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he is written out from a dangerous sect under certain circumstances i will make a decision because the qualification of the uc was broken the founder and the head of the sect his own father now the catastrophe is coming because we didn't prevent it and who does n't like it here with the fame scream i would much rather talk to him or mr saw himself talk to the theater how big is the danger from the oecd said i am on my way to switzerland to meet simon five years ago left a christian sect there was another one here your most important ambassadors we were born again that means i am no longer the way i came into the world i am no longer flesh but i am spirit at that time he still belonged to the organic christ generation eeg for short is the name of the movement centered in switzerland simons entire family is part of the oecd and part of a man's propaganda simons father i'm never angry kind who has been banned for 44 years he presents himself as the only true religious leader who takes on conspiring elites and can save humanity from the near apocalypse i know about sima and that he should have been his successor we are at a parking lot on the ground you he doesn't want to show his date at home because his old family should n't see it there is there yes yes yes i'm happy too that's almost five years after he left the villa now giving us his first interview why only now and so said of the interview has it a lot to do with how the oecd behaved during the corona crisis i have to say that really worried me just how this crisis was instrumentalized here how do you use the panini the panini was just the perfect template to perform these these prophets like that my father has now done who now has to shake up humanity and take it under his wing must and of course has political intentions that should advertise politically should be reflected in political power ultimately he accuses his father of being anti-democratic and radicalizing people what was simon's role as a whole he takes me with him to his hometown of walzenhausen at the beginning since he left the sect he was no longer here has not changed much for you now so you can see there are individual houses that shine a bit new now they have been renovated but otherwise everything is essentially the same and how is it here again now its yes it's just my home and stays that way says walzenhausen is a small place everything is close together back there the house lives simon's family it's the center of the oecd sect he used to love there i don't really want it well i can't anymore either but unbelievable I'm not wanted I'm I'm the start I'm quite k lar you think that is a provocation if we are here now of course a huge provocation could not be bigger because i am here with the enemies yes and more or less as a deserter as a driver from judas so that the other side is now here conspiratorially active yes you see us media as enemies i will feel that later too simon wants to show me a place where he would like to return his old school this is the upper school to the upper school exactly the last three school years were probably the most formative probably why yes me I had a very good German and history teacher here who taught me a great deal, also a great deal about critical thinking.

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This is where what was to become an inner conflict for simon for years began , because on the one hand your school days here were like that for you , yes, of course I will be back then when I said I'm young, well that's clear here in the village on the other hand we had a really great class so i felt very comfortable in this class i was never so embarrassed that i would not have given something for my background there are worlds between the school and the family environment, for example the oecd rejects sex education classes as well as a non-violent upbringing of children this book mom please chastise me was written by simon with two of his siblings when they were minors in it they describe the beatings of the parents as a necessary educational measure publisher of the book his father simon writes i looked anxiously at the door which was slowly opening dad looked at me seriously in the face in the hand the most dreaded object in the house the bamboo route then I got three strong strokes on the butt how was it for you man as a boy and that was a lot of ripping yes it also left welts every now and then so I would say off not just simple ch an assault against that continued his father is then reported twice for child abuse the public prosecutor's office has simon and his siblings examined but without result the investigations against his father are stopped in both cases we look further around that used to be the IT room and there we have it we my colleagues and i programmed a homepage we programmed the first homepage of the school back then yes yes we got ourselves free and it was cool after school she does an apprenticeship as a carpenter then worked full-time for the oecd sect he gets food and he guides other members lodging, for example to renovate the real estate of the sect that was probably sold as coaching for a higher purpose and then simon becomes a soul catcher for the sect java has just measured was in the main part of my job that was actually the entrance for us control in the oc geo to do this, people have to attend a three-day seminar with us, and during these three days we checked whether or not the people were there, and if you naturally have people in the group who criticize, who contradict, who question, who represent their own opinions, and so on you have to get them out and then do them, for example, how it shouldn't be would say that was probably my problematic task today how to do his work for the sect but at the time his anger was too great although he had doubts for a long time he continued played a role and there is also a reason why a week before I left my father then said simon has become the prime example of the perfect employee everyone should be like him so he i was high in the course no one would have expected me will be gone a week later what sounds like a spontaneous action is actually going to be for months ge plan need in hamburg i deal more intensively with the cd sect in our first conversation simon told me that ultimately the reason why he left the otg was the radicalization of his father by ivo sasek and above all that he also systematically treated other people wants to radicalize he tries to do this at events or in videos in which he shows himself to be conspiring and anti-democratic unidentified string pullers manipulate and damage the whole of mankind and their leadership will probably not stop for a long time you can limitless millions of foreigners with the transmitter with it no one is used to flooding completely undemocratic you will fight this fight with us and that is beyond us that we climb up on youtube his videos were blocked before but ivo sasek has his own platform he controls all channels one of them is small ar tv there are videos with sometimes millions of views and this is exactly where the uc becomes dangerous here conspiracy stories are presented like serious news clear tv is embarking on an interesting search for traces of perhaps completely different causes of increasing weather chaos should the lockdown that has just been enforced be our world economy first phase one of a well thought-out world domination plan then in phase 2 a global unlock down must be expected now noticed that well- known conspiracy ideologues have apparently discovered tv as a platform for themselves , for example the song here I found the home of pi conference the song has almost two and a half million views it's about it that's how i understand it that the singing here see themselves as the last resistance against the corona policy against governments and the media public that's how it sounds we stick together [music] was co-written with the song by the singer and conspiracy ideologue saver naidoo among those singing are handels ostendorf from the right-wing extremist band category c and matthäus westphal known as an activist you are a right-wing youtuber who is always involved on the platforms of the ucg if he doesn't tell you his video of the so-called storming of the reichstag you probably know [applause] pölten what connection do you have to the cg westphal answers activist one is he of his own accord further questions neither he nor the others answer in the clear text of the event ivo sasek once a year the so-called art k das is the anti-censorship coalition and there are also people who have already made a name for themselves in the conspiracy scene in 2012 this is what happened here the former lawyer sylvia proudly speaks in her speech about the holocaust and denies it there are no statements about crime scene killing methods number of dead act periods perpetrators corpses or traces of a murder for this statement she was sentenced to one and a half years in prison in 2018 for denying the holocaust also went zack criminal proceedings were initiated for having offered her a stage he was acquitted how was simon able to break away from his father’s sect how building a new life with my wife and daughter we can show you a room in our new home my big hobby is film music and you also say to the computer that means you’ve done everything right for teeth and that’s exactly what used to be at my wedding part of my job i have a large part of the music for our feature films and also partly for documentaries i produced and composed and arranged myself the motifs are dramatic here too faith fight and brotherhood [applause] [applause] today simon produces music for his youtube videos in which he talks about his old life for processing into a clarification of the warning and probably also a bit off despite i gave everything and in the end i was rejected and contact with me was broken off like a leper to a possessed person and then to be treated like that i have the right to be clear to talk and to defend myself simon has quite a lot of material for plain text he recorded everything that happened to her and went through her head in 38 diaries that has been doing since the 7th in one he describes how he wanted out of the uc in 2011 that's five years before the actual ascent , a kind of psychic place awakens again and again, it sinks in me and i want to push it away and i usually manage to do that again, even when i think about my life, i realize that i am blocked, but he can't get out of it yet because his wife herself is not part of the sect so far my wife was actually forced to take a position for the fa to seize milie and at that moment it was clear she then said if you go then I'll stay here I wo n't come with you and that's when I realized if I switch to stubborn and pull through and I have my marriage then I'll go before them mentally myself dogs then it's all over and i actually sent another one and then actually real drama then started over five years that got so dramatic somehow we ca n't even go into that in this video how it rocked up at the end that was a only trailer towards the end because i had to hide everything i have my diary my wife has always been allowed to read it she has access to all diaries only in this phase she should n't read my diary for the first time because i wrote in the diary which was normal continued and 1 where I wrote down the truth the leaf the two-pronged summer 2016 is the suffering the shock for simon was so great that he was ready to give up his acting he took the risk of losing everything during a trip to australia with his wife and daughter he finally broke with the oecd since then there has been no more contact that saves simon from something worse would that have happened if you hadn't got out? under certain circumstances, i will become the decisive driver of radicalization of the oecd because perhaps the and from a political point of view the whole thing has further radicalized to violence would have started at some point which would also be quite conceivable for someone the oecd has an estimated two to three thousand members so not particularly many may reach a lot more people with her messages what makes her so dangerous i think it is dangerous that over the last few years she has become less and less religious and has moved more and more into the realm of politics and it's a bit w ie a ticking time bomb that is there, whether someone from these radicalized followers of ivo sasek will recruit you from the milieu or conspiracy believers from right-wing extremists from Reich’s citizens and other things in these religious metaphors as he says and then really do that makes me really worried about what might happen i consider the otg to be one of the dangerous groups we have to deal with these days last year the otg was publicly pursuing its political goals very specifically in london had to, you know, that's a hacker group they have last year the uc hacked and a lot of data was placed from the are clear evidence deep from your internal famous planes we really anonymous came across a list, among other things , the so-called causer lexicon here the sect has apparently collected information about friends and enemies more than 8000 politicians inside journalists and organizations are on it with sometimes sensitive information about private addresses, religious affiliations or the number of children of my colleague easy does this list exist hello, can you hear me well, what did you find out it was interesting that you just mainly concentrated on politicians and politicians from austria, switzerland and also germany and then tried to influence these people via e-mail, personal letters or also by sending dvds and on their political decisions, but above all on topics such as the expansion of 5 g the marshal duty in germany, the ye for all or the adoption right for same-sex couples and also such an immigration law, the general public prosecutor's office in munich then initiated a preliminary investigation set in the meantime there were no sufficient indications of an available criminal behavior I was informed as a reason what did you want with this list that remains open back to walzenhausen in switzerland what does ivo sasek say about all this an interview who categorically rejected we would all Finding answers to our questions on Klar tv his secretary wrote to us after the conversation with simon but new questions arose will it maybe still work to speak to him if i just walk by that the bell 1 is further in there aha no one cares suddenly happened what 's that going to be on the roof let's see what's the sixth father ivo sasek hello mr sasek hello control finds out a few questions for you about your son who got out simon would like to talk to him about it we would like to ask you a few questions your son accuses him, among other things, that people are radicalising eren and democracy are rushing against democracy what do you say to that he is going away for that a brother of simon would have the time to talk like your father we have to relax today that is a pity we would just talk to the father years ago and overlooked it and it will come many people have to contact me straight away but he doesn't have to go anywhere and what do you say about your brother's allegations i say nothing to do why not there is a reality and that is leaving reality again leaving it harder but with time like that he brother dropped out as said the one paints he would like to be in contact with him again and talk to you what to do do you not have any contact with him really was all the questions because that’s a natural reverberation is okay and i don’t know what media to do with it must have done well he rather brother because quite clearly that the oecd people radicalized and endangered democracy in which gotkom men too actually we are from the ard of control it would well i don't want to yell around here with them i would much rather talk to you or heartily to your father although just in a normal interview now was in the conversation we just want you give us the opportunity to say something or are you happy to share on a sunday that wasn't okay it might not be the best timing and then we'll be filmed by one of simon's sisters would we talk to us too i'd ask her if she's ready would be to talk to me alternatively also the next day of course it's a pity that you don't have time your brother said on sunday it's bad how about it because tomorrow you can also do an interview tomorrow hello i'll send ivo sasek my questions in writing after some back and forth and a family vacation we get a long email we got an answer from ivo sasek here I take my stand to your request and yes in it insulted us as henchmen of highly criminal rope teams and we are from mainstream journalism further down there he then also writes your journalists journalists you are under increasing suspicion of being accomplices of serious criminals who are currently committing a worldwide crime how there has never been anything like it in the history of mankind , unfortunately, my questions were not answered at all and he also did not want to comment on simon [music] simon wants to put an end to his past after leaving, he did his high school diploma that it was like that high school diploma and is now studying law crazy but despite everything that happened simon misses his family is there anything you would like to say to him again i would be ready for a discussion at any time but yes i think that if i say this to the camera that is reason enough is why it will not come to this debate because we are you that the proof that i have now switched to the devilish other side and what should i do? two of his ten siblings have meanwhile left the oecd too at least they are in contact again i have full respect for simon and that he talked to me about his story and also takes responsibility have you ever had experience with sects or do you know someone then write us in the comments what i can recommend to you is the film by inge and hans about exorcists and rudow has talked to abigail, who had dropped out, from uc

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