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It's kind of weird but as you can see so Far I made 5.4 thousand dollars in Complete profits because this is Absolutely free and doesn't require any Previous experience and I'm gonna walk You through the entire process and show You exactly how you can use this brand New AI tool to make money online without Actually doing the work yourself and I'm Actually going to show you three Different ways to do this and I'm gonna Reveal exactly which method I personally Use to consistently get results just Like this so if that sounds good enough Then make sure to drop a like down below And with all of that being said and done Let us begin with a complete Step-by-step breakdown just a quick Disclaimer here if someone replies to Your comment like this claiming they're Me just know it's a scam I don't have WhatsApp I don't have Telegram and I Would never attack you for money you can Check their accounts they don't have a Verification badge they don't have the Same subscribers or videos as me and They will just scam you my only Instagram account is at I'm Dave Nick People are just creating fake accounts Reposting my photos and dming you asking For money you can check their posts the Engagement is fake their new accounts And just know that I would never text You like that so just stay safe and

Report them all so first thing things First the platform that I was using is Called Yara this is already Yara AI I'm Also going to leave a link to this AI in The description box down below but as You can see this is the future of Writing it's a tool they can do Copywriting for you it's a tool they can Do social media posts advertising it can Write articles can write emails and a Website copy sales copy landing page Copy and as you can see it is trusted by Some massive companies now you don't Necessarily have to use this tool Yourself but what's actually so good About this tool is because it is a Useful tool there's a lot of people Using it and there's a lot of people That would benefit from this tool but I Do also have their affiliate program so You don't actually have to use it Yourself in order to make money all you Gotta do is scroll all the way down to The bottom of the website and you can go To the affiliate program just right over Here and that's going to take you over To this notion assigned website where You can basically just go to Yara and you can create An account you can sign up to your Affiliate program all you're going to do Is enter your First and Lasting entry Email address create a password confirm You're not a robot and just click on

Sign up and once you sign up you're Going to be able to log in and grab your Affiliate link right away so you don't Necessarily have to wait to get approved Into the partner program or whatsoever Literally just create an account and Right away you can grab your referral Link and you can start sharing that with Other people in order to make money Online just like this and your affiliate Link should look something like this Basically it's going to say or Question mark WIA and then equals your Username or your first name in my case It just says Dave and I can now copy This and I can share this with other People it will benefit from this tool in Order to make money online now as I said I'm going to show you three different Ways that you can make money online Using their referral program even if you Don't have any previous experience with Making money online and first of all the Way that I personally Drive consistent Traffic to any affiliate offer that I Want to promote or whether it's my own Website whether it's my own product or Service it's through faceless YouTube Automation this is going to be the first Traffic source that basically means that You can start different YouTube channels Where you're not showing your face and Not recording anything with a camera yet You're using those channels to not only

Earn out revenue from YouTube but you're Also using it to drive consistent Traffic for your offers because for Example if you start a YouTube channel Which is faceless that talks about Completely about copywriting or business Or entrepreneurship then you can promote A tool like you are writing those videos It's going to be appealing to people That watch those videos so you can get a Lot of clicks and obviously earn Affiliate commissions so that's the First way you can do it if you want to Learn more about facials YouTube Automation you can click the first link In the description box down below Because I made a complete step-by-step Training program explaining exactly how This business model works and how you Can use it to make money online in seven Different ways so not only can you get a Lot of free traffic and actually get but You can actually get paid for it and Actually earn passive income from that Traffic that you're driving and once Again you don't necessarily have to Record anything with a camera you don't Have to show your face on the Internet Or whatsoever or whatsoever you don't Even have to record anything with your Own voice or anything like that all you Got to do is pretty much just follow the Process which is laid out completely Step by step step in that the training

Program Linked In the description box Down below which I'm also updating on a Regular basis now the second traffic Source that you can use in case you Don't want to start a faceless YouTube Automation channel is you can go over to or any similar Forum where people are asking and Answering different questions you see Answers is a platform where people come To answer or ask and answer questions And there's millions of people that are Doing that on a regular basis obviously There's a lot of traffic from here so What I can do is you can find people That are searching for questions that Are regarding copywriting or regarding Business or regarding how they can get Better SEO on their website or even if You don't find those questions that are Relatively new you can just create two Separate accounts create an account Which you're going to be using to ask Questions and then you're gonna create a Separate account we're going to answer That question and leave your affiliate Link over there and Link people to your And when someone searches for a question Like that your answer will pop up and They will see that they can actually get That done for them with Yara Ai and they Will most likely sign up so you can do The same thing on quora which is a way Bigger plan from then this

One has like 600 million visitors per Month so you can just go over to here And you can search for literally Anything that you want to promote so for Example you can type in operating tips So perhaps someone asks a question like What's your favorite copywriting formula And there's people answering this Question now the problem with these is That as you can see this one was posted Three years ago this one was a year ago So what you can do is you can check if There is some posted like past weeks or Some new fresh uh questions where Someone asks something regarding Copywriting so what are some Pro tips For email copywriting and now you can Reply to a question like this and you Can give them a couple of tips which I Can always like Google or just use chat Apt to you know create those answers and Just tell them that they can actually Get it done for them so they don't have To worry about doing email corporating Themselves but they can just go to Yara And they can automate the process with One press of a button they can get Everything done for them and you can Just link your affiliate link and this Same process works for literally any Affiliate offer that you want to promote It doesn't necessarily have to be your I'm just using that one as an example Because it's a brand new tool that's

Useful it works like crazy it is in Demand but not a lot of people actually Know about that tool not a lot of people Have heard about Yara so you can jump on That and you can start promoting it as An affiliate to earn affiliate Commission but you can also do the same Thing for any other affiliate offer so Perhaps you can find even a better Software or even better offer that might Be even more beneficial or gives you Higher affiliate commissions and then Just apply the same strategy either use A faceless YouTube automation Channel Which is going to be in a particular Niche or just go to or any similar forum and start Finding people that are interested in That topic so replying to their Questions and then just a league or Affiliate link over there just make sure To provide a little bit of value first Because that way you're going to track People and you're not just going to look Like a spamming person who just post Their affiliate link and leaves because That's obviously not going to get you Any results and the best hack that you Can use both in quora and is Once again to just create two separate Accounts One account is going to be used For asking questions relevant to your Offer so that you can be the first one To answer those questions from the other

Account so then people are going to see That your question is ranking number one Under that post because it's the first One and then you can use that as a Traffic source for literally any Affiliate link that you want to put out There so that you can get those Affiliate commissions and make money Online as a complete beginner so I Really hope you got some value out of This quick video I really hope you've Learned something new in this tutorial And if you did make sure to drop a like Down below and as I said everything that I mentioned in this video will be linked In the description box down below as Well Thank you

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