New Upwork Networking Feature 2022 (With Live Demonstration)

Upwork has released another new feature in
2022, and that is the ability to build a network with other freelancers on the platform. This feature may prove to be highly beneficial
and profitable for those that take advantage of it. In this video, I will show you how you can
use this feature to find and add freelancers to your network so you can grow your business
and plan for future collaboration. For example, you may agree to pass along specific
types of projects you come across to freelancers in your network. You could also use this collaboration tool
to find a network with like minded individuals that share a similar skill set to you in order
to either white label or outsource any work when you need to.

So let's jump right into this demonstration. When you were logged into your Upwork account
and you're on your dashboard, you may see this green box right here that says start
connecting with other pros like you built a network of professionals on Upwork and message
them to share ideas. More collaborative features are coming soon,
so start making connections today. Now this is a feature that is in beta. You can also see it on the right hand side
of your screen if you scroll down under your network. If you don't have this option available yet.

Keep checking back because it is rolling out
to all the freelancers on the platform. Once you click to start your network, you'll
see that it opens up a new tab called Your Network, where you can add different freelancers
to your network. You can look at people who are already in
your network, and you can look at all of the pending requests. So if you go to the top here to add different
freelancers to your network, let me show you how you can either add a name or an email
address to find a freelancer. In this case, let me just enter my name here
so I can show you how this feature works. Once you enter the name and you search it,
you'll see that the freelancers that match that search pop up. Now here I am right here. Of course, I can't add myself to my own network,
but you can see this green button right here. All you have to do is just click add to network
that will give you the ability to send out an invite, as well as a message to that freelancer
in order for them to join your network.

Now, if they think that you guys are a good
match for each other and they accept that is where it will show up in the network feature
in this your network tap. Now I already have one freelancer in my network,
and for me, my first network connection actually reached out to me. I received an email that said a fellow freelancer
would like you to join their professional Upwork network if you accept you, and this
freelancer can send messages back and forth to each other.

Once I accepted this invite, we exchanged
pleasantries and before I knew it, I had a solid connection built that was mutually beneficial. Now, this specific freelancer is based in
Mexico and helps companies translate their digital marketing and copywriting services
to target the Hispanic market. This is a great person for me to have in my
network, and a great example of how this feature is intended to work. So after you have added different users to
your network, you can also look at all of the frequently asked questions. They go over pretty much anything you want
to know about this. It's all covered here. I'm not going to read it all out because I
don't want to bore you. But I do highly suggest you go through all
of these just to understand what the freelance network really is, as well as make sure that
you do.

Keep up to date with the Upwork Terms of Service
and the Terms of use. This will make sure that you're not doing
anything against the rules and that you're putting yourself in the best position to succeed. Once you've added some users to your network,
you can also see that the Pending Requests tab, that is where it will show up until they've
accepted it, and that is when they will go into your network tab. Now, if you want to use this feature but you
don't know exactly who to add yet, all you have to do is go and start to search for different
freelancers. So if you click this magnifying glass symbol
here. And we let it load real quick, if we click
it, you'll see that you can actually change the search from searching for jobs and projects,
and you can search for talent. So let's say I'm looking for someone who can
help me translate my digital marketing into Spanish, kind of like I just said with my

pexels photo 7516353

Let's just see if something like that comes
up so we can search Spanish digital marketing. And once we do that, this search is going
to populate all of the different people that match this description that I searched for. And then from there, what you can do is you
can copy their name, go back over to the Ad Freelancers tab and send an invite as to why
you think they should be a part of your network and how you can both be mutually beneficial
to each other, what you think you can do for this freelancer and what they can do for you if you kind of lay
that out in that initial message.

You have a much higher likelihood of them
accepting it, and then you can start to build up your network. So I hope that was helpful. I just wanted to show you this new feature,
this new capability of being able to add freelancers to your network on Upwork so we can all start
to raise each other up even more and ultimately earn more money, which in turn helps create
more freedom. Please leave a like on this video. Subscribe to my channel for more content on
freelancing entrepreneurship and lifestyle freedom, as well as leave a comment down below.

If you've used this different networking feature
before or if you're interested in using it, as well as if you found this video helpful
until the next video. I look forward to your success, and I thank
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