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We're quite different
from the last generation. Our mindset is quite different. We're just kind of… We have more feelings that
can be hurt. I don't think anyone understands that. For example parents. Subtitles: WDR mediagroup GmbH
on behalf of WDR * Music: Billie Eilish
"Bury A Friend" * ♪ What do you want from me?
Why don't you run from me? What are you wondering about?
What do you know? Why aren't you scared of me?
Why do you care for me? When we all fall asleep,
where do we go? lists. ♪ There's the camera. (laughs) What kind of documentary is that? This is for the WDR.

Such digital puberty.
Or do you explain. We just have to…
We're being filmed, our everyday lives. There are cameras here. And, um,
it's just shown as generic as teenagers are these days. I'll send it to the people. Melvie, Mia, Nico, Mathilda. Furkan, Sandrino, what's up? We wanted to ask you a question,
several questions, for the documentation. What do you think parents
don't understand about us? Let's see who's coming in. "Parents should accept that as a child you are
your own person… …and not a reflection of your parents."
– I agree. Marie. Boy, tell them
to come see me too. Yes, okay, Marie, we'll come to you.

* Music * Hi, I'm Marie, 16 years old. When I finish school, I would like to do something
with event management. Hi, hi, hi, hi. Dennis. Hi.
– Hi. Just like eating, drinking… …the mobile phone is one of those things. Sure, it's not at the top,
like a basic need. But she comes relatively close. Hi, we want to bake. In the end it looks like this. When parents take our phones away from us
, we get completely frustrated: how do I get to my friends? That's a feeling inside,
something would be missing. So n, so n hole. * Music * Hi, I'm Mariha, I'm 15. I would like to be an architect or creative designer
in the fashion industry when I'm older.

Oh. Masterpiece, I would say. Snapchat is an
app I use every day
to keep in touch with friends. I always send a photo with them,
every day. This creates flames that
get higher every day. But that's not the important thing. But only that you
send this picture every day to be in contact with people. how many flames
do you have with someone 737. What does that mean? That we just sent each other a
Snap back and forth every day. And that just…
– …737 days. That's why almost 2 years.

If the math is right. Yes, but. Calculate. And if you forget a day?
– Then the flames will be gone. This means that all 737 flames
are then back to zero. That means we have to start again,
then build up. What would your girlfriend say
if you forgot? "Man, Marie." How many people are you
doing this with right now? I think there are about 60. Isn't it about the people,
but about the flames? – Yes. Roughly. The only thing that is also practical
with Snapchat: You have a Snap Map
, you can stalk people there. As long as they're not
in ghost mode. I am here.

You always know where the other is
when you turn that on? As long as he was on Snapchat. But do you personally know
all the people who
can see you on this map? So I put it out so
that only friends see me. A few people. But otherwise I also have a few
that I don't know. (Marie) One always has friends. But sometimes you do
n't do that much with them. At least for me. I might
even be afraid of losing my friends. I notice that sometimes. I'm sitting in bed and I'm like, [ __ ], what
if I lose her too? Then I'm so sad and
scared that it's really going to happen. This fear of loneliness is present
in every young person. I understand that older people
don't understand that . So: You have people on Snapchat. Or on Instagram. But that doesn't mean they
're friends. Okay, 1, 2, 3. ♪ …and tickle your nose,
you have to sneeze halfway through your sleep.

If our blocks are too high,
we can't enjoy it. ♪ I'm Schayan,
17 years old, I'm from Munich. My dream is to become famous
and have a lot of money. We're going to the gym right now. model. Check them all out on Instagram. Schayan16. Or what's your name then?
– 8, 8, 8. How was school today?
– Honorless. Fun. It was okay. With me we went… So n [ __ ].
Schoolwork screwed up correctly. But whatever. Now we're going
to train for it. – Deserved. * Music * Why do you post pictures? To show his life. It's an addiction.

No matter where you are, you always want to
pick up your phone and make a story. And show people, hey, I
'm here with this person now, and we're doing this. I think that's quite normal
in our generation. What works? This is Dennis,
I'm 16 years old. My hobbies are singing, dancing
and making YouTube videos. My goal is
to become an actor. Do you want to say something, Schayan? film shoot (Dennis) It's going to be… …honorable. 4/3
– That's a draw, Digger. (Shayan) Come, come. 5. Now one more. 6, very beautiful, very beautiful. Who are you doing this for?
– For ourselves actually. That you look good. You want to look good for the girls too
. – That too. In the pool and such.

I agree. This is how you attract attention. Because most girls,
not all of course, care about looks. I don't want to offend anyone. There are also girls
who care about character. And yes. You just want to have a good body. When you go to the swimming pool
that looks beautifully shaped. (Dennis) Stop six pack. And good arms. And, yes, legs. Like Ronaldo maybe or James. Schayan, which part
of your body do you like? What part… – …of
your body do you like? I like my arms. But of course you want to
train them even more.

And what else? I actually really like
my size. I'm big.
That's attractive too. And, yes… breasts still have to be done. I have to
start training again so that everything gets bigger again. I don't like my legs that much, they
're a bit thinner. But I want to train them now so
that they get bigger. What do you
think girls like about you? – Uh… I think they like abs
and arms too, of course. Arms with veins out. They really like that. Digger, I got really
lost. N proper leek, dude. would you describe yourself
as handsome? This is difficult for answer. Do you think the
girls like you? – Yes, yes. Most of the time, the girls
look at your Instagram profile but don't follow. It's because I do
n't know you or… I don't know. There's a reason
the girls don't follow you. How many followers do you have?
1,300 or something? – Yes, something like that.

Definitely. But they follow if you look good
or if you like them. So if they like you, they
follow you. Or like your pictures
and you should then write to them. That's why I do
n't want to approach girls anymore. Something is probably wrong with me
. Why am I receiving a basket? Because there's something about
my face or my looks, I don't know… You're too young.
– Maybe yes. But you're still growing.
– He also has more beard. Maybe it's because of that. I'm Sandro, 17 years old. In the future I hope to be
wealthy and successful. Fits? Always sit up straight.
(Schayan and Sandro) Ah yes, that's right. Spread out, brother. Is crying okay for a boy? Of course, everyone should get their
feelings out at some point… We guys just don't show it that way. But when we train,
we let out our anger, our sadness. Sometimes we cry too. Even at school
when you're just disappointed. I recently…

I don't want to be a nerd or anything. My teacher will see that too. I really cried the other day because I was half a point short of
a 1. Are you ashamed as a man
or as a boy when you cry? Yes, I think so. Because… …a man should be like this,
strong and all. And then they think: wimp. Depends on the
situation what you're crying for. If it's because of a girlfriend,
then of course you're ashamed. But I don't think any
of us would cry about it. Both on social media
and in the real world now: I hardly ever see boys… …who do something very close to their
friends, like hugging or something. And also here in general: There are hardly any boys
who talk about their feelings or show any emotion
when they fall or something. My inner voice
always tells me: You should cry. But something,
I don't know what… …is keeping me from crying,
even when I'm super sad. * Music * Hello, I'm Moritz, I'm 16.

I like to watch anime and Netflix,
I like to dance. In the future I want to be famous
because that's what I always wanted to be. Yes. When I was 14 or 15
, finding the meaning of life made me think
about suicide. Thoughts, but not the attempts,
but rather these thoughts. Having suicidal thoughts like that
is a bad thing. Just this world made me
pretty miserable. I was also quite confused as to
what I wanted to do later. Whether I even have a future,
how long I want to live. Since it was also the case with climate change
, they said that we still had a maximum of 10
years to change something there.

Because otherwise the world is broken. In elementary school, like 3rd, 4th
or even 2nd grade, I always found this interest
in boys. At first, of course, there was
this confusion as to whether mans is. Then that you can already hear yourself:
Yes, come on, be honest, it's you. You always have these ulterior motives. Then it comes with the…
You really accept it. And once you've accepted it
, this is the first thing that comes up: How am I supposed to
tell my parents? I
definitely didn't want to tell them personally. Because I was too afraid of
it and too insecure. Then I came
across this video. I sent it to them
when both weren't home or out of range. Then I
waited for their answer. How was the waiting time? Actually really bad. Because my
dad read the message… Well, he read it
and didn't say anything about it. Then I had concerns
that something was going wrong. My
mom didn't even read it. I remember the moment exactly.

pexels photo 4066041

I was in a meeting
and I read that he sent a link. I didn't
always look at every link that the children send. And then about 10 minutes
later he wrote: Is that bad? Then I thought, oh, now
you have to go outside. Then I left the meeting
and looked at it. Hi, I'm Ben and I'm a
voluntary youth worker in Cologne in the field
of sex education. You probably got this link
from your child. Because your child
wants to tell you something important , but doesn't dare to say it himself. So I can take over. Then let's add
butter to the fish: With this video, your child wants to
tell you that they have recognized that they are homosexual. We can
let that sink in for now. You don't hear that every day,
I suppose. Then I called him and
said it's not bad. Then he was relieved. This stone, which
falls from the heart, was huge. Then you were relieved and could
go through life more relieved.

Before that, you had this pressure
that you had to say that at some point. It was bad for me
that I couldn't hug him. Because at that moment, I think
that was a milestone in his life
and I wasn't there. In the end it doesn't change anything for us. Except that we take this seriously and we worry
that he's happy. …a bit more difficult. The ones from my school,

My friends, find it embarrassing when the siblings or something like that are
gay or lesbian. I don't find it embarrassing at all
because I'm happy about him. And I
hope he gets a handsome man someday. (Mother and Father laugh)
I know Mariha from a friend. We don't have that much contact, but we write
on Instagram every now and then, quite normally. You listen to K-Pop, right?
– Yes. You?
– Yes. I have this one song, "DNA". Oh yes.
– Showed me Aicha. I like that. But not the rest. no front I'm more
the type who listens to rap and stuff like the 80s.

Leave Apache first,
then I'll show you a few things. ♪ I'm lying next to
you like every night. And kiss your eyes to sleep.
Hoping you sleep soundly. ♪ How is it now,
is it easier for you to connect with a girl like Mariha online
or in real life? I think…
What I often noticed: In real life, you talk less. Now we're talking in front of the camera,
but recently in the live stream, I'll write more.

Recently: Hi Dennis. I'm like:
Hi, how are you? Bla bla bla. But when you stand in front of her like this,
you think: what should I say now?
– Yes, right? do you feel the same way
– Yes. More often. Would you dare
to ask the same questions in real life? (Mariha) Go like this.
– I do not think so. You can just type
and she's not in front of you.

It's like when
I'm in another room typing and she stands here and answers. Than I'm like that
and look at her, contact like that, eye contact, and then talk. How is it when you
guys make eye contact like that? I have a hard
time looking people in the eye. I know it's disrespectful. But I can't do that. *Message tone* Want to see Shindy?
– Yes, of course. Shindy,
I've been a fan of his since 2016.
I want to take everything he has. He's wearing a jersey now. So n North Carolina Jersey.
I want to get that too. Is your idol-y, right?
– Not idol. My idol is
more like Michael Jackson or ABBA.

I don't know, he's not my idol. He says 70,000
on my wrist is nothing. He's showing his watch now, look. ♪ Your parents want to know
what I do. Push single family homes
across town. 70,000 on my wrist
is nothing. Just so you don't
forget who you're [ __ ] with. ♪ In the summer,
when the weather is good, I do it like Shindy. I then roll down the window,
stick my arm out and then flex like he does
with my watch. That's really cool. I'll take a look. And just think, life
is made up of clocks and such. But actually it's not like that. And now we come to Apache. In July he…

In July he released an album. "Stairwell". That was a cool box. Can you design it yourself,
I'll say now. Here you can add Capri sun
or whatever. And then here I was like … I wore
the t-shirt to the concert. To Shindy's concert.
"[ __ ] [ __ ] Get Money". How was that, "[ __ ]" what?
– "[ __ ] [ __ ] Get Money". "[ __ ] [ __ ] Get Money".
– I agree. So to speak, so that he focuses
on the money. Or, I don't know,
does he mean "[ __ ] [ __ ]", so [ __ ] them, [ __ ] them ? Or [ __ ] [ __ ]
, really [ __ ]. And get paid for it or something.
I didn't get it that way. But… yeah, I dunno. * Music: Red Velvet
"Psycho" * Most young people
use the internet a lot.

TikTok, Instagram. They always try to conform,
saying yes, I'm just
like that YouTuber. I'm happy the way I am. I don't need to be popular
or liked. My name is Aicha,
I turned 17 today. I don't expect much
from the future. I hope I have
a happy and beautiful life with my family. When I was little, I was like a
doll who always did everything when told. Now it's like this,
I act out of my will, my own opinions. I think that
has helped.

In life this is important when you have your own
decisions and opinions. My headscarf,
I've been wearing it for 6 years. I started when I was 10 when
I wanted to start when I was 8. My
parents pulled me back so that I could first understand
what it is. We weren't even fixated on
her wearing a headscarf. And then she came,
wanted a long, black robe. I don't even know what that's called. Yes, we were totally shocked. I kept asking:
are you sure? I was so annoyed at that time. For a while I was the only one in my family who
wore a headscarf. To be honest, she was a role model for

Longing. I watched her, I
thought: how do you do it? Are you sure you can do it
and not drop it? she was so strong Despite these
insults and attacks. Let's say 3 years ago I was
on a field trip with my class. And then I just noticed
that someone was approaching me. I looked: what's going on? Then I smile in
the man's face, maybe he wants to ask something. Then it was like he
started yelling at me. I couldn't move. I could not do anything. People watched
me like it was an attraction. People gathered
but didn't dare to help me. I would have suffered some
damage if he had attacked me.

might even have killed me. Yes, after that I'll be together… Sorry. I collapsed And then still no
one came. The
children tried to protect me. Because they are
my classmates. Then an elderly grandmother came,
gave me something, said it'll be fine . And then a teacher came and
drove the whole crowd away. It wasn't an attraction,
it was an attack. A man who couldn't handle the fact
that I… …wear a headscarf. Wearing the headscarf
is not covering up, hiding, that is my crown, my existence.

That's my…..being here as a woman,
also as a Muslim. She looked great in pictures,
but not in real life. I want that one girl,
dunno, that listens to me like that. She's supposed to be loyal. She shouldn't cheat,
because that's not what you do. You always see
these skinny girls. I had such a limit
where I was at 42. 42kg. That's extremely thin. Copyright WDR 2021.

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