Kid gets arrested for what he did in Minecraft

Is it okay for a man to pack a lunch for work? Oh, boy. Here we go. Helo_oly I am, tlo_oly Today we're going to be scavenging down the front page of the Internet, also known as Reddit in the subreddit called R Slash r/facepalm. Hopefully you're ready. By the way, there's a lot of you that watch that haven't subscribed. Please consider doing so. It helps the channel like crazy. I didn't realize how much subscribing helps the channel, so please do that if you have it. I love you. Boy five with autism put on record as an offender after hugging classmate. What we can't even hug now. Do you have to? I guess you need a hug with consent, but this is ridiculous, obviously. Come on now. Really, this kid just. Oh, I feel like this is too far. Like there's a line we need to draw. Absolutely. But this is just. This is over that line. This is too far over. Almost halfway to our goal. $4,972,933 of $1 billion goal. And we will keep going. Oh, no, no, no.

That's wrong. That's right. You're you're almost at $5 million. 5 million is half of 10 million. Not even close to 1 billion. Holy moly. This definitely belongs in the subreddit. Why do women train for ripped abs? It's because they want to look like men. Truthfully, it's gross. Lips, boobs and hips. Men are simple. We want the classic beauty of a feminine hourglass shape. At no time in history did men ever want women with ripped abs. Tips Fedora. I added that, but high historian here. I'm comfortable in saying that at no time in history have women ever wanted you. I don't know, man. I just, uh. I like all types, you know what I'm saying? There are. There's beauty everywhere. It really is absurd. They can be hot. No abs can be hot. Some uh, some thickness that can be hot.

You know what I'm saying here? Okay. All right. Wow. I didn't realize that my spectrum was that that broad wow. I'm kind of happy. It would suck to be just, like, really confined down to, like, one type. You're like, that's all I like. Wow. Well, you are picky. But I guess that's okay, too, right? You can be picky. I'm just not. Give me one reason why any civilian needs access to something like this. Because people like photography. That's just camera equipment. Well, you would have fooled me. Wow. That is just camera equipment. That's all it is. It looks like much more, but that's. That's how you down? Yeah. Okay. Yes. Some guy made an 11 hour response to my joker video. Oh, my. Holy crap. Someone said something I don't agree with, so it must be about the video I made. Okay, a, uh. I thought it might be a response to me because they put my face in the thumbnail and titled it responds to me are people on Twitter just it's Twitter.

You don't have high expectations. That's what I've come to learn anywhere on the internet. Actually, nowhere. Don't don't have high expectations on discord on Reddit and YouTube comments on Tik Tok Twitter except Wikipedia. There's no comments on Wikipedia. What am I talking about? I really can't believe that this is the same pandemic where y'all bought all the toilet paper and flour for survival, but now won't get the vaccine. Well, what happened to that? Why? I still don't understand why everyone bought toilet paper that wasn't even a symptom. Like, what was the point of that? I just. I don't understand. That was like the only thing. Toilet paper. Okay. Water I get. Everyone was like buying water like crazy. But toilet paper, that would still confuses me. Bridge to USA. Well, you know that you might want to. You might want to get those kids out of the road.

Now, it doesn't look like. What are you doing? This is a horrible parenting or supervision or whatever the circumstances. This needs to stop. If you're Irish and you complain about Britain erasing culture but can't even speak the language don't know crap about Ireland before 1910, then just shut your cake hole. Nobody cares. Then being Irish in not being able to speak a language and knowing crap about Ireland before 1910 is a direct result of British narration culture. You stupid vitamin D deficient circus clown. Oh, I was all over the place on that one. But yeah, I know nothing about the history between Ireland and Britain other than what I saw in Braveheart, which has nothing to do with Ireland. So I still know nothing and I'm sure it's something we actually know. Yeah, okay. I'm starting to remember now. There's like a Catholic and Protestant thing going on. Okay, I'm starting. It's all coming back to me, it's about as far as my knowledge goes.

I should learn more about the world. Yes. After Ben's YouTube history, roommate wanted. Okay. What do you want? A single male? 40 for searching for a roommate. All right. The stakes are high. Must be female aged 18 to 25. Why? And single why? Must be willing to cook and clean. What's one bedroom? Apartments. You can use the couch until you are comfortable enough to share the bedroom. No pets. No drinking, no drugs, and no male friends allowed.

Yikes. My home has a no closed doors policy. This is for safety. $40 a month Cologne. No state run very far away. This is not a roommate. It's this a slave or some sort of concubine you're looking for? No This is unacceptable. Why is it? Why who post? Who put this out in public and thought, yeah, this is. This is totally going to work? The sad thing is there's probably somebody out there that reads that and goes, You know what? That's me. Please don't. My grandma and her siblings get together to read their parents letters from the war, thinking it would be beautiful and wholesome. But turns out the letters were so filthy, raunchy and horny that several of them had to leave their oh.

Oh, Matilda. And when I get home here, clam cakes one. I wonder how they talk dirty back then. That's terrible. Why did I say clam cakes? What is wrong with me? Oh, all right. How old were you when you realized your original plan of being really nice, working really hard and taking on much more than you should in the hope you would be automatically rewarded for this without asking was total crap. Oh, I learned that a while ago, but, hey, you should still do more than that's expected of you. It's more of a virtue thing than a earning thing. You know what I mean? Do it for the glory of the Lord. You don't have to do it for your boss. You're not a man. You want to shift your perspective like that. It just gets way better you know? A friend's grandma got COVID. She's recovered. How did she get COVID? She's been sneaking off to karaoke bars that are covertly operating illegally without COVID precautions. Illegal underground grandma, karaoke bars. Am I disappointed? Amazed. Losing my mind. All of the above Your grandma is in the highest risk category.

If she wants to go out and party that, that's on her. You know what I'm saying? She's clearly lived enough life to where she's willing to risk the biscuit. Just let her go do her thing, man. Just, you know, you don't have to be that guy. If every doctor quit today, it would suck People would die. Bad news. The world would go on. If every trucker quit, that would be the end of civilization. I mean, it's a bad it's I think it's a bad point, but it's it's still kind of a point because we rely so much on, like, this interwoven economy of just, like, things coming from everywhere and getting delivered, and we rely so much on that.

So I get that And doctors. Yes, if we didn't have them, people would just die when they're injured. But people would still survive just kind of like they did before. But I just I don't know where logically I kind of get it, but I don't I still feel off about it. Right. Hey, I recognize you from social studies, the way you refused the way your mask was hardcore. Oh, dear. It's Vincent, the biggest, baddest, the Lakewood School of Thanks What are you in detention for? Look at my head. That's okay. That's ridiculous. The fact that you get detention for wearing something, I guess if it's derogatory or too revealing or something like that. Like if a guy comes to school with no, you know, butlers chaps. Okay, that's probably. That's probably cause for concern. You know what I'm saying? That probably is for detention. That makes sense. Or at least send him home to change. Okay, but a hat. It doesn't have any swear words or anything like on it.

I mean, you should be able to have a political opinion in this country, you know what I'm saying? Regardless of how right or wrong it is. Yes. That's just kind of the foundation of everything before you attempt to insult flat-Earthers, understand this math and science disprove curvature and motion. Right. I'm going to go with no on that one. Just get it. Nope. Not convinced it generates. A Siberian teenager has been sentenced to five years in a penal colony after attempting to blow up a Russian government building in Minecraft. Imagine a country where you go to jail because of the activities you have. Conduct it or performed in a video game. What kind of weird life the you talk what is what does I just that I don't know. That's just wow. That can't be. That's inhumane, right? That has to be. That's just like that is a country with what is what what? I'm just baffled.

I have like, no words. Just thinking about that is nuts. Over 70% of Americans who died with COVID died on Medicare and some people once Medicare for all. Many people who die. So in hospitals and hospitals. Yeah, that's kind of a stupid argument. I I don't think they died because of the type of insurance they had. It's probably other things got out. But to be fair, the health industry in this country is just whack. That is something that it just it is whack it for. I mean, I know. Okay. I guess technologically right? We're like super advanced. We've got a bunch of good stuff. Obviously, that's all good. And I guess you can, like, argue that there's incentive because of the financial, the lucrative ness of the industry. And all that. But then we're also dealing with human life, which is kind of a precious thing, don't you think? You know, people should suffer, especially in a country that's so abundantly wealthy. Oh, man. The health the health care system is just something that just boggles my mind with how just ridiculous the setup is.

At just 14 years old, my boy is already smarter than 90% of grown adults. This is what's possible. Where do you raise your child? Chemically at vaccine free people. Results. Your IQ is 80. Oh, you're a who was he? You don't want to be on the left side of the bell curve when it comes to IQ. That's just the Please remove this.

My ribs keep turning out dry. Is there an easy way to make them more moist? Uh, this is our slash IBS. Irritable bowel syndrome. You should have plenty of time to apply moisture while you're on the toilet. Sorry. Why are you talking about toilets? Asking about ribs? Oh, you poor soul. This is IBS. You're looking for our slashed ribs. I need a lie there.

My ribs as my guts just bleed out of my colon. Oh, I'm sorry. Yeah. Okay. Well, IBS, anything with irritable bowels or inflammatory bowels or Crohn's or anything like that, it's. It is not fun. It is not. It is not pleasant. It sucks. But, sir, this is. This is a one days you're on the wrong subreddit, my boy. £740,000. Painting is ruined after board. Security Guard Tries Eyes on faceless figures on his first day in the job at Russian Gallery.

Oh, they look like they. They went from fantastic arts to Nintendo. They look like they belong in the me versus up. Well, you know that Europeans are genetically smaller than Americans. Right? Oh, I could lose all the weight, but I'll never be as small as somebody from, say, the Netherlands. What? Even with all the effort in the world, their frames are naturally smaller. And we as Americans have evolved to be much more muscular with thicker bones. So we're always going to be bigger, not trying to discourage you, but I'm just pointing that out. What is it? Is it the Netherlands? Like, don't they have aren't the Dutch like the tallest people in the world per capita or something like that? Aren't what are you talking about? This makes no sense.

Americans were fat, has nothing to do with our bones. That is just how we eat. It is the crap we're giving, just that silly fat. It is funny, though, when you when I've tried on I've tried on clothes before like suits and stuff from like that are European and man, they're like ten sizes smaller than American. I think we have something called vanity sizing or something I'm not sure like where like the pant size and stuff or it's not actually the real measurement.

I don't know if that's accurate or not, but I think like it's designed in a way to make us feel better about being larger when really it's like much bigger. Like if you get like a 34 pants as a man, it's probably closer to like 36 or something. Is that true or am I just off point on this? Snoop Dogg smokes right before stars studded Super Bowl. That's not news. Everyone knows this It's kind of his brand, isn't it? She's like, Hi. 24, seven. O-M-G. Word of advice. Never try to cremate your deceased pet in your oven. Not only is it the worst smell imaginable, they do not turn to ashes. They just burned this.

They did not start off. Why would you try to cremate your pet and you're out there? And who taught you this? Where? This is another person on the left side of the building. Right I.Q. I mean, I get it. I get it. I kind of understand why you would think that. But even if you thought it would work, even let's just say it. Let's say it actually worked. Let's say it was possible to cremate anything in your oven. Why would you do it? Why? It makes no sense. There's, like, special places for that, you know? Oh, come on. I found this on my daughter's bike jacket. I'm so worried. Oh, it's a crack pipe. Not really. That's how you check tire pressure. Come on, don't you think you should have talked to her first before posting it to the world? Yeah.

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Maybe our insane parents is where this is. Of what road to go. You know, Oh, man. I mean, I get it. You can look at it and think that, but, yeah, you should probably have that conversation first before running to the Internet to just, like, shame your child, especially. You just. You just look like the idiot now. So, I mean, I guess the kid got off the hook on this one, unless they get bullied now for having a stupid parent.

Which animal could you be in a fight? Brits versus Americans. Well, it looks like everyone's on the same page. We can all beat a rat or a housecat, but the lions starts getting very clear at goose all the way down to Grizzly Bear. We come back to an agreement. Where are we most divided? I am probably goose and eagle. Okay. Why does this need to be a survey? Outdoor yoga in a dome pop up coming to Toronto.

So we just let the homeless sleep in their in the rain and snow. Because why? Well, to be fair, I mean, it's a good point, but to be fair, the outdoor yoga is probably funded by I don't know if it's funded by the government. Then you have a point. But if it's just like a private institution, that's just putting that up. I mean, you know, it's just it is what it is. It's a result of you know, private companies trying to adapt to a an environment where they basically lost all ability to earn revenue due to unforeseen circumstance. Someone asked my professor the difference between effect and effect, and he said, Honestly, I have no clue. I have a Ph.D. and wrote my entire dissertation without using either word. Just try and avoided at all costs I know how to use it, but can I explain it? No. Can I know? Okay. Right. Good point. Just that man deserves or woman. I don't know what I did see. And he said that man deserves his Ph.D..

Respect our country. English Oh, man. That's the worst typo. Okay, you're. And you are. That's bad one. There, there. Those are bad. Grammatically. Sets me off a bit, but our country versus our country, that is the worst. That is the worst one that. Whew, bad. That's a whole new level of ding dong starbucks. Right? From first dates to engagements, from accidental meet cute to lifelong friendships.

Share photo in the comments and tell us how Starbucks has played a role in your love story. Okay. Here's a picture of me waiting in the unemployment line after Starbucks fired me for trying to organize the union. Oh, well, Cece, Starbucks, you got a little bit of cake on your face. Told my dad I ran out of alcohol and didn't have any money to buy any for the weekend. So he gave me the huge bottle of vodka from the cupboard that I stole and replaced with water when I was 16. Life really does come back to bite you in the butt.

Well, that's what you get for being a little rebel, you know, outside. You thought you were being clever. And he caught on, and he probably knew one day I'm going to give this bottle back to you, and you're going to you're not going to be happy because I wasn't happy when I went to go check my vodka there was filled with water, you little brat. Stephen King. No, coronavirus is not like the stand. It's not anywhere near as serious. It's eminently survivable. Keep calm and take all reasonable precautions. And how the heck would you know? Did you ever read that book? This is the most accurate representation of all social media that I've ever seen in a single exchange.

I think Stephen King would know a little something about the book he wrote. Come on now. I love the Internet sometimes. Here are my maternity photos. I promise to share. I wasn't stung. Once the queen is tethered to my belly inside of the cage, we just dumped the bees on me, and they naturally began to beard. I was terrified as I'm allergic, but it was worth it. This is roughly 10,000 bees. Cheers, everyone. That is a bit disturbing.

Thing, but hey, if that's what you're into. I mean, if you're allergic to bees. Come on. There's a certain level of just. Why would you do that? You know, you can put worms or spiders or you know, whatever. Something else that's just as weird. But don't. That's just seems like an unnecessary risk, especially with a child. I mean. Oh, man, you just. Oh, okay. All right. Am I. Am I off base here? Sidney Carter, women's basketball coach. Is her outfit appropriate as a basketball coach? Sure. I don't know. I mean, it might be hard to, like, run around in heels, but other than that, I don't I don't get it.

What's what? But I love the stock market because what it goes up, we get nothing. But when it goes down, we all lose our jobs except during a pandemic when it goes up and we still lose our jobs. It'd be like that, though, and that is. It does. Yeah. That sucks. That is an unfortunate reality that we must endure. Mhm. Yep. Yep. You're on to something here. If the earth is flat to the moon and all other planets are flat. What. No, they're, they are. Doesn't.

Let me get this straight. Aren't them. Wasn't What was that first sentence? Do the moon and all other planets are flat. Oh man. Okay. If that doesn't summarize the flutter community, I'm is so the bedbugs taking pictures for you then when we both fall asleep. Yeah. I mean. Okay, cute, right? You know, but who took the photo come out. Really. They're like, oh, actually, uh, we, we hired, we hired a photographer to follow us around for our YouTube channel, and you just take pictures of a special we're sleeping for cool little cute posts. Like, this is like, I stand corrected due to it being hashtag pride. 20, 21. I felt safe to come out. Today is the day I am transracial. I am now a black woman. I have successfully went white to black. I am able to say Whoa, holy moly. Nope, that does not work like that.

Sorry. No, I know you remember that line we were talking about being drawn. Well, you've clearly crossed it. Here's why I'll be keeping my shoes on in your shoeless home. Why are you assuming that your guess is shoes are dirtier than your floors? Well, I mean, culturally, that's just this is how some cultures are. I'm in a shoeless household. That's just how it works, you know? That's just what we do. It's just what it is. It's not because, I mean, I guess I don't know why is this always why? It's always an issue. I was best man at my friend's second wedding.

I started my speech with. Welcome back, everyone. He was not happy a hashtag wedding fail. Oh, that's funny. That's welcome back for the sequel. Oh, man, you don't it. It's not up. Do people ever get divorced and then remarry and do a wedding all over again? So it's like a second wedding for the same people? Is that a thing? I've never considered that I don't think that this is what this post is about at all. But I just had that thought. I'm 27 years old. I have $120,000 in debt from an undergraduate degree. I've been paying $970 a month for five years, and of the nearly $60,000 I've paid in that time, only $2,000 has gone towards my loan. I ask again how the crap was this ever legal? Yeah, that's it.

I'm telling you about. A PR is the biggest scam of all time. It should always be simple interest. It makes no sense at PR is is a scam. If it is just it is so unfair. It is ridiculous. I just it's it's a trap. It really is. And the thing is, it's so it's kind of a complicated concept. You wouldn't just get it right off the bat. You kind of have to think about it to understand it. And it's just it's not it's not right. There should be no such thing as AP should be simple interest everywhere.

Local news channel and Sri Lanka shows a map of USA and like oh, it's all California, Texas, New York and Florida. I mean, if you think about I mean, if you think about the Electoral College, it kind of is, you know, I mean, it's a little more complicated than that. But, you know, you're not too far off base here. But geographically, you're just all wrong. Chipotle a 26% profit increase, raising prices Starbucks.

31% profit increase. Raising prices. McDonald's. 59% profit increase. Raising prices. Shell Mobil BP. 60% profit increase. Raising prices. There's not a labor shortage. This isn't inflation. It is 100% corporate greed. Yeah, yeah. I guess you have a point. Well, I hate I hate that every year I go to Starbucks at the after the first of the year, it's like, why is my drink more expensive every year? And it goes up more than 3% which isn't that the national annual average of inflation, although this last year was something like over 7%. So there kind of is a point to be made about that one.

But, you know, that's you know so and so you going to try to keep up okay well you know labor to just the wages don't increase at the same rate zero all the other stuff so it's making it tough on us Americans killed millions of Vietnamese to stop socialism but then want to retire in Vietnam for the benefits of socialism. Americans are retiring to Vietnam for cheap health care and a decent standard of living. It really you can move. There is a foreigner and you're covered like a citizen. That's I didn't know that. That's something. Vote or die, LeBron. I'm only 12. I can't even vote, dude.

And I don't want to die. I say, Well, too bad. Oh, man. Now that is a form of population control. Okay, that's. That was dark side. I don't know what stresses me out more. The fact that 26% somehow got 13, or the fact that the correct answer isn't even an option two plus two times four is, well, it would be ten right Pam does.

And people put 16. I mean I guess, I mean if he did two plus two which would be four times four, technically that's 16, but the order of operations would say otherwise, who's to blame honestly, who's to blame the people that got a correct answer with four times four or the institutions that didn't teach you about the order of operations. Hey, thanks for watching. I really appreciate it. Remember, if you haven't subscribed yet, please consider doing so because that really helps the channel. Thank you..

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