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[Music] hi and welcome back to our youtube channel thank you for joining us if you haven't already please hit subscribe and also make sure to comment on our video afterwards and let us know if you've got any further questions we'd be happy to answer those too if you don't already know my name is joe booth and i'm the md of social media makes sense we are a social media agency surprise surprise specializing in film and television however over the last seven or eight years i have been training hundreds of businesses uh on how to get themselves social media savvy and building successful social media campaigns so hopefully today we're going to bring that knowledge to you and get you started so today we're going to be talking about social media marketing for beginners if you're at the beginning of your journey and you're a bit nervous and you want to know where do i start i mean social media is such a big topic then this video is for you so number one and i think this is probably the most crucial part is picking a platform that suits you okay start small and grow later the thing i think that most people do when they're starting social media campaign is over face themselves they start at facebook they start twitter they start an instagram they start a youtube channel and then all of a sudden they've got all these different audiences spread everywhere and they're having to create content different shaped content different types of content um and it becomes overwhelming it becomes a full-time job so start small and grow big that's my probably number one piece of advice the platform that you choose is entirely down to you okay i think there's two thought processes here one it should suit your audience obviously if you're talking to business consumer for example and you're on linkedin that's probably not going to work too well and so the other way around if you're trying to do business to business and you're on facebook it's not i'm not saying it's not doable but it's a lot harder so pick a platform that's right for your audience but also pick a platform that suits you so if you're more confident on facebook than you are on instagram i would start on facebook okay once you've made the decision to pick a platform to tip number two research the best tips on how to use that platform so watch other videos like this one uh maybe pick one about the platform pick one about strategy pick one about content creation and just get to know how you're going to create your strongest campaign possible on that platform tip number three know your audience it's really key that everything you're posting and sharing is relevant to your audience okay so make sure you're choosing the right kind of content making sure you're using the right type of language and make sure you're posting at the right time of day and of course on the right platform talking about platforms don't over post again another tenancy people have is they go oh my god i've got this platform i've got this audience i need to be posting you know eight times a day and they over face themselves and they over face their audience look at what's been successful for you do more of that and do less of what isn't a quick way of sort of figuring out how much your audience will want to hear from you and how frequently you should be posting is look at your competitors if you go and look at your competitors page and they're posting uh six times a week for example but they're getting you know one to two likes barely any engagement on their post then that would tell me that they're over posting not under posting they're definitely over posing if you're not getting engagement you're over posting if however they're posting once a week and they're getting uh proportionately let's say they're getting you know five percent engagement so five percent of their total audience are engaging with every post they do that's really good okay social media you want to be looking at around a one percent engagement rate so if your total audience around one percent of them should be engaging with you on a regular basis that is good okay next thing you need to do is plan your strategy there's absolutely no point in posting if you haven't got a strategy in place because basically what you're going to be doing is posting it random you're going to be posting random stuff at random times and your audience aren't going to relate to that so make sure you sit down once a month beginning of the month look at a calendar and say okay what content am i going to post where am i going to post it what time of day and map it out once you've got that plan you don't actually need to make the content at that point but once you've got that plan it's much easier for you to develop it and also get the results you're looking for on that note next point be adaptable you need to make sure that you're analyzing what you're doing and adapt your strategy going forward so do your first month's worth of content give it a try if it's not successful don't be disheartened it takes a while to figure out exactly who you are on on social media and who your audience are and what they're going to relate to if your funnier posts are doing well then do more of those if you're funny posts are tanking do less of those analyze your results make sure you're measuring exactly how your page is performing adapt your strategy and go forth and win on social media good luck i'm sorry about the banging we're back in the office which is very exciting after lockdown but it does mean we've got neighbors above us as i said before make sure to subscribe comment below and thanks for watching

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