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if your ideal job is on a fast-paced global team with a mission to change the world then this is your chance to apply to the marketing team at power to fly hi i'm lauren haggerty senior director of marketing and community at power to fly i can't wait to tell you a little more about the marketing team what i'm looking for in a new candidate and how you can start and launch a successful career at this mission driven organization our marketing team is growing make sure to stay up to date on all the positions that we list on our website by subscribing to our job alerts and you can always just click here to apply let's talk about soft skills because we're a global team communicating clearly efficiently and effectively is a top priority for me and the rest of your potential new teammates it's super important to me as a leader to make sure that we're checking in on what your preferred communication style is there are lots of ways that you can show that you are a clear and effective communicator right from the interview process it starts with making sure you're applying promptly and in grammatically correct english to all of your emails during the process we also want to see if you're curious and if you're listening to the people that you're speaking with during the interview so ask questions there's no such thing as a dumb question and again we want to know what you want to know about joining our team and our company within the marketing team we have four verticals business to business business to consumer community and our video production vertical i think i've taught most of my leaders and inspired them to take a very similar management style to what i emulate as leader of the marketing team and that is a laissez-faire leadership style what does that mean exactly leslie fair leadership means taking a very hands-off approach i have hired the best and most qualified people in their roles to be successful to meet the goals of the wider team i trust and do not micromanage anyone because i know that they're going to get their job done with the skills that they have developed throughout their careers however when you do have an issue you are addressing it quickly and promptly and not as a blocker necessarily but you're coming with solutions to a problem i don't want to micromanage you you don't want to be micromanaged so let's work together to reach and exceed the team's goals as a marketing team we're very metrics oriented and i like to make sure that my team owns their own metrics and more importantly owns their own goals at the beginning of every year i sit down with each and every one of my direct reports and we talk about our goals together to make sure that they're smart that they're achievable and that they are really leveling into our wider team and company goals if you make it to the interview process at power to fly you're definitely going to be asked this question how do you like to give and receive feedback because giving and receiving feedback is crucial to your success at power to fly because we are a globally remote team there is a lot of different cultures and a lot of different communication styles taking place at all times that's why giving and receiving feedback is one of our values at power to fly i'm really proud of the diversity that i have on my marketing team at power to fly and really at power to fly as a whole of course it's our mission to provide opportunities and advancement for underrepresented talent to thrive what better place to thrive than the place that's putting that message out into the world how do we make you thrive you have the support of 25 hopefully growing uh diverse people to bounce ideas off of in a non-judgmental forum we are really here every single day to make sure that you are thriving and growing in your career and doing the things that make you happy as an individual i think the power to fly marketing team is the perfect place for you fun facts are really important to our team whenever we onboard a new person during your first team meeting we will all share a fun fact about ourselves that we've never told anyone before we have people who were childhood tap dancers who've released albums who are opera singers who are funeral singers a more creating movies so at the end of the day i can't wait for you to join my team and i can't wait to learn the fun facts about you so you've made it this far in the video the next step from here is just apply if you're ever thinking or doubting yourself throughout this process just know that we want to know what you can bring to the table if you have a unique background or perhaps a set of skills that fit that job description but maybe not in the way that you know a traditional applicant would i still highly encourage you to apply don't be afraid and if you have any questions don't hesitate to reach out to me or any of the members on my team thank you so much for watching this video i hope i was able to teach you a thing or two about the power to fly marketing team i cannot wait to meet you during the interview process [Music] [Applause] [Music] you

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