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to be asked for the catwalk bay or to be asked to model the face of the big brand Ark is such a dream written by so many young others tempting the same way yes if I want to be on a yacht with a few millionaires and get paid for it that sounds like it now not like a model job exclusive parties and luxurious events for a lot of money hinders the men with clear intentions yes people themselves very much that you simply overslept with the models then you somehow somehow have a few thousand euros within one evening just like that just go crazy the world of researching the boundary between serious jobs and prostitution for models is not always clear how do I even get to the topic last summer we had the model when I personally know about the problem of the shadow sees what she called it the modeling industry specifically miscounts that it repeatedly pays for the offers for Fe rien somewhere abroad bechami front foundation sells sexual acts so far so your story just because I've never before I always contact the first step 15 models where Switzerland are and ask them if they ever for service or not before knowing that that at all goes a large part is aware of the phenomenon is aware of that would have received inquiries like this only regularly and what they are for they will just quickly let me know I had the specific offer again hey how are you we are organizing a pay trip the creator doing the mans of joy and August the dates are and so to suggest her up to 8 days funny another date instead of specifically Black Eyed Peas weekend concert on the yacht and generally so it will be paid for the first time and for Accommodation and you will be charged an additional 2000 euros as well as other offers held between 1500 to 2000 each Day so a lot of money and quite honestly that the Joe [ __ ] tempting so much money but for I mean is on vacation but of course you don't know what exactly is behind such an offer makes me wonder what kind of song where the models send such a job offer I get 6 Instagram profile sent back all the young men look good and ICE Facebook profile of a woman I wrote all a and will know what that actually means for the business and what exactly is behind your request which I find funny that Geige's fee is taken for verivari company is actually called an escort where he is a form of prostitution there in a news but is saved from image jobs and escort and sex are explicitly excluded on the internet I can't really find much about image model jobs the only place I can find on the subject is that Couple of duty from the Jazz Egger she has already five years ago in English and American media ü So far, all models from jag have been asked about their experiences with the topic and from international models they are active.

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They are always trying to draw attention to problems where their modeling industry are drivers again, such as with their campaign hashtag truez behind the shot where they point out like fake all the pictures on Instagram are now almost two years later since they try to bring the whole machinations out with image modeling and wrote about that now the book so now I'm in Innsbruck right now and dripping jazz now I have five years ago in London she made her message with the Afra for that she then made it public immediately and also citar rezinieren and overnight it just completely exploded and then I got a lot of inquiries from all sorts of magazines and TV stations radio stations all over the world and that's when I realized just how intense it was s because one night you went to a club and met a lot of new people and then someone said cool you're only in town I always have a lot of jobs for models I should give you my number so cool I'm only 18 years old and The next day he wrote to me right away, so yes, if I wanted to be on a yacht with a couple of millionaires and would be paid for it, that doesn't sound like a modeling job , it's so close then, so I'm more interested in a classic modeling job , then I turned it down and then yes later I got a whatsapp message from the stranger's number but that was pretty crass because I read then and then it said dinner with a well-known actor tonight 2000 UK pounds and I'm still okay that sounds now a little sketchi what's going on now and then I read on then it said maski okay with following in timiso or something along those lines so crass okay um i wrote back right away sorry i'm a model and not an escort he then bombarded me with messages tried to convince me that the most normal thing is that all the big models do it and the well-known actors are involved and whatever sent me screenshots really to prove that then he also said that I will never achieve anything with my attitude if I don't do it like that, that stays in my head to this day why do you think nobody is going to explain it the problem is that if you are part of the industry and then speak out against the industry because they have so much power they do it so that you are somehow pushed out example I lost a lot of agency contracts that's why they said no so what if you say something about us that he I'll just say yes if you don't have anything to hide in any way then you don't need any Fear of that , but many agency contracts have been lost if a model wants 100%, so to speak, and is okay with him, then where is the problem asked really, really hard that is suggested at all that is an option and that it is done within a professional atmosphere happens and that just shouldn't be bad absolutely not okay bye bye jazz miscounted it's clear that there are statements regularly one miscounted so [applause ] things like that of prostitution are different than with escorting the citrus is had but longer clear requests for service are evident what it's about and you can simply ignore the woman or model or reject the jobs if you don't want to get sent the most extreme example it's casting for the Saudi Trip Party you ask for 5 vettele and the video in a bikini where you also pose the price say now the pens on your beauty is set to a maximum of 24.7 plus image extra and extra means s he talked so much so he has to sleep with your guy so it's very clear what's going on there it 's going to be problematic because if I don't clearly see your email job offer it's normal another call the model will forgive me just as opaque Offer she has in la-grund and her roommates are actually on such offers [applause] mostly our teams should protect themselves anyway the power for 50,000 francs she declined but that is only with the stay at night or everything is just for party and holidays so extreme for money that 's pretty unlikely my night that you also show model internal messages Rebecca her name that remain anonymous intermediary rebecca is traveling internationally to many castings and what she's allowed to tell me about the IDE anonymity ware her voice pronunciation what happened the models holder their castings so-called promoters was just models rek ruten or pronounce it for so to speak so from the beginning plane show so with a cool time loosens exactly yes that's just absurd that you have Vienna object and also prefer to show is agenture abroad especially the door conscious models exploiting the filled little worthwhile a lot of fun completely normal that you are not paid from model until my year later or not at all and also for support and have agencies for living so worry that you have model apartments but they are completely over doors and that's a huge problem you have to how others have jobs that you might have stupid ideas that was shamelessly exploited by the promoter at the very beginning of the report Anja sent job offers mode as has now been issued but they are just as promoters as Rebecca miscounted two years ago get one side with parties but he was always paying on top that he brings girls there and d he other one knows jeans from garniten so on the way i don't really get army information at the moment we get it mail from my model in new york she heard that i'm working on the reportage and wants to find out about the topic of outer vs important brana is ambassador from the independent organization where for Tracht vom Models i stands for you 6 okay if a woman systemwelle sexuality offers the problem Sigi but the following 15 get report it are of this nature of this prostitution problem in the model industry I don agencies and their models for the jobs protect me happens if Swiss model agency from the knowledge and how I treated you with the I wrote to 5 model agencies and two years ago I get the one agency writes inform and warn their models about such offers abroad and make sure that all jobs and shootings in front of reputable company aboverdi with the application to talk directly I drip the headbucker from the largest M odelagentur from Switzerland Peter Kuen is on the one hand looking for new faces and on the other hand jobs for you existing models and has been in the model business for over 25 years as part of the report we are counting is the model air is swells but the offer medicinal world agencies sport figures do not pay little attention sorry is a build-up of my job like any other when I earn a course 500 francs therefore not automatically dubious offers and the agencies sport figures there are individual agencies that are rascals but they are already known beforehand that you see people here on Frankenberg like now social Media in general with the Internet, people have become unrestrained on the Internet and dare to ask the wildest thing , now comment or send it and accordingly, as soon as you have a nice Instagram account and reasonably nice handover wish, you can of course also take the whole funny offer e everyone knows them in the private sphere too, that doesn't just apply to models, unfortunately, it's a phenomenon where it's normal these days , so about your knowledge of the case or you know about your offer for your target models or influencers, I think you get pleasure from that later mostly on your accounts in which you simply blocked it and ready to receive several offers that model sow received and these are offers, for example, for your exclusive yacht party for eight days somewhere in Croatia, I think that’s more likely to be influenza, or I’ll say it now bad wannabetes still try somehow concretely said I would never get the answers to but we are surprised that model and prostitution through social media are becoming more and more no no no there it would be for me to put the opposite in the opposite of this business no no no no Peter appeal social media accounts with Rebecca and everyone else She was serious about counting models anyway and you can well imagine that she has the competitive model business thanks at the end before the report meet Manuela freely now the 25-year-old from Aargau has lived in New York for the last 8 years and the model already internationally gaining a lot of experience I pick her up from the airport and would like to tell you things where I also found with her discussed the agency she plus six above all the problem for social media wechselstudio I want my other things or [music] everything gets around so quickly very quickly [music] [laughter] Agency and now Manuela Fraser just doesn't have either of those things related to the serious model business I just thank you that it's always that way and Jobs is not clearly obvious that the addition to the present she can only be expected if you look at yourself but of my own free will and with the knowledge of what you are doing exactly that is no problem for me what really annoys me now but at the end before the report is we kept in secret that the whole thing is not so i can also be behind it or with the speech where is already clear on his offer anyway if you know more or you maybe already times on his offer is just subscribe to the channel da SRF dog on YouTube

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