How to get a job in podcasting

– In today's episode, you'll learn how to get
a job in podcasting. (upbeat music) Welcome to Podcasting Q & A, where you'll learn the
best tips and strategies to launch, grow, and
monetize your podcast. This week's question comes from Kerry-Ann. – Hi, my name is Kerry-Ann
from Carry On Friends, the Caribbean American Podcast. And my question is how do I
leverage my current skills as an independent podcaster for a full time job in
the podcast industry? Thank you. – Thanks for your question, Kerry-Ann, it's so great that you
love podcasting so much you want to turn that
into your full time job. So in this episode, we're gonna break down some jobs that you can find in podcasting, starting with the ones that
require maybe just one skill and then moving onto ones that require a little bit more knowhow.

(upbeat music) Job number one is podcast editing. Now, if you really geek out
on the technical aspects of audio, this job is for you. So all it really requires is that you take your
client's raw audio and mix it, master it, and then edit it
down to the final episode, in which you give back to your client. There are a lot of podcasters that would love to outsource this part of the production process, including me. Now, I outsource the
editing of my episodes because I find that it frees up my time for things that I'm better suited at, such as finding guests for my interviews, creating the cover art for each episode, and even writing the scripts for podcasts. (upbeat music) Job number two is graphic design. So when you're talking
about graphic design specific to podcasting, we're talking about
cover art, episode art, or even images for social media.

Now, you can definitely
branch out on your own and find clients that way, or you can go on platforms
such as 99designs and bid on jobs. (upbeat music) Job number three is consulting. Yes, all of the skills that
you have built up over time is gonna be really valuable
for other podcasters, and they're gonna be willing
to pay good money for it. So some of these would
include consulting a podcaster on different marketing tactics, maybe how to grow their show, or increase the number of subscribers.

It could even be listening
to an episode of theirs and providing feedback on maybe how the host is
engaging with the guests or even the structure of the episodes. (upbeat music) Job number four is marketing services. Now, under this job, there are lots of different
things that you can do to help your clients
market their podcasts. So that could include
creating audiograms or images to promote on social media. It could even include
writing an email newsletter to help promote episodes that way, or it can mean taking existing episodes and repurposing them into blog posts and other different
types of written content so they can spread their
content far and wide. Now, again, since there's
so many different ways that someone can market their podcasts, you can have the freedom to create as many different
packages and pricing that you would like to offer. (upbeat music) Job number five is content creator. So you can take your existing
podcast or create a new one and build up an audience or a fan base that they're willing to buy from you.

And that could be in the
form of your own product and services, like courses or eBooks. So for my own podcast, Beyond the Dollar, I've been able to earn
money as a content creator. I've created courses,
I've done some coaching, and I've even written multiple books to help my audience
learn more about money. And because of all of these efforts, I've been able to earn at least
five figures over the years, just doing that. Another way you can earn
money from your podcast as a content creator is
through affiliate income. And all this means is
that you are promoting other people's products and services. And then when your audience
buys from that company, you earn a little bit of
a kickback or commission. (upbeat music) Job number six is done for you services. So here is where you're going
to be producing the episode from start to finish. So all you do is you take
your client's raw audio.

pexels photo 4050319

You're gonna edit it, create the episode art, all
the social media images, and even all the way to uploading it to your client's podcast host. Now, clients are gonna
pay a premium for this because you're doing everything for them. Now, who is interested in this? It's essentially business
owners or companies who want to be seen as a
leader in their industry or want to find a way
to use content marketing to earn more money for their business. (upbeat music) Job number seven is to get
a job at a podcast network or any media company. So think companies like NPR or Gimlet, where you're going to be
part of a production team for their very highly produced podcast. Or you can think smaller
companies or even media companies like Vox or Buzzfeed, where they're going to need help with creating podcast content.

So if you're interested in
getting a job like this, here are a few ways that you can do it. The first way is to subscribe to Hot Pod. Now, this is a weekly industry newsletter that talks about the
podcasts industry at large. And then there are also some job listings in their classifieds section. The second way is to network
with others in the industry. So if you do an online search, there are lots of meetups
related to the podcasting or media industry, and you can attend those
virtually or in person. Another way is to go to
the media company's website that you want to work for. So think Earwolf or Vice, and then go to their
jobs or career section and just take a look and
see if there's any jobs related to podcasting.

Thanks for sending us
your question, Kerry-Ann. Now, if you have a question you would like for us to
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That's it for today. Thank you for listening and
as always, keep podcasting..

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