How To Start A Social Media Marketing Agency (SMMA) in 2022 – FREE COURSE For Beginners

whether you're looking for a changing career or 
just looking for a lucrative side hustle a social   media marketing agency is without a doubt one of 
the best business models for new entrepreneurs   right now now successful agency owners claim 
both time and financial freedom and today   i'm going to teach you all the necessary steps to 
get started with an agency of your own in today's   video you're not just going to learn what social 
media marketing is and what it takes to build a   successful agency but by the end of the video 
you're going to have all the tools you need to   sign your first four-figure marketing client on a 
monthly retainer and you'll be able to deliver an   incredible service to them this first client could 
help you pay off any debts that you've got or even   be the first down payment to your dream home now 
some start an agency because they want to retire   their parents others want generational wealth and 
some just want more financial freedom within their   life whatever your reason the possibilities are 
endless this is your business and your life in   short this video is going to be your one-stop shop 
to starting a successful career in social media   marketing and trust me firing your boss and paying 
off staggering amounts of debt is undoubtedly one   of the best feelings in the world and i can say 
that because it's exactly what i did four short   years ago when i started my agency and it was the 
best decision of my life my name is jordan platten   and i own we're a multi-platform 
digital marketing agency based here in the uk   now last year we hit a milestone of consistently 
generating over 100 000 a month profit in our   business and we're still only getting started 
now bear in mind four short years ago when i   started this company i had no marketing experience 
whatsoever now this business model has changed my   world and it's enabled me to live my life on my 
own terms i bought the house of my dreams i've   traveled more than ever and i'm simply able to 
do whatever i want whenever i want without having   to ask my boss for permission and look if i lost 
everything today and i had to start over without   hesitation i would still choose to start a social 
media marketing agency again because to date it is   the most beginner friendly tangible business model 
i have ever experienced in the last four years i   have documented my journey on this youtube channel 
and i've helped thousands of other people start   agencies of their own and replicate the success 
that i've had but i'm gonna warn you this video is   not for everyone this is pretty in-depth stuff and 
successful business owners are consistent they are   resilient and they are driven to be successful to 
make a change within their life if you're looking   for a quick win a get rich quick scheme well 
firstly they do not exist secondly you should   probably skip this video and go to something 
else right but if it sounds like you if you are   committed and if you are driven to be successful 
then continue watching this video because it might   just change your life so step one grab a pen 
and paper get rid of all your tabs and focus   step two i want you to write down in one 
sentence your why why are you watching this video   why are you interested in launching a social media 
marketing agency now don't overthink this your why   will change over time but for now just write 
down the first thing that comes into your mind   for me when i first started i wanted more time 
freedom and i also wanted to stick a middle   finger up at my boss who doubted my ability to 
be a somebody step three comment on this video   below that why i want to hear it and every 
one in 100 people will be randomly selected   to win an hour-long coaching call with me where 
i'll personally help you either start or scale   your agency now i usually charge thousands for 
one-to-one coaching so this is your opportunity   to get it completely for free so again comment 
down below with your why whilst you're at it you   might as well smash the like button for me and hit 
your notification bell so you get notified every   time we bring out new content so what actually is 
a social media marketing agency and what services   do they offer well a social media marketing 
agency is simply a service based business it's   person a which is you going to person b which is a 
business owner and offering a service to help them   increase their monthly revenue now there are a 
bunch of services you can offer to achieve this   the most popular being paid advertising 
on platforms like facebook and instagram   there's also page management content creation 
email marketing seo and even web design now in our   agency we specialize purely in paid advertising 
across all major social media platforms that   includes facebook instagram tick tock snapchat and 
youtube but we didn't always advertise on so many   platforms when i first started i didn't even know 
what a facebook ad was so i had to learn on the   job and we gradually expanded our service offering 
over time i also offered social media management   to my clients which is simply taking over the 
organic social media pages and posting content   on the client's behalf now the majority of 
agencies out there will start with social   media management and i'm here to advise you not 
to from experience social media management as a   service costs you more time than paid ads and is 
worth significantly less in the eyes of the client   why because through paid advertisement you can 
easily track the client roi which is return   on investment but through organic social media 
management services this is a lot harder and the   key to any business owner's heart is answering one 
important question how much of a return will i see   from your service granted you can't necessarily 
predict that but if you can show them over time   through data they will know if you're providing 
a valuable service to their business or not   my best advice to you if you are unsure what 
service to offer is to focus on paid advertising   which takes the least time and demands the most 
money now at this stage you may be wondering   one of three things can i start an agency in 
my country and the answer is yes absolutely   regardless of where you are in the world you can 
start an agency of your own but you may need to   sign up clients on a lower retainer depending on 
where you are based until you get case studies   and results that you can use and leverage to sign 
up clients in other countries like the us and the   uk well what if i only have a few hours in the 
day to work on this is it still feasible for me   yes absolutely now what you need to remember about 
business though is you get out what you put in if   you have less hours to input into your business 
because you're working full-time or you've got   kids you need to look after that's absolutely fine 
it's just going to take you a little bit longer   to get your feet off the ground now when i first 
started my agency four years ago i was working a   full-time job i was working in the morning and in 
the evening that didn't stop me getting to where   i am today where we profit seven figures a year 
finally look if it's so easy why don't business   owners just run paid ads for themselves that's a 
great question business owners just simply don't   have the time or the knowledge business owners 
are too busy actually running their business so   they would much rather pay somebody who knows what 
they're doing who has the expertise to run their   ads for them it's as simple as that okay let's 
just cover things for now but if you've got any   other questions be sure to drop a comment below 
next let's talk money how much can we actually   charge our clients for our services well the 
beauty of owning an agency is we get paid based on   value not on time at a regular 905 we're often 
paid on an hourly rate for the time we are working   this makes it very hard for us to scale our 
income as there are only so many hours in the day   now as an agency owner we don't charge based 
on how long it takes us to fulfill a service   we charge based on how much value we can bring 
to our clients in fact because paid ads are so   trackable we can even charge a percentage of the 
amount of money we make for our clients here's a   screenshot of payments from one of our clients 
totaling 42 000 that's for one month's service   a lot of money right well we actually generated 
this client over 400 000 in new revenue in that   single month so it's actually only a 10 
commission we charge them a no-brainer   for them but look you're not going to start by 
charging commissions right away okay we need to   walk before we can run and as a beginner the 
majority of your clients will be on fixed   monthly retainers this is simply where you charge 
a fixed amount every month to provide a service   this usually works out between five hundred and 
two thousand dollars for a simple ad service   delivered to your first couple of clients on that 
basis you only need around eight clients to be   making six bigger profits within your agency and 
on that note let's move on to how you can get some   so how can we find our first client and who 
exactly are we looking for for new start   agencies my best advice is to start local and 
branch out later all around you there will be   businesses that would benefit from paid ads and 
if you are local to them you have the perfect   in to pick up a conversation plus you're a local 
friendly face offering a helping hand now i'm sure   there are a ton of potentials fleeting through 
your mind right now but how do you choose which   to reach out to first well we need to pick a niche 
or niche depending on where you are in the world   a niche is simply another word for an industry 
for example a restaurant or a gym now pick free   niches that you would like to start off with based 
on your personal interests for example if you're a   fitness fanatic gyms are always a great option if 
you're into your image beauty and ascetic clinics   may be for you and finally if you're a big foodie 
why not build a list of high-end restaurants but   ultimately your niche doesn't really matter so 
much you just need a place to get started so don't   hold on to it for too long for me personally 
i pretty much freestyled my first few clients   i signed up a restaurant a home furnishings 
company and a kitchen and bathroom showroom   today we only work with e-commerce companies 
which are companies that sell products online   but don't try running before you can walk 
start local before you go and branch out   to the big boys so how do you start to 
reach out to these type of prospects   well there are a number of different outreach 
methods for reaching out to potential clients   and the main four are cold calling cold emailing 
direct messaging on platforms like instagram and   door to door now do not over complicate all these 
different outreach times because in this video i'm   gonna be diving into exactly what i would do 
if i was in your position as a beginner today   because this strategy works anywhere in the world 
no matter where you are from so step one let's say   you're based in manchester in the uk and dentists 
are one of your niches we can go over to google we   can type in manchester dentists okay now we have 
a list of all the different dentists in manchester   and we're gonna go with all these pages and we 
can write down all of these businesses now what   i would recommend you doing is storing this 
information in a spreadsheet either on excel   on uh numbers if you're on mac or on google 
sheets online okay there are a whole bunch of   different spreadsheet tools you can use to store 
this information we don't just need to look on the   page we can also go over to maps and we can find 
a bunch of businesses on here as well okay now   if we click on any of these businesses we can see 
their information and we can take that information   and put it straight into our lead list what we 
can also do is we can search for different dental   related keywords for example on maps because not 
all businesses gonna come up for the same keywords   okay so let's say we typed in dental let's see 
what we can find are any other businesses yeah   a whole bunch of different dentists okay in the 
manchester rail now if we click on one of these   businesses as i said we can find their information 
we can take their address and put that in our list   we can get their phone number and put that in 
our list as well but i'm gonna go over to their   website because something that is very key 
is we find the business owners details now   we want to find the business owners details 
because the business owner is the decision maker   and we do not want to waste our time speaking to 
anybody other than the person who can make the   decision on whether or not they should spend more 
money in their business so we need to spend some   time to actually find the business owner's details 
so when we call them up we email them we dm them   we know who we are reaching out to so on our 
website and what we want to look out for is   an about me page now this business has a 
who are we page okay that's nice and easy   now if we go down here we should be able to find 
the business owner's name uh now with dentists   it's usually the principal dentist so the main 
dentist is actually the business owner as well   i'm guessing this is the business owner here 
lana pine or ilana pine um okay i'm not great   with names so lana pine okay that's going to be 
the principal dentist called the business owner   so if i want to find her details what i could do 
is if i could go over to google again i could type   in learners lana pine's name if i go on linkedin 
linkedin is a great business platform social media   platform for you to find people and reach out to 
them this is her right at the top of the screen   yep that is her what i could do now is i could 
send a request to actually connect and i could   send a very simple outreach message to let her 
know who i am what i do and that i would love   to have a meeting so i can discuss how we can 
help them what i could also do is from my list   was i could take that phone number and i could 
give them a call call and say hey can i speak to   lana so that's step one step two of reaching 
out to potential clients is actually setting   the meeting and what we need to do is again always 
speak to the decision maker always ask for the   decision-making we're going to get straight to the 
point here we're going to lead forward with a bit   of value okay be a friendly face or friendly 
voice and we are never going to pitch before   a meeting this is absolutely key we do not want to 
be pressured into going through pricing or exactly   what we do on the phone or via dm we want to book 
in a meeting so we have a dedicated time to go   through a organized and planned meeting strategy 
which we're going to come on to uh in a moment   now once we've actually got the attention of the 
business owner we are speaking to the business   owner we want to outline who we are what we do why 
we think that our service would help them increase   their revenue in their business and after that 
we're going to ask them if they are free to book a   meeting to discuss things further 10 to 15 minutes 
no obligations just an informal chat with them   and it's as simple as that now look you might not 
always land a meeting from your first outreaches   okay you might even land a meeting from your first 
20 outreaches but trust me sales is a numbers game   and the more outreaches you do the better you'll 
get and the higher your meeting conversions will   increase over time but i've got a golden tip 
here for you always use a multi-platform strategy   when outreaching and what i mean by this is 
don't just stick to cold emailing cold dming or   calling for example whatever you feel comfortable 
with because at the end of the day all business   owners attentions are in different places you 
might find somebody that responds better to dms   you might find somebody that responds better to 
the phone or even responds better to email so   we need to be creative with our outreach because 
trust me you will land at more meetings this way   and you need to follow a multi-platform strategy 
and hit people from absolutely all angles so we're   gonna land our first meeting okay how are we 
actually gonna close the sale how are we gonna   get our first client when we are face to face with 
a potential client so this next section is gonna   be about the meeting strategy but don't worry i'm 
gonna keep it nice and simple for you guys because   i don't want you to over complicate things here 
we've already got a yes to having a meeting now   we just need to get another yes this time around 
with the business owner agreeing to exchange some   money in return for our social media marketing 
service so when we actually get that meeting   with a potential client we are sat face to face or 
maybe looking over the camera because we're on a   zoom call how are we gonna make sure that we are 
successful how are we gonna get that close well   let's go through the three fundamental stages 
to any meeting strategy right the first stage   is stage one discover okay the discovery stage 
and this is where we are going to discover we're   gonna learn about the business okay so we're gonna 
learn and we're gonna get fuel for later on this   is also the stage where we're going to go through 
all the nicest things with general chit chatter a   bit of rapport building as well because we want 
to build a relationship with this person we want   to have them open up and we want to have a little 
laugh with them if we can we just want to found or   build the foundations for a solid relationship 
with them so they can open up for us and tell   us all of that dirty secrets okay so one of our 
questions could be after we've gone through this   rapport building is where are you at currently 
uh with the business so how much money are you   making at the moment and where would you like to 
get to by the end of the year we want to establish   their targets want to ignite that burning hunger 
in their belly as an entrepreneur that reminds   them of when they first started the company and 
we want to ignite new goals okay and let them   believe that we are the person that's going to 
help them get from point a to point b okay we   can also ask them what issues they're facing as a 
business okay are you struggling to sell certain   products are you busy on this day versus this day 
okay we want to find out okay what are your issues   you are facing so we can use this again as fuel 
later on and hopefully we can provide a solution   to those issues uh in the next stage of the 
meeting we're gonna use this as ammunition   in our next stage which is stage two the present 
stage this is the presentation stage we're gonna   wow our prospects here with value we're going 
to educate them and we're going to show them   what we have to offer and how it's going to 
help them get from point a to point b which   is where they want to be we're going to teach 
them about paid advertising on platforms like   facebook for example and we're going to show 
them the solution to the problems that they   have already told us about in the discovery stage 
we're going to present that solution to them now   a disclaimer for you guys because i know they're 
going to be some of you watching this right now   thinking jordan how on earth am i going to present 
ads when i don't even know how to run out i don't   know what facebook ads are i didn't even know 
before i watched this video now as i said to   you earlier when i first started i didn't either 
when i first started my agency i didn't even know   how to run a facebook ad but later on in this 
video we're going to be going through ads and   exactly what you need to know in order to fulfill 
great services to your client and how to actually   present them to them so don't worry you're in 
good hands let's get back to the presentation   now the final stage of the meeting okay is the 
closing stage okay the close and we're gonna gain   permission to sell so first thing we're gonna do 
we're gonna ask them if they have any questions   about anything we've spoken about okay and we 
can answer those questions and then we're gonna   ask them if they are ready to take the next step 
we're gonna gain permission for us to sell to them   after that we will state our price and once we've 
stated our price we are not going to say anything   i don't care if you're sitting there in silence 
for a minute straight do not say anything because   the moment you speak after you state your 
price you're justifying yourself and you're   going to lose all the trust that you've gained 
in the previous stages of that meeting because   you're lacking in the confidence in either your 
service or your price and it's just not going to   go well with the client okay they're going to have 
doubt so say nothing and let them speak now they   may come back to you with some kind of objection 
with a question of some sort and at that stage you   can handle that objection and again ask them for 
the sale so and they say well well i'm not really   sure about this because um are you sure facebook 
ads will actually work for us and you can then   handle that objection and talk to them exactly 
why facebook ads will solve the problem that   you've spoken about in the discovery stage after 
that you can say okay fine do you have any other   questions no i think i'm good okay so shall we 
take the next step we're gonna proceed forward   if we get a yes then incredible we've closed the 
sale we've got our first client but the key here   is we absolutely do not want to leave that meeting 
without some kind of action step okay what we want   to do as a minimum is book in a kick-off call with 
that client that we have just posed a kick-off   call where we're going to on-board them we're 
going to gain all the information we need to be   able to start running our ads or start fulfilling 
whatever service we have sold to them okay   so we're going to book in that meeting then we're 
going to tell them i'm going to send you over a   payment link right now we're going to send them 
a link so they can pay us their first month's   service charge there we have it we've got our 
first money okay it's starting to roll in and   to get that money we can use bank transfer we 
can use online payment processors like paypal   or even stripe we use paypal and stripe in our 
agency um actually mainly stripe because the   feeds are a little bit less and then we're 
gonna send over that payment link and we're   gonna get that money now if whatever reason we 
get a no and we can't handle their objections   do not be disheartened in fact you need to get 
used to this because as an agency owner you're   going to hear more no's than you are yes when 
you're first starting out we need to be resilient   we need to understand that no's are just 
a learning opportunity and we can assess   what we need to do differently next time around 
how can we adapt ourselves or maybe even the   client was just wrong and we need to change 
something in our prospecting strategy when   we're actually finding new clients so an issue to 
understand that sales is a numbers game okay and   no's are part of the process we need to welcome 
those but ultimately the more meetings we have   the better we will get at them and our conversion 
rate will increase over time okay so we are really   getting somewhere now guys but i know what some of 
you will be thinking so well and good getting that   first payment but how am i going to keep the 
client if i don't know how to deliver results   so let's go through getting our clients 
some spectacular results now you can deliver   results to your clients in one or two ways okay 
number one you can fulfill the service yourself   okay you can learn and you can do everything 
yourself or number two you can outsource it   to a freelancer and have somebody else who already 
knows how to do it fulfill the service for you   now i'm going to teach you how to do things 
yourself to start off with because even if you   outsource i'm a strong believer that you'll be 
able to sell your service more effectively your   conversion rate will be better if you understand 
the ins and outs of what this service actually is   and how to fulfill it so learn how to fulfill 
it yourself as my recommendation and then look   to outsource it to somebody else later down the 
line now as i said at the start list video with   my own agency the affluent agency we focus solely 
on paid advertising across social media platforms   so that's what i'm going to be teaching you 
guys today so let's jump on to the presentation   now paid advertising is the service i would 
recommend to the majority of new site agency   owners that don't know how to fulfill a service 
because as i've highlighted earlier it is a high   reward service and it is also what i would call 
the lowest hanging fruit in service delivery it's   the easiest and the quickest way to get return 
on investment for your clients and it's also a   skill that can be learned with no prior experience 
whatsoever now as a beginner i recommend learning   facebook ads and this is the example i'm gonna 
use in today's training now facebook as a platform   has around 2.9 billion daily active users it's 
the most lucrative advertising platform in the   world in my personal opinion and it's the one we 
focus on with 90 of the clients that we work with   within my agency even now even though we offer a 
whole bunch of other platforms as well all right   so you know what the most lucrative platform 
is but how are we actually going to use it to   get new customers for our clients business well 
this all starts with an understanding of the   customer journey now the customer journey is what 
marketers call the funnel okay it's the journey of   a customer from end to end we need to understand 
this so we can understand how to manipulate this   and run at so the first stage we have in the 
customer journey is the awareness stage and it's   where cold traffic which is a segment of people 
who have not heard or interacted with your clients   brand before becomes aware of your client's 
business for the first time it's the first time   they've heard of your clients business now the 
second stage is the interest stage okay now this   is where a potential customer realizes the problem 
that your client could solve through their product   or service okay so what is the problem that your 
clients product sold for their potential customer   we need to understand this then we have the third 
stage which is the consideration stage and this   is where they actually start investing time into 
looking at the offer the product or the service   so maybe the customer might visit your clients 
website or maybe even click on the product itself   and then finally stage four we have the purchase 
okay now this is the stage where the potential   customer has actually become a real customer and 
they've taken the leap and they've purchased a   product or a service from your client now 
once you understand these four elements   of the customer journey and we provide adverts 
that cater to each of these stages we can jump in   and majorly increase the conversion rates for any 
business we are working with through paid ads now   through knowledge of understanding the customer 
journey we've been able to get some incredible   results for our clients within our agency in fact 
i want to show you a few right now so here is a   screenshot of a cosmetic clinic client that we 
worked with and we spent 1 590 pounds of their   money and generated them almost 1 500 leads okay 
now bear in mind for this business in particular   it's actually for a hair transplant clinic in fact 
the actual hair transplant clinic that i went to   one customer is worth up to six thousand dollars 
or six thousand pounds to this business so the   return here potential for discuss this business 
if they could close uh those leads it's just   exponential okay and that all they spent was one 
thousand six hundred dollars which is literally   like a quarter of one customer's value huge return 
this is a sporting goods website okay this is an   e-commerce facebook business and we spent up to 
seven thousand dollars here this is over a month   period and we returned this business 80 000 pounds 
back that's a return on investment of 11 times   so for every pound they spent they got 11 pounds 
back okay amazing results they were over the moon   and here are some other screenshots these are 
actually shopify back-end screenshots of some of   our larger clients okay here we've got a client 
on the left-hand side over about a month period   they've made almost 2 million dollars again 
in the middle about a month period 4.3 million   and on the right-hand side the month of october 
almost seven million dollars and these companies   their number one marketing strategy is our agency 
it's paid ads through us granted not just on   facebook but also on tick tock snapchat and 
some of these even youtube as well and this is   the potential of ads okay this is the potential 
of working with a marketing agency if you get   these guys on commissions just imagine the kind of 
commission checks you'd be getting through in fact   i've got a couple to show you guys this is one 
very recently this is the 17th of january 2022.   okay and uh this payment is coming through for 22 

pexels photo 6483615

Okay this is one payment from one client from   a commission check you can even see how that's 
actually broken down into the services there as   well below i've also got a whole bunch of ones as 
well sixteen thousand twenty six thousand eleven   thousand twenty four thousand clients will pay 
thousands if you deliver an exceptional service   for them and that is why we love paid ads because 
it's easy to learn when you master it you can get   incredible results and get incredible returns and 
just build such a cash flow rich business so what   do some of these facebook ads actually look like 
well so on screen right now i've got an example of   a facebook ad this is exactly how they look we 
have our text okay which is called our ad copy   then we have an image okay which is our creative 
and we've got a call to action at the bottom now   the key to any successful facebook ad is actually 
four main components at the top we have our   attention grabber okay this is the first line 
okay in our uh in our ad and this instance is a   very simple primitive attention grabber just as an 
example for you guys and it's a tension birmingham   okay we're calling out to our target audience we 
only have a few words to actually spark interest   when someone's scrolling through their feed 
okay everybody has attention deficit disorder on   social media so when they're scrolling down their 
feed you need to see something that grabs their   attention right away so that attention grabber 
is key to any ad okay call out to your audience   um we then have a what and a why okay so we're 
getting straight to the point and we're not gonna   waste any time okay what is it we're offering and 
why do people need it here we have tooth decay and   bad breath are no fun right okay so okay what is 
this okay it's about to decay bad breath and why   because bad breath just is no fun okay so what are 
we actually offering here we don't have curiosity   or scarcity okay we're gonna create urgency or 
exclusivity okay scarcity works in ads we want   to try and include it where we can so we're saying 
that's why we're giving away 20 vouchers for free   teeth cleaning this month okay so this month only 
we're giving away 20 free vouchers and that's   going to get people thinking right i want to get 
those vouchers if we said oh we've got a thousand   then there's not much scarcity there there's not 
going to be much demand so we want to create that   curiosity or scarcity for our potential customers 
and then finally we have a call to action now   people respond well to being told what to do so 
we need to tell them exactly what to do we've   grabbed their attention we told them what and 
why we've created a bit of curiosity or scarcity   within them they want it now we need to tell 
them exactly what to do to redeem this offer   so click below to redeem your voucher now once 
they're gone they're gone and at the bottom we   have get offer free teeth cleaning only 20 slots 
available a little bit of scarcity there as well   so we're calling action okay we're saying this is 
exactly what you need to do to redeem this offer   so that's it these right here are the four main 
components to any successful ad regardless of the   platform if you include them you've got a pretty 
high chance of having some pretty profitable ads   running for your clients now if you want to 
learn a little bit more in depth about facebook   ads you actually want to learn how to set up 
an ad and click the buttons we don't have the   time to go for it right now but i've created a 
ton of content on this youtube channel that'll   teach you exactly how to do that so after this 
video or maybe we'll put a card at the top here   or maybe just a link in the description go ahead 
and watch our video on how to start facebook ads   even as a complete beginner you will learn how 
to create this exact ad you're seeing right now   how to include all of those components as well so 
go watch that at the end of this video so you now   know how paid advertising works but some of you 
you're still going to want to outsource things and   pay somebody else to do this for you now if you 
want to do that i would recommend you looking on   freelance websites like upwork and fiverr but you 
need to make sure you vet people because there are   a lot of people on those platforms so don't just 
hire the first person you find make sure you give   people trial tasks before you take them on for 
your business another great place to look would be   facebook groups you can go to facebook you can 
join join any kind of media buying facebook ad   buyer groups and you can put an advertisement out 
there that you're looking for somebody to fulfill   services for your clients another alternative 
would be the affluent academy facebook group   which is our private student community group 
of other agency owners aspiring and existing   people from all walks of life at all different 
stages of their journey people that have gone   through a rigorous training process so you 
know they are the highest standard for your   clients but of course the academy facebook group 
is private and exclusive to our member community   and that leads me on to the final part of our 
video today a question i get asked all the time   jordan do i need a course to be a successful 
agency owner and to that i have a question   do you want to take the stairs or do you want the 
key to the elevator okay do you want to stumble   through this yourself do you want to watch loads 
of videos online from a bunch of different people   do you want to read blogs and articles and 
find your own way pave your own path through   being a successful agency owner which i'm sure 
you'll be able to do or do you want to take the   elevator and learn a step-by-step a to z process 
from somebody that has taken an agency from xero   with no experience all the way through to seven 
bigger profits and counting our goal right now   is to scale to seven figure monthly profits as 
quickly as possible so you can learn from me gain   access to an a to z video training program that 
will teach you with no stones left unturned how   to launch an agency how to find the perfect client 
how to sign them up how to get them incredible   results and how to build a team so you can gain 
time freedom back in your life we even have ready   to go agency website templates case studies 
from my personal agency that you can use and   leverage to sign up your first ever clients and 
one-to-one coaching with both myself and our team   of coaches and even access to our expert ads team 
so you never have to worry about getting good   results for your clients all of this and way more 
for less than the cost of one single marketing   client we even have a guarantee of success for 
our members now we vet every new member of the   affluent academy to ensure that we maintain one 
of the highest success rates in the industry   and if this sounds like it is for you i would like 
to personally invite you to schedule a completely   free strategy call with one of our coaches 
connor will be able to go through your goals   and establish whether you're a good fit for the 
academy and help you to build a successful agency   of your own now to schedule a call with connor 
click the link in the description there may even   be a link in the comments as well and schedule 
that free strategy call today now alternatively   if you'd like to watch our latest launch video and 
learn more about the academy and what it includes   you can watch the academy 2022 launch we update 
the academy every single year to ensure our   community have the latest strategies that we 
are using and the latest tools now there will be   a link to that video maybe a card or link in the 
description as well you can watch the launch video   for the academy 2022 now finally if you haven't 
done already make sure you enter our giveaway on   this video comment your why below this video and 
every one in 100 people will be randomly selected   to get a completely free coaching call with me 
worth thousands of pounds and i'll help you to   start or scale your agency personally which 
will be exciting so make sure you enter that   yeah hope you've enjoyed this video but remember 
guys knowledge is worthless without implementation   so take action on what you have learned and i 
look forward to hearing of your success cheers

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