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I don't know if there's a lazier way to Make money online than what I'm about to Share with you in this step-by-step Tutorial because essentially you can get Paid without actually doing the work Yourself you can get paid without Actually having the website you can get Paid without investing a single dollar And you can get paid without posting any YouTube videos without recording Yourself without being in front of the Camera or anything like that it's Obviously not gonna make you rich it's Obviously not gonna make you millions of Dollars but it's a great side hustle and It literally requires less than 10 Minutes to set it up and you can get Paid from anywhere in the world it Doesn't matter where you're coming from Just a quick disclaimer here if someone Replies to your comment like this Claiming they're me just know it's a Scam I don't have WhatsApp I don't have Telegram and I would never attack you For money you can check their accounts They don't have a verification badge They don't have the same subscribers or Videos as me and they will just scam you My only Instagram account is at I'm Dave Nick people are just creating fake Accounts reposting my photos and dming You asking for money you can track their Posts the engagement is fake their new Accounts and just know that I would

Never text you like that so just stay Safe and report them all so let me show You exactly how this swear it's Beginning with the step number one which Is to sign up to micro workers now I'm Not going to tell you to go and complete Jobs with micro workers it's not only And nothing like that because that's Only going to pay you pennies but you Want to go to micro workers which is a Platform where you can complete it from Micro jobs and other people can come Here to complete it from Javas for you As well and those jobs can include like Liking a Facebook post or sharing an Instagram story it can also be just Searching for something on Google and Then being paid for it's just like micro Jobs that's why they're called micro Jobs really really small jobs they can Be completed in just a couple of seconds So when I click on register to create an Account right over here click register And you want to create an account on and then you want to Log into your account after doing so now After you've signed up to micro workers You want to proceed to step number two Which is to go over to CPA grip CPA grip Is a CPN network with thousands of Different CPA offers to promote where You can make money when someone enters Their email address so you're not Selling anything and you're being paid

For that so what I want to do and by the Way you can see all of these different People making money like this person Makes sixty five thousand dollars this Person made four point five thousand Dollars person made two thousand dollars This person made thirty thousand dollars People are making a lot of money with This you want to go to offer tools on The left side click on my offers and That's gonna take you to this page where You can find all of these different Offers to promote including these Giveaways and that's what we're gonna be Focusing on these giveaways are Something that can actually make you Decent amount of money because people Have a chance to win something when they Enter a numeral address they're Incentivized to enter the email address You don't have to buy anything you don't Have to spend any money they're just Submit the email address for a chance to Win something and you make two dollars Per email like for example if someone Has a chance to win a few hundred Dollars Nike gift card now and you're Gonna pay be paid two dollars and six Cents per in person to submit their Email address so what I want to do is You essentially just want to open up one Of those offers you want to copy or link Address and you want to find like three Or four different offers and you want to

Proceed to step number three which is to Sign up to will allow you to create your own Landing page with different affiliate Links you can maximize your results so Essentially you're gonna build your bio FM click sign up and then click on edit Blogs after you've signed up and you Just want to remove these blocks you Don't need any social media you don't Need merch you don't need your YouTube Channel you just want to add some new Content and that content is actually Going to be a link and websites so You're going to click on got it got it And then just click on next and then you Can enter the title here and for me the Title is going to be enter free Giveaways and then I'm gonna paste the URL of the first offer that I'm Promoting I'm gonna paste that here and I will pretty much just copy and paste The offer title so claim your 200 Nike Gift card now and I'm gonna paste that Here and then I'm gonna add more links And then more links are gonna be some Different offers so for example this is A 750 PayPal gift card so I'm gonna copy That and I'm gonna go back and paste That title here and go back and copy my Link and fast it's pretty easy and Simple I'm just maximizing my chances of Getting as many signups as possible by Listing different offers I'm also going

To use this one this is the ten thousand Dollars giveaway so I'm gonna copy the Link address I'm gonna paste the URL Here I'm gonna go back and copy the Title from here and I'm gonna paste the Title here so now I have three different Offers on my landing page on the right Side as you can see and now we can just Click on add a block and I can publish This to my bio FM so my profile is now Complete if someone goes to my profile They're gonna find three different Giveaways that they can enter with one Click of a button and each time they Enter one of those giveaways I'm making Two dollars per email which in this case For three different offers I'm gonna Make six dollars per person that comes To my landing page so now what you want To do is you just want to grab your link In my case this is the link and here's How it looks in Incognito so someone is Going to open up my landing page they're Going to see that they can enter free Giveaways and they can click on each of These to enter a giveaways this is how My website looks now what you simply Want to do is you want to go over to which is a free graphic design Tool which will allow you if you create Your promo designs so you just want to Enter a giveaway or a gift card here and You want to find different templates to Use so you can just choose one of these

I'm gonna go with this one as an example I'm going to customize this template and Then you can just change the text so for Example I will remove these because it's Not Christmas and I'm gonna say what I'm Actually offering here so the first Giveaway way was Nike gift card so I'm Gonna say a few hundred dollars Nike Gift card the second one was 750 PayPal Gift card and the third one was a ten Thousand dollars giveaway and then I'm Gonna say enter now or start start now And then I'm also gonna leave my link Here as well so they can see it on the Promo design as well and I'm gonna say Special giveaway go to and I'm gonna Leave my link to participate and then You can maybe highlight this make it Bold or something like that so it stands Out and this is my promo design I'm just Gonna use this as my promo designer now Click on share click on download and Download this as a PNG file you can of Course create your own design it doesn't Need to look the same you can just Create anything that you preferred as The fun process so now once you have Your design you want to proceed to the Last step which is to go over to Facebook and don't worry you don't need Any friends or followers on that account It can be literally a brand new account You don't need that what you want to do Is just want to create a post where

You're gonna share that design and You're gonna create a call to action for People to sign up so maybe I'm gonna say Enter for a chance to win a 750 dollars Paper people gift card and then I'm Gonna leave my bio FM link so I'm gonna Say https and then my username and now you Can post this on your Facebook feed and Then just grab the URL of that post so As you can see it's a nice design and There's a go-to action people go to this And if they click on it it takes them to where they can actually Participate in those giveaways making me Six dollars and they don't even have to Buy anything so now what you want to do Once you have the link for that Facebook Post is you just want to go back to Micro workers where as you can see you Can get people to share your Facebook Posts and make it kind of viral and get As many people seeing your Facebook post And complete autopilot so the reason It's lazy because you don't have to Worry about the traffic you don't have To worry about anything you literally Just submit it I'm gonna show you how so I want to show you that this actually Works because if you select social media Right over here you can see that people Are actually paying for Facebook shares And they're paying like 10 cents per Share and as you can see some cases

They're getting 1 000 shares so 1 000 People can share your Pros for like 10 Bucks or 10 dollars you can get a Thousand people to share it to their Friends and family and multiply that but Even if they have only five friends on Their Facebook or just five friends on Average it's gonna be seen by over 5 000 People that post out of those 5 000 People if you can get even just 50 of Them to submit for those give it's just 50 of them that's gonna be over 300 in Commissions on a CPA grip so what you Can simply do is you can just go over to Micro workers then you want to click on Create a TV campaign create a basic Campaign and then you want to select Which countries you want to Target in This case it's gonna be worldwide we Don't care who's gonna share this it's International and then you want to Select social media right over here and You want to select Facebook share so Post shares and as you can see they have To have a minimum of 50 plus friends so It's gonna be seen by a lot more than Just 5 000 people I'm gonna say this Task takes literally less than three Minutes to complete available positions That's up to you but I would set it up To let's say for example 100 different Available double positions and workers Will earn let's say 15 cents I'm gonna Pay even more than what others are

Paying just so I can get as many of them Sharing as possible and as you can see My campaign would cost sixteen dollars For 16 bucks and I will have a hundred People sharing their this post to at Least 50 friends if you do the maths That's way over 5 000 people seeing my Posts from all around the world I'm Gonna type in share a Facebook post as a Title then you can write a brief Description of what this is all about And that you're gonna leave a link to Your Facebook post so people can share It so we're gonna leave a link to your Facebook post and you scroll a little Bit down you'll fill out more details And you click on create a campaign and Go to next so you can pay 16 in this Case to start running the campaign and Start getting hundreds of people sharing Your Facebook posts to their friends and That's how you can create a viral effect Getting as many people on your bio FM Landing page which you created for Absolutely free to make money online Without even selling anything so that's A quick and a very lazy way to start to Make some money online in your spare Time I hope you got some value out of This video really hope you've learned Something new if you did make sure to Drop a like down below and I will see You in some of the next ones

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