How to Make Money Online: Earn $48.17 Every 10 Minutes While You Sleep

Making money online has become a popular trend in recent years. With the advancement of technology, it has become easier for individuals to earn money from the comfort of their homes. In this blog post, he/she will learn how to make money online by earning $48.17 every 10 minutes while they sleep. This is an excellent opportunity for anyone looking to earn extra income or even replace their full-time job. With the right tools and strategies, they can start earning a significant amount of money online without leaving their homes. Keep reading to discover how to make money online and watch your bank account grow.


The internet is full of opportunities to make money, and people are always searching for ways to earn an income online. Dave Nick Daily has created a video providing a solution to this problem, promising viewers a way to earn $12,000 per month using AI. In this article, we will review this video and explore the method offered by Dave Nick Daily to make money online.

The Method Offered by Dave Nick Daily

The video starts with a promise to show viewers a way to make $12,000 per month using artificial intelligence and provides a link to learn how to make $75,000 a month on YouTube with automation channels. According to the video, this can be achieved by creating automation channels that earn ad revenue, brand deals, and promote products or affiliate links.

The creator also offers to help individuals build a profitable online business. This is particularly useful for people who are new to making money online and need guidance on how to get started.

The video then switches to discussing a tool called Panel Stars. This tool can be used for social media marketing and is user-friendly and affordable. It helps increase engagement and followers on social media platforms.

How to Use Panel Stars for Social Media Marketing

The method offered involves creating an account on Panel Stars and finding popular home decor pages on TikTok. Once these pages have been located, the next step is to message them and offer social media engagement services. The messaging should be professional, polite, personalized and clearly explain the benefits of the offered services.

Tips for Using Panel Stars to Make Money Online

Here are some tips on how to maximize your earning potential with Panel Stars:

  1. Research the popular TikTok home decor pages. This will enable you to narrow your focus and find the pages that are most relevant to your target audience.

  2. Craft a professional and personalized message. This will increase the likelihood of your offer being accepted.

  3. Offer tangible benefits such as increased engagement and followers. This will motivate the page owners to use your services.

  4. Be polite and patient. This is a process that requires time and effort, so don't expect instant results.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs):

  1. Is it really possible to make money online using AI?
    Yes, it is possible to make money online using AI. However, it requires proper planning and execution.

  2. Is Panel Stars a free tool?
    No, Panel Stars is not a free tool. However, it is affordable and provides good value for money.

  3. Do I need to have experience in social media marketing to use Panel Stars?
    You do not need to have experience in social media marketing to use Panel Stars. However, it is recommended that you learn about the basics of social media marketing to maximize your earning potential.

  4. How much can I realistically expect to make using Panel Stars?
    Your earning potential using Panel Stars depends on how many clients you acquire. It is difficult to estimate how much you can make, as this varies depending on the clients' needs and the services you offer.

  5. Is it advisable to rely solely on Panel Stars for making money online?
    No, it is not advisable to rely solely on Panel Stars for making money online. It is best to explore multiple options and diversify your income streams.


Overall, Dave Nick Daily's video provides a useful strategy for making money online using AI and Panel Stars. The tool is user-friendly and affordable, and the method offered is simple yet effective. By following the tips outlined above, you can maximize your earning potential and turn your online business into a profitable venture.

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