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Yep you read that right you can actually Use Google Translate in order if you Make money online as a complete beginner Without actually building a website Without creating your own product or Service without even selling anything You can literally just use an absolutely Free Google app which is Google or Translate in order if you get paid and Make money from literally anywhere Around the world so if that sounds good Enough make sure to drop a like down Below so we can get to 1 000 likes in This video as soon as possible so do Your part tap the like button down below And let us actually begin with a full Step-by-step tutorial just a quick Disclaimer here if someone replies to Your comment like this claiming they're Me just know it's a scam I don't have WhatsApp I don't have Telegram and I Would never tax you for money you can Track their accounts they don't have a Verification badge they don't have the Same subscribers or videos as me and They will just scam you my only Instagram account is at I'm Dave Nick People are just creating fake accounts Reposting my photos and dming you asking For money you can check their posts the Engagement is fake their new accounts And just know that I would never fax you Like that so just stay safe and report Them all so step number one is to go

Over to Google and first of all before You go to Google Translate you want to Find the highest GDP European countries So those are the countries with the Highest economic status that have the Highest status in terms of monetary Value you can see for example Germany's GDP is around 3.6 a trillion Euros which Is around 3.6 trillion US Dollars 2.5 Trillion dollars for France United Kingdom Italy these are the highest GPD Countries in Europe and then you can use All of those I'm going to use Germany as An example because it's the top one and Then what we want to do is you want to Open up Google translate and start Translating words from that country Because you know that they have the Highest economic status you want to Translate their word so it doesn't Necessarily need to be Germany it can Also be France United Kingdom Italy Spain Russia it doesn't matter and then You can basically type in the Box let's Let's test this out so if I type in how Are you in English it's going to Translate to this in German so you can Actually leverage this this in order to Get paid and make money online without Actually selling anything without Building a website without having any Social media followers and without Investing a single dollar so what you Can simply do is you can sign up to CPA

Grip which is a CPA Network CPA Marketplace and CPA stands for cost per Acquisition and also cost per action and When it comes to cost per action it Means that in most of the cases people Just have to submit their email address In order for you to get paid so what you Want to do is you want to sign up to CPA Grip by pressing on the register button And once you sign up you want to log Into your account where you can see all Of these different people that are Already making money like this person Maybe 38 000 uh this person made a Thousand dollars twenty four thousand Dollars here so there are people that Are making thousands of dollars with This platform so what you want to do is You want to go through offers and go Through my offers the left side and then You simply want to change the country Through that country to that high GDP Country from Europe so in this case That's going to be Germany for me but For you there can also be France it can Also be Italy Russia it doesn't matter And then we can find all of these Different offers now what you're Specifically interested in are the ones That pay you per email submission so you Want to click on category until it shows The ones that pay you per email Submission so these are pen submits but As you can see for example this one pays

Me per email so when someone submits Their email address I'm gonna be paid And what you want to do is you want to Test these offers so for example I have No idea what this says but I can see This a thousand Euro sign and if I open That up I can take the text I can take The the to see what this offer is all About and I can go back and I can Translate this so I'm gonna paste that Inside of this box and as you can see in English that means get your 1 000 of an Amazon voucher so this is an offer where People can submit their email address or Tell whether they're female or male Enter their name last name email address Selector country and if they submit that They have a chance to win a thousand Euros Amazon gift card and when they Submit their email address I'm gonna be Paid a few dollars and 69 cents a per Person per email so these offers pay a Lot more than what you can find for us Offers and they also convert a lot Better so despite the fact that you Maybe don't even understand that Language whether that's French whether That's Italian whether it's Russian or German you can still use Google Translate in order to make money so now You can just copy or refer a link which Is going to be this link over here and Then what you can simply do this is a an Optional step before you start getting

Traffic to this link you can also just Open up which is the link Shortening service that will pay you When someone Clicks in your long link so You can shorten that affiliate link Through and if those clicks Are coming if you go to the payer rates You can see that if those clicks are Coming from Germany I'm gonna be paid Five dollars per click I'm gonna be paid Five dollars per 1000 clicks actually Which may not seem like a lot but it's An additional five bucks that I'm gonna Get I'm gonna get when someone Clicks in My link and you can see the payment Proof as well people are actually making Money and converting that into PayPal Cash into paytm Cash we also have web Monies pay year usdt so be people are Getting paid with this platform so you Can just create an account then log into Your account into and then As you log in you're going to be able to Shorten your link so just click on your Shortened link paste the link here and Click on shorten and now this is how It's going to look like so now you can Copy this and when someone clicks on This you're gonna be paid for that so You're gonna be paid five bucks if those Clicks are coming from Germany in this Case if you get 2 000 clicks from Germany that's gonna be an additional 10 Bucks so this is entirely optional you

Don't necessarily have to do it but it's A great way to increase your earnings Just a little bit and then what you can Do lastly this is the last step is you Can just go over to propeller ads which Is a platform where you can run Performance Based in data driven ads and Also run push notification campaigns Which means that you can show your Notification to someone's to someone's Um a phone or someone's desktops they're Gonna get a notification that although It's kind of natural and they're going To be intrigued to see what is it what This is they're going to click on it and When they click you're gonna be paid for That and then also if they submit the Email address you're gonna be paid for That as well well and if you're Promoting some giveaway it's going to be Super easy to get those people to click So what I want to do is you want to Create an account and then you want to Log in and then once you log in you can Just create a campaign right over here So pressing create a campaign then enter The campaign name so I'm just going to Type in Germany and then you can select The push notifications ad that those are The ones that we are interested in Select the pricing model to be CPA goals They're going to optimize it for you the Target URL is going to be your shrink Mail link or just your referral link

From CPA grip and then scroll a little Bit down select the country so you're Only targeting that country in this case Germany so you're not targeting a Worldwide or whatsoever you're only Targeting German in this case and then You can scroll down and through your Campaign budget that can be 50 bucks That can be 10 bucks whatever it is I'm Going to select the total budget to be 200 for this campaign and if I start Scrolling down I can also select that I'm interested in people who are Interested in giveaways because we are Promoting an Amazon giveaway so I'm Going to select giveaway we can all Start with men and women you can you can Customize your things and then you can Scroll down and then you can also create Your actual ad creative so here I can Start typing and this is where you Actually need to start typing in German So that's why you need Google to Translate so I'm going to type in in That bar something along the lines on of Congratulations claim your 1 000 Euros Wow chair and it seems like this is how We say that in German so I'm going to Copy that and I'm going to paste it here But this seems to be way too long so I'm Just going to fake this and I'm going to Paste it here now you can also add an Icon from the left side and for this you Can simply go to and you

Can type in gift card or giveaway or Just give and then you can download some Of these icons I'm going to use this one As an example and then you can go back And you can upload it here I'm going to Click on crop image and this is how it's Going to look like on the right side we Can preview this ad this is what's going To show up through some German person so To someone who's in Germany there is Going to say like congratulations and Grab your 1000 Euros wow and they're Going to see this gift and this is gonna Be a notification on their phone so They're gonna click on the notification On their phone and when they click I'm Gonna be paid for that and then on Additional I'm gonna be paid when they Submit their email address for a chance To actually win something and this Obviously has a mass appeal there's a Lot of people that would want to win a 1 000 Euros wild chair and all they gotta Do is just submit their first name last Name and email address so what you can Do is just scroll down and just click on Start a campaign and for a few hundred Bucks you can actually get hundreds of Thousands of people to see this ad out Of a hundred thousand people who see That ad if only a thousand of them just Click on your ad that's gonna be five Bucks from and then out of Those 1 000 people if a hundred of them

Sign up through a link that's gonna be An additional 269 dollars from CPA grip So you already made profits well Literally just setting up one campaign And sharing this and obviously the Competition in different languages in Different countries is way lower than in Us and and if you're promoting U.S type Of offers not only do they pay less than These offers but the competition is also Way higher plus Those ads cost a lot More but ads in Germany and France and Italy cost a little bit less on so I really hope you Got some new online business idea I Really hope you got some value out of This video and if you did make sure to Drop a like down below and I will see You in some of the next ones

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