How To Make $25,000 a Month DOING NOTHING Using Affiliate Marketing and FREE Traffic (Really Easy)

Guys, i want you guys to check out these three simple little tracks here, because they can help you make as much as 25,000 every month with affiliate marketing and it does not involve youtube short. It does not involve instagram rolls or tick tock. How do i know you can make so much money, because the platform i'm going to show you today can help you get over 1 million views every month. Some people get as many as 5 million views a month and other people are getting as many as 10 million views every month. It'S absolutely worldwide and you can do it without doing any of the work. How do you do it? Well, you guys come here guys. You copy this link comes over very easily to this platform. I'M going to show you absolutely free and you paste that link there and then from there. You download it on this platform guys and it will help you to manage many views from there. I am going to show you step by step where you are going to get a product in any niche. You want to make money online with affiliate, bem arking guys. This is the easiest way. You can start getting a lot of free traffic. It is one hundred percent guaranteed that you are going to get all you have to do is watch this whole video, take notes and follow everything. I am going to show you step by step, step, let's go in what is it with your guys, alan here again from the smart money tactics channel and I have another brand new, brilliant strategy. It is going to help you get free traffic every day. All you need is 10 minutes, is it guaranteed and it's worldwide. I'Ve never shown this strategy on my video and it's working right now. So, if you'm excited about this video make sure you're going to break that like button for the YouTube algorithm. Let'S get this video there outside to help, so many people make money with affiliate marketing and also go among the bottom guys, and let me know what is your revenue target for 2022 comments below so I know, and I will be able to help you a lot G to make eld online, so the guys the platform we are going to use today is pinterest, but not like pinterest that I have shown in previous videos. The strategy I am going to show you today does not involve creating any of the traditional pens. Many like this people do on pinterest, i'm going to show you where you can get it create content. You do not even need and it gets people millions of views and make it thousands of dollars a day online check out this profile here when we get here. It'S called executive empire when you browse here they get 457,000 monthly views, but you want to know what the crazy part of this is guys when you scroll down here, they only have 53 pins good that they posted really very fast, and I'm going to show you Exactly can do the same and then look at this. They have a link tree link here that drives people to an offer when people buy, they make money online and they are not doing any of this work. Well, these pins a lot of them e. They have taken online fast, which is allowed to use like many. These different types of pens talk to people about motivation, etc, but it is not the only account that does not do this when we come here and click on this pinterest profile. Here is someone otherwise guys do it and they are actually selling their own sunglasses. You can do it in any niche and i'm going to show you in a second plus at the end of this video guys, i'm going to show you some of my own analyzes. Exactly what i'm getting on pinterest now to show you how you can do the exact same guys here is another pinterest profile here of someone doing it. I mean check out these 206,000 monthly views and when you browse they just a handful of pin guys – and i found so many pinterest profiles – look at this one here. It is called self improvement. They get 1.2 million monthly views. They have one two three, four, five. Six: seven seven pins on here: why? Because it is video content and videos, content is now being pushed by social media platforms, and anyone who jumps on this trend guys make a lot of money online. Here is someone here doing it with supermotor zone within a carzo niche. Take look at these guys, it's 5.1 million monthly views, and i'm going to show you this video, where you are going to get an unlimited amount of content from various social media platforms. On top of that, i will show you how you can download it. I will show you two ways: you can do it very lazy, easy way where you do not have to do anything and another way that is likely going to take you five minutes so make sure you keep watching. Let me show you this profile here guys. It is called little navi who does something very similar, guys 10 million plus monthly views. Can you imagine having 10 million people looking at your pins every month? Would you absolutely be crushing it guys and you can do it in the wealth niche you can do in the health niche in which you can d oen relationships? You can do it in luxury. You can do it in so many different niches and i'm going to show you how you can do it with affiliate marketing on this video. So the first thing you have to do guys is: you have to go and create a pinterest profile for yourself and I highly recommend creating one with a business pinterest profile. Well, it's going to allow you to post video content on pinterest so make sure when you sign up you create a business pinterest profile from. There is what you need to do guys you want to go to this site called above it will allow you, if you want to grab content from pinterest. It will allow you to download that content to your computer, so you can upload it on your own pinterest profile. So, for example, if you would like to go over to this profile over here, because many of his videos are over here, guys are not his videos as an example. Let'S click on this pen over here, he has what you want to do. We are going to interrupt it's you come here. You can grab this um. A link here go to copy, come straight over to this profile paste it there guys click on download. It go now download this video on our computer. This is one of the easiest ways to do it. As you can see, it was found that the video there all you have to do is click on to download this video come here, see these three little dots, click on it, small dots and select a download. As you can see, it now download this on our computer from here. What you want to do guys we can shut it down. Now you can come to your own pinterest profile. You created come to the top here, where it says, create, choose create pen as soon as you click on that all you need to do is to grab, drag and drop it here from here is what you will simply do. You would come here and you have to add a title now. I want you to stay with me because I'm going to show you how you are going content get from three more social media sites, how you are going to download it and how to upload. Then I will show you how to use a free software. If you want to make changes to these videos, it is very easy guys and fast. Then I want to show you how to promote a product on the back of it and how to promote various products. So let's say you wanted to do it a super easy way. You just want to take a video and upload it to pinterest, as we have now here. What you need to do is you need to come here and you need to add, add a title. So we can post something like make money online with affiliate marketing and buy a ferrari as an example. Something like that because it clearly has a ferrari in the video. Then here you are, you need to tell everyone about. This pen can write something very, very simple: how to live a life of luxury work from home, with affiliate marketing, okay, something along those lines guys and over here you need to add some markers well, so you can go with make money online well and then everything You need to do as you can see. You have education, you have financial money, so make money there. You can do affiliate marketing. Well, you can also do things so there you go. You have education, affiliate marketing, so just click on that you can do something like work from down home as well. You can choose to start a business, so there you have the there. It is now where you will add a destination call now guys I'm going to post all this on my own pinterest profile. So you can come here. Smart tactics on pinterest to watch this video and you can take a look at these pins if you so want here, is where I will add a destination link now for a destination link guys I am going to have a software called this use. Linktree.Tr

Wa because you've seen it other people have used it too, and it's something i use a lot and it's an amazing awesome website guys we come here to add various products to promote. It is my back office of my link tree account, wa, I'm going to show you how to add these different products here in a second, but for now all I need to do is come here. Click on to share, then all I have to do is to come here and copy. This link simply guys come straight to this pen and i'm going to paste it there. Now, I'm going to put it under affiliate paste marketing, because i have a board in order. This is what i created called affiliate marketing. If you do not do not. All you have to do is come here, click on to create a board and create for yourself very simple, but I'm going to leave it there and I'm going to print it. It'S going to publish now for my pinterest profile, guys, it's super simple and you can see here how fast it was. We got the video we downloaded it as you can see, I'm not going to promote it. I'M going to close it as you can see. Is there and over' a few seconds guys it's going to be available now on my pinterest profile, where else to go n, you are going to get these different types of videos guys. Another platform where you can go to guys is youtube. Now you can look up luxury, you can look up. Your affiliate marketing can look up lifestyles, you can look up whatever we say. You want to look up, hashtag shorts plus ferrari, and you wanted to get another ferrari video as an example. You can unroll and you can find a whole series of different types of videos. Let'S say you wanted to use um one of these videos. Let'S say this. Video here is simple click on this video you can go and you can watch for different types of content. For example, creative commons type videos once you get it, you come here guys you grab. This link go over here to simply copy from there. All you have to do is get here, website called and then come here guys and paste that click into it. To get started and it's going to download this video to your computer and then all you have to do is upload it to upload pinterest well and the more videos you upload the different types of videos you upload on I'm going to show you another way. You can do it with a call to action is good, so people click on the link in your pinterest profile. The other thing that is very good about is pinterest guys. You can also have a link here in your pinterest account. So when you create your account, you can have a link here that people click on just by checking your profile now another platform. What you can go to guys is a tick tock as well. Tik tok has a lot of content as well, for luxury, affiliate, marketing, wealth, manifestation, numerology, etc, and all you have to do is type it in here guys and you can find a lot of this tick content that you can download and people do it every single Day because, ultimately, what this is going to do is to help you drive a lot of traffic to your pinterest profile once you guys come here guys and you guys find out. Let us tell you wanted to use video here, as example, guys all what you need to do is to interrupt this video come Grab. This link, above guys copy it and come over to this platform here called snap tick, dot app, simply come here, guys and paste that link here and then once you paste it all all you have to do is download as soon as you download it. So if we come across, you click to download, you can easily download it on Pinterest brand tock is an option. Pinterest is an option. Tick tok is a option. Another great option guys use Instagram well. Instagram has many opportunities for you to get lots of this content. That a lot of people use online. Let me show you some examples. Well, so I came here and I clearly found that you have ferrari as an example. You can use you can scroll down and you can see a whole bunch of different types of videos. If you guys come here guys here is another account i found on Instagram called wealth, okay and it different types. Accounts are absolutely crushing. It'S good hi. There is another one here guys I found it is called entrepreneurship facts. When you scroll down these people, get very different views and look at these 2.4 million followers – and you all you have to do – is click on real. I'M going to show you how to download this right now and i will show you how to use it additional software, where you can recreate some of these different types of videos, and you can see one million followers guys these guys get many views and they everyone Has links to link tree and other type affiliate marketing profiles where they are absolutely crushing here. Someone who uses a little link is good when you click on real watch this none of these different types of videos are theirs and you can go straight and post this on pinterest. So when we come over to this profile here as an example guys, let's just click on this video here all you have to do – I just let it interrupt. Ok, wa t you will do. Is you come here? You grab this url click on to copy then, rather just come over to this profile. Look at this site here called snap insta dot app come here, guys paste it in there and just click on one times download you click on to download. You can see it found the video coming very, very fast, then simply here and click on to download video. Now I am going to show you exactly what you can do this video, and we are also going to upload this video on my own pinterest profile. So simply, click on to download a video, so you can see an ads coming on just get rid of this ad and, as you can see below guys download this video now on my computer. So what we can do guys is to come straight back to pinterest. If you wanted to where you can come, create here and go to create a pen, if you wanted, you can just drag and drop it on pinterest and, as you can see it's there we're going to break it we'm going to delete it because it's not w Arm with, we are not going to do this example with this example is we are going to change this video so that it looks like something, and I am going to allow myself to show you exactly how to do it play it for you see here, I Have this consultation look at this very, very fast, so if i play it like yjy can see, it says how to be successful. If we move it about, it say: click on the link in my bio and do what i did as an example. So it's going to tell people exactly what they can do when we move it over knowledge, is power etc. Come here, click on the link in my bio and do what I did. So, how did I do it good guys? You guys want you come here platform here called canva good. If you first here is you want to click on mobile video, so click on mobile video as soon as you do it is what you want to do. You want to upload that video we just downloaded. So it's this one over here guys, you can simply grab it from here and there just throw it here here. What you want to do want you just interrupt it. So as soon as you interrupt, it completely guys just expand it so that it fits the full size of this video. So you can see, we have it now once here we play this, you can see he is talking and there too here someone else has their watermark across here, but these videos are not theirs. So simple, you can come over, you can move it over and once you have click on right, mouse click and you can split this move it over to here. You can divide it say again here right, mouse click, divide it and then move it over to here and then with the right mouse, click and divide it again. So we divide this video into four and you can divide it into two three. It'S all up. You guys, okay, so bring it back to you and what we are going to do is we are going to add just like I did here. We are going to add these different types of posts here where people can read you can put motivational quotes. I am going to show you' a wonderful website, in', a second where you can get different types of motivational quotes. If you want – or you can just add your own thing, like click on the link in my bio etc. If you want to be successful in life in business, etc, so all you have to do guys when you are here is simply gone over to text and once you click on text, you can click to add a heading or you can use any one of these Different types of font, it is entirely up to you. Let'S say you want to use one here, then all you have to do is get rid of that little font. There is double click on these guys change the color. Well, then, you can click on this. Just to center it – and then all you need to do – is to delete it and type in something, like click on the link in my bio, to learn how to make money online. Now that seems a bit big, but you can of course move it out. Guys move it there move it there. Okay, then can come here. You can see. You have has letter. Spacing you have rule spacing. Ok, so then move it. So double click on this stuff and then it can just make it much smaller good. So you can just do it guys and then all you have to do is move it to the bottom here. Well, then, is simply all you have to do. You have animates here you have all these different animations, you can click on to bounce. Well, so if we play it's good and above guys, if you want you can too, when you play this well, you can see you clearly have the volume etc. You can also add music from canva, and, if you play it, you can see him click on the link in my bio to learn how to make money online. So this is going to be the first one. The second one you can see here. That is on my one here, opposite guys. If I move it over, you can click see the link in my bio here I have how to be successful. Well, so you can do something very, very similar. I just wanted to show you that example. Well, here I have knowledge, is power and then again here I click on the check el in my bio. So that's all you have to do guys, I'm not going to waste your time by doing everything. Four, you get your ID just according to how I did the one, then all you have to do guys come here, look where it says download. Now this video is 30 seconds long, which is perfect. All you have to do is click on to download. You can download it as an mp4, video and just click to download here and, as you can see, this video is now download. Now, once on our computer, this video has been downloaded. We can upload it now on our pinterest profile. If you wanted to get different types, motivational quotes guys. All you need to do come over to this site here guys called This is an amazing site where you can come here and get so many different types of motivational quotes that will fit very well to get you. Many views, clicks and possible sales on different types of niches. You can see you have inspirational, quotes, motivating positive funny, life, beauty, friendship, etc. When you click on this, let's say inspirational as an example. Simply click on tour guys, and if you can see you can grab any of these and post it once in the video you change it on canva, like you, can no act of kindness see no matter how small is he ever wasted when opportunity knocks do not Build the door, etc.

So many good quotes guys. This is a fantastic site to know it naturally exists and has your arsenal when you create these different types of pins so from here we can of course see here now that it's so downloaded. What we want to do is to come straight over to pinterest here and grab it link. As you can see, this is what we have just downloaded guys grab, what it's dragging and throw it in here. So if you guys come in and you play it so you get rid of it, you put the sound on, you can see it all. Our text above comes up nicely on top and it runs for 30 seconds. So if we interrupt it again, what you want to do here is just like we did with the previous pen just come here and just type in something like how to be [ Music ] with affiliate marketing as an example, and again guys here tell people about The pen just copy this paste. It puts a little more information. If you want again with the tags guys, you can use money as an example of money and finance affiliate marketing, guys so come on here, educational, affiliate, marketing and you can enter business too. Well, so you can see you have educational business ideas, so click on that you can use a lot more than for link guys again, we are going to add that link tree link. Now what you guys want to do guys is quite come just about to join guys. This is an amazing site, like i said, and what you need to do is to get here. You need to insert a title for the product you are promoting. Now, where are you going to get these different types of products? Two amazing sites? You can use one of them. I s, of course, digistore24 and another site guys is clickbank.

Com, both of these platforms guys have very affiliate marketing products in many different niches, for example, if you would join clickbank guys if you came here and create an account for yourself, you can come here and look at all the categories here. If you browse, you have educational guys, you have good, you have health and fitness you have at home and garden. You have self help, you have a relationship, etc, and if you come here guys, I naturally like it to use affiliate marketing e-business e-marketing. So if we click on what it's going to bring us to a page that looks like this now when you come here and you click on gravity, it's going to give us a whole bunch of different types of products that we can promote. So when you come down here guys, you can see as soon as we click on gravity what it is going to give us different ttype of products that sell really very well. You can see here it has a gravity rag of 187, which means 187 different. Affiliates have been able to convert this product over the last 30 days, so you should come here and find the products you like to promote when you do come. Let'S say you wanted to promote this. One here get paid to use facebook, twitter and youtube pretty much. All you have to do is come here to linktree and you click on to add new link. Then what you will have to do as a title. We can simply come here and we can just do this title use what they got here. So click on copy that comes here guys paste it in here. Okay, click on tv, then all we have to do is we have to grab that link so to grab that link. Quite you just come back to this product. Here click on to promote, and then you want to generate this hop left box. So as soon as we generate this hop link click on to generate it is how you will be able to easily promote various products. Okay, guys so come here, feed it in and then you just have to click it tw once and you will see it it's going to appear now so get paid to use facebook, twitter and youtube well. So i can drag it to the bottom. Leave this one as the bottom one here, so anyone buying guys I'm going to be now again pay you click to share here over grab this link copy. That comes straight to this pinterest pen here guys and we're going to paste it here, i'm going to post it again now to my affiliate marketing board on pinterest, so simple guys come over here and click to publish and now this is another video that is going To be available on my pinterest profile guys, this is a super super simple way. You can do it without doing any work to make money with affiliate marketing or use canva to change some of these pins by putting your own different. If you can see, click click on the link in my bio and do what I did a case in order to make money online with affiliate marketing guys and in a nk wessie of minutes. As you can see, this pen is already here and when we refresh it in a few seconds that other pen is going to be there. So if I come here and refresh these guys and if we scroll down here, we just have' a quick look. There is that one there, okay, so it will be indexed and people will start to see these different types of pins and when people click on it pins, I am just going to interrupt it. You can see that there is my link tree link if anyone on that link click guys, it's going to transfer them to, you can buy them and i'm going to make money online with affiliate marketing. This is exactly what these other accounts are doing. Well, this is the answer. These guys are also looking to compete with people like tick, youtube and instagram roles, and, as you saw with the accounts, I showed you they get millions of views good guys now, if you guys want to take it to the next level, and you want to start Collecting clues every time, someone clicks on any one n of these different types of products you have here, for example, if someone clicks on this link here, guys it's going to take over their page below. As you can see, this is where they're going to enter their email address well to access. Once i get that email that I can then re- tag them with different types of products. Now you can come here to a website called There are other email marketing software that you can look at guys and some of these are free. So if you come here guys and you click on prices, you can easily sign up absolutely free as convertkit, for whatever reason do not work in your country. Look at other email marketing software. When you roll down guys, you can sign up for free to the first 300 subscribers when you browse here under guys, you can send unlimited landing pages, guys you can send broadcasts, etc, and then all you have to do when you sign up guys you come here. Click click to create a landing page and then come j y. Here you choose one of these landing pages and you create one of these landing pages guys. It is super simple and then you can target again with broadcast with email marketing after make even more money with affiliate marketing. Pinterest is going to give you the free traffic. The rest is yours. You do not even have to create any of these pins; they are all there for you. Now. Let'S look at some of my analyzes on my own pinterest profile case when I come across, you click on analysis. It'S going to take me to a page. What now looks like guys, I was not yet posting a whole lot of content on my pinterest account, but I'm going back in the swing of things when I see how much success people are achieving. Now, if you look at my last 30 days guys, I just have less if 12 000 had impressions. But if you look at these 1780 people got involved with my pins count. When you look at this say the total number of engagements with your pens, including click and save so if you get out at the moment, just under 12 000 in press, if i grab my calculator and look you, then it looks like it's about 10 people involved In these pens means to click on it, look at them and click on your links, which is a fair amount. Now you've seen some of these people get hundreds of thousands and millions of views with their pens get millions of impressions are good. So if you look at these guys – and many of these did not take long to come up with a million impressions, especially using the video format I have for you showed on this video. So if you look at a million guys – and you offset it by saying a 10 engagement figure that you can look at it's one hundred thousand of them, one hundred thousand guys, if you go over here – and you say only one percent of those people – click on A link so you come here, you go once one percent guys. You can see that it is possible, a thousand people who click on a link of that thousand. If say, 500 people would buy your product. Remember. We are talking about a million impressions, guys who not so is m nice to get to this format. So if you divide it by two and let's say out of the million impressions, you are get 500 sales guys every month and you reverse it with a product. It says to get you 50, it's 25,000 a month you can make, and the best part is guys you can do it without doing any of the work yourself, because, as you have seen, you can be happy with pinterest, which you can possibly get content from YouTube. As long as it's creative commons go to tick, tok and possibly get content from there and even instagram, and you can absolutely be crushed it just like these accounts are over here, I showed you. What gets millions of views guys do not like from 1, not million but up to 10 million different types of impressions on these different types of niches? Just like I showed you at the beginning of this video guys, so I highly recommend going to pinterest create an account for yourself make sure it is first, a business account is created, start to your t, e, get content. To put it here guys and start absolutely crushing it in 2022 with affiliate marketing and do not forget if you enjoyed this video guys, make sure you press that, like button in appreciation and go below and leave me a comment know what is your income goal for 2022, how much do you want to do every week so make that way? I know exactly the types of videos I need to make to help you get to that level. Now go nowhere guys. I still have a great video on your way. Your way, click on this video here for another brilliant way, guys you can make a lot of money online click on it. This is a complete, step-by-step tutorial. I made the other day. You are going to absolutely love. I will see you on that video until next time you take care of yourself and goodbye


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