Dreams Of A High Profile Lifestyle | Crime Patrol 2.0 – Ep 69 | Full Episode | 9 June 2022

Neeti, you didn't ready yet. Why are you crying? How can you do this to me, mom? I've been doing
this for 1 year. Disgusting! I am starting to feel
disgusted with myself too. It doesn't matter
to you, mom, right? You all know what is the
condition of our house and we also have to bear the
cost of Aditya's education. Will you make extra money? What will I have to do? You don't have to do much, do a little corporate
with the customer.

It is said that
the customer is the king. No, you lie down, I
will do everything else. Hello, American Aadi. How are you? Sister, you're so funny. Well, I didn't
disturb you, right? I'm going for the exam, thought I should take
good-luck from you. No, I was awake. Tell me how is your
preparation going on? How did you get
these injuries on your face and what
happened to you? I fell in the
bathroom, these are minor injuries, it
will be cured. Don't pay attention to all
this, focus on your studies. You study diligently. Ah! Are you feeling better? Yes, thank you, uncle.
– Your welcome. I want to tell you one thing.
– Yes, tell me. I don't know why but I
was so scared of you. Everyone in society says that.. Balbir is angry and fighter. Yes, I think you're not
like that. You don't know me very well now. You have recently shifted
here with your family, right? Yes, one month ago.

Dad has an
import-export business and mother is a housewife. My brother is doing
engineering in US. Are you working? Cause I've seen you come
late at night too many times. Yes, uncle, I do
part time job so sometimes I get late
in coming from office. Okay, uncle, I should go now. Yes, please.
– Thank you once again. What did you do this? How did you get this injury? Well, tell me how do you know
this old man Balbir Singh Sodhi. I don't know him. I was hurt in front of his
house so he helped me. You don't need help from him! I'm telling you his
intentions are not good! Hi.. – How disgusting! What are you watching? Give me my phone.

Aren't you ashamed
to watch all this? What's the shame in that? Somebody forwarded
me the link, I opened it, I didn't know
it would be there. Do you know that Baanke was
also watching all this secretly? Baanke come here.
– Yes, sir. Are you not ashamed?
– What happened? You stand behind me and
secretly watch my phone. No, sir, I didn't
watch anything. Well, you leave him. I want Rs. 20000, I
want to buy some stuff. Really, do you
want to get stuff or a birthday gift for
your grandson? You have nothing to do
with your son and grandson! I don't want to have any relationship with
such a greedy son. Give me my phone now! Uncle, I have to do
all this under compulsion, I have
no other option. I will talk to your father now. Uncle, please don't
do like that.

You don't know my father, don't
know what he will do with me. My life is ruined, sir. I want to at least
improve my brother's life. No, sir. Please. I beg you. Please don't do anything.
– What are you doing? Okay. Don't cry.
I won't do anything. Enough. Calm down. Hey girl! Aren't you ashamed! He's as old as your father. What nonsense are you saying? Am I speaking nonsense?
And her? What is she doing? She's clinging to a man
as old as her father. Do you know what kind
of clothes she wears? She stays out late at night. It seems she has
trapped you too. Stop your nonsense. Neeti.. Neeti, wait. Fool! You slapped me for
that cheap girl. I won't stay here
even for a moment. Go live with your foolish son. I'm leaving.
– Go, then. Go live with your son.
I don't want anyone. Old man is enjoying. Greetings, sir.
– Greetings, Mr. Pandey. Are you coming
from your village? Yes, fine.

How is your family?
– They are fine. No matter how
enticing the city is but the environment of
a village is different. Yes, you are right. Come on, Pandey. I'll leave. Okay.
– Okay. Sir? Mr. Sodhi? It seems he's drunk
in the morning. What's the report? Victim's name is
Balbir Singh Sodhi. He's a retired commissioner
from Income Tax department. His servant returned from
his village and saw the body.

Family? He lives alone.
I mean, he lived by himself. Did you find out anything else?
Any clue? Any information? Murder weapon?
– We didn't see anything, sir. You didn't? Why? Because you guys were coming.
We got orders from above that we shouldn't
touch anything. So that's what we did.
We follow orders well. People often follow the
order to not work well, Tambe. Come on,
let's see what you didn't do. He has a wife and a son. But he didn't talk to his son. His son married
a girl he liked. That's why he kicked his
son and daughter-in-law. And his wife?
– She was living here. She used to live with him. But a few days ago
they had a fight. He had an affair with Ms.

Neeti. That's why Ms. Vani
left the house. Ms. Neeti? Yes, sir.
– Do you know her? Yes, sir. Everyone knows
her in the society. And you went to your village.
– Yes, sir. When? – Sir, on 4th May.
The bus was at 11. Sir, I searched the entire house
but didn't find anything. But one thing is suspicious.
The terrace is locked. Are any important papers
missing or any files? They are locked in the bureau. Where is the key?
– Sir has the key. And the terrace?
– That too. Let me go in.
This is my house. You can't go in.
– Let me go in. Balbir.. Neeti took my
husband away from me. Dear, I shouldn't
have left your father.

My husband had lost his mind. He was crazy for a girl
as young as his son. He was talking
about Neeti all day. He always called her.
Looking at her photo. A few days ago,
he crossed the line. This is not right. You are giving a stranger
a share of your property. You have a share in
this property too. If I see that girl
anywhere near you again then look..
– Hey! Listen to me. I made this decision
in full consciousness. Now both of you get
out of here now. Don't show me your face again. Balbir didn't want
to see her true face. And what was her true face? She had a bad reputation
in the entire society. Did Neeti's family
know about her affair? Inspector, why don't you listen?
My daughter is missing. Why don't you listen? I told you come after 24 hours
to file a missing complaint. Sir, please try to understand.
My daughter is young. Sir, they are the parents
of that girl. Their daughter did all
this to my husband.

Ma'am, be respectful
of my daughter. Sir, please find my daughter.
Find her somehow. Sir, this old man, Sodhi had made my daughter's
life miserable. He pursued her
all the time. He'd give costly gifts. Look.. He gave her
these gold bangles. Sir, when I tried to stop him he assaulted me. I think he's behind the
disappearance of my daughter. When did you find out
that Neeti is missing? Sir, we went to Kolhapur
on May 3 to attend a wedding and Neeti was alone
at home.

I was busy for 2-3 days
at the wedding so I couldn't call her. And when we returned we saw that
Neeti is not at home and her phone
was switched off. Rashmi, take Neeti's details. Rashmi, trace
Neeti's phone. Check its CDR. And also her social media. The young children of
this generation don't tell their family
and friends anything but they say everything
to strangers on social media. Siddharth, Sutar. Go to Sunflower Colony. Find out what they have to say
about Balbir and Neetu's affair. Yes, sir.
– And, Siddharth. Get Balbir's IT department
cases in which he had taken
action against defaulters. Sir, we will do that but I think Neeti Gupta
had the biggest motive to kill Balbir Sodhi. What motive could
she have, Siddharth? Anything..
Love, money or property. But, Siddharth.
Balbir had transferred his property's ownership
in her name. Exactly. Maybe she blackmailed him
into doing it. Wow! So the man who is
feared by the society is afraid of a young girl. You don't know how dangerous
these girls are.

Right, Sutar? Didn't you see
how she killed him after he transferred property
in her name? Okay.. So how can you..
– Sir, what do you think? Who killed him? That girl or his wife? Sutar, the case whose answer
seems straight-forward is usually crooked. Maybe someone killed
Balbir and kidnapped Neeti. Sir, Neeti's enemies
were Balbir's wife and son. Balbir gave Neeti
their share of property. Maybe. Rashmi, check Tanu and
Daljeet's call records and mobile location. And yes..
Sincere people discuss they don't debate. Sorry, sir. Sir, I used to go by
another route to office to escape from Balbir. We never know what he
might say and when. Sir, Balbir had a problem
with everything. Right from us playing
outside to the watchman listening
to the radio. And last week, he fought
with the watchman, Pandey. What happened, sir? You like to tease others? What did you say?
– What did I say? Why? Give me a chance
too, ma'am. Right? I didn't say so, sir. Don't lie!
I heard what you said.

Is she lying?
– She's lying. – Scoundrel. With which hand will
you hold her and roam? – No. This one?
– No. Let go..
– What are you doing? Sir. – I'll die.
– Wait.. I'll.. How much will you thrash him?
He'll die. It's better if such people die. I didn't do anything, sir. Didn't you do anything? You never do anything, right?
Tell me. Sir.. Sir. – I confirmed it from
the society people he eve teased Neeti. Sir, I just teased her.
I didn't do anything.

But, sir. She's
in the business, so.. – So? Will you tease her? I heard that Balbir..
That old man she pleased him. Let her do anything. Who gave
you the right to tease her? Sir.. I was not the
only one to tease her Baanke also did
the same. he told me that Neeti and Balbir were intimate he fought with his master. I'm a man, after all. Upon seeing Ms.

pexels photo 267371

anyone can fall for her. Neeti would've told this
to your boss. He must have fired you. That's why you both
fought before leaving. I did fight with him
but for some other reason. You..
And, Pandey, you too.. You both shouldn't
leave the city and go. Else you'll be put
behind bars. Got it? Sir, Balbir Sodhi took action against
a powerful builder in his last year of duty. He got Rs. 200 crore
worth black money. Rs. 200 crore? Rs. 200 crore is a huge motive
to murder someone. Get the details
of these builders. – Yes, sir. And yes..
Check Baanke's alibi. Find out if he went to his
village on 4th May, morning or not by bus. One more thing. Amidst the papers and items that
we got from Balbir's house we got a will. Who made it?
– Advocate Arvind Kulkarni.

Advocate Kulkarni. Balbir Sodhi was
a very sensible and caring person,
Officer. But whomever we interrogated
said the opposite. I agree, Balbir
was short-tempered. But he'd get mad for reasons
that drives us mad too. And we must.. Balbir just hated
the wrong things.. He'd act impulsive
and make decisions. Because he knew he was
doing the right thing regardless of what
people think about him. The way he adopted that girl. Adopted?
Whom? Neeti.
Neeti Gupta. Neeti, think over it again. They are your parents. Parents? Whatever they did to me.. No one does this
to their enemies too. I have decided. I want to disown them. I just want
to be Balbir's daughter.. Kulkarni, our relationship
is sacred but Anu suspects us. If I legally adopt her her disgusting thought
will change. Draft the papers. Sir, did Neeti tell you
how her parents troubled her? No, sir. But she seemed to be
in trouble. I never saw any child hate
their parents so much. Did we get the PM report
or not? Will someone tell me? It's here, sir.

I was getting
CDR details of Neeti so I forgot..
Sorry, sir. 'Balbir Sodhi died
due to excessive bleeding.' 'Due to blunt force trauma.' 'His skull is fractured' 'as he was hit by some
heavy object.' 'Time of death, 9:30 p.m.' '4th May.' Sir, Bake left for his home
in the morning that day. And Neeti's family left
for Kolhapur just a day before. I think Balbir's family
has committed this murder. And they are our prime suspects after knowing the adoption
story. That's okay but where is Neeti? What could be the reason
behind her disappearance? Sir, I have checked her CDR? She used her phone
on 4th May at 7 p.m. She called his brother Adi
who is in USA. And someone called Shila. Friend?
– Not a friend. Actually Shila is her pimp. Shila was a pimp. So, Neeti is a prostitute? Maybe. Just a minute, sir. Yes, tell me. What smell? But we have removed the body
from there. Madam, the smell must
be coming from somewhere else. You just.. Okay, we will check.

Sir, it was a call
from the colony. They are saying that the smell
is still coming from Balbir's home. Smell?
– Yes. Let's go and check. More, come. Hurry up. Sir, the face
is completely damaged. But from the body description
it seems that it's Neeti. I think when Neeti's murderer
was going back from here Yes. I run an escort service.
So what? It was legal before.
Is it now illegal? Not at all. It's not illegal. So, shall I show you
some catalogues? You will be pleased. I will make you pleased. Wait!
– Rashmi. Ms. Shila, we have come here
to know about Neeti Gupta. Don't say that you don't
know her. We have come here tracing
her phone calls and messages.. Pay attention.
He is talking to you. What is this, sir? Why are you threatening me? If you get my number
on someone's phone then it doesn't mean
that I know that person. If you didn't know her
then what were you doing with her in the lobby
of Royal Inn hotel? Look, Ms.

we have CCTV footage. There you were seen picking
up and dropping Neeti so many times. Yes, I know her. Where did you meet her? Her father, Nirmal
brought her here. – What! Sir, this is how
women's life is. Not even the real father
stands by them. Nirmal was her step-father. He used to harass her. Yesterday, he saved Neeti and being a father,
you sold your daughter and made her go
into flesh trade.

I'd no choice. Being a drunkard,
I ruined my business. Jyoti laid down a condition if I marry her I've to send her son
to the US. So, you thought it was right
to sell your daughter. Instead of supporting your
innocent daughter, you used her. He is a stepfather
but you're her real mother. Sir, we had no choice. You should've died than enjoying
the godforsaken money. Does your son know,
for his education his sister is forced into..
– No, sir. Aditya knows nothing.
Please don't tell him. Neeti didn't want her brother
to know the truth or he'll not study further, sir. Did both of you planned together
to kill Balbir and Neeti or you did it alone? I was hitting the jackpot.
Why should I dig my own grave? Rashmi, slap charges against him
for solicitation and torture. Arrest him. – No way, sir.
You can't do this. Neither you've the victim
nor witness nor a warrant. Neeti is already dead. You don't have a warrant.

You need to arrest Sheila
for witness. By the time you arrest her my lawyer would've got
the anticipatory bail. So much idea would've saved
you from selling your daughter. Don't think you'll go scot-free. I'll make sure
that you go to jail. Rashmi, make a file against him.
– Yes, sir. Sir, Anu and Daljit's call
records are clean. Both were at home
at the time of murder. I also followed up
the builder. He is clean. There aren't any suspicious
money or transactions. What about Nirmal
and Jyoti's CDR? I checked. They were at Kolhapur
at the time of murder. Their phone location
is of that place. They must've sent the phone
to Kolhapur. Sir, Neeti's post-mortem
report has come. I'd placed a request
for early release. As per the report, Neeti was
murdered for the same reason. She was bludgeoned
around 15 times before death and seven times,
after she died. Humanity has gone
to the dogs. Sir, the fingerprint report
has come. The forensics have retrieved
only 48 percent fingerprints where the court requires
at least 50 percent.

Sir, once it matches
with someone we'll find evidence
for the court. – Okay. Match the fingerprints
of all the suspects. I want this report urgently. Mom. Dad. Neeti is dead. You are Aditya, Neeti's
brother, right? – Yes, sir. As soon as I came to know, I
took the first flight from the US and came here. Sir, please don't
spare her killers. Is it done? – Yes, sir. When will the report come?
– By evening, sir.

Sir, none the suspects'
fingerprints are matching. If not them,
then, who did it? So, someone else
was also there. Rashmi, get the dump data
Sodhi Bungalow area. See who were there
on the evening of 4th May. Where is Sattar?
He should've been here. Hello. Sattar, where are you? Where are you going? I'm going back to the US.
– Why? I've to give my exams. And without my sister,
I can't study here.

Has anyone spoken to Sutar? He hasn't arrived yet.
Where is he? I spoke to him one a call. He must be on the way, sir. I'm sorry, sir..
– There is he. Hey, Sutar..
– I'm sorry.. I'm sorry, sir.. When I visited Mr. Sodhi's place I'd forgotten my lunch box
in an auto rickshaw.. Sutar, you should know that
we have a lot of work to do. I feel strange today. One person got murdered but
the entire family is suffering. What's the matter, Sutar?
What's with philosophy? Oh, no, not philosophy.
I met Neeti's brother. He was very sad. He's going back to the US.
– What did you say! He's going back?
– Yes. Didn't he come here recently? So what? He said that he's
going because got an exam to attend.

His sister was murdered, Sutar! He has spent a lot of money
to come here. People usually stay for
days after the funeral and he's leaving before it. This seems strange to me. Siddharth. – Yes, sir. Circulate Aditya's photograph. Tell the control room to block
all roads to the airport. Yes, sir. – And you, Aditi,
check the passenger manifests of all the airlines. Find out which airline
he's going to board with. Yes, sir. What happened?
Why did you stop the car? There's a blockade, sir. Put your hand forward..
– Let go.. What's this nonsense! Let go!
– Siddharth.. Speak now. – Which constitution
has this law? I won't give my fingerprints. I have rights. – Listen, people
who demand their rights the most as the most
in the wrong. What was it that you said? That you came two days earlier. What were you doing outside
Royal Hotel in Mumbai on May 3? A CCTV footage of May 3
from outside the hotel. Isn't that you in a hoodie? This is the CCTV footage
from outside the society. So what.. I want to chill for a couple
of days before going back.

What's your problem? Oh, no! You're the one who's
going to have a problem. It'll be a big one! On May 4, your mobile location
is around Balbir's house. What were you doing there
at 8 p.m. on May 4? More, bring out pole. He seems to require
a thrashing to speak. Stop. I'll tell you everything. Speak. I had no other choice. A US friend of mine saw sister's picture
on an escort service. My friends started
making fun of me. They said that my sister
was a prostitute. That when they come
to Mumbai they'll.. They'll have fun
my with my sister.. I couldn't believe my eyes as a customer right
in front of my eyes..

With my sister.. I worshipped my sister. She betrayed me. She betrayed me! So you came two days earlier and followed those two. Yes, sir. It was then I found out that something was going on between
Balbir and sister. You thought that
he was a customer. So you killed those two. I didn't commit the murder. I gave a killing contract. To whom? Sir, this boy had heard me and Mr. Sodhi quarrel. He gave me Rs. 1 Lakh to kill
those two.. I broke their phones and the
hammer used in the murders and threw them in a gutter. Didn't you take a bus to
your village that morning? Yes, sir. I went there in that bus. That was the plan. That I'd take the bus,
get off in Bhiwandi and come back to finish the job and go back to my village. I regret nothing. Sister deserved this. It was good that this
happened to her. Her only mistake was that
she remained silent and that was for your sake.

Your parents
forced her into this! And Balbir Sodhi.. He wasn't her customer. He had legally adopted her to bring her out of that filth! To give her everything
she deserved but took everything from her. What the heck happened, sir.. People want a luxurious life.. They get addicted to money. Everyone wants
high profile life. People go to great lengths
for these things. Look at the poor people..
Don't they live too? A person with strong value will
find proper ways to earn money. Girls in our country
need to understand whoever abuses them, be it
inside or outside the house the need to voice
their protest.. No matter who it is against,
be it father, brother or anyone.. It's just not right to risk
yourself for someone else. 'Baanke Yadav.' 'Aditya Gupta.' 'Nirmal Gupta.' 'Jyoti Gupta.'

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