Researchers Study Link Between Social Media Use and Potential Job Behavior

Social media profiles tell a lot about you,
such as how you spend your time and what you look like, but can it predict your job behavior? That's a question being posed by Dr. Bret
Becton, an associate professor at the College of Business at The University of Southern
Mississippi. Like it or not, Dr. Becton says research shows
are indeed searching the web for any online cues about a candidate via social media. Becton: "This kind of spurred an interest
in me because it was being done by so many different employers and there has really been
no research conducted on it." The project followed candidates who self-reported
their work habits, then allowed access to their social media profiles. Dr. Becton's research team then evaluated
candidate's social media profiles for problematic material employers tend to look for when researching
applicants. Becton: "I'm looking for stuff that I see
all the time on college students' web pages." Results show that while employers do tend
to make judgments based on social media profiles, there is little relationship between social
media content and on-the-job behavior.

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Becton: "This practice that employers are
using, they don't understand if it's effective or not." While seventy-five percent of employers admit
to using social media to screen candidates for job consideration, the practice does have
a downside, including possible discrimination based on gender, race or even age. Becton: "You are getting access to things
that you wouldn't have on an application so it opens the door for things that shouldn't
be factored in." Ultimately, Dr. Becton and his research team
hope to help employers make a more informed hiring decision. Dr. Becton: "If it is not an effective hiring
decision, then we hope to show employers that you shouldn't do it." The research findings will be compiled later
this year and published in early 2014. From the University of Southern Mississippi,
I'm Layla Essery..

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