Social Media Marketing & Ads From [BEGINNER TO ADVANCED]

So you've definitely heard of social
media marketing but do you really know what you're doing well in today's video
we're gonna talk about all of the things social media marketing from beginner to
advanced we'll discuss everything that you're going to want to know about
planning setup and then execution of a great campaign so stay tuned we got a
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stay tuned to the end all right guys so the first thing that you're going to
want to do before you ever get started with marketing on any social media
platform is to perform a business audit now you can see here an example of an
audit that we've created for a business and this is really just the general
overview this specific slide showing their followers the name the URL the
site that it's for and then their average posting frequency all of these
are things where we either collected the information ourselves or we used a tool
like like eliezer for facebook to get all of this data from and it just gives
you an idea of what you're doing versus what your competition is doing so if you
want to learn more about you know creating an audit for your business
check out this video up here in the top right hand corner I promise you'll like
that one we don't want to spend too much time going into the audit but you do
want to perform an audit to figure out where you stand
versus where your cut your competition and then not only that what's working
for your competition that's going to also work for you that's really what an
audit shows you or if you currently have stuff going it'll show you what you're
not doing right okay so make sure you perform an audit first all right so now
that you've actually looked at your different platforms and the competitors
in the market the type of content being created the approach to ad strategy even
potentially the next thing you're going to want to determine is which platforms
you're actually going to want to put some effort into and the biggest reason
why this is important is because number one not every platform will work for
every business Twitter really only works for public figures politicians local
people with a large presence or large brands nowadays with local businesses
it's not really useful for them so don't put effort into something that's not
going to bring back a return most local businesses are probably only going to
focus on Facebook and Instagram Google+ is actually going away sometime this
year so that's not even a thing anymore snapchat just doesn't have the greatest
total audience because it's super young YouTube is a completely different beast
altogether really it's not even technically social but it also kind of
is and then you know Pinterest it's only beneficial to certain types of
businesses so again most of you are gonna focus on Facebook and Instagram
that's where I would start off at for 99 percent of businesses out there anyways
by the way if you want to learn more about Facebook marketing from beginner
to advanced check out this video up here in the top right hand corner definitely
gonna be another one you're gonna want to watch through so now that you have a
little bit of an understanding let's talk about actually planning the
campaign the biggest thing that you want to understand is going to be right here
what is the actual goal of the campaign is it to grow the following generate
leads are we trying to increase engagement or drive foot traffic to an
actual physical location right you want to know what the goal of your campaign
is you want to outline those very clearly and much more specifically than
what you see right here you won't you don't just want to say I want to
generate leads you want to say we need to generate you know 50 new leads each
week which will then translate into five new sales
each week for this business owner and show how that works out for the month
right once you understand that and have broken it down by the numbers and by
each individual goal and how you plan to do it the next thing is to come up with
your message and the theme of the campaign right and this doesn't matter
whether it is a you know a content driven campaign or if it's an ad driven
campaign because really there are two approaches that you have to consider
with Facebook Instagram or any other social platform number one is how are
you actually going to use it to drive metrics or drive goals rather for a
business right so what we understand now about social platforms is that organic
Reach is pretty much dead we don't get anything just from creating content and
posting unless you have a super super large audience right so that being said
most local businesses are going to benefit from an ad approach with a
little bit of a content strategy kind of mixed in meaning we're creating content
that we're just posting to the page but at the same time we have a bet we have a
good ad campaign running to drive people who visit our sales pages or engage with
our Facebook page to our office or to wait an appointment setting page or
something of that nature so the first thing we want to talk about is a content
management style approach where you're creating content and posting it to their
page again remember that this doesn't drive a ton of leads and sales and
engagement on its own unless you already have a large audience without that large
audience you will struggle so if you're working with the local business and you
plan to create a Content calendar you need to make sure you have some sort of
ad campaign or ad budget devoted to helping those ads reach more people but
you can see here it's very simple I think it'll let me zoom in yeah there
we go you might be able to see this a little better but this is going to be
our YouTube creation task this is for creating blogs and posting them snapchat
videos Facebook posts Instagram posts Twitter and Google+ back when we were
doing Google+ but you can see here all we're doing is creating content so when
we go into this Facebook post you can see right here it gives instruction
about what the post is going to be about and we have some other instructions and
other tab that go along with it where we say for
all of our different people involved in the task to go ahead and start creating
that piece of content right and so that's really all creating a Content
calendar is we're coming up with unique ideas
we're shooting video taking photos of whatever we need to take and then we
publish it now just take into consideration that if you're running
this for an agency you do need to charge the client for the photos and videos
that you take and then edit right that's not just included in the service we will
come up with the ideas but if they don't have photos and video they're going to
have to either produce it themselves or they're gonna have to pay us to produce
it for them all right so that's creating content and creating a Content calendar
you can see it's super easy guys I recommend using asana
we'll leave a link in the description below for asana so you can check it out
but I love this tool as far as planning out content especially in the very
beginning because it's only $35 and you can put all of your team in team members
on it as long as you share it with them part number two is going to be campaign
mapping and you guys if you haven't seen this video we have one on my channel
about campaign mapping and essentially all this talks about is what you're
planning out for your ad campaign right so if we're gonna do the content
approach that's great but outside of that we also need to have ads to
remarket to those audiences who are engaging so how are we going to do that
well we need to build out the plan first and we don't just you know build out
this flow and that's it we actually go through and build out okay this ad right
here is going to be this ad objective with these audiences with this ad budget
with this call-to-action here's the different versions of creative here's
the three different versions of copyright we're very specific on each ad
as to what we're looking for it's going to drive them to this blog article right
here you can see that's a blog article after it drives them to the blog article
we're gonna create a custom audience of visitors in the last seven days to this
URL are gonna remarket those audiences with this ad here driving them to this
lead magnet after that people who become leads we're going to remark it to and
we're gonna send them another ad which is going to take them to our product
page right so we actually have a plan in place for our ad campaigns versus where
most people just go out and they create one ad and that's it and then they
expect to drive results when really a an ad campaign needs to be broken down
into this big I want to say complex but I also don't cuz I don't want you guys I
think this is hard but it's more complex than that single ad approach so guys
every ad campaign that you create should have this campaign map created if it's
only three ads that's fine but you need to map it out because it helps you see
visually where customers or potential viewers are really potential customers
and viewers are going to be going along their journey and what might be keeping
them from moving to the next step if you you know create a message in step one
that doesn't align properly with your message and step two it's going to
confuse your viewers and if you haven't mapped out beforehand you can probably
catch that mistake ahead of time alright so now we're going to talk about
chatbots guys and you want to know about chat bots trust me we've recently just
like just recently started building our chat BOTS audience and we're already up
to thirteen hundred and fifty-one subscribers we're getting sales off of
our chat BOTS because they really do work but you're gonna want to look in a
mini chat that is my recommendation if you want to learn more about chat BOTS
you can actually go over to my channel click the little search magnet
magnification glass you have to be on desktop to do this but once you click
that go ahead and type in chat BOTS into that search bar and check out our videos
on mini chat we've already created some trainings on it or just go to youtube
and type in many chat Cereal Entrepreneur and that should bring it up
as well but guys this is a great tool for building chat BOTS you are going to
want to get into this and this is how you've seen businesses say leave a
comment and we'll send you this download or a link to this right and it actually
is done automatically you don't have to put in any work past that because you
can set up what's called a growth tool and you can actually create a different
growth tool for comments so you can see the Facebook comments and what that does
is again exactly what I just explained to you also you can set up this really
cool little chat icon on your website to allow people to you know reach out to
you if they need help but not only that it's a great lead magnet or lead
generation source because you can see right here if I were to click free
training which I've already done it's gonna send this this information right
here we make a choice which free course would you like and then you can see
we're offering people are starting an agency course or becoming a brand course
right and so they're able to choose what they want to do and then we send follow
up with them with an automation to offer them free content maybe a discount
something like that to keep them engaged with our business but not only that we
now have them as a contact on Facebook so we can actually continue to remarket
to those people and even create an ad campaign to follow up with those people
about if we wanted to the guys messenger bots are amazing you have to be in on
messenger bots and using them if you're on Facebook and Instagram and finally
the one of the last things I want to mention at least about pages is making
sure that you have your page optimized even if you're not using a specific
platform say for example you're not actually using Pinterest that's fine but
you still need to have the account set up because it's a place where you can
actually put the link to your website which is going to help you show up in
search results more prominently right so if you go to the About section you
should put in as many keywords as you can about your business the products and
services you're selling put in your business contact information your URL
right you want to have that website URL in there this is the most important part
but also your contact information is gonna help as far as local businesses
are concerned so you want to have all of this information filled out for all of
the social platforms even if you're not using them and at least have the account
setup and linking to your website so guys now that we talked a lot about all
of the planning side of things I want you to be honest have you built a
campaign map before or have you been one of those one time or three ad type of
creators where you create three ads and then you expect results I want to know
in the comments below make sure you comment below ok so the last thing I
want to talk with you guys about now is the different types of businesses and
what you're going to want to consider about either your business or your
client that you're going to be working on social media for so the first thing I
like to look at is number one is it a pleasure / entertainment style business or professional and with this thought what we're trying
to consider is the content not the actual service itself but the content
that these types of businesses create right
a pleasure entertainment style business this one right here is gonna be things
like restaurants right or salons gym and why because the content itself is much
more engaging right a restaurant creating content about food is gonna be
much more interesting than say a chiropractor or a an attorney right or
let's say a general contractor all right and the reason why is because an
attorney's content is boring a chiropractors content is boring but a
salon showing really cool hair girls will get involved with that a retailer
selling really cool clothes or a boutique selling cool clothes people
will get involved with that gyms you know it's just visually appealing
because people want to look good restaurants people love the look of good
food right and so you have these other services where the content isn't as
engaging so when you create the actual content it's going or when you look at
the style of business it's going to show you how you should focus on that
business or that social media platform if you have a boring business like
attorneys and general contractors and chiropractors you shouldn't focus as
much on publishing content that's just going to be organic without an ad budget
really these types of pages right here should be focused more on a lead gen
approach where we create landing pages and messenger BOTS email automations
that we use to follow up with people to drive them back to the website or to an
appointment setting pager straight in to the location itself this stuff up here
where we're having more fun with it we can create campaigns that are more fun
work off of promotions and events and discounts just create things that are
going to create a buzz you know if you created a really funny video I always
like to refer back to this Johnny's pizza in North Carolina they did
something with this guy I don't remember his name but something
Hennessy and he put he does everything in every YouTube video he's an
influencer but he does everything he does with every video with Hennessy okay
and he sits there and drinks it well he came in and made a Hennessy pizza that
video went viral and got Johnny's pizza ton of like exposure especially in their
local area and just across the u.s.

pexels photo 6483583

Right so it just depends but you want to
look at the style of business and say what is this business and I do want you
guys to understand that sometimes they do mix so for example a real estate
agent re agent real estate alright a real estate agent though this is more
professional right it's a professional style of service but their content homes
people like to look at homes now it's hard to go past that right like we're
not creating funny ads about homes necessarily but people do like the look
of a really nice home so take that into account when you're creating the ads
strategy or the the content strategy really considerable what is our visual
factor what is it that really stands out and appeals to people visually as well
but that's it for this video everybody I hope it taught you a lot about social
media marketing and I hope that you actually walk away here with some new
strategies that you're going to be able to take and implement into your current
marketing campaigns but since you said till the end all you have to do again is
leave a comment right below this video of something you might have learned in
this training and we're gonna pick one lucky winner in a couple of weeks to win
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