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I am Mathilde LMD today Social
Media manager Social Media Manager means creating a
strategy on social networks in order to reach its customers Where we find: The dissemination strategy is very important because we are going know: Where are we going to find our target? where are we
going to communicate? We establish: Know when we are going to post our publications according to
the algorithm and the connection hours of our customers. We can also create
partnerships, it consists of going to exchange
with other pages or in groups or with influencers to
exchange with other brands with other pages The Social Media Manager The community manager applies the plan of action that the
social media manager has defined In addition to that, the community manager will rather manage
the operational part, everything that is I did a communication bts.

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If I
had to recommend a school course to students who want to become a social
media manager, do a master's The salary when hired, that would be Today we can find work
easily in the sector because companies are beginning to
understand that digital is not that entertainment is also in fact a
sector where customers can be reached easily. Today we are a generation XY 2.0 we were born with the digital era while our parents and our grandparents if I can say today do
not know this environment at all . Whatever today to
Grandparents on Snapchat..

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