Become a Day Trading Pro: How to Identify and Trade Key Levels

so many day traders make this critical
mistake when scalping they only look at price action and higher highs
and higher lows but the mistake they screw up time and time again is
pretty easy to see welcome back to the channel everyone my
name's Artie and this is the moving average a show where we
discuss everything day trading to keep you profitable this video is going to be one
of my world famous two minute tutorials so let's go into the charts what I want
you to do. I know you guys are scalping I know you like the lower time frame like
I do but what I want you to do First is to take out whatever price you are
trading to a higher time frame right now.

I have Australian dollar US dollar
on a daily time frame and what I want you to do is to focus on these areas the
areas where price has rejected and made a new trend and
just focus on these areas for five minutes, I'm going to show you something that's going to really
change where your takes are and where your top losses are and even
where your entries are in order so what we're going to do is not use straight
lines we're going to use zones and boxes because it's not an exact science but
it's pretty close to all these areas I want you to draw a rectangle and take
it all the way out to the left you'll understand why in just a second
so since Thursday the 21st of October 2021 these are the key levels for this
particular asset Australian dollar US dollar even if I drag this one you
can see it did it right there so these are the key levels you have
to keep in mind the one thing scalping Traders don't do, is to k looking at what the
actual price is in these zones they're just looking at the zones and not thinking about
the actual price, so if we look at this first one, the actual price that it got
this fuse from and threw it off is almost exactly 0 .7600 , but the whole range
is like 50 pips, and this one looking here on the left is exactly
0.73000 this range right here look at the price of the chart is point seven
zero zero zero zero the reason why price rises out of these areas is that they are
known as large bank levels, which means that banks
specifically target these areas because they deposit a large sum of money transferring
currencies from Australian dollars to US dollars or vice versa at these particular
levels and you can start to see patterns at these areas are formed some of you
guys have already noticed but the difference between each of these is
exactly 300 pips so if you
subtract 300 pips from 0.67000 what do you get right six four zero zero let's look at that
price level pull a horizontal line there and what do you get more rejections more
support is shown at this particular level so if you on a much
smaller time frame like the one minute or the five minutes but you look at
price structure you look at higher lows and higher highs, you get in your
trade the price targets that I want you to focus on when you hold to make that
scalp longer or go in a specific direction is to look at which one it's
closest to and how you in that trade that zone can come and another important
mistake that people make is to enter trade at these levels you don't
know definitively if it's going to go up or down from these levels,
so to enter while prices here you in an area of ​​consolidation may hold for more than
you are comfortable with, wait until you see definite rejections on a
higher time frame, then look for your higher highs and higher lows on your
lower time frame such as your five minutes and when you determine your overall higher
time frame Trend as you can see here we had some false outs as price
continued to push down but now we are clearly above that trend line so I can
comfortably say that Australian Dollar US Dollar on The Daily time frame on
an uptrend is at price breaking this trend line and either retesting this level of known
support and resistance or the uptrend that's what I'm focusing on here
so those are your options and you need to be aware of all of this even if you're
scalping and focus on that smaller time frame always understand that there are
key psychological and Key Bank levels on every single asset you
trade it doesn't matter if it's Bitcoin one in thirty-five
thousand, one in seven- forty thousand and this one is eighteen thousand
you can see rejections rejections rejections rejections from
these levels it's four -thirty thousand it's thirty thousand key levels
like this are going to help you in your trades l to keep you angry or to get you in
the right direction.


The ends of these key levels are
much more important than other levels so if you want to improve your trading link in your trend lines
and tune in your support and resistance areas watch this video here and if you got
value from this video you like
the way i'm learning make sure you leave a like and subscribe if you
haven't thank you very much for watching and we'll see you in the next

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