marketplace forever whenever Somebody comes across that image and They buy it you're gonna earn a Commission for it and it can get instant Access to it so you don't have to do the Delivery or whatsoever and the beauty of This is as you can see you're not Creating your own website you're not Creating the product you're not creating The service you're not building anything You're literally just pressing one Button and then uploading those images On the to this free websites so that is The second web so the third website Where we can sell your digital art is Gonna be Etsy and Etsy is a platform That's being visited by hundreds of Millions of people you can get a lot of Traffic and a lot of sales from here and People are always looking for Unique Content and in most of the cases and People who generate digital or they do Get sales but it takes them days or even Weeks to create and a really beautiful

Digital art image but for you that's Literally just one click of a button Because not a lot of people know that These AI Bots even exist so that's why You can also leverage so just Create an absolutely free account and Start your store and Etsy setting up Your account and as it does take quite a Bit of time but there are thousands of Free tutorials that you can watch to Learn exactly how to set up Etsy shop Now once you do that you can also Proceed to the fourth platform which is Going to be red bubble already this is a place where People sell printer demand products so Basically you can sell stickers with Your designs you can sell mugs pillows T-shirts and whatnot so you can all you Got to do is just upload your designs on Here and you're gonna get listed in the Market place where people can come Across your designs maybe they like Paying their running or the bike or Whatever and they might potentially buy Some of the products with your design on Them and if they do you're gonna earn a Commission 10 20 30 per product and Actually earn passive income from that Now keep in mind that a Dev dream Generator AI bot is a free only for Seven images so you can generate seven Different images for free and then once You're done with that you will have to

Pay a couple of extra dollars to Generate more images so it's a couple of Dollars per month but you obviously Don't have to spend money on that unless You are already making money so once you Start getting sales on these different Platforms then you can reinvest a couple Of dollars to generate more art to make Even more money but you can definitely Do it all for free for seven different Designs and the next so be creative for Those first seven ones all right and the Last website that you can use is going To be already and This is another print demand platform Just like a red bubble and it's pretty Cool because you're gonna see your Designs which generated with one click Of a button on different products you Can just come over to here and you can Sell on Zazzle by pressing on the Excel On Zazzle button right over here you can Sign up for completely free as a Creator And start listing your designs and Different products and then sell them And to increase your sales you can even Promote these t-shirts and mods on Different platforms like different Social media platforms like media like Facebook like Instagram like Pinterest There's a lot of different ways that you Can drive traffic to get some additional Sales as well and earn even more money Off of the designs which you made but

Even if you rely on the traffic from These platforms you can still get decent Sales because these platforms have Millions of visitors every single month Allowing you to actually earn passive Income from this you don't necessarily Have to actually spend any money on it And once you do it once you upload those Designs they're gonna stay there forever Where people can find them in the next Couple of months or even years now yeah That's great way if you earn some extra Passive income online without actually Doing much work but it's probably not Going to replace your full-time job Because you can't really make that much Money off of selling those at digital or Designs so if you want to see exactly How I personally make money online and How I've established my passive income Systems and click the first link in the Description box down below when I will Walk you through the entire process step By step and show you exactly how that Works and exactly how you can set it up Yourself from literally anywhere in the World without showing your face in the Internet without recording anything with A camera and with no millions of Followers or personal brand or Whatsoever everything is explained step By step Click by click Linked In the Description box down below and I'm also Going to show you eight different ways

That you can make money using that Particular strategy that we're going to Talk about over there so if you want to See exactly how I personally make money Online click the first link in the Description box down below anyways I Really hope you got some value out of This video I really hope you learned Something new at least something new About these Ai and Bots and how you can Leverage them to make some extra money Online and if you did make sure to drop A like down below and I'll see you in Some of the next ones [Music] Thank you [Applause] [Music] Thank you

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