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I have received lot of mails and comments and people called us too to clear some of their doubts So there were lot of questions on Digital Marketing Like salary? Job opportunities. Growth? Is it necessary to know coding? I don't know english. Do i need to learn coding? NO! Today i'll clear all your doubts. and you won't need to ask any more questions. Our first question is Job opportunities Job opportunities are there or not? Think logically Surplus business exists that are in unorganized sector. There are many businessmen Who have lot of money Family business: we can say that Now their next direction is joining the family business. So if next generation is coming to join the family business But will they like the old way of doing business? They need modern ways/ modern office like they do want to make websites They may need to run social media campaign Every kid wants If he is taking care of his father business.

They do have the vision to take it to the next level. In the coming time Digital Marketing will be the new Marketing. So if they have a big vision , they've to use digital platforms for that. and if you start your own business. and if you collaborate with other business, you can get job opportunities too. Talking about Growth If you have skill From time to time , you'll keep on learning something new. There are so many businesses. Next question is Salary. Which is the most common question. Don't expect large package being a fresher in a new industry. In any profession not just about Digital Marketing.

Fresher don't get good salary package in the beginning. Let's say salary start from From 10,000 to 25000 30,000 only 10-15k as a fresher. If he has a MBA degree or if he has some experience After this if he learns digital marketing. Then look for a job Chances are high that he may get a good job. Think logically. In starting , you are a rookie with no experience So the starting salary is of training. They'll guide you and will give you salary too. That's why salary is comparatively low. Look for a job in companies Even if they give you less money. Make sure work load is high in that company So that you can learn things. THis was always my motto. Even if i do a job in average salary package.

I should have the opportunity to learn a lot . Work in a company where you don't have to sit idle After some years of experience. You may get good salary package. If you've a mindset of a learner. I am not saying it'll increase. Let's say you went to a place. After taking coaching from digital marketing institute. Their you are SEO expert. and the backend work is creating backlinks for your website. So they ask you to create backlinks. For 6-7months ,you just created backlinks. Nothing else. If you switch to some other company. What will you say? What will you add in your previous experience ? that you created backlinks? Do you think in order to create backlinks , they need an employee? Is there any need? Because that's a monotonous work We need an employee who can think creatively.

Who can work in different department. So that's why If you work on your skills You can learn a lot in the beginning. Even if you get less amount. Money shouldn't be a concern in the beginning. I am kidding , it won't be 6k But if you get good job in a good company with less pay. DO IT. It's a bonus for you. If you work precisely on your skill. After one year You can get 25-30k too. If you work well. After 5 year , God knows :p It can be in lakhs. Next question is Language. People think English is mandatory. to learn Digital Marketing. Think logically If you want to work in a big company. Where they've international clients. Now can you talk to them in hindi? NO You've to speak in english then. or if they have more branches. And they are operating in india now. So they think about this in long term that if they train an employee, He/she can transferred to other places too.

So that He/she can train others. If company vision is like this You should know english. But if you are thinking. That i want to work in india only. English is not that big deal. over the time. It is not that tough. You should know english to a level where you can understand english by listening. Read/write your content. Don't worry about grammatical mistake. we have tools for that. You can use it. But the most important factor here is You are able to read/write english That's it. Speaking fluently takes time. This much level is fine . Because if you want to work in india.

In north india. here people use hindi only. In the company as well. Let's say You got a job at a company where Company is old but isn't grew digitally. You were hired as Digital Marketer. Now you are taking their whole business online. You'll get a good salary. around 20-22k and workload will be high. Because you'll handle everything and side by side you are growing too. And here english is not compulsory. They need results. Language doesn't matter here. Next question is Qualification.

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Whether 8th pass, 10th pass 12th pass What should i do? See if you want to do your business want to build your own agency. Then qualification doesn't matter. If you are thinking of doing job. Hardcore job. Atleast graduation is must. 10th pass don't get jobs. Think logically If you are in 10th . 1st thing in you is childishness. Why would they hire you? If they do , it'll be a low salary package. That this person is young , raw We'll train him. It'll be beneficial for us. Roughly let's say Your qualification should be atleast graduation. Reason behind it. Competition is very high. Every colony has Digital Marketing Institute. People are becoming Digital marketers. Now Your skills are not visible right? Everybody has skills. Some people show their portfolio. That works fine. But mostly people say that.

Sir I've a good knowledge in SEO. I can run ppc ad campaigns. And very good in social media marketing. Just crammed definitions. Then Think logically here. There are many people here. right. You and other people are saying the same thing. SO that recruiter will hire whom? They'll create a criteria To shortlist people from them. that person should be atleast graduated. If he is a graduate , his mental state Will be developed and is less childish. THat' why people ask for experience. Because they've professionalism. Now if you are an engineer. Then it's okay you are qualifying If you are from BBA side , then you are qualifying Or from commerce side There are no norms regarding this.

But Your roles can be different. Me as a manager. If i am hiring a engineer graduate person Then i'll give him specific roles. Because i think engineers mind works well in that particular area. Then i'll give him that role. Because someone's from arts I'll give him work according to that. So you have to define this thing. Where you are good at. And grab that category. Don't be a Digital Marketing expert. We need to specialist in every field. SEO specialist SMM specialist , PPC Email Marketing Affiliate marketing specialist. And go into that direction. When you are a specialist in one thing. Then slowly we can acquire other areas also.

Next Question is AGE. How does it matter/ Think logically If person is a teenager , he'll be childish. If an adult ,will be professional. When a person is at 40 and he goes for a job In Digital Marketing. Or in any profession. They know that this person is mentally prepared for this job. He won't to try to grow. It has been seen that Exceptions are always there. higher the age Lower the curiosity to learn SO best age is Graduation age. From 22 – 30 year is the best age to learn. But if you want to do your own business want to grow your business. Or if you are young and thinking that first you'll acquire skills then you'll grow Then you can learn now.

Next Question is Coding. Most common question. Is it necessary to learn coding or not? No relation of coding. DOnt worry. Basic HTML only WHich is not a big deal to learn. They have it in their course. So basics of HTML will be learned. No Hardcore websites coding Most institutes all over india They all are built on wordpress. wordpress is easy to learn Mostly instiutes teach this. If you want to learn coded websites then We've developer for that work. He'll make the website for you. We don't need to learn everything right. Just grab one field. Last Question is Career Switch People ask me That i am in this field I want to be Digital marketer. Will it be worth it? IF is say I am the marketing head of the company and i learn Digital Marketing Obviously that person will grow.

If i am the operation head. and i learn Digital Marketing Chances are high that i may get good pay scale. But if i am in finance and i am learning Digital Marketing Then chances are that I'll need to switch my career. It's possible that my salary may get decreased. But When you are at a high level. You've big networks. And you're professional. Then when you acquire Digital Marketing skills You mix your experience with Digital Marketing. You can grow fast. So i personally suggest. Only that people should switch or make career in Digital Marketing Who are passionate about it About every module. Or that person should be connected to marketing. or in HR. What can HR person do after Digital Marketing ? He/she can convert the recruitment process into Digital world. Now recruitment is online. Now more people will engage. They can run company's HR campaigns. Okay. Finance person won't be able to do much.

He can share his finance knowledge. or in budget making. Sales person Can increase his sale overnight. Marketing person? GOD. This was all about Common questions. I hope i've covered them all. If any left , do tell me in the comments. I'll try to reply. and if more questions are left I'll cover them too. Bye Goodnight Goodafternoon Goodmorning whenever you are watching this video..

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