Hello, HomebasedKada! Today, we will talk about SOCIAL MEDIA MANAGEMENT. We tapped the expertise of Ms. Jaizhi Tan who is a Digital Marketing Manager and she is really an expert in this niche. I'm sure you want to learn more about the roles of a social media manager, the strategies that you have to learn and remember, where and how to find a client, the salary range and some more. If you are interested, make sure to watch the whole video, and get ready for we are going to start right NOW! Welcome and welcome back to our channel! I am Sheena Santos, and Momshee Jaizhi is here right now and I'm excited to learn more about Social Media Management Here she is, πŸŽ‰ Ms. Jaizhi Tan πŸŽ‰ Sheena: How did you learn about Social Media Management? Jaizhi: I had a client that hired me as a writer, and I transitioned into Social Media Manager. Basically, I was taught how to do posting. How to do it and the scheduling, and then I saw job postings about SMM and the salary offers are good.

From that, I searched in YouTube, I follow mentors and coaches, I asked questions and did some digging from YouTube. And I also watched free courses. Before we continue with our video, I noticed that 72% of our viewers are not yet subscribed, I will appreciate it if you will SUBSCRIBE now, for more exciting videos! So, SUBSCRIBE now! Sheena: Where did you start? Did you start as a Social Media Manager? Jaizhi: I started as a blogger and then ghost writer, doing some reviews and more writings I did it as a side job when I was still in ESL. I tried to do the two jobs together and I know that some ESL teachers will testify that salary in tutoring is not high, the rate is just Php25/hr, so I tried side jobs because the salary is too cheap compared to when I was in a call center.

In a call center, the salary is higher in a month compared to ESL, in Php12K, you are already thankful, so I did a side job. And then I gradually progress to marketing, I started as a Social Media Manager doing postings, and then progress to making Ads, and Analytics. So yeah, I kept on progressing. Sheena: Do you already have an interest in the social media managing or you just learned it out of curiosity? Jaizhi: I already had an interest in it, and it's so easy since we are all using Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, so, I know for a fact that I already have a basic knowledge about those. And just needed to enhance my skills to have a professional use for my client, and that triggered me to learn marketing.

And I can feel this certain happiness in what I do, especially when my post go viral, even without nudity on it πŸ˜‚ When I see that my post have traction, traffic and there is ROI I have this definite feeling of satisfaction. It's like having a report card saying you got a high grade, and it makes me feel proud of myself. The satisfaction is different aside from your salary of course. Sheena: That means that you really enjoy what you are doing.

Because we just base on the trending job and the work that we love most, this job is giving you both. You see yourself doing this and you enjoy doing it as well. This is a significant factor if we want to be a freelancer. I read in our group, mommies were asking about the in-demand jobs and skills. They are a little confused about what skills they need to learn first. Jaizhi: There are a lot of trending jobs right now, as social media managing. But if it is not your passion, it's hard to move forward with the job. It's hard to motivate yourself to do the next steps. Unlike when you are happy with the job, you are motivated to work and study the next steps to do as well. Because you enjoy what you do. If you are doing a job just for the sake of money because it pays well, the tendency is you'll get stuck there.

If the client won't tell you to learn new things, there is no reason to start learning because you are just there for the money. But if you have a passion for your work, you want to get to the top. And of course, you feel that satisfaction when you reached what you aimed for. Sheena: The feeling of burnout, you won't feel it when you love what you do. You feel lighter even if you are tired. Sheena: So, what is the key role of a Social Media Manager? Most of our viewers are newbies, we don't want them to think that it is just purely posting. What is the major role of the job? Jaizhi: There are two roles to consider, Social Media Management and Marketing, for me, these two are different. With different clients, these two are different. If you are a manager, you are managing the page.

You will do the posting, schedule the page content, and managing the comments and messages. When we say Marketing, here comes the Ads. And the side of Analytics, we are now talking about the numbers. And strategies to use. But there are clients who combine these two roles, so you have to understand what the roles would be, is it management or marketing? If the client asked you to do the two roles, then ask for a higher rate. Why? Marketing is a different level job. In Marketing, we are talking about numbers already. In management, when you do posting, whether there are engagements or none, you have done your job. But in Marketing, there is a need of meeting the goal of strategies. If the goal of your client is engagement, likes or followers. We are targeting such. Unlike with management, as long as you are managing the account presence of the client and making a good impression, that's okay. Sheena: I can see in job postings, it is SMM, so there is a need to clarify the role.

Honestly, I got confused too. If it is Social Media Management or Marketing, now I know that these two are different. Our clients are also like us, normally when they are also new to freelancing, they thought both are the same. So, basically, you'll identify it with the task and his needs. When the client asked you to make Ads, then it's a different level. Especially when the account got banned because of Ads, the stress is different compared to posting and designing an image, this part of Marketing is on a different level. Sheena: What is the best social media platform to start with? Especially with beginners. Before, all I know is Facebook, Instagram, Friendster πŸ€£πŸ˜‚ What are the platforms that they should learn about? Friendster? πŸ€£πŸ˜‚ Oh dear, πŸ‘©β€πŸ¦³πŸ‘¨β€πŸ¦³πŸ˜… Basically, Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Pinterest and also YouTube, because multimedia is now important, So, YouTube, Podcast and let's include Clubhouse.

Sheena: Oh. That's a lot. So, is there a need that as a starter you already have knowledge on these platforms, or you can choose from these? Jaizhi: The important thing to learn with social media is its core information, how are you going to make a marketing plan, Jaizhi: Sorry πŸ‘¦πŸ‘§ Sheena: It's okay πŸ˜‚πŸ€£ He's playing at the beach πŸ– A few moments later. It is important to know the core information of social media. For you to know how to strategize, know the rules of your clients, the things to consider in creating strategies. When you learn these things, whatever platforms will you manage, let's say Facebook or Instagram will disappear someday or even Twitter. As long as you understand the core of marketing, you are all good. As a beginner, if you are not enrolled in a course or have no information yet, I would suggest Facebook, that platform is commonly used. And Instagram as well. Assess yourself and select on which platform you are most familiar with and focus on it. Sheena: There are clients who just want to increase their engagement in Instagram alone, right? Or others want to increase their followers on Facebook and YouTube.

So it's possible to specialize in a specific platform. Jaizhi: Yes, they can focus on a specific platform. We can see freelancers that are working as Instagram VA, or Pinterest VA, or Facebook VA. There are job positions like that. There are also clients who want you to manage everything, The rate is different, of course. The rate is higher if you specialize in a specific platform. When you specialize in a specific platform, of course, your knowledge about it should be extensive as well. Sheena: A lot of here would like to know the rate, but we'll talk about that later. We would like to know first the tools that beginners should learn and practice. Jaizhi: You can start learning about scheduling tools, In Facebook, you can schedule using Buffer, Hootsuite, or Facebook Creator.

They can also use that for scheduling on Instagram. Best if they check the rules and regulations when it comes to Rules and regulations 🀣 they might think that's too long Be familiar with the rules to avoid your account getting banned and flagged. What I normally say to my mentees, it is best to create your own page. May that be Instagram or Facebook wherever platform you want to manage and specialize. Much better to show proof to the client that you have done it yourself. Because when you tell a client that you have an experience with a client with good growth, that's actually good. But at the end of the day, the question will be, when you started with that account, what is the status of likes and the things that you accomplished for that account. But when you tell the client that you started an account from scratch, you helped it grow and accomplished a lot. It's better to hear that kind of experience. The client will see that you come up to that accomplishment with your own strategy. That no client gave you training or experiences. It is best to practice on your own, Even without a scheduling tool yet.

Practice on the main platform. Sheena: It will serve as your online portfolio and proof that you are growing yourself. Like me, I started from scratch. I made a Youtube channel. It serves as a reference for clients when they look into my profile. If they want to see if I had handled a YouTube channel, then I let them look into my channel. So, if you want to be a social media manager, best to practice on your own Facebook account first, or YouTube, or whatever platform you want to learn. Sheena: You mentioned scheduling tools, do these tools offer free trials? Of course, if you are a beginner you want to test these tools first, like Hootsuite. During my time 🀣 when I tried Hootsuite, I know it's free. Do they still offer free trials or is there a need to pay? Jaizhi: Yes, there are still free trials. Some offer it for 7 days, one month, or you can put 2-3 accounts. In Buffer you can put 2 accounts, I think. So you can use these tools. Personally, I use Hootsuite and Crowdfire. I prefer Crowdfire because it has a feature that when someone unfollows you, you'll get notified.

Especially in Instagram, like for like, follow for follow, You can see these on Instagram. When you engage in that and you see they unfollow you, then better unfollow them as well. They unfollow you so you unfollow also. But this strategy is being done by people who are just starting out, just to get traction. Usually, you'll get followed if you have base followers already.

If you have no followers yet, they might hesitate to follow you. But at the end of the day, it still best to have organic followers. That your followers really engage with your account. You can always use these free tools, all the tools around the digital industry always have a free trial. I haven't seen a tool that does not offer a free trial. It always has a free trial and demo, may it be 2 or 3 days. And by all means, use that. If you have many email addresses, then practice it. Sheena and I are on the same page, we have plenty of Gmail accounts, fake Gmail accounts 🀣 to test these tools out. Even tenured freelancers in the industry, they still use free trials. So, by all means, use it. Sheena: I have many Gmail addresses, one of them is dedicated only to sign up for Newsletter so it won't mix up with my personal account. Sheena: Many of us here are waiting to know about the salary, How much is the salary of a Social Media Manager? Jaizhi: The salary range can start from 3 to 25 dollars per hour, with premium clients, it could go up to 800 to 1000 dollars per month.

Again, it depends on how you can deliver. I always say, have an assessment first, it's good to have a client that offers a high salary rate but with higher rates come with different expectations. There are rules, and it goes with all freelancing industry. Clients who usually ask for a lower rate are the ones who are demanding. Because they might think that it's just 3 dollars an hour, so working 25 hrs for them won't hurt their pockets. But if you have higher rate, the clients would usually limit your work load since they'll be paying more. Basically, we should look into the demands of the clients and their expectations.

You might look for a higher rate, but in an exchange for that is taxing work just to produce the deliverables. You should always set expectations between you and the client regarding the rate that you accept. But 3 to 25 dollars an hour is a reasonable rate already. Sheena: So, yes! It will still depend on your skills and experiences, many would say that as a social media manager, the rate should also be high since it is now in trend together with the Ecommerce.

So, again, always assess your skills and what you can provide. Sheena: Momshee Jaizhi, what are the skills to learn and remember if our viewers want to be a social media manager? Most of the viewers are beginners, we don't want them to think that being a SMM just need to research social media account, or follow a certain account on behalf of the client, or does it just need to create a design from Canva? Should they start first with basic skills or they need to look at the bigger picture and what is trending? Jaizhi: basic skills, first is your English fluency. Even if you are not talking to clients, when you are posting something you have to deliver the message that you want to convey to the viewers. So, English skill it is. I cannot say graphic designing skill because I do design, but I am not good with colors. I would always say that I am not good with colors, if you cannot provide me a branding color and allow me to choose it expect it to be the color of Jollibee.

πŸ˜‚ I'm not great with color combinations. I just base my selections on what is available, I'm not superb at choosing colors. So, if you notice when we go live, it's either I'm wearing black or white, that's it. If I change color, it's still plain. I'm not good. But basically, as long as you can design using Canva, I just want to emphasize this, if you know how to use Adobe, of course that is better than Canva. It doesn't mean that you know Canva, you'll just stick to it. As long as you can design images, you can edit it, you can create a post, you can strategize and know the core information of marketing, because if you know the core information of marketing whether that's social media, email, being an influencer you'll know how to present yourself to customers. It has an aspect of Psychology, as you can notice in commercial, say for example in Jollibee, they are always making commercials with drama, and full of emotions. Sometimes you won't even see Jollibee there. But basically, it has Psychology there, there is an emotion that is triggered in the person, to be able to encourage a person to buy.

You remember the commercial when you buy the product. For example, the commercial of RC, the controversial commercial of RC that doesn't make sense. πŸ˜‚πŸ€£πŸ˜‚ All of us are asking, what's the sense of it? Ripping off the head then comes RC. But we talked about it, right? It's the talk of the town. And it was posted on the social media platform, There is a Psychology reason for doing such Ads. When you understand the core information of these Ads, that's okay. Aside from regular posting and designing, again, that is part of marketing.

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In management, as long as you can do the posting, then you're good to go. Sheena: Of course, if you want to last in this type of work, you also have to grow. And it's best to understand the marketing side. And not just purely postings, if the client does not see revenue in your posts, he might doubt to continue your contract. Beep! If you reached this part of the video, make sure to comment the keyword, I WANT TO LEARN SMM 🎀 I WANT TO LEARN SMM 🎀 I WANT TO LEARN SMM 🎀 I WANT TO LEARN SMM For me to gauge if you want to learn and want to have follow up videos about Social Media Management.

So, let's get back! Jaizhi: At the end of the day, make sure that you have competitive resume and information in it. Because right now, there is a great demand in Social Media Management and Marketing There are a lot of group about Social Media Management and Marketing, you already know that the supply of video is many. So, how would you stand out from the crowd? It is by knowing the core information. Because during the interview, if the client is already seeing that you are strategizing and have plans, there is a greater chance that you'll get hired. If you know core marketing, you'll be able how to market yourself, there is no need to present yourself because they'll be able to distinguish that you are good at targeting a market. Sheena: For beginners, do they need to find clients on the social media platform or in online job sites? Jaizhi: There is no problem looking for clients, may it be in online job sites or social media groups. There are clients who know these platforms, and there are clients who don't.

If you are aiming for foreign clients, then it is best for you to search on online job sites platforms. Like UpWork, OnlineJobs.Ph, Fiverr, there are so many job sites Basically, know the reality in these platforms. If there are many job offers there, it also means a lot of competitors. Unlike if you target it specifically, The normal thing to do now is to connect via LinkedIn, Facebook and then monitor it and then you pitch yourself. If you are a beginner, it's kinda hard to do. It's best to have your Facebook, go online in Upwork and alike, Publish your work thereby compiling your sample works in the portfolio section. It's in the portfolio section πŸ˜… In Fiverr, you could also post your sample works there. Sheena: Yes! Jaizhi: Basically, if they can see your sample works, you can have proof that you can create portfolio, even if you are a newbie, start your portfolio because it is very important.

In freelancing industry, the clients are not after your degree, at what school you graduated. No, it doesn't matter. In freelancing, as long as you can do the job, you have the chance to be hired. So, prove that you can do the job by creating a portfolio. Sheena: Nice. Nice. Okay. I still have a lot of questions to ask but I know a lot of us are gaining a lot of useful information from Momshee Jaizhi. You mentioned the strategies earlier, what was your strategy when you were starting out and looking for a first paying client? Jaizhi: Actually, I worked for two clients as a social media manager. I was at Upwork all the time. Every time I finish a job I upload it on Upwork. A client also approached me, and he turned out to be a scammer, I declined his offer, and he took it rudely, and they banned my account in Upwork. The client reported me as rude, but he the one offering an indecent proposal. I didn't like the offer and never plan to take it. Since they banned my account in Upwork, so I had to create my independent portfolio.

If they banned your account in Upwork, of course, you cannot direct your clients there on your portfolio. They might ask you what happened, even if you tell them what happened, they will always have the impression and doubt if it's true or not. And then I started making portfolio, before I look for clients online on Upwork, And I was still affiliated with agencies back then.

I was receiving offers from them. I would always keep agencies because it is not the same when you are not applying online at least the agency will be the one looking for clients for you. So, that's okay. But after a few years, I changed my LinkedIn, and the setup of all my social media accounts. Basically, to prove that I can market myself, then I had a client that told me I did all my accomplishments because a client taught me, Because of that I got motivated to create my own Instagram, Twitter and Facebook. I have to be honest; I am not that active in Twitter now. From 14k followers it is now down to 9k, The same happened to my Instagram, but basically, it is just a proof that I can grow.

You grow even without multiple posts, but you still have engagements and that is actually better. So, now, I no longer apply. The clients would pitch in my Upwork and LinkedIn and make an offer. Sometimes I also received offers in my Facebook account. The problem now is filtering the clients. How to distinguish scammers from non scammers. Before, I was the one sending applications, before sending applications of course you have to background check. Right now, it is the clients contacting sending offers, so I have to make sure they are not scammers. πŸ˜‚πŸ€£ Sheena: We noticed Jaizhi is receiving a lot of messages. Then we'll be surprised that she have premium clients again. We are like, wow! It simply shows that when you are experienced and have a good background with the niche that you choose. Normally, it is the clients who will seek for your service. So, if you want to start, start with improving your profile. Then if you had your first paying clients, you'll be more confident and experienced.

You'll profile will improve which will lead for clients to seek for your service. Just like with Momshee Jaizhi. Oh my god! Wow! Sheena: So. basically, the content of your profile and resume are your experiences with social media management. What do you think should be the content of resume? Jaizhi: I put there the pages and the content of my posts and the designs that I did. And basically, proving that I could design. Again, I always disclose this, I am not good with color combination, but I could design, so the color will be up to the client. I also show the versatility of my designs, the traction of my posts and the ROI of the Ads, the cost per click payment.

We call it CPC Right now my portfolio is already for Digital Marketing, It's all mixed up. I have vlogging there, and website design. Everything is in there. But it started with social media, my posts, its attractions, the engagements, what was the growth when I started and ended the with the account, Sheena: When you do posts in behalf of the clients, Are the pictures and videos provided? Or you have the leeway to choose everything for them? Jaizhi: Back in the days πŸ˜‚ Sometimes the client would provide a website where we can get photos to post for the week, or other resources. During the strat call, I asked them if they have specific resources where to get content. But right now, since I am in digital marketing, the client would provide the niche and title and you do the posting.

That's when you create content calendar and how to strategize. It doesn't always work that every Friday we have this or every Tuesday we have that. Because it really depends on the current community of the client. In a Facebook page, normally 10% there are relatives or friends, but they are not engaging. So, it is really up to you how to engage the followers.. You should understand the target market, and how to market it. I will give you an example of my page. If you would go to my page, the engagement there is less. But if you would notice, the engagements there are VAs. My target are clients and not VAs. So, I don't focus there. I focus more on LinkedIn, Instagram and Twitter. Because I get more clients there compared to Facebook page. I got a client in Facebook lately, and I told you about it. I even asked myself if it's a scammer or not. Are you a scammer? Heler! Why are you contacting me in Facebook? Sheena: You didn't apply there, so how did the client found you? If you are a beginner and someone contact you, check if they have website, gather information before entertaining.

Make sure they are legit. You mentioned earlier that you have mentees; it means you offer a course. Tell us more about that course Momshee Jaizhi. Jaizhi: Thank you Momshee Sheena! First of, I would like to clarify that there are always free resources online so if you see free resources and learning. You can use it. But it's different if you have mentors. There are groups who would share information, but it's different to have a coach who has straight outline prepared for you to follow. As I mentioned earlier, I also started with free resources.

The course that I am making now is in-depth marketing I am teaching the core information of marketing and not just posting and navigation, You can use it for your client or to yourself if you want to become an influencer or to your business, it is applicable. It is not close-ended and intended to being a VA, If you invest in what you wanted to get, the better. When you avail of free resources, basically they are giving basic information.

But of course, as what we are sharing in our group, there are free resources available. But if you prefer paid subscription and resources, like with our course, it is in depth. Go for something that you will learn advance and not just basic. Do not waste your cash. Let's say it is just 2000, or 2500, but the question is, what will get you to your end goal and what you want to happen. If you want to start and be a SMM then that is the best way for you. The course will talk about in-depth marketing and what you need to undersand. You can apply it whether it is just for regular posting, business, Ecommerce or if you want to become an influencer, it is all applicable. You will also learn the core information of every platforms, in the course that I offer, I teach navigation but I don't give focus on it.

Because it is always changing. Right now as we are talking, after this, there might be already changes on it. If I teach on navigation, where to click and to know this and that, if we focus on that, it will be wasteful. Tomorrow or the other day, changes could occur in a platform. What I am teaching in a course is where to find what you are looking for you to post, where to find the analytics to gauge what services to you can provide and strategize with the client. Sheena: Based on the feedback of others, it is good. Since they are hands on and not just pure videos and replays. It is good that you can have a dialogue with the coaches. And one coach is Jaizhi. Sheena: So me personally, I am not saying this because she's a friend I would really recommend the course. The course is actually cheap, and surely you'll be able to learn more. I think of it as an investment because I already tried taking courses before, if you want to invest in yourself, this is the best course to take. Sheena: Any advise to our SMM, both the social media manager and marketer wanna be especially for those who are just building their portfolio, profile and proposals.

Jaizhi: What I can advise to starters, don't give up. It is not an easy road. Everyone of us will go through a phase of rejections, A week or month passed but still no reply with the applications. It also happened to us who are tenured in freelancing industry, there will be dry season πŸ˜‚πŸ€£ dry spell Use the time, the time that you are waiting for the client is the time to learn, upskill and empower yourself and gear up with full armor so you enter a job fully equipped. It is true in freelancing, that when in rains it pours. There will also be time that there are no clients, I'll give you an example, last year, the very same month that the lockdown was announced.

All countries also declared lockdown, So some clients stopped the contract. Becasue, they are unsure of what's going to happen. There are dry seasons, but after that, April or May we had to time to talk to each other or do live in the group because everyone of us was busy. That the life of freelancing. If you have the time, enjoy it and rest. I would say always rest. Sheena: Do we need it? Jaizhi: When you start, you have limited time to rest. Sheena: πŸ˜‚πŸ€£ We need a bathe, Jaizhi: Yes, a bathe, rest and exercise because when you have a client, you'll be sitting there for long and gain big belly. Yes, that's going to happen. Use the time that you don't have client, Empower yourself and have a full gear so when during the client's interview, you are equipped with the weapons to do the job accordingly. I would also say that during the interview, as a marketer, we just don't receive information, or it's not also good that we manipulate the discussion. So during the interview, we have to show our skills when it comes to marketing, we have to understand the client, at the end of the day we are providing the service for them, and not for ourselves.

The same goes for making our resumes, and when we create our cover letter. Make sure to talk about them and not about yourself. Sheena: Yes, that is right. I couldn't agree more. I truly believe in Momshee Jaizhi. I also experienced the dry season, it's not just weeks, but months. And Momshee Jaizhi knows that, so what I did is, I got back, learn more, upskill and develop a new strategy. Don't lose hope. There is always hope. You just need to stop, think first, and strategize on how you will present yourself. That was deep πŸ˜‚ but one of my advice is, take a bath πŸ˜‚πŸ€£πŸ˜‚ Especially when you have clients, you might forget about it. Jaizhi: I'll be honest with you, there are really times that I can't take a bath. Because I have to choose between taking a bath or sleep. And also you have to assess, if you had sent out 5 resumes, and this is situation is common in our group, the Upwork connects are all used up, there is no need to use all your connects, in one day try to use 3 connects first, and wait for three days if there will be a reply or not, if there is no reply, assess what happened.

Why is there no reply or why they were not attracted to your proposal Maybe you used a template and there was something with the wordings there you used all your connects for nothing. Because Upwork no longer recycle, everything is paid. Always do an assessment before you continue sending applications The same goes with marketing before posting everything, we post one first and assess its traction, if it's working then you can apply it I know Momshee Sheena you'll agree with this, Just like with Momshee Sheena, during the dry season she tried YouTube, she made an assessment and tried another niche, and as you can see, she is progressing and growing on YouTube.

Jaizhi: Our YouTube best actress 😍πŸ₯° Sheena: We are mentioning group, yes we have a group together with Momshee Jaizhi, it is the Homebased Mom Diaries, make sure to answer the questions when you join the group so you won't get declined. πŸ˜…πŸ˜‚ Jaizhi: Yes! Yes! I am one of the admins there, and we don't accept it. Sheena: I hope you gained a lot from this video, and if you want more follow up videos about Social Media Management make sure to comment the keyword, I WANT TO LEARN SMM. And again, I'm Sheena Santos Let's see each other again in our next video, Have a great day! Bye for now!

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