are you the kind of person that wakes up
late at night to check your social media? are you curious on how websites get to
the top of Google? people are always shocked when I tell them what I do as a
digital marketer and I get asked questions like how can I get your job
today I'm going to tell you exactly how I'm Jessi Perreaultt and this week on ask me
JP I'm going to tell you exactly what you need to understand if you plan to
get in the digital marketing industry.

You need to understand what
characteristics your employers would be looking for. You need to understand what
digital means it's more than just social media and you need to understand what
you can do to be the best digital marketer possible. Qquickly before I tell
you how to work in this industry there's certain characteristics that would be a
great asset if you're trying to get employed. First up are you a creative
thinker? Do you think outside of the box? Do you stay on top of trends are you
looking towards the future and not stuck in the present? Are you able to adapt
quickly? We're in one of the fastest changing industries and that's a
critical asset. These assets will all go a long long way when it comes to you
getting a job in the industry.

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Now I'm going to give you guys a really good
example of how you can get work in the industry. Build a list! build a list of
all the companies in your area that are in digital marketing that you could
potentially work for. I don't care if it's 50, I don't care if it's 100
companies, build a list, get all their contact information and the next thing
is to get them to see you, get them to see you in is many ways as possible. If
you think about it most people are just going to email a company and say hey
look I'm qualified or I feel that I'm qualified. I'm looking for you to know a
little bit more experience, I want to work for you don't just email pick up
the phone call them show up at their door, connect with the executives on
LinkedIn. this shows that you think outside of
the box and it's a great first impression.

I'm going to give you guys a
real example, Kaylin who's actually behind the scenes here today, he
approached us and said you know look I want
on eight weeks internship no pay I just want, I just want experience,
I love digital marketing, I want to explore it more I want to learn more
give me eight weeks so he gave them eight weeks and this was with no
expectation of employment after the eight weeks were finished so that said a
lot about his commitment level, now over the eight weeks he showed up every day
he showed up on time, he showed up and did the things that were necessary to
prove himself to us, he brought trends to our attention, he brought the latest
technologies to our attention and even outside of work hours he was getting
certifications and things that were important, it goes a long long way and
it's a great first impression. So what encompasses digital marketing?
digital marketing is a lot more than just social media, it's about
understanding the end customer and how they're interacting online, the first
thing is the foundation elements such as a website, is the website created in a
way that's effective? whats the user experience like? then we looked at
different channels such as SEO for organic reach, we look at paid
advertising such as Google AdWords, we look at social media advertising and
newsletter email campaigns, there's a lot of different channels under the digital
umbrella it's important to understand that it's a lot more than just social
media, so how can you be the best? how can you separate yourself from all the other
candidates? go into it with some certification and some credibility to
support you, there's so many sources available, a lot of them free, some that
cost money not very much, such as you to me market motive, go get your Google
Analytics and your Google AdWords certifications, these are things, this is
ammunition that you can go into an interview and you can land a job because
you took time you show your passion, your commitment and your interest towards
digital marketing by going and getting these certifications, it goes a long long
way go into it understanding that no client is the same, you need to establish
different strategies for different companies that's on different levels
such as industry client expectations but either way going into it with a mindset
that no one's the same, it's going to make a huge impact on your employer and
you're going to get the job thank you for watching our
and don't forget if you guys have a question ask me JP in the comment
section below feel free to check out our social media channels hashtag ask me JP
with your questions and feel free to subscribe to our channel for future
digital marketing videos

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