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I kind of feel bad for saying this but This is stupidly simple and it doesn't Require more than 10 to 15 minutes of Your time and no actual work is required For this you don't need a website you Don't need your own product or service Or anything like that and I'm going to Show you people that are using this and Making passive income for years it's Something that you can set up in Literally 10 to 15 minutes and you can Get paid for it again and again for a Very long period of time and I'm going To show you exactly how to do it and Walk you through the process but if you Don't pay close attention to every Single second of this video then you Will most likely get confused lost and You will not be able to make this a Success so make sure to pay close Attention to every single second of this Video and stick with me all the way Until the end just a quick disclaimer Here if someone replies to your comment Like this claiming they're me just know It's a scam I don't have WhatsApp I Don't have Telegram and I would never Tax you for money you can check their Accounts they don't have a verification Badge they don't have the same Subscribers or videos as me and they Will just scam you my only Instagram Account is at I'm Dave Nick people are Just creating fake accounts reposting my

Photos and dming you asking for money You can check their posts the engagement Is fake their new accounts and just know That I would never text you like that so Just stay safe and report them all now With all that being said and done what You simply want to do for the step Number one is you want to open up this Website called the testing table already Tasting a and then you want to Go to category recipes you want to click On recipes over here and it's going to Give you all of these different other Food and drinks recipes so if you or Someone who likes cooking at home or You're like a healthy diet but you don't Want to order food and you don't want to Eat out every single day you will use a Website like this to find really nice Recipes for example you can click create A classic shrimp fried rice recipe or Penny or tikka masala recipe I love Tikka masala and like these these food Are like amazing so what people come do Here is they come to find different Recipes right now you don't actually Have to cook in order to make this work Right I'm gonna show you exactly how This is gonna be done without you having To cook or anything like that because It's pure passive income so what you Want to do is you want to find different Interesting healthy recipes in this Platform and then you want to open up

Canvas you want to go over to Canada There's a particular particular template Which you can use the way I found this Template was literally by going over to Camera and searching for healthy recipes Templates and this is like an ebook Template it's like an ebook cover over Here we have a full ebook cover and then Down below we have the contents which we Can customize like I didn't edit Anything this is how it was from the Beginning you can search for the same For the same template if you want to or I'm going to leave a link to this Template in the description box down Below but basically what you can simply Do is you can start customizing this to Create your own ebooks you can change The background image you can instead of Snacks you can for example say healthy Recipes at home and then I'm just gonna I'm gonna create myself as an author so I'm gonna say by Dave and Nick and you Can of course put your own name and then Below that you can start working on the Content of the actual ebook so you can Just scroll a little bit down you can Add contents and chapters and then in Order to change these chapters all you Got to do is basically just double click And just add recipes from from tasting Table so you can just go back here and Let's say for example you want to add This elevated green tea shot recipe you

Can just see what they're talking about In the article and how this is being Made and then you don't want to just Copy and paste it because there will be You that will be illegal but what you Want to do is you want to take parts of These articles let's say for example I Want to take this part I can just copy Let's say for example I'm going to copy Just this sentence but you can copy the Full article and then you can use this Paraphrasing tool called quill bot this Is it's a free tool where You can just paste an article or paste Text and it's going to be Rewritten into Actual words without you actually having To do the work yourself so I'm simply Just going to paste that text inside of This box I'm going to remove the link of Course I don't need that to be Rewritten So I'm just going to remove it and I'm Gonna click on paraphrase and that will Actually paraphrase this article as you Can see on the right side it's going to Give me original content which was Written pretty well so now I can copy This and then use this sentence in my Book and by doing that you can add all Of these different recipes add different Contents add different pages on for your For your book so for example this is Going to be the page number one I could Just duplicate it and change this and Make it like page number two and then

For the page number two I'm gonna be Using elevated green tea shot recipe so I'm just gonna copy this and I'm simply Gonna paste it instead of mixed berry Acai Bowl so I'm gonna paste it like This here's how it looks now I can add The ingredients and to add the Ingredients I can just go back and see Which ingredients they are using so we Have all of these ingredients listed Down below which I can just copy and Paste so I can just copy this and then I Can go back and I can paste it and Here's how it looks as of right now and Of course I can change this image so I Will try to find the green tea on the Left side so I can go to the photos and I can type in green the shot or just Green tea or whatever that food might be So I'm going to be using this one as an Example so I can pretty much just drag And drop it right over here and here's The page number two so here's page Number one mixed berry acai Bowl then We'll have the page number two elevated Green Fusion recipe and then I can Continue to do this so I can once again Duplicate the page change this instead Of page number two I will just type in Page number three and I can actually Create a full book like this by finding All of these different recipes and just By the listing ingredients if I want to Make the tikka masala I can just scroll

A little bit down and see which Ingredients are being used in Deca Masala here they are there's actually a Lot of ingredients as you can see and Then we can just paste them over here so You can just squeeze them in and then Change this image so once again you can Go to the left hand side you can type in Tikka masala let's see if they have it Listed if not we're gonna try to find Something similar but they do have it so Now I can just drag and drop the Camasala here and then I can list the Ingredients and then I can change the Title over here and just type in tikka Masala so here we have it my favorite Dish and anyways we're now gonna click On share and now you can download this Full PDF document with all these Different pages with an actual cover Image which is going to be the first Image that showed up showed up and then All of these different pages as an Actual PDF book so I can just select the PDF standard and I can download all of These as a PDF file and if you open that Up it's going to be like a full book of Different contents now one thing you can Also do to maximize your results is you Can add different products from ClickBank so you can join the ClickBank Marketplace with thousands of different Products for you to promote and if You're posting like healthier recipes

You can go to the health and fitness Category or go to the diet and weight Loss or exercise in Fitness or you can Also go to cooking food and wine and Then you can find relevant products Which you can include in the book itself So you can create a call to action you Can say for example if you're promoting Something related to a dietary Supplements let's say you can find Something that might be appealing to People who are interested in health and Fitness and you can say hey if you want To let's say lose weight fast if you Want to lose weight while sleeping Whatever that might B you can just click Here and then you can just insert your Affiliate link which you can get by Clicking on promote and there's enter Your nickname and then you can right Away get your affiliate link which you Can then insert inside of the book Itself so let's say for example if I had A cold reaction here so down below I Said click here to learn how to lose Weight fast in order to attach my Affiliate link all I need to do is just Highlight that part make it bold and Then in post-production just edit the PDF document and attach my affiliate Link to it to make a hyperlink now once You have a full book ready to be Uploaded you can simply go over to Amazon where you can see people making a

Lot of passive income just by listing Their books on here so once created an Ebook once you have created a full ebook It can be literally just 10 15 20 Pages It doesn't matter you can only list it For sale for a little just two dollars On Amazon doesn't need to be 15 or 20 Dollars like these people because as you Can see for example even these guys like This person is selling it for 15 and has Gotten 200 or review use not every Single person will leave a feedback so They've gotten more than 200 Sales in Pure passive income this person is Selling this for six dollars and has Gotten over 3 300 reviews and if you do The math and that that's over eighteen Thousand dollars in passive income and The reason I say it's passive income is Because you create an ebook once you List it on Amazon once and as long as People people keep using it as long as People keep buying it you're gonna keep On making money without actually having To do any extra work they can literally Just buy it they will pay you and they Can download it instantly you don't Actually have to deliver whatsoever it's A digital book and there is also No Limit and no cost to you it's completely Free so that's exactly why all of these People are doing it these are just for Healthy recipes if you go back to just Amazon Kindle you can see people making

A lot more money by selling in different Niches like for example we have this Book selling over here for ten dollars 500 feedbacks we have these books Selling for 18. 65 000 different feedbacks that's hundreds Of thousands of dollars at this point Person made of a single ebook that They've uploaded single digital product So to list your Amazon book you just Need to go over to and this is like Self-publishing on eBook on Amazon and You can publish your ebook or paperback For free with Kindle Direct publishing And actually reach millions of people Around the world because Amazon is being Visited by hundreds of millions of People every single month and people go There to shop so you can get a lot of Traffic if you end up ranking high and Once you start getting those sales not Only are going to be earning money from The sales and themselves but you're also Going to make money if you're promoting An affiliate Link in those books which You've made using canva for completely Free so go back to canva put some time And effort into creating as many Different ebooks and paperbacks that are Valuable to people started listing them On Amazon every single day as many of Them as you can to potentially earn Passive income for a very long period of

Time I really hope you got some value Out of this video really hope you've Learned something new if you did make Sure to drop a like and I will see you Next time

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