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Everything is pretty much Donna's Warrior and you can use these two Absolutely free AI Bots to make money Online as a complete beginner without Actually doing the work yourself because As I said the work is pretty much done For you and this literally requires less Than 10 minutes of work and I'm gonna Walk you through the entire process and Show you exactly how this actually works And how you can do this from literally Anywhere in the world because it is Actually worldwide available so if that Sounds good enough then make sure to Drop a like down below and let us begin With a full step-by-step breakdown so First things first the website that We're going to be using the tool the bot That we're gonna be using is called Kickstop now Kickstart is an Instagram Bot it actually helps people get more Followers get more likes get more Engagement on their Instagram accounts This is very important for people that Are running their businesses on Instagram and there's actually Millions If not hundreds of millions of people They're already making some money on Instagram and now this tool will help Them grow their accounts and get more Followers this is of course better than Buying fake followers so this is not a Platform where they can buy fake Followers or anything like that it just

Helps them grow organically how to get More people onto their page which can Ultimately grow their business and make Them even more money if they are Promoting something on that page so That's really really good now you don't Necessarily need to start an Instagram Business for this or whatsoever as I Said this is going to be curated towards Completed beginners that don't have a Website don't have any Instagram Followers or whatsoever you don't need An Instagram account for this and you Don't have to pay for this tool or Whatsoever but what you want to do is You want to go over to kids.kickstep.com And then you want to scroll all the way Down to the bottom remember it's not Calm but it's dot Co and you want to Scroll all the way down to the bottom of The website and you want to go to the Affiliates section right over here and That's going to take you to the platform Where you can sign up as an affiliate to Kickstart and earn a reoccurring monthly Commissions and actually earn 50 Commissions every single month from Whatever someone spends on this platform So if someone is paying for that 200 a Month plan you're gonna be making 100 a Month from one single person which means That if you refer 100 people that's Gonna be over ten thousand dollars a Month in pure passive income so at that

Point you don't even have to do any Additional work you're just earning Recurring commissions every single month And it literally takes less than one Single minute to sign up for your Affiliate program so what I want to do Is you just want to click on sign up now Then you want to enter your first name Here enter your last name and if your Email address create a password click on I'm not a robot agree through the terms Of service and click on sign up now now Once you do that you will answer some Basic demographic details about yourself And you will click on Save now once you Do that you want to select the payment Method in this case it's going to be PayPal and you just want to answer your People address people address goes here And then you want to click on ADD once You do that you will be into their Affiliate program so it's going to take About 24 to 48 hours for them to accept You into the affiliate program and then You're going to be able to go to the Assets section and grab your affiliate Link to promote kicks to other people And earn affiliate commissions on Incomplete autopilot okay that's how you Become an affiliate for kickstep now Once you have that bot what you want to Do is you want to proceed to the next Bot which is called any word so any word Is an AI tool that's gonna generate text

And articles for you and you're going to See exactly how you can actually use This to make money online with this math So you want to go to any word and you Want to sign into your account and then You want to go to the blog visitor Section on the left side and click on Blogs from blog posts from scratch and Then you basically just want to write a Blog post or just ask them to write a Blog post about how to get more Followers on Instagram or how to grow on Instagram fast or how to increase your Engagement on Instagram or how to build A business on Instagram so anything That's related to Instagram growth and Instagram business would be suitable so They will now generate a title for our Blog post for our article and then you Can just select which title you like and You're going to proceed with that so I'm Gonna go with that Improvement tips to Help you get more followers on Instagram And then click on next now that will Generate outline suggestions you will Select which outline you prefer and once You select that it will generate an Intro paragraph and then you will slide To which intro you prefer for your Articles you pretty much just click and Everything is written for you as you can See the outline it was written for you In literally just a couple of seconds The AI bot does all the work for you you

Just click on this you click next and You continue to the editor and I'll just Generate each section by pressing on the Generate button which is on the right Side and this is the only downside of Any word is that you actually need to Generate each section by yourself so you Just need to click and then click again And click again and click again until You have each section generated for you But I would prefer if there's just one Single button that you click and then it Generates the entire article but for Some reason they chose to create it like This which is still fine you just need To click 10 buttons and just do it again And again until you have a full article Written for you that talks about in this Case how to grow on Instagram and now Finally we have a full article generated For us so you basically got the entire Article written for you this is like 1.3 000 words long article that I can now Copy with one click of a button so just Click on copy to clipboard and you will Have full article copied so what you Want to do now once you have an article That talks about Instagram is you simply Want to go over to a platform called Medium already medium.com so medium.com Is a platform that's being visited by Millions of people every single month And millions of people come here to read Different articles and different stories

So you want to create an account for Free you want to click on right and then You simply want to copy and paste that Entire article here so literally just Gonna copy the full article here and Then I'm gonna grab the title I'm gonna Remove it from the article and just Paste it here so 10 Improvement tips to Help you get more Instagram followers And now between all of these different Lines you simply just want to create a Call to action which is going to be Something along the line so we'll click Here for the best Instagram growth Software or something like that like you Just create your own code to action then Highlight it make it bold and just Insert your affiliate link for Kickstart And once you have your link inside you Can now highlight this you can now copy And paste it between all of these Different sections to make sure that When someone is reading this article They don't skip your call to action in Your affiliate link they actually click On it because if they do and they Purchase this program you're gonna earn Affiliate commissions every single month From them and if they're reading an Article that talks about how to grow on Instagram then chances are that they are Obviously interested in growing their Instagram account so here I have it now I can pretty much just go ahead and

Publish this to medium.com I can also Add a topic here I can add a picture on The left side and I can just publish it With one click of a button to Millions Of people that can raid it and click on My affiliate link and you can Essentially generate unlimited amount of These different articles create Different variations and just post them Again and again to get as many people Signed up through the link because if You get 100 people out of those millions Of people if just 100 of them sign up Through your affiliate link to Kickstart You can make over ten thousand dollars a Month in pure passive income without Even doing the work yourself because the AI bot wrote These articles for you so I Really hope you got some value out of This video I really hope you learned Something new and if you did make sure To drop a like down below and I will see You in some of the next ones

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