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a lot of things i love about teaching online obviously because i can be at home and i have a young son and that that helps a lot which a lot of my students it's the same issue that they have is needing to be able to do something from home and not able to lead their families being a lot like my students has helped a lot i've got a family i have a job and i have school and i'm trying to juggle all three of those things just like they are having been in that position to take an online class and how different that it is from being in person i can sympathize and help them work through those issues in the past if you wanted to teach at a particular university you'd have to pick up your family and move i don't have to do that i can reach more students they're not all here in manchester new hampshire i have students everywhere and that to me says a lot my classrooms are so diverse from all different areas they have all different careers they have some don't have careers at all and they're just starting out so it's great to mix those that have been in the workforce with those who haven't get them talking together and then some of my store board students you know the same thing i feel like they're more engaged because it is online rather than being in a classroom with a language barrier and trying to talk somebody who's thinking about going back to school the only thing i have to say is stop thinking there's i mean i don't get it just do it that's my honest answer i really stop thinking about it take your tests get your stuff in order apply send me an email send somebody an email and just just do it there's the only thing you'll have is a regret someday of not doing it and that's the biggest thing is having that regret and you don't want to have the regret of not having even tried because there's plenty of people here staff faculty advisors that are willing to help

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