How I shifted my career in Digital Marketing | with NO EXPERIENCE and During Pandemic

In the recent pandemic our lifestyle has been 
changed and shifted to a digital era All of the people are now much more open to watching 
videos on the internet socializing on social   media purchasing products or services online 
and so many more . It was a devastating event for   me at that time because i was having a hard 
time getting a job with certain skills that   I learned from college and on my corporate 
days. The skills that I have during that time   weren't able to cope up with a job demand market 
hence I shifted my career to the digital space Hi I'm jake orozco in this video I will tell 
you how you can shift your career in digital   marketing by following the simple steps that I 
was able to experience on hand and learn through it.

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Number #1: Analyze the required skills in the market   As you know during the pandemic there were so many 
people who lost their job because we have shifted   so fast in the digital era that certain 
skills cannot cope up with the demand of the job   market and I was one of them who lost their job 
and small business. When I tried to look for a job   my specific skills as a mechanical engineer wasn't 
very demanding in that period and there were so   much competition that my application was not seen 
by employers. But as a family man, maybe like you   you need to adapt to the job market so you can 
provide for your family. The first thing I did   was to analyze the openings in the job market then 
I found out that most of the careers that were in   demand were in the digital space careers like for 
example front-end development, digital marketing   data science, machine learning, software development 
So, I decided to take digital marketing because I'm   curious about how to grow a company using online 
platforms and content.

So I try to take those   one by one which skills do require me to shift 
my career to digital marketing like SEO, SEM  Email marketing. Number #2: don't stop learning 
new skills and new things we have a saying that   you need to keep learning new things and skills 
I realized it when I was at that moment. Since   I have all the list of skills required as 
digital marketer which I really don't know before   I take them one by one and learn the lessons from 
online courses available on the internet for free   There are so many institutions or websites that 
have online courses that you can take so you can   enhance your skills and knowledge. You can go to 
Linkedin learning, Skillshare, Udemy, Coursera & Youtube   You need to have a proper mindset 
and focus to finish all the courses   so you can implement them on the job that you 
will take.

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Be prepared and challenge yourself that   learning new things is not impossible all of this 
will be worth it in the future. Number #3: Build   a working credibility as you build your knowledge 
and skills you need also to build your credibility   In my case, I take several certifications in 
Digital marketing like for example Google   Analytics Certifications, Google Ad Certifications &
Hubspot Inbound Marketing Certification. So, when an   employer sees my credential they will be amazed 
at what I achieved and the skills that I have   to do the job i also built and improve my profile 
in a way that all my skills are aligned with   digital marketing jobs in the market you don't 
need to take all the courses but you need to take   certain topics that are needed for the job. 
Incredibly, I've successfully shifted my career   in digital marketing by following these steps 
anyone like you can do the same process that I did   in shifting your career in the digital space 
whether in this digital marketing or any career.   After landing a job I build rapport with my colleagues 
and employers so my credibility will be high   even when I change companies.

It's very important 
so people can trust you and always make sure   that your credibility is high. There's always 
a hardship in terms of putting your time into   learning new things however it outweighs the 
disadvantage of being stubborn and stagnant in   your life. Keep pushing yourself and you'll see 
that the hardship that you experience will make   you stronger.

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