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hi i'm andrea welcome back to my channel well i 
am a real life small business marketing manager   and this past weekend we had an awesome event we 
were the title sponsor of a 5k so i'm going to be   sharing with you in this video all of the tactics 
that i use specifically even some of my vendors   that i use that i really really loved on some 
of our giveaways just my strategy social media   wise to make the most of this title sponsorship 
so if you're curious i'm going to be spilling   absolutely everything that i did in the hopes 
that it might help you out with your event okay   well i am the marketing manager of a heating 
and air conditioning company in the midwest   however one of my first jobs out of college 
was to be the marketing manager at the kansas   city ballet and we did a ton of events and so i 
kind of feel like i got a lot of experience in   event management and planning as a part of the 
ballet so first of all we have been sponsoring   this particular 5k in our area for a number of 
years but what i wanted to do this year was i   contacted them early in order to guarantee that we 
would be the title sponsor what that means is that   our logo would be on the start finish line on the 
top of all the t-shirts you really get the most   bang for your buck in these circumstances when you 
can be the title sponsor so having reached out to   the event super early i was also able to meet with 
their planning committee several times because   i wanted to discuss with them all of my social 
media plans that was going to save me time in the   long run to not have to go through approvals and 
things like that via emails i was able to just go   to a couple of meetings in person and say these 
are my ideas this is what i'm going to be doing   on social media are you all on board and it was 
it turned into a great working relationship for   my exact tactics that i used and exact promotional 
products that was really fun and i will warn you   that if you are planning an event this year just 
like everywhere else you're gonna have to order   well in advance because of supply chain issues and 
this is my logic on giveaways at events first of   all while we had the opportunity to put a flyer 
or stickers or something in every single bag that   every single runner was going to get i opted to 
just not waste the money i ordered a really cool   yeti cooler it was the 500 one 4.99 something 
like that i was going to make that a giveaway   on social media and then also have it at our booth 
at the event to be kind of the draw to our table   we had a sign up at the event that you could sign 
up to win the yeti cooler and so now i have a list   of over 200 names and emails my plan is to email 
that list in particular a special coupon offer in   case they want to try our services another thing 
that i ordered were tumblers but they weren't   just any tumblers i got pretty nice tumblers 
i used the company called another basket case   she knows what is in what is popular what people 
are loving and i will say that people at the event   loved the tumblers loved there was a line to get 
them these tumblers were so great at the event   that people were asking if they could buy them 
also another fun giveaway that i love to have at   events are just these little chip clips it's a 
cheaper giveaway but people love those as well   of course a big old bowl of candy never hurts 
anybody and honestly some of the other vendors it   was crickets over at their table because they just 
had a table with a display of their products or   something like that honestly people are here for 
a 5k not necessarily for you this is not a trades   show so as a sponsor my goal is to just bring an 
extra level of fun and an extra level of oh wow   i'm so glad that i came here because i walked 
away with this awesome tumbler and maybe i'll   win a yeti now leading up to the event what i did 
with social media first of all i made a facebook   profile frame and that option was still available 
on facebook at the time back when i did it now   that's not available but i did find a workaround 
if you would still like to make a facebook profile   frame you should see the video that i have linked 
down below as a way that you can do that even   though facebook isn't allowing people to do that 
right now on social media leading up to the event   i did a series of giveaways i gave away entries 
into the race because i got a ton of free entries   because we were the title sponsor so starting a 
couple months out of the event i started kicking   off saying hey we are the title sponsor we're 
going to be doing a series of giveaways so you   have to like our page and comment below to be 
involved with that i created a hashtag campaign   so anytime somebody used the hashtag they 
were entered to win in our grand prize and   then whatever the giveaway was for that week we 
made a video about our involvement with the race   and had it embedded into our website and we 
also sent that video out in a series of email   campaigns to our customers saying that we are 
a part of this event we're involved and also of   course anytime i posted on social media i tagged 
the events facebook page so that they would also   share my posts the organic reach on all of my 
facebook posts was like through the roof for that   reason i also went live a couple of times during 
the event to show our facebook audience what   was going on at that moment once before the event 
started and another time as the event was kicking   off one fun thing that i forgot to mention was 
that we a number of years ago decided to invest in   having a mascot made our logo involves a clock so 
we had a mascot made that looks like a clock and   we call him ticker i tell you if your company does 
any amount of events this mascot costume was not   terribly expensive and it is always a draw and 
i mean we have people bringing their kids over   wanting them to get their pictures taken with 
them and talk about branding talk about organic   marketing let me tell you if you get yourself 
a mascot it will not disappoint so i will leave   the link below to the company who made our 
mascot who we call ticker i always want to   reflect on any marketing that i do in particular 
events because i want to make sure that what i am   doing matters to the bottom line of the company 
that it is elevating the company in some way i   certainly don't want to do any marketing that's 
not going anywhere right first of all just for   practical reasons we now have a list of like 200 
emails that we didn't have before that we can   market to so there's that due to the yeti cooler 
giveaway second is the exposure that being tied   to this 5k event helped our social media presence 
immensely we got a lot of new followers and new   fans because we were promoting this event that 
they already liked and so now we're tied to a very   family-friendly community oriented event which 
is good for our brand also our employees loved it   so the employees just come to have fun i think it 
makes them feel good to know that they are a part   of something that is helping out a charity in the 
community and finally we certainly created fans i   can't tell you the number of times that people 
came up to us and when we said that they could   have this tumblr for free they're like oh my gosh 
you are the best and you know they they felt like   we were giving them this special gift every time 
we gave away one of these tumblers it's always   great when people when you hear people vocalize 
their appreciation of your company because when   you say something out loud you believe it even 
more deeply so when people come up and are able   to verbalize to you in person that they really 
love you they love your service thanks so much   for being here thanks so much for supporting this 
charity that goes a long way in fostering strong   community ties with our customers with potential 
new customers it was a huge success i think that   being prepared and having a game plan well in 
advance definitely helps because we could have   just as easily been the title sponsor and then 
not really taken it too much further than that   you know just have been happy with our logo on 
the t-shirts and on their banners and stuff which   a lot of people do that after the event i sent a 
thank you email to like the chairman the founder   i wanted to let them know as soon as i could 
that we would be more than happy to be the title   sponsor again next year so i hope that this will 
help you i hope that you aren't afraid to sponsor   a 5k i think that they're great and i think that 
right now people are loving getting back out into   the community again being involved with things 
seeing other people it was just a ton of fun   i hope that you like this video if it was helpful 
i hope you subscribe and i will see you soon you

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