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So as you can see I made 3.6 thousand Dollars using this absolutely free Website and it literally took less in a Single hour and I'm gonna show you Exactly how this actually works and Exactly how you can set this up in order To make money online without actually Selling anything and this also has Nothing to do with CPA marketing Affiliate marketing or anything like That so it's a platform that will pay You for a one hour worth of work and I'm Gonna show you exactly how it works and Exactly how you can continuously earn Passive income with this website from Literally anywhere in the world and how You can use an AI bot to get some of the Work done for you for completely free so If that sounds good enough then drop a Like down below and let us begin with a Full step-by-step tutorial just a quick Disclaimer here if someone replies to Your comment like this claiming they're Me just know it's a scam I don't have WhatsApp I don't have Telegram and I Would never tax you for money you can Track their accounts they don't have a Verification badge they don't have the Same subscribers or videos as me and They will just scam you my only Instagram account is at I'm Dave Nick People are just creating fake accounts Reposting my photos and dming you asking For my money you can check their posts

The engagement is fake their new Accounts and just know that I would Never text you like that so just stay Safe and report them all so first things First the website and the app that I've Been using is called skillshare so you Can just go to skillshare.com these are My teacher statistics so once you log Into skillshare you're going to be able To access your teacher's stats and You're gonna be able to see your Earnings skillshare is a platform where You can find a lot of different courses On different topics you can start Browsing courses related to photography Animation and fine art graphic design Illustration music a lot of different Things so you can find a course in Literally any topic out there and They're basically paying you depending On how much of your course is being Watched by students on skillshare the Beauty of skillshare is that you don't Need to sell anything you're just being Paid per minute worth of your videos in The platform so if someone finds your Course in the platform and they watch it For let's say 60 minutes then you're Gonna make certain amount of money it's Usually around three to six cents per Minute watch and the best part is that You don't actually need your own Audience before this because there There's already a lot of traffic and

Skills so there's already like hundreds Of thousands of students on skillshare It might potentially find your course Watch it and make you money and actually Earn you passive income so once you Publish the course here it's basically Earning you passive income now don't Worry you don't actually have to record Anything yourself you don't have to get In front of the camera and you don't Need any of these skills in order to Make money with skillshare because I'm Going to show you how to get it down for You so you can pretty much just use this Tool over here which I'm gonna leave in The description box down below to Generate your own content now I'm going To show you later on how to actually use This tool but first things first you can Find some ideas for your courses on disk Udemy udemy is a platformer you can also Buy different courses but this cudemy is A platform you can get those courses for Free so it allows you to get them on a Discount and price for like 100 discount Which is zero dollars so you can go to The search bar and you can find courses On literally any topic if you type in For example web development you can see That we have like web development learn HTML CSS and so on for zero dollars like This course is literally selling for Zero dollars and you can just click on Take a course click on this code click

On this link and you can see that you Can get it for free so it's a free Course and you can enroll in it right Now and you can basically get all of the Ideas from these free courses from disk Udemy and just recreate them from for Skillshare now how do you recreate them For free well you can just use chat to GPT basically what you need for your Course is the structure is the following You need an introduction so you need a First introduction video then you also Need basics of that subject so a simple Lecture that talks about basic so let's Say Drop Shipping or basics of web Development whatever your course is About and you need like lecture one Lecture two lecture three four five and Then at the end you just need a summary Like a short summary of what people Learn in that course that's pretty much The entire structure so you can Basically go to chatgpt AI bot and ask Him to write those lectures for you so You can actually write a lecture by Lecture so first of all we need a Lecture number one which is going to be The introduction to the course what this Course is all about so we'll ask him to Write a script for a course about Drop Shipping let's say first electrical the Introduction what this course is all About so I'm going to ask Chad GPT to Write that first lecture for me and once

I have this script I'm going to show you How to use it with that AI software the Other software that I previously showed You to generate content for your course And as you can see it's already writing Our first lecture so we have the Introduction over here it's actually Like really good it's a high quality Lecture and I can basically take this Text and use it as my first video for The course and now instead of you Actually reading the script into the Microphone and creating a presentation Yourself you can just open up this Software called Speech deal I'm going to Leave a link to it in the description Box down below you can just come over to Here and you can paste your script in This box and you can generate your Voiceover by pressing one single button So for example I will take this text and Just paste it in this box and then I can Select a voice from the right side and I Can preview the voiceover and just Listen to this Drop Shipping is a retail Fulfillment method where a store doesn't Keep the products it sells so the Voiceover has been generated for me and Now I can just click on generate Voiceover and I will be able to download It as an MP3 file so here it is I can Now download this and I can use it I Don't want to add any background music I Will just download it to my computer and

Now finally you'll see the presentation So you have those lectures so you have Them written down then you have this AI Bot reading them for you so you have the Audio and now you just need an actual Presentation something that's showing up On the screen so you can just go over to Canva you can go to the presentations Section over here and you can choose From some of the templates they have so For example I'm going to select this Presentation over here and I'm gonna Start customizing it you can customize The text you can customize all these Different colors if you want to change Something so for example I want this to Be green and then you have the next Slide depending on what your script is All about if it's explaining in this Case Drop Shipping then you will start With that and then you'll just pretty Much copy and paste your script and Create your entire presentation and in Your entire course in canva for Completely free and then once you're Done you just click on share and you Download this entire presentation to Your computer and you just add the audio File from the AI bot oldest page deal And you have a full course that you can Upload to skillshare now I do always Recommend you actually either redescript Yourself or hire an actual voiceover Artist but if you don't want to do that

You can also just use this AI bot and Get it done for you but keep in mind That sometimes skillshare might notice That it's an actual AI bot already in The script so they might actually remove The course so in order to be 100 safe I Do recommend you to read that script Yourself into the microphone you don't Have to show your face you can just go Through the presentation or just pay a Voiceover artist either on Fiverr or off Work to generate a voiceover for you and That's how you can generate a course it Can potentially earn you passive income Day by day month by month and it's going To take you less than one hour to Actually establish everything with all The different AI Bots that are available At your disposal so I really hope you Got some value out of this video I Really hope you've learned something new And if you did make sure to drop a like Down below and I will see you in some of The next one

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