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Well I honestly think this is literally One of the easiest ways you can use chat GPT AI bot to make money online and it's Something that no one has ever talked About before and I'm going to show you Exactly how to set it out for yourself This is not going to be super fancy and Complicated like trying to build the Software with chat GPT or doing Something insanely hard this is Literally just copying and pasting text That a challenge GPA chat GPT you will Generate for you this is an AI bought a Brand new I bought we've talked about it Previously but we never talked about This method that I want to share with You inside of this video that works Really really well and the sooner you Start the higher chances of making more Money you will have so pay close Attention to every single second of this Video and stick with me all the way Until the end just a quick disclaimer Here if someone replies to your comment Like this claiming they're me just know It's a scam I don't have WhatsApp I Don't have Telegram and I would never Tax you for money you can check their Accounts they don't have a verification Badge they don't have the same Subscribers or videos as me and they Will just scam you my only Instagram Account is at I'm Dave Nick people are Just creating fake accounts reposting my

Photos and dming you asking for money You can check their posts the engagement Is fake their new accounts and just know That I would never text you like that so Just stay safe and report them all so First things first what you want to do Is you obviously want to open up this a Chat a GPT you want to go over to Chat.openai.com chat and that's going to Open up this AI bot where you can start Searching you can start chatting with The bot you can ask some questions you Can ask them to complete assignment for You you can ask them to write an email For your boss you can do a lot of Different things but what we will be Using chatgity for is to generate Articles about different gadgets gadgets Whatever that's Deck address whether It's a kitchen gadget a home Gadget like Any type of Gadget or an item that you Can buy online we're gonna write Articles about that so for example if You go to church APD and you ask him to Type in an article like write an article About top three kitchen gadgets you can Find on Amazon Gadget number one is this Air purifier second Gadget is the Standing desk mat and the third Gadget Is a vegetable chopper I'm gonna ask him To do that but you while he's writing an Article you want to go over to Amazon You want to sign up to Amazon affiliate Programs you want to sign up to Amazon

Affiliate program which basically about Five to ten percent per sale which may Not seem like a lot but there was Actually millions of people that can Potentially purchase this to your link And you don't need any social media Followers you don't need to invest in The ads or whatsoever everything is Pretty much done for you even the Traffic and it's all absolutely free so No investment is required so you want to Go to the affiliate program on Amazon You want to create an account which Takes about five minutes to fill out all The information about yourself and once You do that you will be able to go to Amazon and search for different products And gadgets you can become an affiliate For those products and gadgets so for Example here is this air purifier that Costs 200 and I can get approximately Like 20 30 dollars per sale whenever Someone buys this through my link and to Generate my affiliate link all I gotta Do is press the text and this is my Affiliate link this is the Amazon link And when someone clicks on they can buy This product and I'm going to earn a Commission here's a second product I'm Going to be promoting this is a topo Comfort that this is a standing desk mat That people can buy for 99 and I'm gonna Make about five to ten dollars per sale And then lastly I'm gonna be promoting

This vegetable chopper so this one is Thirty four dollars and it's gonna pay Me about like two dollars or three Dollars per sale which also isn't a lot But still I'm being paid when someone Buys through my link so what you want to Do is you want to generate affiliate Link for as many of these gadgets you Just click get a link and then once you Do that you just ask chatgpt to write an Entire article about these gadgets like For example these are like kitchen Gadgets so I can search or I can ask Them to write an article about top three Kitchen gadgets so people can find on Amazon and so it's gonna start writing An intro and then it's going to explain Exactly what these gadgets are secure Top three kitchen gadgets that you can Find on Amazon as you can see it's gonna Start talking about these gadgets so I'm Gonna just let him do all of the work I'm literally not doing anything I'm not Even typing the keyword this is an AI Bot writing this article for me which I Can then copy and paste and use it to Make money online to attract people it Will be interesting India's gadgets so They can purchase those gadgets through My link and I'm going to earn an Affiliate commission and complete Autopilot and make passive income online So while he's doing that we will then Proceed to the last platform which is

The platform where you can actually get All of that free traffic without having Any social media followers and without Investing a single dollar so here it is Here we have the entire article written So as you can see this is an actual Intro we have the paragraphs and then we Have the outro at the bottom so I'm Going to copy this entire article Because it looks really good you can Even read it yourself you can pause the Video and you can read it yourself You'll be able to see that it is Actually really high quality so I'm just Gonna go and copy this so I will copy This and then we'll proceed to the last Platform which is called the walk holdor Media now walk alone media is a platform Where people will share articles and Different stories on all sorts of Different topics and this platform Actually has millions of visitors every Single month so millions of readers plus What do you publish on local load media Can actually rank extremely high on Google so if someone were to search on Google for top three gadgets they can Buy on Amazon for top three kitchen Gadgets they can get on Amazon most Likely they can actually come across one Of your articles from vocal load media They open up that article and if they're Interested in buying products on Amazon And you're just explaining which

Products they can buy and benefit them They will most likely purchase them Through their link earning unit Affiliate commission so you want to Create a store you want to sign up Create a story and you just want to Paste that article that was written for You and the name of the article for me Is going to be top three top three Kitchen gadgets to buy on Amazon now Most importantly between all of these Lines you just want to create a call to Action for each and every one of these Products so I'm going to say click here To put the best air purifier that we Talked about previously and then I'm Just going to create an affiliate link This is my affiliate link for this air Purifier and I'm just going to insert That here so I'm gonna make it bold and I will insert my affiliate link inside Of this box so now when someone is Reading this article they will read About this air purifier they will click On this link they can purchase so they Come back and now between these lines I'm also going to say click here for the Best standing desk mat and then I'm Going to generate an affiliate link for The standing desk mat so I'm going to Click on text right over here and I'm Going to copy that link and I'm gonna Paste it inside of this box so I'm just Gonna make this bold and I'm gonna

Insert my affiliate link and lastly I'm Gonna do the same thing for this Vegetable chopper so I'm going to Highlight the text to make it bold go Back to Amazon generate my affiliate Link and paste that affiliate link Inside of this box and here it is here's A full article that talks about top 30 Kitchen gadgets you can buy on Amazon so The products is created for you the Products are already made for you you Don't have to ship them or whatsoever You just need to drive traffic then this Article was also written for you by an AI bot and it was absolutely free and Lastly the traffic is also done for you With vocalot media already has millions Of visitors that you can reach with one Click of a button you just click save Changes and you publish that on the Vocalot media so other people can rate It and click on your links and purchase Those products and you can do the same Thing for all sorts of different Products and gadgets which you can find On Amazon there's literally hundreds or Thousands of variations that you can go With it can be top 30 bathroom gadgets It can be top three office gadgets or Futuristic gadgets literally anything You can think of you can create those Articles using chat GPT for absolutely Free with one click of a button and then You just add your affiliate links and

You share it in walk a lot media it Literally can get easier than that so if You got some value out of this video Make sure to drop a like down below and If you've learned something new make Sure to leave a comment and let me know In the comments down below anyways thank You so much for watching I will see you Next time Thank you

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