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happy New Year everyone. Um welcome to two welcome to 20 twenty-two. I'm glad that you have either found my channel or you're returning my channel. It's been a while since I've done some videos. I need to step away and take some time away just to kind of organize some things that I had happening behind the scenes. Now, today, I want to talk about never giving up and staying consistent with the goal of becoming a digital marketer. I just got by the way, this was inspired by two conversations I recently had. One, was with my best friend. Shout out to you, Chris. Um, and another one was from a young woman that I know in the Philippines, who is having some struggles. Uh, she has a desire to want to learn digital marketing, but of course, when you have limited resources, it's a little bit more difficult to make it happen.

Um, so the conversation I had with my best friend of the night was simply, hey man, stop focusing on the things you don't have and focus on the things that you have going for you and so, standard, if you are getting into digital marketing and you want to learn specifically about media buying, the first thing you have, you you have to understand is that you have two hands. For those of you who are out there who have two hands and and you know, you're you're rather healthy, you have that for you. You have eyes. So, you can see. You have the ability to learn. That's the most important thing. You have the ability to learn.

You may not necessarily have the critical thinking skills yet as it pertains to digital marketing but they will come over time. It's just something that takes a little bit of practice and a little bit of getting used to and exposed to. So, I just want to say that that you have a lot of basic talent and resources that can help you. Now, let's say that you don't have a access to regular computer. Let's say you live in the Philippines. Well, as I shared in my my post this morning, I said, okay, there's a few things. If you have a cellphone, you can still learn from the videos that you're watching.

Um again, I have many videos during my Facebook group digital marketer, career starter. I I have the link below. Um You can still do things and start working on your resume. It may not be the resume in its entirety but you can certainly work on the draft of the resume. Start writing down things that you know how to do. Um you can if you have access, you can go to maybe an internet cafe and start using that time to work on your resume, or to get some hands-on experience within Facebook Matt ads manager or Google Ads Manager. I mean, because at some point, you're going to have to go on there and really learn that stuff. So, that's something that you cannot really learn just by watching videos. You going to have to go in there and get your hands dirty a bit. Um you can still take interviews if if push comers. If I've done interviews with just my cellphone and you know, why I did not get those jobs.

It still is one of those things that can be done. Just there's a myriad of a myriad of ways in which you still have opportunities. You know, I remember watching a video some time ago and it was about this girl who became a digital marketer but when she was learning digital marketer, I want to say she was living in Yemen or one of those war-torn countries where, you know, they were just having bombings and things like that and so, if someone like that can make it out of that environment, okay? then you can make it happen in digital marketing. I'm not saying this thing is super duper easy because I realized that all of us got different challenges. All of us are at different levels as far as how we intake information, how we process, how we learn, but this is not impossible.

And I want you to get that out of your mind that it is. This is very achievable. It just may take you a little bit longer to make it happen. Think of story that we were told. We were little kids about the the the hair and the tortoise. And I think the moral of the story was that you had to keep going slow but be consistent. So okay maybe this week you're not going to spend a lot of time doing it. But you still stay with it. You know right now I'm not taking Spanish lessons anymore. However I'm on dualingo. And I'm learning Spanish that way. I get in at least 10 minutes a day. Um of course, I'm going to do my best to increase that time because the more time I spend with Spanish is the the easier it becomes for me and I learn a lot more the more time I spend doing it but as my grandma used to say, one monkey don't stop a show.

So, sure, you may not have a laptop. Sure, you may not have all the knowledge you need but you have to keep going and by the way, this applies to everything in life. This isn't just with digital marketing. So, I hope that that Really encourages you to keep moving forward because one thing I know this year is going to challenge the resolve of everyone. I believe that this year is going to be the year where you going to separate the people who can creatively thank from those who cannot creatively think.

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And so you are in a position where yes you'll be tested but on the other side of that not only will you achieve what it is you're trying to do. But you're going to be battle tested. See I think a lot of people haven't really been battle tested over the years and it's made us unfortunately you know very lazy. Especially those up in America. Now I not saying that everywhere in America, people have money and people got access to resources.

Hell, there's a place in North Carolina about 40 minutes from where I stay. They they have very limited internet. You mean, when you go to this town, you would think you're going back in the past or something like in in in the late 90s or whatever. But again, don't use your disadvantages as an excuse not to succeed. The other thing I want to a many times and this is more of a spiritual thing that I'm about to get into. Many times, when the universe recognizes that you're trying to do something, I believe that it conspires on your behalf It opens up doors and lanes for you to do it because remember, we are creative beings.

We have the ability to create new realities all the time. So, the question becomes, what are you focusing your attention on? And wherever your attention goes, eventually, your energy will flow in that direction. So, what I'm saying to you is, yes, be positive Put in the work, and you will be amazed to see how the doors will begin to open up in a almost serendipious way. I don't know if you say the word like that but the point is, do what you can. Do what you can and to help arise. And help will come. One advantage you have is that you are either subscribed to this channel or you know me. Shoot me a DM at Tawan the Nomad nineteen. And be my, I'll do my very best to answer any questions that you may have.

Um because again, we're in this together And you can do this. My goal is to not only expose people to digital marketing but it is also to put people in a position so they can have the best life possible. And I don't think you can have the best life possible when your options are very limited. You know you can't go here. You can do that and that's a whole another topic in itself because I know a lot of places are having more and more restrictions for those who have not taken that that that that candy.

But you can't focus on that. You have to focus on the things in which you can do. And I believe as far as digital marketing goes anybody can do this. Um one last thing I want to share is the people in India they are coming. And they are determined to make their stake in the digital marketing industry. Um if you were to go to let's say a website like Fiverr and look up SEO. That's search engine optimization. You would notice that many of the people that do that work are either from Pakistan or India or somewhere like that.

Somewhere in that region. And so my feeling is lot of them may not have regular access to internet or a computer. But they still find a way. They work with other people. they they they don't use excuses. So, this year, twenty twenty-two is going to be a year where if you were making excuses, yeah, sure, you're not going to make it. But if you can find creative ways to gear around things, this is going to be a great year. I believe that there's tons of opportunity out there. You just have to continue to put yourself in the best situation possible and I'm going to do my very best to do my part to help you get there. You just have to believe in yourself, put in the work, and allow the help to come and help you when when it does come.

So, I'm going to go ahead and end on that note for this video. I want to say again, please if you haven't subscribed to this channel, go ahead and subscribe this channel. Um also, check out my Facebook group. That's Digital Marketer Career Starter. Go over there and become a member because I'm more often than not, I'm putting information out there. Uh usually every day. So, you don't want to miss that. And Just continue again to work hard, stay positive, and everything will be just fine. So, thank you again and I'll see you in the next video. Y'all take care. Bye.

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