Social media marketing for gyms What's the most effective way to deliver great results on a small budget? Watch this video for our go-to fitness marketing formula. For the best social media marketing advice make sure to subscribe and hit that Bell notification So you get notified when we post videos every single week. Also, if you're ready to take your skills to the next level, we've built the most comprehensive SMMA course in existence. That's If you're stuck on how to create a social media marketing Campaign for your gym or your client's gym.

By the end of this video You'll have everything that you need to get insane results on a limited budget. We've proven this system on our own clients and achieved a hundred and ten percent growth. And even forced gym owners to expand their businesses to new locations specifically from these strategies. With any campaign You always want to start with a goal in mind. Typically gyms are fitness studios need more members in the door or signups for their studio. This is what keeps the lights on for the business And if you're an agency It's the only thing that's gonna keep them paying your retainer month after month.

The next thing we need to cover is your offer. Why would somebody want to come into your gym or your client's gym? What's the offer? Just because you exist isn't enough for people to come in take action or sign up. Think about it You're scrolling along minding your own business. What's going to get you to stop the scroll take action and come in. The better the offer the more likelihood people are gonna convert You can advertise different calls to action. Such as claim a free week trial sign up for a 30 day bootcamp get three free training sessions. You can even sweeten the deal with products or specific classes. The health and wellness industry is extremely competitive so your job as a marketer is to come up with a compelling reason to differentiate your client from the other noise out there. A Wellness challenge or a free water bottle or t-shirt can go a long way. It can also increase member retention because the buyers feel like they're buying into the culture that the gym to offer them.

One big challenge that we see gym owners face is the prospect actually coming into the fitness studio or a little oak gym location Once they sign up online. Strong follow up in the form of first and email sequence coupled with text messaging or phone calls is gonna go a long way. As a bonus tip, be sure to avoid before or after style photos or claims because Facebook ad might shut down or not approve the advertisement that you're trying to promote. So comment down below Yes, if you struggled with getting results for your own gym studio or your client's gym studio. We'd love to know. So now that we've identified the goals and the actual offer. Now it's time to dive into the ads Strategy.

The first thing we're gonna want to know here is who is our ideal customer avatar? Just marketing to people that are interested in fitness isn't gonna cut it. We need specifics. Are you a powerlifting gym? CrossFit, Yoga, spin studio? The more specific the better because your audience is going to be vastly different depending on what style studio you have.

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Next, let's pick a platform. Most likely you'll be on Facebook or Instagram, but preferably both. One of the best ways to target and we've proven this through millions of dollars of ad spend is targeting through look-alike audiences. If you or your client has an email database already of current customers or past customers that have already signed up for the gym. This is extremely valuable information. But don't worry if you're a new studio or your client is brand new and doesn't have this Information, we'll have more targeting tips in the rest of this video.

So first you're gonna want to export your email list as a dot CSV file. This is the file format that Facebook accepts for your custom audiences. So once you're an ads manager you want to select audiences from the upper left hand corner drop-down. Once you're in the audience section, click create and then select custom audience to create a custom audience. You can choose from a variety of options, but for email data, we want to select customer file. This is where you choose the email list, which is that dot CSV file that we exported. That will upload directly into Facebook.

Facebook will now analyze all of those emails and try and match Facebook profiles to the user information. Once you've fully uploaded the custom audience and you have the green light, now you can create a look-alike audience. It's pretty simple. Click create audience again, but this time select look-alike audience here. You'll choose your look-alike audience source, which is the custom audience we just created from that email list. Then you're gonna want to select your audience location and audience size. We recommend sliding that bar down to the lowest percentage setting. This is to ensure the highest quality possible– so now Facebook will analyze all of the data and will try and find other people that look like that custom data that we just uploaded. For optimal results with this process we recommend at least having 1000 emails or 1000 data points in your list to ensure the highest quality results, because not every email is gonna match a profile perfectly. So this will give you optimal results by at least having 1000 you can, however, use a list less than a thousand, but we discourage doing that.

Like I mentioned, if you don't have that option and you skipped ahead to this step you can still use interest-based targeting. It's a very strong way to target on Facebook. Again for interest-based targeting ,you're gonna want to customize and tailor this to your custom avatar. You can also "carpet-bomb." It's actually a pretty cool strategy to where you put out a video and set the geolocation to 3 to 5 miles around the studio. You'll then play a video to those users and whoever watches the video more than 50%, that's gonna be your custom audience that you're gonna build.

Which is a highly qualified buyer data set for you, so you can still get leverage data Even if you don't have an email database. This is how it works. Anybody that watches that video is gonna be pixeled or cookie just like on a website and grouped into a Custom audience that we can then remarket to. Moving on from targeting you now want to be thinking about your content. We recommend leveraging video on your social platforms. This can give the audience an inside look to your facility the energy of the studio even Testimonials of your current customers here's some examples of a couple videos that we did and how they perform Now that you're generating traffic and awareness We want to make sure that we're capturing this information so that we can convert it down the line here are some ways that you can move the prospect forward and bring them into your world one great way is a lead capture page like click funnel lead pages or instapage another great way is the native facebook lead cab form that you'll set it up in ad manager when you create your ad so all Of our funnels across a bunch of different niches are actually included as part of the SMM a blueprint course But since you've made it this far under the video, we wanted to give you something special So in the description below There's a share link Where with the click of a mouse you can install our winning fitness funnel into your click funnels instance if you don't already have quick funnels It comes with a free 14-day trial so you can try it out yourself take advantage of this if you're using a funnel to capture The traffic you're gonna want to have an aggressive follow-up strategy So you're actually getting these people to convert and actually come into the studio depending on leave volume You might want to consider some automation tools We use tools like zapier But there's a whole host of Suites that you can use on the internet to really automate this process If it's a small enough tool just pick up the phone and dial for dollars again You can follow up with these leads via phone text or email now you know how exactly how to start execute and operate a winning social media campaign for a fitness studio gym, or fitness business if you want more in-depth training We've actually written the blueprint on this check it out at the SMM a blueprint calm the links in the description If you like this video go ahead and hit the like video, please subscribe share this video with your hashtag build a community Don't forget to grab that Jimmy funnel down below again The link is in the description and again Like comment and subscribe and be sure to hit that Bell notification so that you'll be reminded and alerted When we post a new video every single week keep grinding hashtag build a community keep growing and we'll see in the next one

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