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This is one of the newest and one of the Easiest ways that you can copy and paste Images from website like this in order To make money online as a complete Beginner without actually having your Own website without investing a single Dollar and without having any social Media followers so this has nothing to Do with YouTube automation Instagram or Whatsoever and I'm gonna walk you Through the entire process step by step And show you exactly how this works Beginning with the step number one just A quick disclaimer here if someone Replies to your comment like this Claiming they're me just know it's a Scam I don't have WhatsApp I don't have Telegram and I would never attack you For money you can check their accounts They don't have a verification badge They don't have the same subscribers or Videos as me and they will just scam you My only Instagram account is at I'm Dave Nick people are just creating fake Accounts reposting my photos and dming You asking for money you can track their Posts the engagement is fake their new Accounts and just know that I would Never text you like that so just stay Safe and report them on so the step Number one is to open up a website Called Kettle this is already This is a graphics design tool and Website where users can generate content

Such as logos labels for different Products t-shirts posters cars designs And social media designs and these Designs are actually really really good Like if you open up any of these you can Even fully customize them yourself if I Open up this one I can click on use this Design and then I can customize it I can Add my own facts literally just by Double clicking on the text I can as you Can see add my own name here so I'm Gonna go back to show you how it works From the from a brand new product so if I want to add something to let's say This postcard here I just click on use This design it's gonna open it up and Now I can just double click on it and if You want to type in for example Dave Nick here I can easily do that and this Is how it's going to look like and and Now I can fully customize colors and all Of that and then I can download it with One click of a button now how we're Going to be actually using this is by Going back to Kittle you can actually See the t-shirts section so if you go to The t-shirts section you can find all Sorts of different designs that you can To use for different t-shirts so for Example I can select this one over here And I can click on use this design and I Can customize it so I can customize this And I can change the text if I want a Different slogan I can easily just

Double click and change it but most Importantly I'm just going to change the Background here so I can change the Background to either black or white Let's see how it's going to look like With black background alright this is How it's going to look like nice I'm Gonna now download this to my computer Download it as a PNG file and I will Need to give credits to this a person or I can also upgrade my upgrade my plan if I don't want to give credits to the Person that actually created this design And then as I said you can fully Customize it you can change colors and All of that yourself I'm not going to do That now because that's going to make This tutorial way too long but anyways Once you have the design from here You've downloaded that image you can now Go over to Teespring which is a print on Demand website that allows you to make Money by uploading your own designs Different apparel different products Such as t-shirts monks pillows phone Cases and so on and so forth word and You're going to get a commission each Time your product sells with your design That product sells with your design on It and you don't actually own the Product you don't actually have any Inventory or whatsoever so all you got To do is create an account on this Platform click on start creating right

Over here and then you will select which Products you actually want to sell and I'm going to show you where to find People that are actually going to buy Those products so I'm just gonna go with A comfort t-shirt as an example I'm Going to select the black T-shirt and I'm going to click on ADD image to Upload a design so here we have the Design that I actually got from and now I can of course Customize the size and all of that but I'm going to set the price to be 30.99 Because that's gonna make me 11 profit Per t-shirt that I sell remember you Don't actually have to own the T-shirt You don't have to ship the T-shirt or Whatsoever all you got to do is get Sales and earn a commission per sale now You can just click on continue and you Can add the same design to all sorts of Different products you can customize These colors and whatnot you can sell Stickers with this design you can sell Mugs you can sell pillows who they is Hats even Apple watch bands like there's A lot of different things so now you can Just click on continue you can give it a Name you can write a brief description About this product and about this design And then you can just click on launch Listing and it will be live on Facebook So people can actually start buying it So now what you got to do is you want to

Open up that listing and you want to Start driving traffic through it so you Can just click on share this link and You can view the listing to see how it's Actually going to look like and my Listing looks something like this so Here we have the t-shirt it's obviously Not the best designers right now because I didn't put that much effort into it But you can definitely do that yourself And then I will basically and then I can Basically just create a promo design With canva For That t-shirt that I want To sell or whatever product that you Want to sell through Teespring whether That's a sticker whether that's a phone Case whether it's a pillow you just come Over to here you can just type in merge Promo designs and then you can find some Really good ones like for example I can Use this one and I can fully customize It I could for example type in coffee Lovers available now or whatever the Name of my products are going to be the The product this t-shirt that I'm Selling is 30.99 and I can go through The upload section and I can just upload The t-shirt which I made with this Spring so to do that I can just go back Take a screenshot of this I can then go Through to remove the Background of that screenshot I'm just Going to log into my account to show you How this is going to look like I'm going

To continue with Facebook and then I'm Gonna click on upload M and now here I Have my t-shirt they're gonna remove the Background for me I will download it to My computer and as I have it into my Computer I'm just gonna go back and Change this t-shirt so I'm going to Click on upload files I'm going to Upload my own t-shirt instead of this One so I'm going to remove this one and I'm gonna put this new feature that I Just made so here here's how I'm Actually creating my promo design and I'm gonna position it on the back Something like this now you can do the Same thing for other products maybe you Also want to sell a mug you can do the Same thing just change the price and set The mug here you can also change the Background if you don't like this color So maybe I can personally go with a Color that's on the actual t-shirt and To do that I can just click on the color Somewhere around here so here we have it Now I can just click on share click on Download and I can download this onto my Computer and now you can simply go over To where you can actually Get a lot of traffic for these types of Designs so you can just go through Pinterest click and create a brand new PIN you can create a board that's all Going to be about in this case it's Gonna be about coffee but maybe you're

Selling T-shirts that are about cats or Animals that are above whatever that Might be you just create that type of Board in this case it's coffee so I'm Going to upload my design on the left Side and I'm going to say a limited Edition or something like that just Creating your own quality action and Then simply paste the link for that Listing inside of the destination Link Box and you can publish that on the Pinterest where it can be potentially Seen by thousands of people around the World and if it is seen by people who Are interested in that in this case Coffee or whatsoever they can eventually Buy one of those products earning you a Commission so go out there create as Many of these different designs publish Them on the Pinterest and make sure to Use Kettle for all sorts of different Graphic design templates you can even Create your own templates on As well once again a linked Kindle will Be in the description box down below I Really hope you got some value out of This video if you did make sure to drop A like and I will see you next time [Music] [Applause] [Music] Thank you

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