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My name is Nick Norris. I'm a Business 
Instructor here at Ventura College. Social Media Marketing is meant to give 
students the tools needed to work in and compete   for, uh, jobs in a digital marketing environment. Giovanni Rodriguez: Social media is important 
today, because it's in our everyday lives. Nick Norris: It's important that the students 
understand that Social Media Marketing is a   business function that has real 
business objectives.

There's a   real fiscal monetary return on investment 
that, uh, marketers need to keep in mind. Hi. I'm Jennifer Kalfsbeek-Goetz, Vice 
President of Academic Affairs at Ventura College   and I'm just really excited to share with you our 
new certificate in Social Media and Marketing. Nick Norris: With this grant, our goals for the 
program were to replace textbooks that were,  that cost, with zero textbook cost resources. 
Give the students not only academic learning,   but actual hands-on experience. For 
example, record a podcast using   Or to create a branded Spotify playlist, or 
to create a Facebook advertising campaign. Not just read about it, and talk about 
it, and study it, but to actually do it.

Another objective was to give students the 
experience needed to work in the industry, remotely, using technology. And, and I feel 
like we've accomplished those goals. From a   technology standpoint things happen really fast. 
So, a textbook that was written four years ago,   for example, doesn't take into account a little 
thing called TikTok, maybe you've heard of it. So,   we were able to kind of replicate the textbook 
experience with a series of podcasts about   specific topics within the major topic of 
Social Media Marketing, influencer marketing,   leveraging content marketing, from 
a Social Media Marketing standpoint. Same thing with community management, and so far,   it's been a huge success. We include 
closed captioning so they are accessible   and the students seem to have a really, 
really, good reaction to that material.

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Paola Ortiz-Munoz: It's been very beneficial 
actually. Um, when I started the program I had   recently started working at a non-profit and 
really wanted to learn more about Social Media   Marketing, and specifically on the marketing 
strategies and ways that social media can help. Nick Norris: This is an industry of constant 
change and it is our jobs to embrace the change   in platforms, in technologies, in trends, 
in how Google algorithms change every year,   in how Facebook's, you know, company platforms   restrictions change every year. We need 
to adapt to the times, and to the changes. Paola Ortiz-Munoz: I did all my 
classes online for the most part,   um, and that helped a lot because like 
I mentioned, I was working and so it was   nice to have the ability to do a class 
online and not have to commute so much. Nick Norris: And we have to imagine that some of 
these trends, um, that have happened as a result   of the pandemic will be ongoing, meaning 
that companies will continue to want their   staff to work remotely.

And so, 
we're actually giving students the   skills needed in order to compete in the 
workplace, now, because they're prepared.   They can do learning remotely. They can work 
in groups remotely. They can work on projects   and submit assignments remotely. All of the same 
activities and behaviors that an employer would be   looking for, um, our students when they go through 
this class, when they go through this program,  will have the abilities to accomplish 
what the the employers are looking for. So, without the additional hours and 
resources available from this grant,   I would not have been able to dedicate the   dozens, if not hundreds of hours that went 
into building this class and program online.

Jennifer Kalfsbeek-Goetz: Another really 
cool thing about this program is that   the courses are CVC-OEI aligned, which means 
that they are aligned to the highest standard   of rubrics that support regular and effective 
irregular and substantive interaction,   as well as other really important things 
including ADA compliance and accessibility. Paola Ortiz-Munoz: It's been 
a great, um, experience.   I've learned about different 
career pathways that I can take. Nick Norris: We are training a workforce 
to have good paying middle-income jobs   and we're pretty darn proud of that..

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