Size Zero (2021) NEW RELEASED Full Hindi Dubbed South Movie | Anushka Shetty, Arya & Prakash Raj

Train will arrive on platform
number 10 in few minutes. Hi…
– Hi. Dad, where do these tickets come from?
Does God send them? No, from this machine. How did it get into the machine? The person in charge must
have put it there. How were these tickets made?
– From Paper. And from where do we get paper?
– From the trees.

Where do trees come from?
– God has created it. So, these tickets do come from God. You're right! Shall we read
God's message to you? Read.
– Yes. 'Good fortune is round the corner' 'This is where it all started…' 'the fairy tale of Sweety and
the messages from the machine.' Passengers, listen carefully… 'That's when her
inseparable bond with the… fortune- telling
weighing machine began' Happiest girls only
prettiest girls. True happiness lies in sharing
with others. Smile can win over anything. Sweety! Dad! People whom we truly love
will never leave us and go. Happy Birthday, Fatty. Passengers, listen carefully. The train which was supposed
to arrive on platform 2… will now arrive on platform 3,
due to technical problem. Your inconvenience is highly regretted.

Please, please… You are beautiful the way you are. Idiot, how much time
will you take? Pull it up, fast. What are you doing?
Don't know how to zip? It's not happening. Pull it inside. Sweety, last week only we took
your measurements still it's tight? What do you do in the gym? I'm sure even the treadmill
has worn out. But I don't see any
change in your weight. Mom, my weight is not the problem. His stitching is not proper. You eat the entire day
and now blaming the tailor. All your friends are happily married. And Jyoti is pregnant too. You are grown up now
but still clinging to your mother.

And getting fat day by day. I am not fat, mom… I am healthy. Do you think only skinny
women get married? I am sure my Prince Charming
will come for me. More importantly,
I am happy the way I am. Oh, God! She says
she is happy with herself. Do you think just being happy
will fetch you a good husband? Don't worry, madam. Sweety will get a good NRI husband
(Non- resident Indian). I am okay with any one for now. Zip up your mouth and try
fastening the zip on her dress. Quickly.
– Yes, madam. Help me. Come on. Mom… Do you think a smaller dress
will make me look a size smaller? It took me ages to get out of the dress
you made for me last time. Shut up! Tuck your tummy in
and hold your breath.

Just a little more. A little more… God, help us! Don't you know what to say
in front of other people? Now even he knows about my marriage. Please do not embarrass me
in front of others. Stop talking. Start your scooter. That's your phone ringing. Your useless brother, irritates
me by messing with my phone. Hello
It's Aishwarya IAS from Dabbaware. Tell me… Small 3X3 is for 100.
6inches is for 150. A discount?
I can't give a discount every other day. There will be plenty of offers
during the festival season.

Thank you very much. What is 'IAS'? Independent Agent Sales. Dabbaware. This is my style.
– Oh God… Move ahead! If you take the whole seat,
where will I sit? Hurry up, we have to go
to the astrologer. Cover your face while going out. Here take this,
otherwise you will get a tan. If you won't get married then
how will I play with your children? I don't need to get
married to have kids. Oh my God…

Is this how you talk to your mom? Hey you, your job is to ensure
she exercises. Yes, I'll monitor that. Mom, please ask your astrologer
about my marriage too. I am ready to do anything. Hey shut up, look at your face first. Dad, would you like to eat? Listen, after this month's expenses,
we have Rs 20,453 in hand. If we have to run the
house smoothly… …we have to sell a
few useless things. I will check in the store room. Please have your breakfast. Madam, only saying
up and down won't help. How about moving the
rest of your body too? Come on try again. Down.
Up. Down.
Up. Hey baby…
– Idiot! Thank you. Hey mister. Hello, madam. – I haven't seen
you around for a while. Where were you? Actually, I have started a
business for ladies� inner wear. I have all the best designs. Do you have a new collection? Yes, lots of new arrivals.
Please sit, I will show you. Let me show you. See this, single hook, sexy look. The one who sees this will
go crazy, very exclusive piece. But a bit expensive.

Don't you have anything international? Yes, look at this. If you wear this, your husband
won't take his eyes off. These designs are very common. Can't you show something
more exciting? How can I show you exciting stuff? You know, my friend bought something
interesting from Thailand. It was in transparent color. It has lights on them too. Is transparent a color? And won't you get an
electrical shock with those lights? Rubbish! The lights gave her
a double bonanza! She has twins now. I will have to order
this special piece. God! You're bigger
than this bed. She is losing weight
while massaging you.

And you are just as it is. Hey mom's pet,
if you tell her about this. I'll tell her about your
inner wear business. Hey… Don't call it the inner
wear business. It is sophisticated
'soft wear' business Are you a software engineer? Which software? I mean, it's the inner 'soft wear'
Do you have any requirement? Idiot, get out! Go and sell somewhere else. She is jealous of me. You can massage the baby elephant… we will talk later.
I will show you a lot of things.

I have 'soft wear'
– You continue the massage. 'Size Zero' is stirring
up a storm in the city. The Head of the company,
Satyanand… who runs Dubai's new and successful
weight loss program… has his eyes set on
the Indian market. The 'Size Zero' promotional video has
the young and… the old dancing to its tunes. Within an hour of release on YouTube,
it has got one million views. Presenting that sensational video,
just for you… And… "What did you say?" "A fat girl can't get hitched?" "Board a train and go to Hyderabad." "On road no. 2, Jubilee hills" "There is a red glass building,
take your daughter there" "And you will be relived of
all your tensions forever" We've closed admissions for this batch.
Apply for the next batch. Check this out,
Rs 200,000 to reduce 20 kilos. It's a huge waste, mom. I wouldn't even need that kind
of money to gain weight. We'll lose money,
but won't lose any weight.

Don't blame the admission or the fees. The groom's family
is expected anytime, let's go. Where is this boy? Listen… Dear… Don't get tensed. This time, the groom will be finalized. Let's grab him as soon as he comes. Similarly the way you
have grabbed the 'laddu'? You have diabetes, remember? You should be all right
till the wedding, okay. Good boy. Let us take another one.
– You… Why are you
clicking selfie? Why haven't you
gone to the beauty parlor? Don't worry, aunty!
We will come back fast. Not you, dear. You can go home
from there, don't come here. Mom thinks,
the boy will choose you over me. Am I right, mom?
– Yes, why not. I wish you exercised
as much as you speak. Like the prices of gold,
your weight increases by the day.

If I've to buy a gold waist chain,
I might have to sell the house. Come on, get ready. So, this is a tube top. I will buy for customer. Lazy fellow, what are you doing? I am expecting the
groom's family any moment. Have you fixed the flush
in the toilet? Don't worry, I will fix it. Stupid boy! I sweep, mop, clean utensils
and do all the chores alone.

Baby elephant might lose weight
if she would do some of it. But she keeps eating entire day. Nobody values me in this house. Actually Abhishek,
isn't used to spicy food. We were looking for a girl
since a long time. Since Abhishek is here for work… and Neerja mentioned about Sweety,
so we thought let's meet. Oh God, I don't think he
fixed the flush. Let him get back home
I will beat him with a broom. Here comes our daughter. Please have. She looks very pretty. But little different from
the photograph. Actually, this orange saree
that she is wearing… is making her look out of shape. Haven't I told you not
to wear this color? Sweety can add beauty
to any color she wears. Dear, Abhi… It seems the flush is not working. Use a mug of water.

It just broke down. I think we will need to repair it. You know what, I am not praising
because she is my daughter. Sweety is really very talented. Dear, there is an international
hotel nearby… She works as a manager there. 'My mom will lie through her teeth
to get me married.' 'Without feeling ashamed.' I started my career
at a five-star hotel. However, in five months,
the stars fell one by one. I now work at a
one-star Chinese restaurant nearby. You get the best drumstick chicken
in the city at Chungking Express.

And she is managing
the entire hotel alone. Am I right? Don't worry about cooking. She cooks delicious,
mouthwatering meals. Dear, we can discuss
this later as well. Why don't we allow the
two of them to talk to each other? That's right.
Sweety, take him inside. They make a nice couple. I see a bright future for Sweety. What are you saying? Sorry! This area has
lot of power cuts, right? Now you can build
8 pack abs at home. Tie this magic belt on your waist. And get rid of your weight. It also come with
one month money back guarantee. Buy this Magic belt now. If you order now you will…
– Result in one week? Is that a grinder or a belt? I should try this sometime. Funny! I didn't mean for you. Don't get me wrong. This is actually for obese people. I don't think you need that.
– Listen… I don't have an hourglass figure. I don't even know how to cook. When I'm bored,
I smoke in the bathroom. When everybody sleeps,
I drink wine on the terrace.

Forget about an everyday meal,
I can't even boil water. My blouse is three sizes smaller
and might give way anytime. Let me come to the point. I am not interested
in marriage right now. Tell me, what should we do? I am also not interested
in getting married right now. I am here because
my parents insisted… Actually, I am a documentary
film maker… – Super. So, you don't have
a fixed salary. No wonder my weight
wasn't a concern a concern for you. You were probably counting on a
dowry that's as big as me. Sorry, your movie is flop. No, I don't make movies.
I make documentaries. On YouTube. Listen, I don't trust
the movie boys much.

And I have no interest
in your videos. Listen to me. Our families are waiting for
our decision outside. That's more important. So, what do we do now? Let's tell them… that neither of us is interested
to get married. – Okay. I will tell them. Wait!
Actually… I've never had the experience
of rejecting anyone. So, let me do it this time. I am not interested in
this marriage. This is so unfair. What did I ask for? How long I will have to suffer? My husband left me…

With two useless kids
and some worthless things. And because of Sweety's
behavior today… she will not be able to get settled. Now how will she get married? God, please help us in finding
a good match for Sweety. Please guide us. Believe in
happy endings. Hi, ma'am.
– Hi. Hey Sweety.
– Hey. What happened yesterday? He was not my type. So I rejected him. Really!
Why? Was he boring?
– No. Was he bald?
– No. You didn't like his dressing sense?
Or he was showing attitude? Or was he extra romantic? Not at all. Then? Just like that. Tell me, what happened? Hey… Why aren't you saying anything? There is something
different about you. Did you lose weight or is something
wrong with my eyesight? 'Size Zero' clinic does wonders. Why don't you join it
and lose weight? Chungking Express
How may I help you? Chef, special noodles with
Manchurian sauce.

– Okay, madam. He is a regular customer here.
He also lost his job. We'll cheer him up
with a fortune cookie. How may I help you? One Hakka noodles…
– You… Yes sir?
– I won't spare him today. Will have to give
a kung fu treatment. Okay sir. Oh you are here… Hello Aunty, how are you?
– All good. Why are you so late?
– Got a bit late.

I am so glad you came. Actually, we were waiting
for someone so got late. Hi!
– Great you reached just in time. I have rejected you. But you are just following me. Hello, it's aunty Neerja's
daughter's marriage. Don't you remember?
She introduced us to each other. I was just kidding.
Don't you get it? No thanks, I am on a diet.

I don't eat carbs. These aren't carbohydrates,
they're minced meat patties. They taste yummy,
try one. Actually, I am a vegetarian,
I only eat salads. You know?
Keep it simple! Sweets?
No way! Do you have Diabetes? Should I get you tablets
from my grandpa? I don't have Diabetes. Eating oily food
increases cholesterol. Fat accumulates in the body
leading to reduced metabolism and… This is absolutely correct, Abhi. Sweety… You should try this thing
about cholesterol. If you follow his advice,
you can easily lose 10 to 15 kilos. I am taking these for my mom,
I don't eat all this. Okay. Loosing weight is not
necessary to look good. Some people look beautiful
even if they eat minced meat patties.

You look fine. Aunty, you should be on a diet. Abhi, you give your advice
to Sweety only. How is your work in films? I don't make films,
I make documentaries. Just starting, I am making
one on toilets. Hygiene is very important. A documentary on toilets! I knew something was fishy,
when you took that long in the toilet. Something is wrong! By the way, even your
brother is helping me. Is he? Don't trust him.
He will leave you stranded. Abhi…
– Yes? I'll see you soon. What a beautiful view! Thanks! I know, I look beautiful
from this angle.

Is that a soft drink?
– Do you want a sip? No, thanks!
It's late. I have to leave.
I came by to say goodbye. Will your mom shout
at you, if you are late? No, I jog at the KVR park
at 6 in the morning. What?
That early? Actually, even earlier, I go at 5 am. I wake up at 4 am too. I wake up at 4 am
even if I go to bed at 3. I hate to wake up
late in the mornings. Even if I skip jogging a single day,
my body and joints ache. Oh, do you jog too? You think I am kidding?
Sit down. I've jogged at every park in this area
except the one you go to. Why don't you come to
KVR garden tomorrow? Let us jog together. Why? Is it a date? Hey, are you okay? Wait!
Let me see.

'The time was 9 hours, 25 minutes
and 24 seconds then.' 'My grandpa stole his favorite
'laddu' and was eating that.' 'That moment Jyothi was spraying her
favorite perfume for the tenth time.' 'And as always my mom was
cribbing in front of my dad.' 'That was the moment
I heard my own heart beat.' See you at 6 o clock! Jack and jill, went up the hill. Hey what is this? Why are you sitting here
like a polar bear? Shut up! Have you seen yourself
in the mirror? But, this face pack makes
you look better. Baby elephant, I need to use
my laptop for work. It's my shopping time. So please stop using it. What are you hiding? Show it to me. You're tossing a coin for a match
that has already been cancelled. The game is over. Stop drooling over him. Get lost!
– Hey, mom… Save my life. Baby elephant has gone mad. Hey slow jogger, make way for me. Uncle, are you out of fuel? Get lost! What happened? I thought I would lose my weight,
but it looks like I'll lose my life.

Jogging doesn't mean running fast. Then? Should I run like a tortoise? No, jogging is an art. You don't need to run fast. You can run slow as well. You just have to
maintain the rhythm. Statistics show that most people get
heart diseases due to poor exercising. So only push yourself
for how much you can. Breathe properly and
maintain your calorie count. And then… Please stop! I don't even have the
stamina to run away from you. You continue jogging.
– Okay you wait here. Only 10 more rounds are pending. What? Ten rounds? My granddaughter doesn't have
any problem if I eat sweets. That's great.
– Grandpa… Go ahead and eat,
I won't tell mom. If you give me one of that. You don't tell mom either.

I will. If you don't take another one. Just two more rounds. Fitness freak. Take a good look. Do I look fat or
have I lost weight? You've lost 10 grams from here
and 10 kilos from your head. Stop obsessing over your weight. You look really good. It's not enough. The coordinator says
I need to lose 10 more kilos… for the Miss India contest. You'll look like a bag of bones
if you lose 10 kilos. Michel! Yes, ma'am.
– Where do you have to deliver that? Road no. 10, Ravi kant house. One minute. Why are you crazy about
fortune cookies? I am not crazy,
I do it just for kicks. Hurry up,
I am getting pressure. I am in the line.
Why do you call me at this time? The line to use the toilet is
longer than that line at the theatre. We are free right now,
why not take a selfie? We will post it on social media. We will get a lot of likes.
– Yes, true. Let's do that. Don't be tensed.
Be in the character.

Okay ready.
Take it. Everyone's been talking about
the 'Clean India' campaign. What do you feel about
having 1 toilet for every 10 houses? I feel very good, sir. While one guy goes
in to do his business… we spend our time outside
having fun with friends. And if someone gets out of control,
we also make fun of him. One minute. What are you saying? Why are you getting so excited
about using the toilet? Tone it down.
One minute.

Got it?
Remember what I am saying. I want the character
and right emotions. Get that emotion. Ready!
Come on! Tell me. What do you feel about
having 1 toilet for every 10 houses? One day when I was in a
hurry to use the toilet… but my neighbor was
singing songs inside. And I was sitting outside. I was in so much pressure
and lost my control. But he did not come outside. Was the emotion correct, sir?
– Superb! Did you tell him we're
shooting a TV serial? You can't call this acting.
This is the reality. We'll shoot the rest tomorrow.
Pack up for the day. Why pack up, bro? Hey, what are you doing here? My brother told me
you were shooting here. So, I thought of dropping by…

This is my friend, Jyoti.
– Hi. – Hi. She's preparing for the
'Miss India' pageant. Why don't you give her a chance
to act in your film? Sweety, I make documentaries! Forget it.
I'll back in 5 minutes, okay? Hey, how could you reject
such a handsome guy? He just looks handsome, if you spend
some time with him, you will regret it. He's quite boring. The access to toilets
is your birthright. Our country is developing day by day. But this basic facility is yet to
reach the common man. Keep this with you.

– Mr. NRI. People are fed up of
such promises… Those who have shot films in slums
have turned millionaires today. But people living here
still have many problems. I am not like the rest of them. My efforts may or may not
change others. But it does bring a change in me. Earlier, I was one of those who
would need all the luxuries. But today I've started
accepting everything. I have completely changed. I will keep trying till their
problems are not solved. This is my journey. These days many engage in
social work to gain publicity. But you do a lot of genuine work
even off the camera. Not bad! I'm impressed. Actually, I also do a few things
which you can term as social service. Nice!
What kind of service? Do you want to see it?
– Yes! Come with me. What about me? Didn't you say you want to
visit your grandma? Get going.
I'll see you in the evening. What a lie! It's been 10 years
since my grandma died. Sorry!
Bad roads. That's ok! Come in.

So many posters! Is this a
restaurant or a movie theatre? Oh! My boss is crazy about
Chinese films. Hi ma'am.
– Hi! I can't do lovey dovey
talks every day. Don't irritate. You forgot my birthday. Come on, that doesn't mean,
I don't love you. You don't love me. Why you doubt me? If you would love me,
you wouldn't forgot. Look don't do this,
otherwise, I will fall out of love. What are you saying?
– I forgot. But I love you.
– Liar! I am not a liar. Ma'am, bill. 'There is more than
one way to show love…' Social service! Sorry.
– It's okay. "As you open your eyes slowly,
you will start dreaming." "And slowly the flower of happiness
will blossom." "It will bring the smiles for you…" "Dont just keep them to yourself." "Show your smile to the world." "When a flower smile,
the entire garden looks beautiful." "When you smile,
the entire world will smile with you." "If you smile, all the happiness
of this world will be yours." Sorry I didn't inform you…
– So many kids.

They are so happy. No cheating, come on, run. If you have any problem, I'll can solve it with
my fortune cookie. It's amazing. How did you come up with
the fortune cookie idea? Logic can only take you
from 'A' to 'Z'. But imagination has no limits. This was my dad's little secret. That's nice! Ma'am, your order! – Thanks!
– Thank you! No! It's 8 pm,
I don't eat carbs now. I know! These are not carbs,
this is 'Paneer Butter Masala'. Have it. Hi Simran. Okay, I'll be there. See you, bye! Sorry… I need to attend an
important meeting now. An official meeting at this time. Hey, it's a meeting with an NGO. For my documentary. I am meeting a girl called Simran
for my documentary.

She also works for an NGO. Okay, bye. At least, taste it.
It's delicious! Why won't it be?
It's floating in butter. Some other time. As per my rules, I don't
eat carbs after 8 pm. See you later.
Bye! Before 8 pm! I wonder if he even breathes
after 8 pm. It is past 8 pm,
'don't do this, don't do that' Wonder what he does after 8 pm? That means after the wedding… Won't he do anything
after 8 pm? She is so pretty! Please have.
– He is very nice.

Here comes our bride. You should not delay marriage. You won't find such a match. Plan her engagement in the next month. Finally, you got a groom. What a heavy catch! Just like you! Take a look! What is all this, mom? Open your mouth, dear. The Saint has blessed you. The always knew you
would get married to an NRI. He fell for you after seeing your
photos on the matrimonial website. Just now they called me,
they are okay with this proposal. But who put up my picture
on the website? That's not important,
we have found a match. Finally the internet
has delivered your prince. God bless the Internet. Oh God, bless us. Want some? Grandpa,
I am telling you this again… I will never marry that NRI. Even if you want it to
happen, it won't. How is that? I have faith in you. He will reject the proposal. Stop pulling my leg, grandpa. I'll stop, if you stop frowning.

Come on, smile. Have this. Hey… Hi!
– Hi! Are you done with
your important work? Which one?
– The NGO meeting Oh, it went well. Simran helped a lot. Simran! Even her name has a 'run' in it. I am sure you both got along well. Actually, we both are quite similar. She is a fitness freak too. Hey, we were just talking about
her and there she is. Hi!
– Hi Abhi. Sweety, meet Simran. Hi! Nice to meet you.
– Nice to meet you too. Abhi, I'll leave. Hectic day. I have a lot of work to do
for Keerthi's wedding. I need to shop too.
– Okay. Hey, I was telling Simran… that it would be good
if she came to Keerthi's wedding. But she is feeling awkward.
Why don't you convince her? I don't know anyone,
what will do there? I won't be comfortable.

She's right! I'll be there,
even Sweety will be there. You are coming, that's it! But, I'll be busy. Come on, Simran. Okay, I'll come! But I don't have proper
clothes for the wedding. Look, Sweety is going
for shopping… We'll join her, simple. Oh really! You know, Simran has joined an NGO for cleaning up slums. And she is also very keen on working
with me on my documentary. And next week… She has organized a toilet-cleaning
campaign in the slums. She is a complete beauty with brains. She should be in heaven. She has come from London
just for social service.

Wow, you've come all the way
from London… just to clean toilets! Don't you have toilets
to clean there? Good one!
Let's go for shopping in the evening. See your there,
let's go, Simran. See you.
What are you listening to? Justin Bieber, here.
– Oh! That's really good. Slim girls shouldn't get the
visa to come to India. Tell me the truth… What is your actual reason
to come to India? Wanted a break from your job? Or did you have a break up? What's the matter? Don't mean cheap! I have come here
for social service only.

Actually… I really like this place. But… Sometimes I feel lonely. Our stories are same. I could have done a well paid
job after my MBA. But left everything for social service. I have started my journey
to fulfill my dreams. But my parents didn't
approve of my choice. They stopped talking to me. They care about you
that's why they are angry. At least they care. My parents don't. I believe you will discover
yourself in this journey. And will understand your purpose. Oh really!
How would you know? Because I'll be there with you. Abhi, please tie this. Yes. Wow! Beautiful. I will try another one.
– Yes! Have you checked her background? I've heard that most girls
who come from foreign countries…

To work with Indian NGOs… are mostly fraud. I didn't mean Simran is a fraud. Just generally. She is as pure as gold. Madam… This is the latest style. Very nice! This doesn't fit me well… Do you have an 'extra small'? Shall I give you an 'extra-large'? Extra-large?
Give that to your wife. I wear the 'extra small'
in the 'medium' fit. This is a medium size, madam. Then this must be my size, I will try.
– Madam. Don't wear this, it will tear off.

Sweety, try the high-waist style. It will be a proper fit for you. And you will be able to
carry it nicely. Oh really! 'Who is she
to give me fashion tips?' 'She looks like a clown
in this outfit' Thanks! I'll go with this. Is it fine? Yes. Please pack it. Sweety, what is taking you so long? Are you trying the dress
or making a new one? Stop it, Abhi. Just kidding.
– I know. Pack it! How did she fit into this? Let's go.
– Yes. You know Sweety,
Simran is planning a tour. In which to support our
'Clean India' campaign… several NGOs will join. Abhi's, 'Clean India' campaign
is very exciting. I've come up with a slogan for it.
Tell me how is it? 'Keep your toilet high-fi,
tell your doctor bye-bye' Superb!
– Thank you! 'Keep your toilet high-fi,
tell your doctor bye-bye' It seems you will clean
all the toilets in India by yourself. Abhi, all the toilets will be
squeaky clean. See you later.

I take the bag!
– Okay! 'The one you love will be yours' Hey careful! 'That was the first time
my heart soared with the winds.' 'That was the moment Dolly kissed
Chinnu's cheek for an ice cream.' 'That moment when the boys yearned
to get the attention of the girls.' 'That moment when the bride blushed
because the groom got playful.' 'That time I knew my
Prince Charming has arrived.' 'And my fortune telling machine is
more accurate than the astrologer.' "Listen to this wedding dhol sound,
there is happiness all around." "Listen to this wedding dhol sound,
there is happiness all around." "We will dance on this tune." "Even the bride will join us." "Listen to this wedding dhol sound,
there is happiness all around." "Listen to this wedding dhol sound,
there is delicious food all around." "Listen to this wedding dhol sound,
fragrance of spices is intoxicating.

"Listen to this carefully…" "God bless your pair with health,
wealth and happiness" "Listen to this wedding dhol sound,
there is happiness all around." "Like clouds come closer to
mountains and talk about love." "I feel the current of waves,
when you touch me like this." "When you kissed me,
I wish moment should stop forever." "My beloved." "You are my life partner." Why did you do this? The family in London liked Sweety
after seeing her photo.

But those were not her real photos. Give it to me.
They were duplicate. He's edited the photos
and made her look slim. Look at this, who can say that
these are Sweety's photos. If the groom's family gets to
know this, then what will we do? Don't worry.
God will help us. That's enough. I have to help myself. Come what may,
we shouldn't let go of this groom. I am definitely sending her to the
'Size Zero' clinic from tomorrow. Dear, please ask Sweety
about this. This is about my daughter's
marriage, don't interfere. I don't have to consider
anyone's opinion. I am not willing to listen to anyone. Sweety has to go to 'Size Zero'
clinic and that's final. This is the only way to make
this wedding happens. I don't care about what others think. Mom is right, grandpa. I can't be a burden to
her any longer.

No prince charming is
going to come for me. I don't think I can get married
without losing weight. I am ready, mom. To join 'Size Zero' clinic. I will marry the person you
choose for me. Did you actually lose
4 kgs in one month? Yes, it's unbelievable. Everyone is so modern here. Hi ma'am. – Welcome to size zero.
– Welcome! – New admission?
– Yes, thank you. Please fill this form. Fill this. Here losing weight is easy, right?
– Yes absolutely, ma'am. Can we pay the fee in installments? What are you saying? Not only fridge or TV… these days, people pay dowry
also in installments. Just to make sure
our money is safe here? 'Trust is where it all begins, trust
is everything', this is my saying. If you didn't trust us,
would you even come here? No, no. You've answered it yourself, madam. I am 'Size Zero' Satyanand. Hello, sir.
– Hello. I was wondering if this is risky… There is a very big risk. In the blink of an eye, your daughter
will turn as pretty as a flower.

Isn't that a risk? There'll be a long queue of men
to marry her, isn't that a risk? And madam… You are more beautiful than her. The men will try to impress you instead
of her, so you should take this risk. Sir, she is my daughter, Sweety. Hello. – Next month we are
planning her wedding. The groom is from London. We need to make her look
like a model from a sumo wrestler. Is it possible? 'When you have a determined mind,
you can melt mountains.' Silky…
– Sir. Enroll this girl in the
'Express weight loss' program. Okay sir! Can I get a discount?
– Rajeswari madam! You can eat what you want… you don't have to exercise
and yet… you will lose weight by
following our advice. And agree to whatever we say. Please don't talk about discount. Sir, currently I only have Rs 25,000. I'll give you the rest later. No, no problem! Madam, this advance is little less.

But I am sure her future is bright. We will adjust with this for now. Just a minute! Money is Lakshmi,
our goddess of wealth. Ms. Sweety, please come. Let me introduce you to your
personal trainer, this way please. Come. You know, when this vibrates
on our waist it will melt your fat and
make it disappear. It's great. Bobby! Hello sir!
– He is your personal trainer, Bobby. Nobody can tell but
his success rate is 100%. Oh my God… This machine is
not turning off, sir… Turn it off.
– Please do something. Let's go.
– Don't be afraid. This has been imported from London,
but was made in China. He had trouble because the instructions
are in a foreign language. Hello madam.
– Hello. I am Bobby Makhanwala (butter).
– Hello. I will melt your fat as butter… She doesn't need to lose weight.

Her daughter wants to do it.
– Okay. He is always funny.
Come this way. Greetings. What are you doing? Hey I want to lose weight
from here… Where? Your stomach is like
a punching machine. Even 10 of these machines can't
help you lose weight. Where is your Sweety? I think she didn't come. Where are you volunteers?
– Today is India-Pakistan match. Even if there was a disaster,
nobody would have come. That means, only both of us
will have to clean the street. Very nice. We are from 'Clean India' campaign. We are going to clean your streets. Request you to support us for this. What should we do?
– You need volunteers? Just wait… Where are you going? We have lot of work at home.
Come inside.

Listen… May I help you? Thank you, uncle. Are these many enough?
Or do you need more? – No… This is great, let's go. Not just for advertisements… even social service needs glamour. What are you doing
here, Jumbo? I've joined the program. You joined? When?
Which package? Express package.
Good! She is my friend. This week, I'll be showing you
all the equipment. So follow me. This machine is imported
from Indonesia. This has fat burning oxygen. This is tickling machine. This will tickle you
and burn all your fat. Careful. This is Size zero clinic's
magic protein shake. By drinking a glass everyday… your fat will disappear. Hold this and
put it in your mouth. Don't worry. Sweety! What are you doing here? Have you gone mad?
Why 'Size Zero'? Do you know this instant weight loss
program have so many side effects? No I am not aware about
the side effects…

But I just know that… nobody likes me the way I am. The only man who liked me,
and said yes for marriage… because he has seen a photo-shopped
picture of me. You could have told me about it. Why do you go missing
all of a sudden? You could have shared
with me as a friend? Abhi, I don't want any friends. You asked me… why I joined 'Size Zero'? Because I am fed up, Abhi. I am fed up of being just
a friend all the time. What happened to her?
Help her. Oh my God! Please call someone. Jyoti… Jyoti?
– Jyoti. Jyoti, wake up… Sorry, sir.
– This technique is to save people…

Not to kill them. What's happened to Jyoti? I've told you several times… A weight loss program will
de-hydrate your body. That's why you need
to drink a lot of water. I think she is better. She must have fainted
because of dehydration. Take her to the hospital. All of you, please listen… Pleas drink lots and lots of water.

The beauty contest is going
to start next week. Will I be discharged by then? The beauty contest is not more
important than your health. You'll be out soon and
we'll party together. Okay. This is because of the 'fat-burning'
shake given in that clinic. In order to get an instant
weight loss… these clinics use
a lot of illegal drugs. It has a direct impact
on the kidney. How long has Jyoti
been using these? It's been three months. That's the problem with
this generation… they want instant solutions. Husband in one click,
Job and car in one click. A divorce in a click and
same goes with weight loss. One of her kidneys has failed.

We need to do a surgery
as soon as possible. For some people 'fat burners'
can be really harmful. Hope, she is lucky. That fat burners…
– Hello, hello… What's happening here? Sweety is saying that… Can I help you? The illegal 'fat burners'
that you give us… Jyoti is in the hospital
because of that. Doctors have insisted for a surgery.
– What? Please don't provoke others. Just don't spread rumors. This is not an ordinary clinic. You know, this is the
international certified clinic.

To hell with your certification
and this program! In your advertisements, you claim
you can lose 10 kgs in 10 days… And you add 'conditions apply'
clause to it. People are losing
kidney and liver as well. 'Being born as a human in this
world is fortunate.' By poet Krishna Moorthy. And I am doing this since
so many years. Trying to give a second chance
to fat people. He is lecturing us and
Jyoti is in hospital. She is in danger. You've bear Jyoti's
hospital expenses. Now we are talking… Did you put up this act
just for money? You could've told me directly. She just wants money. For cheap drama queens like you… I've included a clause in
the admission form. That is, 'I am responsible
for any repercussions… …in my body because
of this program'. And you've also given your
consent with a signature. Please check point no. 6, got it? And moreover… How do I know what
caused Jyoti's illness…? Was it my program or
was she taking any other pills? She is want to a beauty queen, right?
– Shut up! Because of men like you…

The crime against women
is increasing. Mind your words, please give respect. Did I invite you to join the program? You were the one who pleaded… That you want to marry that
NRI from London. Was it you or was it me who
convinced you for admission? 'Make my daughter
look like a model.' Who said it? Lazy, lazy! They don't want to work hard,
just want the results. Then you complain. Please, get back to your jobs. Go, focus on your weight loss. Come on, guys.
Focus! Come on, work hard. Why grandpa? Why did dad lie to me? He said each time we fail,
it will help us reach greater heights. But the truth is, each time I fail,
I have only slipped further.

I can't fight anymore. Do you remember, dear? You and your dad would
visit the railway station… …to pick up tickets from
the weighing machine. I remember. That machine always predicted
my destiny through those tickets. But I've never understood that. This is the ticket. Your dad asked me to
give this to you. There's nothing written on this. There won't be. We write our own destiny. Your dad wanted you to know
who you could possibly be in the future. He has given you his message
through this ticket, got it? From this moment on, you will
have to write your own destiny. Have faith in God, I trust you. Best of luck! Dear, can you stand up? Go ahead. She looks different
in the photo and in real. They could have 'photo-shopped' it. By sending wrong photos… you want to trap my son? No, what are you saying? I think, my son sent you
an old photo by mistake. Now she goes to the
'Size Zero' clinic.

I guarantee, she will lose weight. I think there has been
some mistake… Leave the photo. Our daughter is standing
right in front of you. This is no cheating. Of course, it is. We came all the way from London
after seeing this photo. Just because you want an NRI groom,
you can't lie about her. Is it just the photo
you've lied about? There could be more.
If her father was alive… he would die because of shame. Aunty, you're sizzling with anger. Let's cool it down. What are you doing? Have you come to buy
a washing machine? You are finding faults. If you don't like me,
just say 'no'. Please get up. Will you reject a girl
because she is fat? What if she gets fat after
the wedding? Will you divorce her? If girls reject boys for
this very reason, then most would remain bachelor. Will you get out on your own
or should I show you the way? What is she doing? Aunty, that glass is ours.
Please, keep it back.

Thank you. Good morn… Mom! Hey, sweety. Sweety, have some sweet. Mom! Mom… What was my mistake?
Why are you so angry? Dad, did you take
your tablets? Why are you being so childish, mom? Where did that stupid boy go? Grandpa, what have I done? You think I would just keep quiet
even if they were insulting mom? You would have got married by now… if you would care about
my reputation. Because of your marriage… people taunt me so much. I am fed up of listening to it. Mom… I thought I was like
Goddess Laxmi. Today I know, I am just a burden. Why did you leave me alone? Thanks! I am not eating carbs. This is a yummy 'Jalebi',
not carbs. 'Jalebis' don't suit you. An intelligent girl once said, 'Jalebis' have the answers
to all problems. Sweety… I heard about Jyoti. How is she now? I don't understand,
how did a girl like you… fall for the 'Size Zero' gimmick? You are very smart. I am not smart, Abhi.
I am a fool. And there are lot of
stupid people like me. When I look myself in
the mirror everyday…

It pains me that I am fat. TV, banners and movies… everywhere you
only see slim girls. I don't understand
why am I so fat? Every time I go Infront of
groom's family. I am tensed thinking about… what if they reject me again? You won't understand. I think you forgot… You rejected me. It will our joint decision. Abhi. I need your help. No one else should suffer like Jyoti. They should be punished
for these frauds. We must do something
about it, Abhi. Charan… The doctors have confirmed the
illegal 'fat burners' of Size Zero… …have caused Jyoti's
organs to fail.

We must join hands
in exposing them. No, Sweety! I am very happy after joining them. I've lost 15 kilos
because of them. Sorry, Sweety!
If I join you… I will not get a refund. And I have also lost 7 kilos. I've lost 10 kilos after
a very long time. And my husband is taking me to
Europe to celebrate that. Please, don't feel bad. Hi guys! What's the plan? Simran feels really bad
about Jyoti's situation. She wants to help us so that
nobody else suffers. Thanks. I came to India to film a
documentary about cleanliness. But I realize that… instead of cleaning streets, it's our minds
that need cleaning. The real problem is neither Satyanand
nor the 'Size Zero' clinic. The problem is with people who
don't want to face reality. These clinics take advantage
of people's insecurities. I don't understand this mad craze
to become slim instantly. Sorry, Sweety! I didn't mean it for you. Sweety, we need to begin with
changing people's mindset. Is that even possible? Look what I found.

We too can upload videos
like these. This is fine but… How will it affect 'Size Zero'? As we use iron piece to
cut another iron piece. We have to outdo publicity
with more publicity. "Like sun without fire…" "Fruits without juice…" "Pot without water…" "What is this figure?" "Like a thin paper dosa…" "A thin rope…" "Like a feather in air,
what is this figure?" "Like a stuffed dosa." "Like a honeycomb." "Like a stuffed dosa and a honeycomb." "Become like a bouquet of
flowers, dear girls" "Does green trees look beautiful
or a skeleton?" "Chubby checks are good for kisses,
then why you want be a skeleton?" "When you see the curves
in saree, it looks sexy." "What is the use of wearing
jeans on bones?" "Size sexy is trendy." "Everyone will just complement you." "Forgot the size zero." "And let the world get jealous." "Your look is sexy." "Height-weight does not matter." "Look, I am size sexy." "And I am confident about it." My friend who wished
to get slim…

Have been affected by fake
promises of Size Zero Clinic. This effort is put together to prevent
more people from falling into this trap. If you like this video, come forward
to help our friend, Jyoti. Love yourself and not size zero. This video is now viral
on social media. And it's getting popular. Let us hear from our audience now. I met a prospective groom last week… along with his family. They mentally tortured
me for 2 hours. Then I told them… 'I don't need your advice,
please go…' 'I am happy the way I am' Girls shouldn't be skinny. Then? – Now-a-days
being chubby is the trend. I don't know about 'Size Zero'.
But the song was fantastic. All our old heroines… were not size zero. They looked so beautiful and cute. My kidneys is damaged due
to 'Size Zero' fat burners.

We must take action against them. So that no one else has to suffer. We will have to fight together. Say no to 'Size Zero',
say yes to your own size. Sir, beware of them. Else they will reduce
you to 'Size Zero'. Now the media is in
their favor too. The easy way out is
to shut down. There are no permanent friends or
enemies in Media or in Politics. With some manipulation they
can make a villain appear as a hero. Call Niranjan from media.
– Who? Nijam Niranjan. Welcome to my show. I am Nijam Niranjan. I do postmortem on viral topics. Say no to 'Size Zero'…

And say yes to your own size. This is as per Ms. Sweety. Reduce you weight… and adopt 'Size Zero',
this is as per Mr. Satyanand. So Ms. Sweety, tell us… How can joining a 'slimming centre'
to lose weight be wrong? There is no problem in losing weight. The methods followed to
lose weight are a problem. Methods such as 'fat burners'
are illegal… – No, no, no… Ms. Sweety, you are
changing the topic. Let's ask our audience. Listen for yourself. We are a small,
middle-class family… And our son had become
a huge burden on us. Even auto rickshaw drivers
refuse to take him… they said we would need a truck
to send him school. Then we met Mr. Satyanand. He gave us a double discount… and helped my son
fit in a single bed. This show is already fixed.
They are fooling everyone. I am not saying losing
weight is not the problem. The methods that they use
are wrong. They say our obesity causes
many diseases but… Dear, Ms.

you think this is not right. But some of them feel… that you have come here
for cheap publicity. And just to become famous overnight,
you are doing all this drama. What is your view on that? I agree with you, this is a drama. Everything here is scripted and
you all are doing a drama. Did you only… 'Even if the sky falls over my head, I have no fear' Truth is a wealth which will
give you inner happiness. And with lies you have to face
it's circumstances all your life. When I met her for the first time,
I understood her pain. And if I helped her with
my 'Size Zero'… Was I wrong? If you still think I am wrong,
hang me. If you think I am a trustworthy,
shower me with your love. Did you see, how Ms. Sweety's
publicity plan flopped? And she fell down. Enjoy this clip. No, I won't give.
– Give it to me.

How long are you going to
be upset? Come on, Sweety! Get up, I didn't know
you were a coward. Where is that brave girl
who rejected me? I didn't reject you.
You did! No Sweety.
Not with water. Abhi, no. Sweety, what are you doing? Stop it. Are you happy now? Oh my God!
Sweety… You… Sweety, no. Hey guys… What's happening? Jyoti, you are recovering. I spoke to the doctor. He said there's nothing to worry. Earlier I thought… 'Size Zero' would help me
to achieve all my dreams.

Please promise me…. Whatever they did to me. It shouldn't happen to anyone else. Promise! Abhi… We need 25 lakhs for the operation. That Satyanand has to
give us the money. Every villain has enemies. Who is for him?
– What do you mean? I mean, who stands to lose if this… slimming center�s business grows? Gyms, fitness centers. Almost everyone in the
fitness industry will be in loss. Very impressive guys.
It's a great presentation. Interesting stuff. Thank you for supporting our idea. I should thank you. You want to organize a
fitness campaign to create awareness. That's a great idea. My company will sponsor
this campaign. We can together discuss
about the marketing. Thanks for coming.
– Welcome. It was really nice meeting you. Actually, I watched your song. It was a great idea. Thank you. Oh no! I promised to take Simran
out for a movie. She will kill me this time, 100%. I have an idea. What? By seeing this photo,
she will think you have fever. I'm sorry, Simran. I am not able to spend
time with you.

But trust me. I am trying to make time
for you but not able to. I am worried. To spend time with me… You need to try. Simran, trust me. I am really trying.
I will fix it. This is not a machine
that you can fix. It's my heart. Abhi… I am thinking for ideas for
the campaign but you… are just being a lover boy. No Sweety… I feel I am stuck in this love. Don't know how other people manage. Don't they get bored?
– You will learn about it soon.

Sekhar is calling. Can we discuss this later? Hi, Sekhar. Tomorrow is ad shoot.
You must come. Get fit,
Don't quit. New campaign is about to start. Ms. Sweety is it's brand ambassador. Everyone is really liking the
idea of this campaign. Your daughter has become very
famous now. What do you have to say? I haven't spoken to her
since last 2 months. She's disgraced the family. How could she dance
around like that? I never imagined my daughter
will do this! We are so ashamed. What happened now? Mom is still very angry with me. I don't understand,
how do I convince her? You don't need to do anything. She should be proud of you. Sweety. Today there are very few people
who fight for others. You are special,
you make us all proud. If I had known all this about you
the first time we met… …I wouldn't let go of you even
after you rejected me. Did Abhi just propose to me? Or am I thinking too much? Is this a dream? Hi. Hi. Sorry, I forgot to tell you. Sekhar and I are going to
invite celebrities for our campaign.

I need to go. I'll see you tomorrow. Bye. Hey…
– Hope all good. Come. I hope you liked it.
– Yes. I am so happy that you
both like each other. How did you meet, Abhi? Abhi, you remember… Where did we meet
for the first time? He met me near toilet. It was so funny. I thought he was a volunteer
and I handed him a broom. Abhi… Tell them. Yes, when I met Sweety
for the first time… I realized we had a connection. Abhi… I am not Sweety, I am Simran.

Not for you. Keep all this, bring you friends too. We can have fun while exercising. These handouts are not meant
to make paper boats or planes. Go and fill it.
Come on. From where do they come? Hey bro, listen to me. I have a solid idea. There's a women's college nearby. We should distribute there,
more girls will join us. Why? Do you plan to
get business from them? I want 1000 registrations by evening. Come on.
– That's a great idea. Sweety, fifty people have
registered so far. That's good. Where is Simran? Her parents are here. I met them yesterday but
by mistake… I am sure they will like you. All the best. Sweety, actually
I wanted to tell you… "Like a stuffed dosa." "Like a honeycomb." "Like a stuffed dosa and a honeycomb." "Become like a bouquet of
flowers, dear girls" This volunteer? Hi, Sweety I am a big fan of yours.

In fact… The biggest… Get lost! Sweety, I love sweets. But after seeing you even
sweets don't taste good anymore. I want to… one minute.
Dear Sweety… Will you marry me? Sweety, Please! My life will be sweet again. Please. This is so old. Excuse me mister, if you don't mind.
I have some work. You go ahead!
I need to speak to Sweety. Sweety, I've spoken to my parents,
they're fine with you.

I am sure your mother will also
like a double 'XL' like me. Okay this is final.
So what next? Let me show you. Come with me.
– I want to speak with Sweety. Where are you taking me?
– Come on. This unique campaign has got
everybody's attention. The main agenda for
this campaign is… Save Jyoti! Don't get me wrong, sir. Can't we win her over
with our money? Else, our business will
shut down. If I do that now,
everyone will think she was right. The media will
shut our business down. I have seen a lot of people
like her in my career. Let's see… How far this can go! Hello, welcome everybody. Come on, let's start together. So Ms. Sweety,
these cycles, wheels… this LED screen. We can't understand anything. Can you explain this
to our audience? This is very simple, I will explain. All these cycles… are connected to the
huge wheel in the center. When everyone cycles, the energy
generated will set the wheel in motion.

This wheel is connected
to a computer. The count of calories being burnt
by the cycling exercise… will continuously appear on
that digital screen. The faster you cycle, the faster
she loses weight and becomes healthy. Hi, guys. 50,000? What is this? Are you wondering that? This is not just 50,000 calories
that you have burnt. But much more. An important person is here
to tell us the value of that 50,000. Let's watch. Good evening, people. Fifty thousand… That's not just a calorie count
that you have burnt… but also, the money that
you've earned to save a life. A girl named Jyoti… Because of false claims and fake
promises of slimming centers… is fighting for her life
in the hospital. Shekar's sports company… will raise a rupee for
each calorie that you burn. We have to contribute
25 Lakhs for the operation. To save someone's life… anyone can donate money. However, the motive of
this campaign… is to create awareness among people. This isn't only about our
hard-earned money.

This is our effort to prevent
such injustice from happening again. Every droplet of sweat will make
a difference in saving Jyoti's life. So get fit, don't quit. Hi, Shekhar.
– I am Simran. Carry on. Cycling is great. We are proud of her. I told you… This game can't go on. Where can a stationary
cycle take them? Game over. We've been cycling since
last four days. But we still haven't met the target. It's sheer waste of time. I don't know about Jyoti. But I will go to the
hospital for sure. This won't do. It's not enough.
We need more publicity. Malls, colleges, theatres… We have to create more awareness
and motivate people. There isn't much time left
for Jyoti's operation. Don't worry, Sweety. Even if we don't
achieve the target. I will bear the expenses
of her operation. She will be okay,
I promise.

Thanks. But, this campaign
isn't just about Jyoti. It's for all the innocent people… who are trapped like these? We have to win! Oh my God!
Mom is coming. There she is! I visited Jyoti at
the hospital yesterday. It could have been you as well. I realized; I was so wrong. My mother always encouraged me… She always said I was capable of
doing anything. She felt nothing was
impossible for me. She would always defend me. She didn't care even if the
whole world was against her. That's why I became so strong. After my father's death… she also fulfilled all the
responsibilities of my father. But I've failed as a mother today. I failed to give you the confidence. I should have trusted you. Forgive me, dear. Sweety, we shouldn't spare
that arrogant Satyanand. We all are with you. See my entire group is here. You did a great job.
– Thank you, Aunty. Hold your breath and
welcome Rana Daggubati. Jyoti is in which hospital? An unforeseen situation
in the 'Save Jyoti' campaign. Jyoti is now saying that her kidney
failure wasn't caused by 'Size Zero'…

…but by the various medicines,
she consumed to lose weight. Here is her statement. 'Size Zero' Sathyanand is here
to make a statement. One minute, please. Everything is fair in war and business. I always want to win! Save Jyoti campaign. All of you know… actually, with this campaign… they are just doing
cheap publicity… and were trying to get
money from me. But in this land where
Mahatma Gandhi was born… his principles cannot be forgotten. I just want to… Jyoti, instant gratification
is what people want these days. And those who need
instant weight loss… I am just cashing in on that. That cycling campaign is just a drama. If the Media gets a
more interesting headline… and they will forget about you. I just want to say. There is no personal
enmity between us. I agree you are not well because of the
'fat burners' given by my company.

And I apologize for that. Look here's Rs. 1 crore. You wouldn't have seen
this kind of money in your life. Just take this money
and change your statement. Be happy. Tell us, sir
– One question, sir. Truth prevails. Sir, please answer us.
– Sir, sir Say something. We have achieved the target. Yes, we have done it. Thank you. We did it! Sorry to disturb you, sir. Someone's here to meet you. They're here to reduce your size.

Please come. Yay! My parents want to meet Simran. All the best. Say yes, say yes! Yes! I love you. What are you thinking? I am not sure, Simran. Stop running away from
yourself, Abhi. Everything will be fine… if you listen to your heart. No, Simran. You don't love me. Because your heart beats for her. Go on, tell Sweety. It's too late. She is getting engaged tomorrow. You wanted an NRI groom… finally, you found your NRI groom. Even the engagement celebration
is as grand as a wedding. You've hit the jackpot! The moment I was desperately
waiting for has finally arrived.

It took so many years. You are happy, aren't you? Yes, mom. "As you open your eyes slowly,
you will start dreaming." "And slowly the flower of happiness
will blossom." "It will bring the smiles for you…" 'With love you can
conquer the whole world' "Don�t just keep them to yourself." "Show your smile to the world." "When a flower smile,
the entire garden looks beautiful." 'You can win anything with a smile' "When a flower smile,
the entire garden looks beautiful." "When you smile,
the entire world will smile with you." "If you smile, all the happiness
of this world will be yours." Hi.

It's getting late now. Both of you can exchange
the rings now. Give it to her. Dad, give that to her. 'Marriages are made in heaven.' In the heaven. It's getting late.
We have to begin the ceremony. Come on. My ring? What? I need to go urgently. Now?
– Please. Okay Carry on!
You shouldn't delay it. Excuse me. Abhi. This is blank. My life is incomplete without you. Will you marry me? 'That moment when
my heart stopped beating…' 'That moment when confused Sekhar
was twirling the engagement ring…' 'That moment when my mom was
sure that something is wrong.' 'But still at that moment… 'As always my dad was blessing me.' 'That moment, the machine at the station…' 'was going to enticing another
child into a fairy tale.' 'At that moment, for the first time,
I realized…' 'I have finally found my
prince charming.' You are late.

I am only here for a bathroom-break. I can't break the engagement. Shall we elope? I promise, I won't bore you anymore. I'll never give you
advice on calories. Even if there is more
butter on bread… I will eat all the carbs
without complaining. And I will also eat sweets after 8 pm. I will do everything for you. You stupid! I was waiting all along. Why didn�t you tell me earlier
that you like me? I feel sorry for that
Prince Charming… He's waiting with a ring for me. What should I tell him? Sorry, forgive me. There is a stupid guy,
who has just realized… that he can't live without me? I feel like hanging you at 8 pm. Great idea! Mom.
– Do you have any shame? I understood when you gave a
silly excuse to get away from there. Dear, remove your shirt. Untie your saree. Mom.
– How will you elope? By jumping off from here? That would be a short cut to heaven. Knot the saree around the pillar
and you go down first. If the saree doesn't tear
because of your weight.

Then my son-in-law will
come down too. Understood? This seems to be the
best plan for now. Mom! I already knew this. That history would repeat itself.
– What are you doing? Mom, let it be.
– What? Why are you scared? Your father was 'Reddy'
and I was 'Iyer'. How do you think we got married? Let me show you. Why haven't you removed the shirt?
– I'll do it myself. Oh God! Don't just look, help me tie this. Lazy fellow. Why do you look so confused? What about the people waiting? Oh God… You remember, what your
father would call me? Drama queen. Don't worry, I will handle everything. I will manage it.
You go. I was anxious about getting
you married all my life. Be happy forever, dear. Ask her.
– Her mom is here. Sweety…
– Aunty! Aunty, what happened? What happened?
– What happened? Get some water! Hey… 'And they live happily ever after.'.

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