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Any earnings or income representations are aspirational statements only of your earning potential. There is no guarantee that you’ll receive the same results or any results at all for that matter. Your results will depend entirely on your work ethic, experience, etc… As always there is a risk with any business. I am not a financial advisor and nothing in this video should be considered legal advice

Do you want to know the most effective And easiest way of making one thousand Dollars every day is earning money on Autopilot something you are planning for The year 2023 do you want to make money While you sleep have you tried most of The affiliate marketing methods but none Of them are working for you well then You are at the right place In this video I will show you the most Effective affiliate marketing technique That generates thousands of dollars Every single day This will be an autopilot method and Would require zero effort from your side Once the setup has been done You need to have the correct Automation In place so that they can work for you Constantly I'll teach you the complete method Through an easy step-by-step tutorial so You can build such a system from scratch At no cost at all You don't require any skills or prior Experience for this and you can make Money through this method from anywhere Around the world And if you want my team and I to set up A fully managed affiliate marketing Business for you click the first link in The description box down below Please keep in mind that this is only Offered to 10 persons every month due to Limited capacity

So if that's still available click the First link in the description to have my Team and I set up a fully automated Affiliate marketing business customized For you and you can keep 100 of the Profits for the rest of your life Now let's get started with the method Right away Step one Go to the website Digistore24.com and create a free Account If you've been following along with my Videos you probably know about ClickBank Warrior plus Digistore24 and CPA grip well all these Affiliate marketing websites yield great Results but for today's video we will be Using digistore24.com So after creating your free account go To the section Marketplace on your Dashboard Here you will see different authors that You can promote to earn money You can choose any product but for this Tutorial I will choose the product Woodwork 101 hotwordworking deal You can find this offer in the home and Garden section Step two When you click on the offer you will see A promote Now button click on it and you Will get your personalized affiliate Link as it accepts requests

Instantaneously Now proceed to the affiliate offer sales Page You will see the complete details of the Offer on the sales page All of this is useful content which you Can use in your promotional content Step 3. now go to the website Getresponse.com This is an auto responding and landing Page building website I will use this website to make this Process fully automated So you need to sign up on this website You don't need a credit card to sign up And there is a free option too But I'll suggest that you stick to this Method for better results People who are making thousands of Dollars of sales are the ones who pay For their cheapest plan and are Consistent with this method So if you can pay only 13 now for a free For Life option this is worth it You're more likely to actually use a Strategy and get results if you buy this Plan Step four Now once you sign into your account on Getresponse.com go to the section tools And then select the option landing pages Then click on the option create landing Page and select build from scratch I usually prefer blank templates as it

Gives you more freedom to design the Landing page You can select plain template 10 as it Is very easy to use and gives great Results Step 5. After you select the template you need To edit it with all the content from the Offer you can tweak it a little bit but You don't need to change much of the Offer Now just copy and paste the headline Into the landing page and remove any Unnecessary elements After that take a screenshot of the Video and add it to the landing page Then write Simple Text such as enter Your email below to get instant access And add click here to continue This is a beginner friendly platform and Anyone can design a landing page in just Five minutes Step six Now click on Next Step return to Digistore24 and copy your affiliate link Then go to the get response and scroll Down to choose the email list Then disable the option confirmed opt-in Then select the checkbox saying add into The cycle on the day and choose day of Cycle as days 0 to 1 message and then Change the thank you page to a custom Thank you page For option custom URL simply paste your

Affiliate link here This is the affiliate link that your Viewers will go to when they want to Sign up for more woodworking designs Now hit the publish button at the very Bottom Step 7. After that go to the affiliate support Page of your selected offer on Digistore24 Make sure you look at the JV or the Affiliate resources In this section you will find email Swipes which you can use to automate the Sales process completely Have to worry about anything as this Method will automate the entire sales Funnel for you in just a few clicks Get responsible handle sending daily Automated emails to anyone who signs up For your landing page and this will Result in automatic sales for you Now here you just need to copy one of These email swipes and go to the Autoresponder website Click on the create autoresponder button And choose take me to the new email Creator Here you can simply copy and paste the Headline from the email swipe in the Title and then paste the headline in the Subject line too Step 8. Now click on design message and select a

Blank template option I always do blank templates because They're easy to use and you can have the Freedom to design them any way you like After that drag and drop the text icon Onto your canvas Then copy the emails text and paste it Into the template title Now simply copy and paste the rest of The email swipe and add it to the Template After that adds your name and also Highlight the area where you add your Affiliate link When you are done click on next Step 9. Once the email is all set up click on Save and publish at the bottom So now whenever someone visits your Landing page and leaves their email Address there they will get this email Well you can create a professional Landing page in just a few minutes which Is 100 free and actually looks pretty Great Now you can use other emo swipes from The promotion page of your offered to All of them have different headlines so You can make two or three variations From every single one of these email Swipes Step 10 now here I will give you a bonus Step Most people have trouble getting traffic

To their landing pages so now I will Teach you how to gain traffic to this Landing page for free in the next 24 Hours with a proven new social media Website I have been using this social media Platform to gain free traffic for the Past couple of weeks and it's been Working really well for me and you can Actually do it without providing any Content yourself So head over to pinterest.com here you Need to do a simple search related to Your offer you can type Woodworking and Then filter out for videos only Now look For the videos that have a vertical Format and copy its URL link Next go to the website Pinterestvideodownloader.com and paste Your link here Your Pinterest video will be downloaded Automatically after your moment You can also use the save link to save The file to your computer After that go to ticktock.com and create A free account Here you can now upload the video which You've downloaded from Pinterest and Then add a link to your landing page People are downloading videos from Tick Tock uploading them to YouTube shorts Downloading them from YouTube shorts Uploading to Pinterest downloading from Pinterest uploading to Instagram and so

On they are mixing and matching all this Content to generate traffic for their Affiliate offers Now this is how you'll be able to create Tons of traffic for your offers and earn Thousands of dollars every day You need to get traffic to your offer as It increases your chances of making a Sale and earning a commission much Higher the more people you will reach With your offer the more you will earn Once again if you want my team and I to Set up a fully manage affiliate Marketing business for you click the First link in the description box down Below

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