How To Make Money Online With Google Certifications In 2021! (Digital Marketing)

high income skills they do pay the bills and 
that's the t on that hello my friend welcome to   living delightful freedom my name is Delania and 
in today's video we're going to talk about how you   can make money with google certifications i know 
you really loved the last video i did on this if   you haven't watched it yet then go ahead and check 
it out after this video i will link it below the   first video i did on this was focused on learning 
google ads but in today's video we're actually   going to go through another free certification 
that google actually offers you it's beginner   friendly it's free and you will ultimately be able 
to make money with these high income skills and   you can also get a certification for this one as 
well and that is on digital marketing there are so   many industries that need people to actually run 
their digital marketing and this is so that they   can get more leads and more leads actually equals 
more money now make sure you do watch the whole   video because i'm not just showing you where to go 
get the training i'm also going to give you some   tips on how to find clients and i'm also going to 
tell you about a resource that you actually need   to start doing digital marketing so if that sounds 
good to you and you're ready for this information   then go ahead and hit that like button and let's 
dig in so according to the average   base salary for a digital marketing specialist 
is 84 386 dollars per year but this all really   depends on you you can make less than this or you 
can make even more than this it just depends on   how many clients you do help and what you do 
charge all right my friend so this is how you   can start learning with google and this is google 
digital garage this is   forward slash digital garage and over here you can 
get new skills for a digital world if we actually   come up here where it says certification we can 
go ahead and click on certification and that will   bring you into this page right here which teaches 
you the fundamentals of digital marketing you   can learn the fundamentals to help you grow your 
business or career now this course has 26 modules   it is 40 hours beginner friendly and it is 
free as well and right here they explain to you   why you should be certified and of course getting 
certified shows employers that you have a clear   understanding of the core concepts of digital 
marketing so like i said you can actually do this   without being certified you can go out there and 
find clients and there are ways that we're going   to find clients also i'm going to show you that in 
a little bit as well but first i want to show you   where you can go and get your certification where 
you can take your training and becoming certified   also shows that you've got genuine digital skills 
that you are motivated to learn to essential   qualities in today's business world demonstrating 
these qualities can help improve your chances of   finding a job that you want so like i said before 
even if they don't require you to be certified   when it companies and businesses see that you did 
take the time to actually get the certification   this shows that you have patience and that you 
are willing to learn more you can also grow your   career improving your digital knowledge can help 
you find a job get promoted or start a whole new   career so this is great if you are starting a 
freelancing business doing digital marketing   if you're working for companies or businesses if 
you're doing digital marketing for yourself and   your own company and your own coaching business 
or anything like that this is just a great way to   get started because everybody needs marketing 
now there are 26 modules to complete and then   you have to take the exam which is 40 questions 
to get certified and then you just download your   certificate okay right over here they have all of 
the modules for you and what you'll be learning   and how long the actual lessons will take you okay 
so this right here is the whole course now if you   scroll down here you'll see that you can learn 
about analytics and data business strategy content   marketing display advertising e-commerce email 
marketing local marketing mobile scm seo social   media you will learn video and web optimization 
these are all skills that these are all things   that businesses out there do need even if you're 
doing this just for yourself or to promote your   own product this is absolutely incredible now you 
need to register with your google account and if   you don't have a google account if you don't have 
gmail then you're going to have to create one and   you can come up here and register or sign in 
and you can just get started with your course   now if you come over to grow google you're going 
to see that they do provide you with some more   training there are more certificates here for 
you to check out now these are not going to be   free however they do have some free trainings that 
you can check out as well so they do help you out   with jobs resumes and also there are resources 
on how to use google tools so that you can grow   your business your career and everything like 
that so if you're actually here on this page on you can go to career certificates and 
they're going to show you a few certificates that   you can actually pay for you can also come 
up top here to where it says free training   and you can learn even more by viewing their free 
workshops okay so you can attend any of their free   virtual workshops here you can register so for 
example we can go over here to load more events   and we can see everything and you can load even 
more events and see anything that is coming up in   the future but let's say you want to find out 
more about delivering an engaged presentation   talk right if we click on register when we click 
on register we can register here for this one   or we can view any of their past events and those 
are totally free as well alright so a great way   to get started with digital marketing is to find 
local businesses preferably in your area because   you can go ahead and hit them up on facebook 
you can go ahead and search for facebook pages   or you can even go to the business and speak 
to the owner you can see if any of them need   a website a business strategy if they need email 
marketing or anything that you have learned inside   of your training now there are many things to 
digital marketing so you will probably choose   your favorite thing to do when it comes to that 
and you can offer that service for a business   like this especially if it's a new business now 
if you've worked in the past for example for a   barber shop or you've done real estate and things 
like that then you can specialize on helping those   types of businesses just because you know that 
industry already so that's something else that you   can do that's another idea for you that would be 
even better because you're more familiar with that   business so you can have a specialty if you want 
to also a beginner tip is that you can offer to   work for free just for a trial period just to get 
your feet wet this way they can give you a chance   to work and you also then give them a chance to 
see how you work after your trial period you can   give them an option to either work with you as a 
freelancer or be a part of their team so whatever   it is that you negotiate with them you can do 
if not if anything then you get the experience   in and you're doing this in real time and you 
can do this with other businesses as well if you   actually come over to facebook you can go to pages 
and find businesses on here the first thing people   do when they start a business is they're going to 
go ahead and create a page on facebook this is why   i recommend looking for pages so you can go ahead 
and type in to facebook what kind of business   you're looking for or you can browse through 
businesses and see what their social media is like   and see if they have anything that you can work 
with okay another thing you can do is actually   go on google and go to google maps you can find 
businesses and actually see if they have websites   already you can find businesses in your area or 
neighboring towns so that way you can go ahead and   check them out make sure you speak to the owner 
that is the very first thing that you can do you   can email them find out if they have an email 
address also if you are doing digital marketing   you're going to need to build funnels you're going 
to need a platform that can build funnels for you   that you can do email marketing with and the 
one that i use is called builderall now i do   have an affiliate link down below if you do want 
to check it out for one dollar your first month   now builder all is great because it is a complete 
and powerful digital marketing platform okay   so it has everything you need for digital 
marketing including training right inside   of this platform so you can go ahead and try it 
with the link below for one dollar your first   month and then it's going to be 69.90 monthly but 
listen if you just want to check it out for that   month you don't know if digital marketing is 
even right for you then you can try it for the   first month for a dollar then make sure that you 
cancel this before they charge you the 70 okay   but when you're doing digital marketing you're 
going to need all of these tools and most people   pay for all of these tools separately this actual 
platform gives you everything you need and also   support customer support and a community where 
you can go ahead and ask questions you can get   in touch with people who are already doing digital 
marketing and ask questions directly there if we   actually come over here to my builderall dashboard 
and we go up top here you're going to see that   they have all of these tools that you can use for 
digital marketing everything you already need they   have the website builder the funnel builder they 
have e-commerce they have wordpress integration   everything i can't even go over all of these 
this is about 40 tools that they have in here   now if we come up here and you check out the 
training as you can see there's already digital   marketing training for you in here inside of the 
platform so there's so much for you i love that   they over deliver on value so if you do want to 
check this out i will have a link for you down   below let's go ahead and check out the next video 
because i'm talking about 20 websites to make 100   per day online in 2021 for beginners thank you 
so much for watching and i'll see you there bye

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