How to Make Your First $1,000 With ChatGPT For Beginners (Still Early)

I'm going to show you how to use ChatGPT to generate Instagram posts completely Automated using Canva. Then I'll show you how to turn those ChatGPT quotes into free traffic using social media sites like Instagram to make affiliate marketing sales daily. All this can be done 100% for Free!

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Hey everyone on today's video I want to Show you how to make money online using Chat GPT and have it completely Automated to make anything up to a Thousand dollars a day first thing that You're going to need is you're going to Have to sign up to chat GPT from there I'm going to show you how you can Automate all these posts that you can Put up on different social media Platforms that can get you a lot of Traffic you can get tens of thousands of Views if not millions of views with the Strategy I'm going to show you on this Video and you never need to show your Face you never need to create any of This content it's all completely Automated for you from there I'm going To show you where you can go to get Products to promote that can make you Tens of thousands of dollars every Single month if this sounds like Something that you're interested in make Sure you watch this entire video because On top of that I have my brand new March Giveaway where I'm going going to be Giving 10 lucky winners a hundred Dollars each so make sure you listen out For what you need to do to be one of the Lucky hundred dollar winners from now All you need to do is make sure that You're subscribed to the channel and Like this video as we are getting Straight into it so like I said the

First thing that you want to do is you Need to make sure that you have created An account with chat GPT if you can't Get an account with chat jp2 you're Having trouble signing up you can always Go to unlock AI to get access to Chat GPT now what you want to do is you Want to come down the bottom and you Want to ask chatgpt to create you 20 Motivational quotes for social media Related to business once you do that you Want to click onto this little section Over here and this is going to create These quotes for you you can see here That I did this a little bit earlier and Chat GPT came up with 20 additional Quotes what you can do from here once You use up these 20 is you can come down The bottom and you can just ask chat GPT To create another 24 so all you need to Do is write something like this create Another 20 Quotes and then he enter and chat GPT is Now going to create another 20 Motivational quotes for me so you can See here you can never run out of these Different types of quotes and creating This content what you need to do from Here once you have created this is you Want to quite simply come over here and You want to copy these 20 quotes or you Can copy all 40 if you wanted to so come Over here and copy this from here what

We need to do is we need to come over to A Google Sheets brand new page so quite Simply go over to Google Sheets and Create an account for yourself now what You want to do once you've created the Account for yourself is you want to come Over here and you want to paste these Different types of quotes once you've Pasted that in I'm not sure why it's Gone dark like that but we can just Stretch this out and you can see all 20 Quotes have been pasted in here now what We need to do is we need to save these Quotes as a CSV file so you quite simply Come up to file you scroll down you can See you've got download what you want to Do is you want to come over here to Where it says comma separated by values Click onto this and you want to save This you can see now this has been saved To my computer if I change this up here Let's just change this to quotes Okay so You know what it is then all you need to Do is obviously come back down here and Save that and it's going to save that as Quotes what we are going to do now with These quotes is we are going to get These created in a matter of minutes It's literally going to take seconds to Create this and then you can start Uploading these from now I'm going to Show you how you can get this free Traffic get them clicking on an Affiliate link that's going to make you

Money online fully automated without you Having to do any of the work now I get Asked a lot Alan what do you do and how Do you make money online so before I Show you how to create these quotes in a Matter of seconds if you want to know What I do every single day to make money Online all you need to do down the Bottom in the description of this video And click onto that first link it's Going to bring you over to a page that Looks like this and all you need to do Is watch this video this is going to Show you exactly how I've made over Twenty thousand dollars a month every Single month consistently using 100 free Traffic and that's just one income Stream with this free traffic I've Probably got about five or six different Income streams and I teach you exactly How you can do this on this video and Inside this course if you click over Here once you scroll down you can see That just in ad Revenue I've made over Three hundred and ninety thousand Dollars and I'll show you exactly how You can get monetized to do something Similar if you follow the steps and put In the time and you can see here that We've broken everything down for you When I say we myself and Greg who's Another YouTuber who's got a channel Called cat finated blogger we show you Exactly how you can do this step by step

Getting started and building your own Profitable online business on top of That just for signing up and watching That video I'm going to send you my Ultimate affiliate marketing guide this Is what I do to make over 500 every Single day with affiliate marketing I'm Going to send this to you absolutely for Free all you need to do is Click onto That link in the description enter in Your email address and you'll get this Sent over to you for free then you can Watch that video so from here what we Need to do is we need to get all these Posts completely automated in order to Do that what you want to do is you want To sign up for an account with canva Canva is absolutely free and you can do This on canva fully automated and it's Not going to cost you a single thing if You got to this point I want you to do Me a favor go down the bottom right now And just comment I got to this point and If you appreciate my videos make sure That you've smashed that like button Like I said make sure that you're Subscribed because I'm going to show you How you can go on to win that hundred Dollars be one of the lucky 10 winners You need to make sure that you're Subscribed to the channel so once you're On canva what you want to do is you can Scroll down here you can see you've got All these different options what you

Want to select is this Instagram post so Quite simply click onto that once you Click onto Instagram post what you now Want to do is in the top search section You want to type in quotes so just come Over here and type in quotes and hit Enter once you type in quotes you can See that you're going to get all these Different templates the one that I Showed you at the start of the video was This one over here that I use but I can Very easily choose any one of these Different types of templates and you can Mix and change as many of these as you Want so let's run with this one over Here this one looks pretty cool so I'm Going to select this one now what we Want to do is we want to upload those Quotes and get these 40 fully automated So quite simply what you want to do is You want to come down here and see where It says bulk create you want to click on To bulk create then what you want to do Is you want to click onto upload CSV File so once you click onto that it's Going to bring you over to your back Office of your computer so I'm going to Type in CSV okay because that's the file That we need to get let's click onto the Quotes that I saved and then click on to Open what's going to happen is you're Going to see that there that's been Downloaded now what you want to do let Me just go to this is you want to click

Onto this writing make sure you select These three little dots then you can see It says connect data you want to click Onto that now you can see here it says Continue click on to continue and what's Happened now one when you created all Those quotes from chatgpt and you Uploaded them onto your Google spreads Google sheet file you can see now that We've been able to upload this onto Canva now we've got 20 of these that we Can start uploading onto social media And I'm going to show you the different Types of platforms that you can use in a Second and it's so simple just to copy And paste then from there drive that Traffic to an offer that's going to make You money so quite simply now click on To generate 19 pages and what's going to Happen now you can see here here are These different types of quotes as you Scroll down these are all these Different type quotes now all you need To do is start uploading these quotes Three to four to five a day it's Completely up to you this is going to Drive traffic To your products that you are promoting Look how simple this is people spend Time creating these we've done 19 here I'm not sure why it's missed one maybe I Didn't highlight it but you can see that We've got 19 of these that we can start Uploading on to social media and the

Social media platform that I recommend That we can start doing this on is Instagram you can see here that recently I just got verified on Instagram I got Committed over the last three months and I started posting a lot more content This has allowed me to get over a Hundred thousand followers so I know how Powerful Instagram is I know how Powerful the conversions are and how Many people that watch these different Types of videos and click onto these Posts Go over to purchase a product you can Make a lot of money with affiliate Marketing utilizing Instagram and it's Never been easier than the way I just Showed you so what you want to do is you Want to create yourself an Instagram Account once you have created yourself An Instagram account you want to go on And create yourself a very simple bio And inside that bio you want to make Sure that you've got a link now you can Use either linktree which is this Website over here it's called link Tr.double e this will allow you to Promote multiple products okay so you Can promote five or six seven eight Products it's entirely up to you or you Can quite simply use something like Bitly where you can shorten your link Okay so you just add that link from ClickBank which I'm going to show you

How to do now or wherever you get your Products from you can shorten it and Then you can paste that inside the bio Of your Instagram account so what we now Need to do is we need to find a product Act to promote in order to do that you Can come over to sites like once you're on ClickBank They've got so many different issues and A range of different products that you Can promote so if we come over to ClickBank once you sign up you want to Go over to their Marketplace once you Click on to Marketplace you can see that You've got this affiliate Marketplace if You click onto all it's going to give You all these different categories now We're doing something with motivation We're doing something with putting up Different types of positive quotes Etc So you want to think about the products That you want to promote you can very Easily promote make money online Products that's an easy one another one That you could potentially do if you Scroll down you're going to see Self-help as an example you can also see Spirituality a new age and what that Means is a lot of people may be looking To do something with astrology or Numerology and they might be looking to You know potentially get help in stuff Like that so you can do something like That you can come over to self-help and

Inside self-help you can see you've got Motivational and transformation so if You click onto that you're going to find These different types of products that You can have linked inside your bio so Let's say you wanted to promote this Product every single time somebody Purchases you're going to make 27.67 you only need four sales to make a Hundred dollars a day and with how Instagram is going and how many views People are getting this is really easy To achieve all you need to do is stay Consistent and upload three to four to Five of these different posts every Single day and your account will grow 100 so what you want to do from here is Click on to promote once you click on to Promote click on to generate hop link This is going to give you this link Quite simply copy this link then all you Need to do is come over to bitly as an Example paste that inside there click on To shorten this is going to give you a Nice shortened link so you can copy this Then all you'll need to do is when you Come over to your Instagram profile is Add that inside your bio you can see Here with some of the Instagram accounts That I opened up you can see there's People doing different types of quotes And motivational business quotes and a Whole heap of different types of quotes And you can see here they've got gumroad

Links so this person's doing something Very similar they're putting up posts And rules as well similar to what I told You to do here is somebody also that's Doing this exact same thing I mean take A look at this this is called positive Mindset daily and they've got 489 Followers and you can see here that all They have is a very simple background And they're putting up all these Different types of quotes you can do the Exact same thing here is another account Over here it's got 5.7 million followers And you can see they've got a bitly link Over here so you are allowed to have These links and you can see that they've Got a whole heap of different types of Posts with different types of quotes and This is exactly what I'm telling you to Do everybody that's doing this with all These different types of quotes what They're aiming to do is to drive people To this link so they can start making Money with affiliate marketing on top of That once to your accountant grows You're going to get people asking you to Promote their products and to do Sponsored posts which can also make you A lot of money online so I just wanted To show you these few accounts where People were doing this and they're Absolutely crushing it and they've got Their links inside their bios and They're making a lot of money online

With affiliate marketing so once you Have created your Instagram profile all You need to do make sure you have that Bio make sure you have that link and Start uploading these different types of Quotes Non-Stop and you'll be well on Your way to making a lot of money online With affiliate marketing the best part Is you're using chat GPT which is AI Software you're using canva which is Going to integrate with that Google Sheets you're not doing a lot of the Work yourself and we created 20 posts in A matter of seconds that you can use to Make money online with affiliate Marketing using chat GPT and AI now I Promised you at the start of the video That I was going to tell you exactly What you needed to do to enter my 1000 Dollar giveaway so quite simply all you Need to do in the description of this Video you're going to find a link that's Going to say how to enter my giveaway Click onto it it's going to bring you Over to this page you can see here that You can you can win there's going to be 10 winners that are going to get a Hundred dollars each at the end of March All you need to do is scroll down enter In your email address from there you Need to watch this quick video on how I Make a thousand dollars a day you want To follow me on Instagram Facebook Tick Tock telegram Pinterest and Twitter very

Simple everything that you do is going To give you tickets each one of those Tickets at the end of it I'm going to Have a draw and you could potentially be One of the winners that's going to get One of the hundred dollars so all you Need to do now click onto that link guys Enter in your email address and follow Me on my different social media Platforms and you can be the next lucky 100 winner so that was my video today Guys and another amazing way that you Can make money online with chat gbt Affiliate marketing free traffic and Social media if you enjoyed it like I Said smash that like button in Appreciation but don't go anywhere I've Got another amazing video that you're Going to absolutely love how you can Make a ton of money online not doing Anything really I highly recommend you If you haven't watched this video click On tour right now I'll see you on this Video until next time you guys take care Of yourselves and goodbye

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