Earn Your First $1,000 With CPA MARKETING For Beginners 2023 (5 Mins A Day) NEW METHOD!

Can you make $1,000 a day or more with CPA Affiliate Marketing working only 5 minutes a day? Well, In this video I’ll show you an UNTAPPED method where you can be one of the first to do just that and make money with CPA Marketing, without actually requiring any traffic, a following, or technical skills.

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Stiff one you want to come over to this Website and click on to submit giveaways Step two you want to come over to this CPA affiliate marketing website and find An offer that's going to pay you as much As two dollars every time somebody Submits their email address step three You want to click onto that CPA Affiliate marketing offer copy the Affiliate link come back over to this Website and paste that URL in here step Four I'm going to show you how you can Complete the rest of this form click on To submit giveaway and what this is Going to do is get your offer in front Of hundreds of different websites and as You can see people are doing this and Promoting CPA affiliate marketing offers And they're making a lot of money online Step five you want to rinse and repeat And watch the commission's roll in and On this video I'm going to show you step By step how you can make money with CPA Affiliate marketing this will only take You two minutes to set up and the best Part is you don't need a following you Don't I need to generate any of your own Traffic and you don't need any sort of Technical knowledge to get started with This but what you need to do is make Sure that you watch this entire video do Not skip ahead because you're going to Miss crucial parts and you're not going To be able to make the most amount of

Money so make sure you watch the entire Video and when you end up getting a lot Of value out of it make sure that you Smash that like button in appreciation Let's get into it so step one in this CPA affiliate marketing strategy what You need to do is you need to find an Offer that you can promote and you can Do this with a number of platforms you Can see that you can do this with CPA Grip you can do it with CPA lead you can Even use a platform called offer Vault What we're going to do is we're going to Use CPA grip today because it's going to Allow you to promote that offer Immediately and it's going to give you An affiliate link without you having to Look up or subscribe or get any Approvals this will automatically give You that affiliate link so what you want To do is sign up to CPA Group once you Sign up to CPA grip it's going to bring You over to a page that looks like this All you need to do is go over here click Onto offers and go to my offers what You're going to find is as you can see On the right hand side you've got all These different offers that you can Promote what I would recommend that you Do is that you come over here under Country click onto country and then look For United States as an example to start Off you can see you just type in United States us United States once you click

Onto United States what you want to do From here is you can scroll down and You're going to find a range of Different products this is going to vary Every time that you log in so what you Want to do is take a look at the Different types of offers you can see Here that they have offers like ten Thousand dollar giveaways at the moment They've also got 750 dollar PayPal gift Cards because what we're going to be Doing with these CPA offers is we're Going to be putting these offers in Front of hundreds of different types of Sweepstakes sites I'm going to show you How this works this is unbelievable to Get a lot of traffic so what you want to Do is pick any of these and you can see Here in order to be paid two dollars and Six cents every single time all people Need to do is submit their email address From the United States and you're going To get paid two dollars you don't even Need to sell anything they just need to Enter to win ten thousand dollars so From here you can see that you've got Type as well so if you just wanted to Target people with mobile phone for Example you can Target people just with Desktop what I recommend is potentially Targeting people on mobile because a lot Of people are using mobile now you've Got mobile all as an example you've got Mobile iOS and you've got Mobile Android

So take a look at which one you want to Do and you can do all of them if you Want you can do both mobile types and You can also do desktop so let's just Say we wanted to run with Mobile Android As an example you would click onto this What this is going going to do is it's Going to give you this link this is the Link that we are going to be promoting In order to make money with this CPA Affiliate marketing strategy so from Here what we want to do is we want to Copy this link now we need to go over to The website that's going to give us all This traffic and this website is called A giveaway frenzy this is an amazing Website all you need to do is come over To this website and then from here you Can see that you can submit these Different types of giveaways now as we Scroll down you can see here that when You submit these giveaways is really Important please pay a close attention And if you're not subscribed to the Channel make sure you go down the bottom Right now and hit that subscribe button And even if you're subscribed make sure You turn on the Bell notification so you Get notified every time I post a brand New video that way you can be one of the First to test it out and make that money Online and if you're looking for other Ways to make money with affiliate Marketing don't forget I've got my free

Free affiliate marketing guide pinned Into the description of this video and Also to the top comments they get that These are different ways that I make Money with affiliate marketing it's Yours absolutely for free all I ask that You do is that you smash that like Button for the YouTube algorithm and I Really appreciate it and it means a lot To me so as you can see here you can Potentially get these giveaways in front Of hundreds of different sweepstakes Sites I can't tell you how powerful this Is in getting you clicks to get those Emails so you can make two dollars every Time if you get a hundred a day I mean That's potentially two hundred dollars That you can make from doing absolutely Nothing but filling out this quick form So as we scroll down here what you're Going to find is that there's a few Different T's to setting this up now You're going to see that at the moment There's no free plan but let me just Show you something very quickly if we Scroll down this was always free at the Moment they're testing out this three Dollar trial because people are having a Lot of success with this so what I want You to do once I'll show you how to do This if you don't have the three dollars To invest I want you to keep coming back To this site because you can see here Looking for our free submission option

We are currently not offering this Option but hope to bring it back Sometime soon okay so let me show you How you can do this for three dollars Because it works exactly when they bring Back the free option how you can do this Absolutely for free but what I want you To do if you do have the three dollars Is I'm going to show you how to do this Then what you can do is use that money Reinvest it and then eventually you Could potentially get up to the moderate Level or even the aggressive level and Make some serious money with CPA Affiliate marketing so what you want to Do you can scroll down you can see that For three dollars you are going to be Listed on their latest giveaway page for One week okay with these other packages If you do have more money to test this Out you can scroll down and take a look At everything that they offer for the 79 Package you can see that you are going To be in the newsletter in front of 2 000 subscribers they're going to put you Up onto Facebook Twitter you can see in Front of hundreds of different types of Websites and as you scroll down there's A lot more benefits on these you'll be Put up on Facebook Pinterest Reddit Etc So you can imagine how powerful this is Because people all people need to do is Submit their email to enter twin ten Thousand dollars and you're going to get

Paid two dollars and these guys are Going to promote you heavily so what you Want to do from here is scroll down you Can see he Fields marked with an Asterisk are required to complete okay Very important so what you want to do is You can see you've got different Packages that you want to select what I Recommend is that if you only have the Three dollars start off with the three Dollars click onto that once this is Bring once I bring back the free version This is going to say for free then from Here what we need to do you can see here Latest giveaway page upgrade so you can Keep this listing active for a dollar if You wanted to you can just leave this Out completely blank then down here is Is allow us to modify your title and Description to optimize your traffic This is a free service I highly Recommend that you leave this on yes Because they want you to make money if They see that you're not getting a lot Of clicks they will optimize this for You so make sure you leave it on that But from now what we're going to do is We are going to complete this form and I'll show you how to optimize this Yourself so the first thing that it's Going to ask you is who is sponsoring This giveaway this is very simple you Want to come back to this CPA marketing Offer and you can see that the person

Sponsoring this is this person over here Guys so all you need to do is type this In which is a tundrafile.com so you'd Quite simply come straight back over Here to here and just type that in once You've typed that in you can see the Next thing is giveaway entry URL this Was the URL that we got when we clicked Onto this link over here this is your Own custom URL we copied that link we Came straight back to this site and we Pasted that in there then here you got The giveaway title this is very simple You want to come up to the top highlight This copy this okay come straight back Over to you guys and paste this in here So click onto that the prize value we Know is ten thousand dollars okay so you Want to enter in ten thousand dollars Then this is where you've got a Description so enter the details of your Giveaway so again you can come back over To you can click onto this and you can Complete this okay so what you want to Do I'll quickly type this up and show You what I would write so as you can see All I've done is very quickly entered This is a ten thousand dollar Sweepstakes giveaway all you need to do Is enter your email address to enter Which is going to prompt people and tell Them exactly what they need to do to Enter and you're willing to get paid two Dollars and six cents every single time

They do that from here as you scroll Down it's going to ask you the end date Now some of these different types of CPA Offers will give you an end date if they Don't give you an end date quite simply Just come over you guys and maybe put This in for a week you know that you are Going to be on you for a week anyway on The free plan so just extend this for a Week then what you want to do guys is You can see here that you can add and Upload an image now with the image you Can very easily come back over to you And you can save this image as so I'm Just going to save this image on my Computer guys I'll type in Giveaway We'll save that now what we'll do is We'll come back to this platform now Remember what we want to do here guys Before we upload that image you want to Make sure that when you enter the end Date you want to select the United States because this offer what we've Selected that we are looking for people In the United States and this offer Currently is only available in the United States so you're not going to get Some random clicks from anywhere else This is highly effective now what we Want to do guys is come over here and Click on to select image we want to find That image and click onto it guys and Select open and as you can see this is

Going to pre-populate that in there and That image has been installed which is Perfect from here what we need to do is We need to enter in our name your Surname your email address and then as You can see it's going to ask you for The total which is three dollars now you Can see what is six plus three you want To enter nine this is just a very simple Capture question and as you can see from Here guys it's going to ask you to Submit that a giveaway now you can see Here that payments um made through PayPal you don't need a PayPal account And you don't and they do accept all Major credit cards so all you need to do Guys is come over here complete that and Submit this once you submit all this This is now going to be potentially Placed in front of hundreds of different Types of people that are looking for These different types of offers and you Stand a very good chance to make money With CPA affiliate marketing let me show You some of the ones that people are Currently putting up so if we come over Here to giveaway frenzy guys you can see That these are their featured giveaways And when you scroll down you're going to Find a variety of ones you're going to See different types of cash giveaways Like the one that we just saw and the One that we're doing and then you can See different ones where people are

Promoting 100 different types of gift Cards 100 gift cards 300 gift cards two Hundred dollar type of Walmart gift Cards Etc like this one over here and Then as you scroll down you've got other Giveaways similar to the ones that I Just showed you on CPA grip like a 750 Dollar PayPal gift card now if you click Onto this what this is going to do is Show you exactly what this is going to Look like is it's going to have that Image exactly like the one that we Uploaded then it's going to have the Title exactly what they've got here then As you scroll down it's going to say Enter giveaway just like we've put in This is what they've got over here and Remember they can optimize this so you Get a lot more clicks and as people come Over here and they click onto this Giveaway they may need to enter in their Email address Etc so once they click Onto this what this is going to do is Take you over to the next page or it's Going to take you over to that affiliate Marketing offer this one for example Says congratulations on this date you've Been selected for XYZ if you click on to Continue it's going to take you over to The next page where all will need to Enter in my email address if that's what I need to do if that's what the offer is About once they collect that email then What these people will do with those

Emails is they'll send them different Types of offers email collection is Powerful which is why they're happy to Give one person 10 thousand dollars to Collect all these different types of Emails and then they're going to be Promoting different types of offers so This is a super powerful CPA affiliate Marketing strategy that you can Literally get it to get set up in the Next two minutes I wanted to show you How you can do this if you enjoyed this Video like I said please smash that like Button in appreciation but don't go Anywhere make sure that you've grabbed My free affiliate marketing guide It's Pinned down the bottom for you all ask You'll subscribe to the Channel with the Bell notification on now if you want to Know another really easy way that you Can make money with affiliate marketing Without actually doing a lot of the work Yourself I uploaded this video yesterday Guys highly recommend that if you Haven't seen it click on to it now you Can literally get started similar to These videos only going to take you a Couple of minutes and you can absolutely Crush it Aussie on this video until next Time you guys take care of yourselves And goodbye

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