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So hello everyone! Welcome back to your channel. Today we are again going to welcome one and only Mr Vishal Malkan. Sir welcome to our show. Thank you so much From the last video people would have learned a lot but I personally feel that a lot to learn is left. So as you say that the stock market is a high-income skill. It's a skill and in go self-made which is our mission is, this mission inspires people as it tells people to get skilled.

The more you develop your skills the more there are chances for you to get successful and earn money. So sir today it is your time I feel that you tell people about technical analysis. Your secrets through which you trade, the setup which you have which you regularly follow teach that to people as people would get a lot of help through this. Perfect! I would like to teach you this and as you said the high-income skill this is my mission also that to give this skill to as many people as I could. Earlier it was a time when degrees were important today it is that skills are important but very important thing is skills today are readily available as on this channel.

You don't have to go to college or to a professor you don't have to spend lacs of rupees you can develop your skill in stock market which is a high-income skill there are a lot of benefits of it but some benefits that I would wanna tell, You don't have to go to anyone you have to open your computer and trade. No person is involved If lockdown happens then also you can trade.

You can start trading with a small amount. While sitting at home you can invest in any business, the control in your hands that you have to book profit or loss. It is liquid, in real estate people invest but it is not liquid and you need huge capital. Here you can start with 500 rupees and it readily gets liquid so this is a skill which I feel that every one person in a family must know. Can we share this mission? We are sharing this mission because the mindset is same, my mission is that I started from a base level. I can say that I am self made, all our dreams have come true. Same you had a very humble beginning, you are at this stage. So go self-made is a mission which is just not my mission. This is the mission of every person who himself is a leader and want to produce leaders. Perfect! every person has to learn this. So today I will tell you directly on the strategies the one which is my favorite strategy and in last video I just told about RSi today the favourite strategy I have one RSI or on which I trade almost every week and even trade every day or my team trade and this is our USP that even a 12-year-old can learn this.

So let's see how this strategy works. For sure let's go on the screen This strategy name is very unique its name is grandfather-father-son strategy, it means that grandfather means monthly chart, father means weekly chart and son means daily chart. These are three time frames before the strategy starts I want to tell you that if there are three people in your house so very powerful is the grandfather then father then the son. Nowadays many sons is dumb but mostly grandfathers is strong and second example is that in an ocean the Waves that come in that if there is a huge wave and a small wave then ultimately both will merge and the bigger wave prevails. So what we say in technical analysis is that higher time frame rules mean what the higher time frame will tell that smaller time frame will do this is the base of the strategy. I will show you a lot of examples of all three so that you could easily understand it so grandfather father-son so this is monthly chart whose RSI is above 60.

This is 40 60 line, means grandfather is in bullish trend then father too, that is also strong means both are combined together but son is below that is going in an opposite direction and it is taking support on 40, if it gets below 40 then it is bearish zone but these both are bullish and because this one is bearish these both will not let it be bearish as they will pull it from here. The one that comes at 40 is called an inflection point. Here we have a low-risk entry to buy and stop-loss would be 1 candle below this but if it would rise from this then I will get a profit of 4 to 5 candles. So one candle vs 5 candle. So reward risk ratio which we talked about in previous video.

So let's see grandfather father bullish above 60 and son is taking a support on 40, let's take some examples and we call this a five-star strategy so what are the conditions of the strategy that monthly it must be above 60, weekly it must be above 60 and daily near 40 if it is 40 or 41 sometimes 42 or 39. Entry would be at the signal candle you can take a snapshot of the whole strategy. So I could teach you here you are seeing that this will be on 40, there would be a bullish candle here we call this as alert candle as we say above signal candle or above alert candle on its High we will buy it on its low we will have a stop loss, so stop loss would be here and above the high we would buy. So this would be my setup and target would be upwards and as it will take a turn from 40 then it will go till 60 minimum so that would be my target and if it goes very above then I will put a trailing stop loss. So we will see some examples so that we could understand In next chart, this is my monthly chart of JSW Steel this is not a current Chart this is a very previous chart, you will get to see current one also, it is monthly above 60 in 2021 and this is in weekly also above 60 in last one year, the very best lesson that I have learnt in 25 years is that sitting in a moving car means whatever the trend is going on hold that.

Now I won't be interested in buying this when the car would go higher from this then I would be interested to buy. Purchase expensive but you will purchase good and one with momentum. So this is monthly above 60 weekly above 60 and in this time frame only we will see a daily chart, now in the daily chart is on 40 Son could have been bearish but grandfather, father has dominating power so they will pull it so I have to buy it with one candle stoploss this white one, and from here I get uptrend Now either if I would have been a short term trader then for me even five candles are a lot this would be swing trade, it could have been a positional trade or it could be swing trade too but the risk is of one candle. There are many examples now this one is of Jindal Steel monthly above 60 weekly above 60 and in Daily it has come twice at 40 so here I got one trade at the support of 40 and 2nd got this was at the support of 40 so right. Next there are a lot of charts like of Tata Steel, in daily I got support at 40.

So are you understanding it. Yeah you said that whatever will rule that will be the grandfather and father that higher wave will merge small wave. so on RSI only we are trading you see that sir have used just a single indicator Rsi and it is a very less complicated as you don't have to become a scientist. Keep simple and you can become a simple trader and earn money so the important thing is I have not put anything in the chart there is no line no moving average there is nothing one is below one is above this I have been doing it for 25 years then I made it so simple right so there is support on 40 this is above 60 this is above 60 and daily 40 support whichever chart you take. Next this is of Jubilant foodworks this is above 60 this is above 60. Now I got options for 3,4 times now there is something interesting here that if you would have bought here then maybe your stop loss would have been triggered and after taking this loss also there is a support at 40 so I have to do reentry again the setup is the same.

Son has not put its foot below 40 I will enter again and the loss which I had I will recover it with ten times more as I got the chance again to do the same trade and forth again. So now this is a skeleton this is an exact entry is when you do the courses of Level1 and level 2 which you are doing with us when we gave a lot of examples with exact entry and exit so that you could easily understand But if you are understanding gist then there is no complications in it neither there are many charts, there is just single chart and rsi.

There is candlestick pattern which we can use here. See one more chart now one more interesting thing is here As sir said that we are talking about a single strategy but definitely sir explained candlestick patterns, sir has told you a lot of things as you can see with single candlestick pattern, you can trade. So when you will learn a lot of things then you can see a lot of things on the chart right now.

That's why we are focusing on one strategy if you want to learn to trade professionally. Sir, please continue. So as I told you about this is a long strategy that you buy and trade but market is not always long it does not always upward and it can go down also so we will completely oppose the strategy then it will work on short too.

That grandfather is bearish father is also bearish and son is going upward near 60 and there it has a inflection point there I have to short it now your audience would know what short is, that you can short in future only not in cash or you can purchase options so I will show you this with an example. So you can clearly understand this. So what are the conditions, that monthly below 40, weekly below 40 daily it is near 60 either 60, 61,59, 58 and there would be a signal candle it would be a red candle it could be a shooting star or dark cloud cover pattern and here it is resting at 60 below this I have to short and above this would be my stop loss. So if it will take a turn from 60 then it might go till 40 you can have a profit of four candles with one candle so let's see with examples now the market is very bullish so maybe you won't get chart near 40 a lot but these are some previous examples and after this I will give a bonus tip that your audience will love.

So this is monthly below 40 weekly below 40 and at the same time in daily chart it is having a resistance of 60. You have to shot here you will get this straight this is a perfect black candle you shot it here and then you put a stop loss you get a 1:3 risk reward ratio similarly there are some more examples below 40 weekly below 40 monthly and two or three times I got the a chance where it on 60 there was a shooting star and got a confirmation second time I got it here there is a small candle and a third time where I got a good trade so these are the examples for short for now they are not below 40 does market is bullish Your viewers might be short-term traders or day traders.

There are many options traders as people comment and then we get to know what they are interested in. So perfect I will tell about a tweek that if you want to apply the same in short term then how you will do it. Same grandfather father and son their time frame will change, you can do that weekly is grandfather daily is father and hourly is son and if you want to go below this then daily is grandfather hourly is father and for 15 minute chart would be son else everything would remain same but time frame would change. Now as many people are there who do scalping there would be a question that can grandfather be 15 minutes, father be 5 minutes and son be one minute yes it can happen. I used to do the same at a time. As many are option buyers with less capital a lot goes into their mind. Yes! there are many people of scalping yes you can do that you can definitely do it. Rule is onditions are same and relation of grandfather father and son is also same just what is the difference between father and son is of 5 days from daily to weekly to monthly.

Similarly same would be the difference and 15minutes to 5 and to 1 minute Definitely you can do that. This is five star strategy this I have taught at least 300 400 times but when I teach it I get the same excitement because this is my bread and butter this is my daily income, my team also trade-in same I too and same my students also trade with this. It is very easy you have to put a stop loss it is not that it will work every time but it there is high reward, low risk, high probability trade if we learn 2 to 4 set ups like this then we can trade for a year easily in stock market what a wonderful thing thank you so very much.

I hope you guys are enjoying. I hope you want that sir sit with us as it is important to sit too. Why I said that sitting is important that the one thing which you taught us today first that goes into their mind they implement this if they are not implementing the same then everything is a waste whatever you learn implement it whether you do paper trade but check the strategy if you learn a strategy see it 4 to 5 times that whether it is working or not and then you can take the trade or you can start with small capital but when you will use it practically you are going to see wonders this is my own experience.

Absolutely practice is very important, paper trade is not bad or buy just a single share with one share you get feel in paper trade you don't get the feel but you definitely learn about the strategy and definitely I would want that as I taught you then you trade tomorrow only then it would be great if backtested study it. Watch this video three times then you will get to know a lot about it and there is one more question that people trade a lot in nifty and Bank Nifty there are many buyers so the buying they do they purchase call and put then I told you they do scalping also as I told you that one share so can we use the same strategy in 1to5 lot, absolutely in fact, the level 3 program about which I talked with you in that we have an expiry special strategy of options, Thursday! it can work at any time but we have kept name of expiry special and that too has 5 level but its level 1 is a bonus in level 3 program and it is on RSI same in that we use a 15 minute chart of call and put and as it go above 60 and if it has to blow up as Bank Nifty Rises 1,000 point sometimes that 200 rupee option that becomes thousand that you can easily catch with the expiry level1.

It is very amazing as you are saying that it is easy, for people it is a very big deal because when I talk to people that are beginners as we say that it is easy they feel that it is difficult but let me tell you all the game is of time and experience when you will get experience you will also tell se like him that it is easy, but yes you will not get profit every time you will get a loss. Have this mindset and then you can trade so I hope people are learning a lot finally I want to tell you that sir's program is there of Level 1 Level 2 Level 3. People can join in stock market from basic to an advanced level if you want to go it is a step-by-step training program number is by one person but other four will support them. As when I was trading as your father does not approve I also do not approve but if they will learn it then they may approve. I will tell my father to do it my father actually he got loss in commodity trading after that he feel that this is gambling.

So till now whatever I do he feels that put your money in Real Estate but he feels that the stock market is risky but now he thinks that ok if you are buying shares in long term it is not a loss but if he heard that you are doing trading or doing intraday then he will definitely say that it is gambling. This is a mindset and about which you don't have awareness or knowledge that is risky point to be noted.Yes you will see that the very first-time covid was there we were terrified we won't even touch something if we will touch then we will wash our hands. Now we know the danger of it how much the death rate is how the variant is now also the virus is the same in fact the cases are rising and all that but our fear has got down because of our knowledge has increased but you have to wear your mask, we are in the studio we are not wearing a mask but you have to wear them if we are sitting together then also mask was on just that for your kind information I am telling you this but you make you keep your social distancing and wear your mask because this huge wave we don't have to increase it but we have to decrease it but we have to increase this financial education wave after covid two things which people have realise is one is health and one is wealth that you need multiple sources of wealth and this I think anybody and everybody can do while sitting at home with the lockdown with the pandemic and with social distancing.

Even if there was lockdown market was open, it was not even closed for a day or even an hour anyways I hope you are enjoying this we will meet with Sir again to learn something new and share this video you can call for programs and finally if you have any questions you can ask next time I will ask them from sir. So it was lovely meeting you all, meeting sir and we will see you in the next video till that time you go self-made. Hello friends my name is Vishal Malkan and you have seen both of my videos on Pushkar Raj Jis channel and I got a great response I saw a lot of comments I get so much happiness when people say that they have learned and understood. What mistakes they were doing and they learnt a lot about RSI and 5 star strategy now again I want to reiterate with you the programs which we have of Level 1 level 2 and level 3 these three programs I have given him which you can take from his website when you take a package you get my ABCT of three days which is anybody can trade program you get free tickets for it.

So it is valuable, you get more than 50 videos and there are a lot of strategies in it, if you are a short term trader, long term or medium term you can do option this all will be covered in level 1 2 and 3 + when there would be our ABCT in that from 9 a.m. to 6 p.m. we will have a three day live event and with one ticket whole family can sit and watch this. It will not be about trading it will be on mindset also as I told you in video the one that you will be on Thursday, you would be different on monday because you will experience 360-degree transformation. You will have a lot of fun because there would be a lot of dance and music there will be strategies. Buy-sell strategies, technical analysis there are keynote speakers also and also there will be a lot of meditation and manifestation and processes so the programming that has happened in our mind about money and trading and stock market we will change it and for that meditation is also important so I want to invite you that when you buy level 1 2 3 program from Pushkar sir channel you will get my anybody can trade three day program for free so you take the whole advantage of this because it is happening very soon and you would not want to miss it.

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