Watch These 60 Minutes if You Are Ready To Take Social Media Seriously

– I'll go sweet. I'll go different. I'll go like this rant right now 'cause one of you fuckers might do it because this is the moment. I'm doing secret content. I fucking made a secret Zoom
for you fuckers tonight. Here we are, I don't need
to be doing this shit. I'm dying out here for you guys. You got your perspective. (audience cheering) I just want to be happy. Don't you want to be happy? (upbeat music) The way I think about functional content, is that the piece of
content starts the process of you doing something
and it creates experience, it creates access, it creates surprise and delight. I remember way back when, in the early days of Wine Library TV, I did something where I was
doing a Wine Library TV show, but then I flashed a URL, where it might've been on my chalkboard.

I don't remember, but
it sent you to a URL, where you did something and
then it sent you somewhere else. Ultimately, it all led to like you getting like a $30 swag pack and a bunch of people went through that kind of Easter egg hunt. To me, that's what it is. We did a post recently,
where I post on Instagram, there was like a hidden link. You just clicked it. You're on a Zoom, I'm there. It's almost like a key, a trigger.

It creates functionality,
access, surprise and delight, things of that nature. So a post that is more than
just the content itself, it's a starting point to something else. Ultimately, what I'm most excited about is I think it brings value. When the promise on the
other end is valuable, I think those kinds of things trigger. And I think that putting out content that is for your community, the people that are actually
about your community, it's gonna cause your
community to pay attention more if there's something on the other side for them in functional content. I think it's just the way
human psychology works. – This is fucking crazy. What? I'm just sitting here editing
my podcast, took a second and now I'm talking to Gary V. – That is how it works. – Right? You just gotta take the action. So I've just got one question. If you are in a weird niche, right? Something that's like
outside of the ordinary, it seems like you've got
to explain it to people. What is your strategy
for making it mainstream? – Waiting. I just want everybody to
hear what I'm about to say.

I want everybody to hear this. When I was yapping about social media, people thought it was dork ass shit. Waiting. When you're in a niche, it always becomes not a
niche if it was meant to be. Hip hop was a niche. Video games were a niche. Everything that it matters. TikToK was shit on by
every guy 18 months ago. – You don't even know how perfect it is that you said waiting. Listen, you probably don't even
know what I'm talking about, but in human design, my friend, you are a projector. Their literal strategy as a
person is to wait, to wait. You're such a perfect demonstration, I've got a whole blog post about
you, a whole YouTube video. – Send it to me. – [Tiff] I'm so jazzed. – I'm so jazzed too, Tiff. – I fucking will, thank you. – You know what's really fun? I love that you're first in this because talking about innovation, like I literally think the
post that I just posted is gonna be one of the
bigger things I've ever done.

I'm not kidding. I think this concept of
functional social media is wild. Like you post it, but then that triggers. It's the seed of starting something. And this is gonna be my call. Like, definitely my go-to, access. I know people wanna ask me questions, I know people like interacting with me. I love interacting with you. I love looking at Josh
Kaufman's face right now or fool around the world. I love looking at this Tabitha Clark, ESQ, I love this shit. But like, the fact that I can
put out a piece of content and there's an Easter egg in it now and that's like a portal to where you can find me for 25 minutes, this is gonna get fun.

It's gonna make social media fun again 'cause I'm just putting
out a seed right now. But all of y'all, like the
world's gonna make it better. How cool is this? I post something, it's the trigger to a secret Q and A session. Love it. Thank you, Tiff. – Thank you. – I'm going to go with- – Big shout out, Gerald Guevara at P's, Oscar Strata, what's good? Ethan Trout, I see you.

Oswaldo Martinez. What's good, Sean? I see you, Sean. Via, I see you. Shervin. Gerard Heinz, I see you. What's good? What's good? What's good, everyone? Alright, who's up? – Sorry, I can't pronounce it. – Don't worry, I've probably pronounced
every single person's name that I just said, wrong. Don't worry. Andrew Von Renin, what's good? – [Dustin] Yeah, you're on. – Hey, hi man. My God! My God! Okay, I was just finishing writing a song and I just saw you're up here and I'm like, okay, let's see. It's 4:00 AM here in India, by the way. – I'm impressed with the hustle, bro. 4:00 a.m, Jesus! – (laughs) I'm not gonna lie, I don't really have a question for you, I just wanna give you a lot of love 'cause I just posted a
story a few days back.

I shut down my personal account and I'm going ham on being an artist. And one of the last stories
on my personal account was I just posted all your
content that I had saved before I deleted my personal account. And I'm like, this is for you guys, my last parting gift before
I go ham on being an artist. And my last story was like your picture and the post was like, patience is an underestimated thing. That was your last post that I posted. And I captioned it that I'm
gonna meet this guy one day not as a fan, but as a fellow human being, who just loves this guy. – I appreciate, my man.

I'm so glad we got to interact just now. I wish you nothing but good. Keep going, bro.
– Love it. – Keep going, we'll talk soon. Thank you. Love you back. – [Man] You're everywhere,
you're everywhere. – Trying. – [Man] Love you so much. – Trying, love you back. David Boyd, I see you joining. Valentina De La Tore, great to see you. Thank you for being here. Orlando Matt, I can't see you through it.

Cedric, Justin, Melody, Matt, Orlando, Ashik, Derek Bern, I see a lot of things that
I can't see their faces. Put your video up. Put your video up. Let me see those faces. Amir, Vincent, Flory, what's good? I.G. Winston
is in the building and he's got big fucking guns. Let's keep it going. Dustin, I'm ready to talk to humans. I see you, Zach B. – Connecting to Morgan. – Yo.
– [Gary] Yo! – Am I speaking to Gary V? – You are, Morgan.

Am I speaking to Morgan with
a tremendous haircut right now that I'm massively jealous of? – You are. What about the mustache, dude? What you reckon? – The mustache I can pull off but I can't pull that little puff up. – I can't believe, this is so cool. I just dropped by and- – [Gary] Thank you. – And all of a sudden,
dude, I got nothing to say, I just love your content. – Thank you. – [Morgan] I thought I'd drop by and see if this was the real deal.

– It is the real deal. – I'm surprised it actually is. – It is the real deal. I really… I've been thinking about this concept of making social media
content matter more, do more, create more. And I think this concept of
functional content is real. Like just imagine your
favorite hip hop artist posts a piece of content, but it's not just him
or her in the studio, she's saying, "come and
be with me in the studio for 20 of you are gonna come
in to be in the studio with me. Here's the link." Like, I just think there's
more shit we can do. – Yeah, man. – And I wanna test. I've always innovated. And I think the post I just
posted is in an innovation, one that could become
standard social media practice in five years. So I'm excited about it. I think tonight's a special night and I'm glad all of you were here. – Yeah, cool, dude. Awesome, I love it.
– [Gary] Awesome. – Fantastic idea.
– Thank you, brother.

Thanks for the love. – [Morgan] No worries. Thank you, Gary. – Alfredo Compos, I see you, bro. Thank you for coming through. – I'm gonna put on Nicolas- – [Gary] Joaquin, I see you, bro. – [Dustin] Alesandro. – Good. – If anyone that's waiting
that doesn't realize- – Tod's iPhone, I see you, big boy. – Use the raise hand button, if you have a question for Gary, please. Thank you. – I know people thought
this link was fake. I see you, Jonathan. I see you, bro. I see the deuces. Boston N.N is in the building. I see my guy. – Yo, hello? – [Gary] Hello, Nicolas. – Oh my God! I can't believe this. I can't believe that
I'm talking to Gary V. I'm from-
– [Gary] You are, man. – I follow you from years. I always thought, oh my gosh! If someday I could speak to you, this is incredible. – Where are you from, my friend? – I'm from Argentina. – Argentina, fantastic. How are you? – I'm great. Literally, watching your videos, it took me off from a deep place, where I didn't know what to do, where to go.

I start to making content in my Instagram for selling some products. Then I got hired in a magazine and now producing content
for that magazine. And it changed my life completely. Really, this is so, so awesome. And I wanted to ask you, I'm in the agro-farming sector. – Yeah. – [Nicolas] Making content for a magazine. – [Gary] Yep. – And I have two question. My big interest is about healthy food, more like- – Clean. – [Nicolas] Yes, exactly. – I understand. – And more fruits, more rationales, but I am on the diet diary section. And I think I can bring
so much for the producers to help them to become more sustainable. But on the same way, I have
a conflict inside of me because I'm not so okay
with that production.

So I don't know if I am speaking right. – I totally understand what you're saying. My friend, if you don't believe
in what you're supporting, you will ultimately die. – I do believe that we can make a change. – So then scream about it. I talk about making a change all the time. If you believe you can make a change, then you need to yell at
the top of your lungs. I believe that everybody
that's in this room right now is very confused on how long life is. That's why I'm pounding in
everyone's fucking face in here, patience. Because everybody's unhappiness comes from thinking they haven't made it when they haven't even fucking started. So what do I do? I fucking pound all of you, 24/7, 356, fucking TikTok, LinkedIn too. I'm gonna chase you all
around the fucking internet until you fucking succumb
into understanding that almost all of your
unhappiness and fucked-upness, is predicated on you not understanding how long your fucking life is.

– Yeah. I know you always talk about how to keep things in perspective and how to see it long term. – Nicolas, life is only how you see it. – I struggled with that because I mean my 34 years and now it's just I'm having some income that allows me to be more comfortable, but I was struggling for a lot of time and I see all my friends,
the typical story. – Of course. Why do you think I talk so much about it? The easiest way to be unhappy is to compare yourself to somebody else. And oh! By the way, on the record, when are you gonna compare yourself to somebody who has it shittier? I love people… Like, I like comparing myself, Gary. I'm like, okay, stop comparing yourself
to fucking Beyonce, dick. Compare yourself to somebody
who's got it shittier than you. – I completely understand. Just in this pandemic situation, the whole thing of
having some food to eat, having a roof, it's just unbelievable. – Somebody just died. Somebody just died in the
world under 40 years old. Like, I don't understand why
people compare themselves to the 1% of the 1% of the 1%.

Why don't you compare
yourself to all eight billion? Let me promise you this, everybody who's in this room right now, there's eight billion people on earth. If you had the luxury of having a phone, an Instagram account and the ability to sign
into this room right now, you're already beating by
far more than half the world, just so you know. – Of course. – Of course, but nobody
lives that way, Nicolas. Everyone's crying about
what they don't have instead of being grateful
for what they have.

– Yes, yes, I know. And that's such a powerful message. – And so, by the way, Nicolas, I'm answering your question
right now for the last minute. You believe in something? Talk about it. Forever, constantly with
everything from your fucking soul. – I will, I will.
– [Gary] Love you. – You're the man. – Let's move on, I wanna get more people. – [Nicolas] Thank you very much. – Let me keep giving some love
to so many people in here. Turn on your cameras 'cause I wanna say what's up. Roy, what's good? Tyree B, what's good? Johanna, I love your hair. What's up, Diggity? What's good with that Jersey? I see you, Charles Grant, I see you. Savannah, thanks for being in here. – [Savannah] Hey. – [Gary] Oh! You're next
talking, Savannah, what's good? – Oh! Perfect. – Perfect. Me and Dustin on that same wavelength, let's go, Dust. Savannah, how are you?
– There we go. I'm such a huge believer in energies. I'm the founder of S3 Yoga and honestly, this would not
have been possible without… I like to say I'm a proud
student of Vayner University.

Oh! Sorry, my heart's beating. – We're good here. We got time, don't worry. Functional content. – Can we take a deep breath together? – Actually, we definitely
take our deep breath together but I have a question. You saw the post? – Yes. – [Gary] You understood what was going on? – 100%. So I literally just
came from a photo shoot. I quit my nine to five, I'm modeling, I'm teaching yoga, started S3 Yoga. Like, doing it. I'm literally like, literally
in the shit with you. So my question to you right off the bat, is I'm a yoga instructor, I teach yoga for athletes, all sidebar on. I wanner teach for Vayner Sports, yoga for athletes and that stuff. But I'm at the point now where
I'm reaching out to brands, DM-ing them, what am I asking? Like, I'm a content creator.

I'm doing the yoga. What's the best way to approach it? I'm doing the Dms, looking at their websites,
all right, who works there? Going to people's LinkedIns. All right, how do I contact them? Who is the person? Or like, what would you recommend? – What are you trying to get to happen? – With regards to the yoga, two things. One, with S3 Yoga, we do private group and online
yoga sessions for athletes. So I'm reaching out to individual athletes but on a brand perspective, I'm a tall 5'11 model who does yoga. I have brands sending me
stuff, stuff like that. So brand partnerships and
then actual the yoga service. – So I think what you
need to do is understand that just like boys hitting on girls, you can't go in for the
kill on the opening move. – [Savannah] Right.

– And that's, Savannah, what
everybody makes the mistake of. You're worried about on
the DM or the LinkedIn when you're reaching out for business on what you're gonna get out of it. So you have to be very thoughtful
of how you bring value. – [Savannah] 100%. – If I'm teaching yoga right now, I'm offering as many- – [Savannah] Free classes. – Free classes, free. – [Savannah] Say less, I'm
going live every Friday- – Good, good. Honestly, that's the only shit that should come out of your mouth. – [Savannah] Say less. – And by the way, not just Friday. – [Savannah] Right. – What's wrong with Thursday? – Do it everyday. What am I doing? I'm in New York, quarantining. – You're fucking quarantined. If I'm you, listen, you
wanna know 2002 Gary V? I'm doing four yoga classes
a day, seven days a week.

But I'm not saying that's
what you should do, I'm just telling you to your face, just so we're not confused here, how Gary V was built, was
really built on Twitter, it was seven hours a
day replying to people that didn't even know who I was. I was looking for people
talking about wine using search and just talking to people. Let me say clear for
everybody in the back, seven hours a day. I'm not saying people
should do that, that's hard. I got crazy energy, but when you're fucking
hungry and you want it, like, fuck this one fucking one… And I'm proud of you
'cause you're doing it. So I'm not downplaying this.

– No, 100%. – But if you're doing free classes Friday, give me free classes seven days a week. And then when that's… Gimme two times a day, like, fuck it. We're going for it out here. – Right. Because everyone's doing free, everyone's doing live. It's just like, it's getting noisy. I feel like, but you're right. – But here's the thing
with noisy, Savannah, you're not in control of noisy. You don't get to say who goes free or not. You know how many people are pissed off that this is happening right now 'cause they wanna sell
mastermind courses virtually for $1,000 and I'm doing
it for free right now off a fucking post and they're
not even in my fucking world? Those people that are
trying to sell that shit, they don't get to control me.

We don't get to control noisy. That's called supply and demand. That's called being good,
being better at shit. You're not paying somebody to
do your hair that sucks at it. – That's a fact. – [Gary] Right?
– That's a fact. – So be good and charismatic
and epic on fucking yoga lives. Like, let's go. – I'm the queen of good vibes. That's what we're doing, but yeah. – So let's speak this out. I want you to hear this 'cause it's gonna help a lot of people.

– [Savannah] Okay. – So if you're the queen of good vibes and you've got it like that, then you shouldn't say
nothing about noisy. Let's get your mind right, Savannah. If you're so queen
vibes, if you're so good, the fuck you talking about noisy for? – 'Cause I'm fucking insecure
and like all this shit that we talk about. – Yes, I love you. Thank you for going it, that's it. So that's it. That's what I'm trying to talk about. Well, good news. You can be insecure. It's not good nor bad for any of us. It's like, there's really
no reason to be insecure other than the elements
that got you there. What's amazing about this moment is, let's fucking cut it out
because nobody gives a shit. – No one gives a… Everyone has their own shit. – You know what's amazing? Once people realize they need… Like, do you know why I'm unstoppable? Because I don't think I mean anything in the face of all the accolades.

Do you know why I made
this functional post? Because Youngboy calling me
out, fucking blew my mind and I just needed to flex on that shit. So then turned it into something good. But even in the face of that, I still know if I walk off stage tomorrow, people will be like,
"where did Gary V go?" I get a couple seconds of love and then every one of you fuckers go back to your normal life regardless of how much I impacted you. The second you realize
you don't mean shit, is the second you realize
how happy you can become. Everybody feels insecure
because they wanna be somebody. I'm fucking the most secure
'cause I know I'm nobody. Now comma, I think I'm special. I'm trying to make November 14th a national fucking holiday out here.

– Right. – But I think it's a balance of that and I think that worrying
about other people's opinions, what your mommy thinks,
what your daddy thinks, what your friends think- – In yoga we call it non-attachment. – I'm so unattached, you
don't even fucking know. I'm fucking floating out here. – (chuckles) I'm right there with you. – But you're not. You're aspiring to be there with me. – Yes. – Because when I promise you
that I have no fucking idea what any other person
that kind of looks like me is doing out there, I have no fucking idea.

'Cause their winning isn't affecting me, which then makes you a positive person 'cause I'm cheering
for everybody out here. I'm cheering for all of y'all. You think I'm scared about
people that steal my shit and resell it? I don't give a fuck. You may think that's taking
money out of my pocket, but I don't. I don't give a fuck. As a matter of fact, that
means I have the leverage not the other way around. There's people making jokes
about me behind my back, taking my shit and reselling
it and I'm not selling it, that make jokes. I laugh at them. I'm laughing out here, Savannah. They're making 40,000,
500,000 on my content. Repackaging it, selling
it, bullshit courses, I don't give a fuck. – [Savannah] Right. – It's not taking anything
out of me and they need me. I don't even know they exist.

That's like my favorite
when people don't like it, when I say something,
especially, unfollowed. You think that shit hurt me? You think leaving a
comment saying unfollowed because you didn't like who I voted for or didn't like this or that, you think that hurt me? That hurt you. – Right. – That hurt you. Get to that fucking place, Savannah. – [Savannah] I will.
– Good. – Every day. It's like some days I need
to take a week off from Gary and actually go do shit, but then other weeks it's
like, I need to hear it. I need the reminder. I feel like it's teaching… Well, listening to you every
day through the podcast, it's like choosing your parents, right? Where I'm unlearning bad habits that society and my parents have taught me each and every… And I need it every day- – You wanna hear something crazy? – [Savannah] But I need it everyday. – And you wanna hear something crazy? And I listen to myself everyday too.

I'm talking to myself every day. – It's every day. – [Gary] Every day. – Every day. – All right, love you. – Well, thank you so much, brother. – You're welcome. Todd, what's good? Alfredo is still in the building. Rory is in the building. Martina, good to see you. I have David, great to see you. Wilkomer. – We're here, we're here,
we're here, go back. – [Gary] Oh! Somebody is talking. What's good? – [Man] Yes, sir. Yes, sir.
– [Man] Yo! – How's it going, Gary? – What's good? Damarius? Oh! You got the crew. You got the full crew in there, let's go. We got the squad in there. – Yes sir, what's up, Gary, man? – Look, man, so first of all, I wanna say entrepreneurship practice and what's another good word for us? – What? Everything- – Everything, I don't
know, but look, look, man, so a couple of weeks ago, we entered HPCU Battle
Of The Brains Competition and we were actually the ones
who asked you that question about if we won, can we hit you up? We only came in third place, right? (all laughing) We was like, we're not
even gonna hit him up, we not gon' waste his time.

– Didn't do it, didn't do it. – We only came in third place. So then…. – Go on, go on. – Hey, we be talking to Gary V right now. (Gary laughing) – But man, so after that, we got a chance to speak
to one of your HR people, Patrick Sharp. – Okay, yeah. Out in LA? – [Man] Yeah, yeah.
– Yeah. So we got the- – [Gary] Go ahead, I'm here, I'm here. – We got the chance to speak to Patrick and we would tell him, we were talking to Patrick about how excited we were to meet him and was telling him about
some of the things we do. We literally like, we're
in the car right now because we just came from doing… Our brand is All That Vintage and we just came from,
literally, just now, doing a pop up. It's our second pop up. The first one went so well last week that we popped up here now. – That's dope. – So we did it again. Okay, we hit up Patrick to see if there was any opportunities that he was telling us
about greater positions and how we would just need
to send him our websites and all of that to do that.

And I guess I, well,
to you right now is… – Is as creators, Gary, we
content create all day, Gary. We love entrepreneurship,
like literally, Gary, the reason why we're
talking to you right now is because we were selling weed. We to the street corner and we're legally not supposed to be here, but we're selling our vintage clothing and then we saw you had
this going on, so we're here and we're just wondering, is there any way we can create content and bring that same energy
to you at VaynerMedia? What can we do, Gary? – One of three of you email me right now, Gary@VaynerMedia and say,
yo I'm one of the guys that's part of the three person crew and let's talk and I'll
put it into motion. – [Man] Got you.
– Got you. You the greatest. You the greatest, Gary. – All right, fellas. I got love for you guys. Thank you. You guys are the greatest.

Thank you for the love. We're gonna figure something out. I got a specific idea. So Damarius, if it's you or
one of the other two guys, just say I was part of the
three person squad, all right? – What's the email? What's the email? I'm sorry.
– What's the email? –

– All right, it's gonna
come from Dominique Tyrell. – Got it. I'm looking for it. Yo, I know you're on this, look for it. Dustin, you took care of that
person spamming the chat? – [Dustin] Yeah.
– Good move. I'm impressed with your skillset. All right, let's keep it going. – [Dustin] Not easy. – It's not that hard, let's not get crazy. Kale Hunter, what's good? Stefan, what's good? – Natasha is on. – Natasha is on? Natasha, what's good? Marcos, Natasha? – [Natasha] Hi.
– Hi. – Okay, I was on T back a few months ago. Well, not a few months ago, probably like six months ago. I, at that point, had
like 60,000 on TikTok and I've since more than doubled it. I get reached out to by brands
all the time, like nonstop. I've turned down so many different offers in choosing that and like
monetizing the platform, just like overall advice and
like choosing who to work with and who not to work with.

– Are you not doing the brand stuff because you don't think it's right? – Yeah. So my TikTok is my business. I paint custom denim, I make earrings- – Yup, I remember.
– All that kind of stuff. And so like, I'll get reached
out to by a bikini company and I'm like, that doesn't make sense. – And so have you been reached out to by anybody that does make sense? – Yeah, a couple times,
but I still just say no. – Because you have an idea- – [Natasha] I don't
know, just the idea that- – Yeah, do you have an ideology against brands being able to do it? Like you I think it's like- – Yeah, I don't know.

– Why? You hate capitalism? – Yeah… No, I mean, I don't know what it is, but there's been like, maybe- – You feel like a sellout? – A little bit, yeah. – Well, maybe you're
too much of an artist. – So you're saying like just don't do it if it doesn't feel right? – Well, I mean, money sucks
if it makes you unhappy. – Yeah. Yeah, I mean, that makes
complete sense, yeah. – I think so. – I mean, there's probably
like a few big brands that I would be like 100% yes, but so, does it make it look bad if I (mumbles)? – No. Wait a minute, now talking
influence or strategy. Are you saying, let me get this, if I'm getting it right. That you've been saying
no to smaller things because you think it's gonna fuck you up from getting Patagonia or Lulu Lemon or- – Correct, correct, correct, yes.

– [Gary] They don't give a fuck. – Okay. All right. So for instance, I make stickers and I got reached out to
by a water bottle company and they're like a super
small company or whatever and in my mind I'm like, oh! I'd love to work with like, Hydroflask 'cause that's the brand that
I already use and like love. So does it look bad if I've already worked
with that smaller brand instead of like getting the bigger brand? – I would probably reach out on DM, on Instagram and TikTok, to Hydroflask in that situation and say, "hey, I've been reached out
to a lot of other brands, but you're my favorite." And then I probably do
that once every month, for three months. And then after that, I'd probably move on. – [Natasha] Okay. – To me, I want you to be
on the offense and patient. Be on the offense and be patient.

So the two moves are, you either reach out to the
brands you wanna work with or you wait 'til you get big enough and they're reaching out to you. Both work. – Okay, yeah.
– Oh! Good, got it. Awesome, thanks, Tash. – [Natasha] Good advice, thank you. I don't wanna hog off
too much of your time. – No worries. – [Natasha] That was awesome, thank you. – Maya B, what's good? Mian Patel, what's good? Jayden, I see you. Isaiah F, eating that apple. All seriousness, I love that shit. – Treyvon. – Javier Jay is the building. Barry Isbiom, Todd's got his hoodie on. Orlando's got the Puma rocking. Oh! John's got the
fucking leopard fucking- – Who's that? Hello, I can hear you.

– [Gary] Hello. What's goof, Trey? – Awesome. This is amazing. I immediately said I had goosebumps. I got my daughter in my hands. – I love you, congratulations. – My question right now is, I guess I'm considered a
dreamer amongst my friends. – Okay 'cause you don't do shit. – My goals are always a lot higher and I look a lot bigger than them but with everything, with COVID and how the changes in how people move, it's how do you go about
really reaching out and getting these, making content with people who are on that same level? Like, how do you find these
people who are basically in line with the things that you wanna get done when it's almost a taboo to
meet with people in person? Am I reaching out, like- – First of all, Trey, the- – [Treyvone] Trey.

– Yeah, Trey. COVID's not forever. – That's true. – So, is it taboo to meet with people? Yeah, a lot of people
don't fucking wanna meet. Other people do wanna meet. So I think if you're reaching
out to somebody to collab and I'll go into… Oh! I'm gonna ask you
a couple more questions to figure out what's going on. But if you're looking to
do something with somebody and they don't want to… Like, when you reach out
to them, you're like, "hey, you wanna do something,
virtually or in person, let me know?" That's how you ask. What are you looking to connect? To do what? About what? – Oddly, my passion is to try
to start a consulting company that deals in at home cannabis operations in a legal state. – What do you mean at
home cannabis operations? – So basically, setting up… Basically, putting together everything to set up for legal card holders to grow inside of their homes. – Love it, understood. – They would consult. – So who are you trying to collab with? Other thinkers to start your firm? – Exactly.

– Okay. So you know you're making an excuse that you can't meet in person, right? – It feels that way. – Trey, can I ask you a question? Do you think your friends
talk about you being a dreamer because you talk a lot of
stuff but you don't act on it? And I'm not asking you in a negative way, I want you to win. But when I hear you say your friends think of you as a dreamer and then as I go through
the series of my questions and I hear the way you're thinking and I see you're saying it's
taboo to meet in person, I'm wondering if you're creating excuses where there's no restriction. You can do everything
you need to do virtually. – I guess, really it's more of when I say, "hey, this would be a great idea." I have my small circle, which is actually pretty small right now. It's, that'll never
work, that'll never work, that'll never work. And I just wanna reach out
to people who are like, "yeah, let's get this shit going." – So reach out to people.

– All right. Well, I mean, I appreciate the time and I appreciate- – Trey, Trey, real quick, no, no, I'm not letting you go that easy. – [Treyvone] Easy? – When I say, then reach out to people, what's making you not? – I have. I mean, I'm not saying that I- – How many? How many? – At this moment, this is
just something that is new. Probably within a month,
so about five people. – Great. And nobody replied? – Actually I've had
two, two replies so far. So those are going in the right direction, but with the COVID thing, I haven't been really traveling to- – Why don't you Zoom them? – I've had video conferences but I guess I just want it more, if that makes any sense.

– More of what? – Putting the things into place to get everything off the ground. Like, I hear exactly
where you're coming from and honestly, just with the
things that you're telling me, it almost seems as though,
like, I'm my own roadblock. Let's just get the fucking shit going. – Everybody's their own roadblock. Good news, Trey, you aren't alone.

Every one of us here are
our own biggest roadblock. You know that, right? – Yeah, that's true shit. – Your ability to persevere
through the people around you that are looking to keep you down because they have their own pain, well, you have the ability to
put positivity in your ears and not listen to that shit. – Exactly. – I find it funny that
everybody understood, as high school kids or junior high kids, let me put on music so I can
hear the shit I wanna hear instead of the outside noise, but then in real life, they don't realize they can do that too.

pexels photo 4066041

– That's true shit. Yeah. – You need to figure out the allocation of what you're listening to. – I appreciate that, man. – [Gary] I appreciate you, my man. – All right, thank you for this. This is amazing.
– Of course, I got you. Javier J, what's good? Alexis, I see you. Luke, I see you with
the legacy over currency put on the back. That's what's up.

Joshua, I see you. Nice hair, nice beard,
nice glasses, I like that. – Hi. – [Gary] Hi. – Oh my gosh! Hi, Gary. – Hi, how are you? – I'm well. Hi (chuckles). Wow! So, thank you so much for being you. You're totally like my shield. Like you were just telling the other guy, like, I listen to your
content to create that bubble so that I can keep staying focused. – 100%. – Yeah. So I wanted to thank you 'cause… So I'm an acupuncturist and I got licensed about three years ago. I've kind of, during that time, I've just been like, I read your book, I've gone through so much of your content.

I did some garage selling. (Gary laughing) I've just been- – Did you have any good flips? – I found these… Oh! Man, don't tell me I'm
gonna lose my words now. Yu-Gi-Oh. These Yu-Gi-Oh tins on eBay
that they were like 13 bucks and a piece that they were selling on eBay and then someone was
just giving away for free like a huge garbage bag of them for free. – Yes. – He just lived on the corner. So just the process of listing that and like knowing the details
so that people will buy it, buy like mine as opposed
to the other people who are listed on eBay. And then I guess it's just a
matter of patience, really. But yeah, so I've been doing experimenting like doing these micro experiments based off of things that you bring up. But also what you've been
talking about with patience and having endurance for the long haul, it's really what's shifted my strategy.

Like, I'm applying for a job at the local organic market moms, 'cause I figured out that in order to be able
to communicate better, I actually need to eat more and that's gonna help me find
my communication strategy to do more of what you talk about, like on TikTok and on LinkedIn. 'Cause you see that's where
the organic reach is right now.

Does that make sense? – Of course it makes sense. – [Girl] Yeah. – But I think what I wanna make sure is that that's not the
only place that you apply. – Yeah. Yeah. I also applied, I went back to the… I worked at an herb shop, a small herb shop in
College Park for five years so I got back in touch with them so that I'll be able to see
clients there once they open up. – Yeah, I mean, you just
have to weather the storm. – [Girl] Yeah. – You just have to
realize it's not forever. – Yeah. – Are you doing okay or are you struggling
during this downtime? – Yeah, I think mostly
it's like the loneliness 'cause people are isolated and- – You know that you're in
control of your loneliness because you have the ability to go out and interact digitally.

You know that, right? – Yeah. So things like this, like, I signed up for notifications. I've been putting myself out there more. – Are you comfortable with that or is that hard for you? – That's really hard. Like, when you talk about documenting and being able to just show
up as you are on social media, just your quirks, people will find you, you don't have to change yourself. Like, I'm definitely working on that. – Well, good news, I'm watching the chat right
now explode with love for you. Like, I highly, highly, highly recommend that you stay on here and
connect with some of the people. I think everybody here should put their Instagram username here and I literally think you're gonna make four friends right now that you can talk to.

I really believe that. – Great. Yeah, I'll do that. I'll do that. – The chat's lighting up right now. You see the chat in your screen? 'Cause you might be on an iPhone. You see where it is? – [Girl] Yeah. – Okay, good. – Yeah. – [Gary] Make some friends. – All right. – 'Cause if anybody (indistinct) people. – I missed that, it cut
off for some reason. – I said, if anybody's
in this room right now, they're good people. – Yeah. Yeah. – Tristan wants to smoke a fatty. You smoke weed? – (laughs) Tincture, but yeah. (all laughing) – Awesome. All right, let's move on. Thanks. – All right. Thank you so much, Gary.
– Of course. Let's keep this going. Alan Jay, what's good? Kharil Patel, I see you. Spencer Ryan, what's good? Ashby is in the room. Amir G, Flavio, I see you. Luke, I see you. Zach has got the hair. ZZ, my man's got the hair. I see you bro. – [Fuhan] Yo, yo, yo. – Yo, who's here. – It's me, bro.

It's me to the- – I see you. – Yeah, so basically, bro,
I don't know what to say but you're one of the
biggest inspirations I have. – Thank you, my man. – And just wanted to ask you a question then I wanna ask you something else. I wanna ask you if you had to start over, with the knowledge you have right now, but with no resources,
no money, no nothing, what is the first thing you would do? – I would go work for
somebody that I wanna be like for as little money as possible
and live off that money.

– Well, Gary, I've
talked to David Meltzer, your good friend. – [Gary] Yeah. – And I've had an interview with him and I've been talking to your assistants, I've been talking to VaynerMedia, trying to get you on my podcast
for as long as possible. Bro, I've been DM-ing
you fucking 25 times. I've been sending out
tweets, doing all that shit and I just wanna see bro, would you- – Oh! Good news, we're here.

– Yeah, yeah. But I would love to get like
a deep convo going with you and share ideas and bring value
to people as you always say. So I would love to have you on. How can we make that happen? – Either the serendipity
of a moment like this or you build up leverage, right? Like, life's about
either luck or leverage. So for me in this scenario, it's either… Sometimes in this exact moment, I say yes, sometimes in this exact moment, I say no, I'm still not sure where I'm going.

The other way to get it done is for you to build a foundation
of a meaningful platform that makes me wanna be on
it for the exposure, right? For me, I don't need you to make meaningful impact
on people in the world. You need me to bring exposure to you so that you can build a
platform and that's fine. I do that all day. I do that all the time. I can't do it for the
99.9% of people that ask me because I get… I mean, if you ever saw
my DMs, you would laugh. Like, there's 25 times,
times 25,000 people times 25,000 times a day times, you know. And by the way, I'm flattered by that.

I don't think I'm fancy, I don't think little of you. My biggest problem, my man, is I'm into like June
of next year of bookings to be on podcasts of people that I've promised three years ago because I have no time, right? Like time is my biggest fucking problem. It's why I think what I
just did with this today, is something I want more people to do because the biggest thing
you can give people is time. I'm doing it broadly here. The tough thing with
doing the show is time, but I'll say this, I'm happy to do 10 minutes. – [Fuhan] 10 minutes? – In Q1 of next year. So you can email me right
now, Dustin will find it. Hit up Dustin or actually
anybody on my team on here? Dustin, anybody from the team on here? – If you want, I can just
put my email in the chat for this- – I think we'll lose it.

What's that, Dustin? – Zane's here and- – Zane, can you take care of this? I trust you. – [Fuhan] Yo, Gary, man I
don't know what to say, but- – Say thank you. – I respect… You know what? I'm gonna say something straight up and I know all the people in
this chat think the same thing, you're a fucking inspiration. You're literally bringing
so much value to the world and in those dark times
with COVID and everything, everybody going through
stress, anxiety, depression and you're fucking
bringing out that value, that positive impact to the world with all that negativity
that surrounds us.

That is just fucking crazy, bro. Keep doing what you're doing. – I will, my man. – I just saw today a
post about Steve Jobs, how he was this leader, this big leader, but everybody, they just
see the final product. They don't see what he
did with his employees. – Of course. – But when I look at you, I see that you are trying
to build that legacy. But also while putting in the empathy, while putting in the compassion
and the love for people. And that's what makes you different. And I love that, bro. Respect to you from
the bottom of my heart. – Thank you, Fuhan.

Thank you so much, bro. – Do you want me to put my email? Do I send it- – Zane's gonna figure this out. Dustin, what's going on with Zane? Do we know? Can you unmute Zane? Zane, you around? You alive? – Yeah, Zane's on, one sec. – I see his video and audio,
but I don't see him acting up. I see you, Hamza. I see those Nike's bro. I see you trying to flex. – Fuhan, I got you. I got your information. I'll hit you up this weekend. – My man, do you have my email? – I was gonna find you on
Instagram, but (laughs). – Basically, yeah. So hop up on Instagram
and it's Mentally Great. So Mentally Great. And Gary, I swear to God- – Hold on, hold on because I wanna make sure
this connection happens. Mentally grey, G-R-E-Y? So Mentally Great, M-E-N-T-A-L-L-Y. Great- – G-R-A-Y? – [Fuhan] G-R-E-A-T. – Oh! Great, got you, got you. Got you. – So yeah, anyways, have a good day, bro. Wish you all the best. And I always had that in mind. People around me told me, "yo, when are you gonna interview Gary?" 'Cause I started interviewing
all these influential and revolutionary people.

I told them one day, I told them one day- – That there's luck in it. – Don't dream too big. Don't dream too big. I was like, just see. – Nah, man. Anybody that tells somebody
not to dream too big, has it completely flipped. The biggest problem in the
world is people dream too small. – 100%. But the thing is, I have to ask you- – Ryan Miran, I see you, man. And with the little one. What's that? Go ahead. – What is your opinion on being realistic? A lot of people around me, yo- – I like realism.

I like realism. I love realism. I'm practical as fuck out here. I love practicality. But I never had anybody say
to me, "don't dream too big." You know why? When I would talk about shit
that didn't look obvious when I said I'd buy the
jets and shit like that, but I was doing shit that made them scared to tell me not to dream too big. When I hear people get told
you're dreaming too big, I get concerned 'cause
I think they're talking and they're not doing shit. – 100%. I think a lot of people
talk more than they do and that's one thing about our world.

But what is the… A lot of people have
expectations, parents around them, friends that tell them, "look, stick to the realistic thing. Don't aim too big." What would you say to that person? – I would say to that person
that I'm not listening to you 'cause I don't want
your fucking life, mom. – Well, Gary, it was a pleasure, bro. I hope to talk to you soon. – Talk to you soon. – [Fuhan] Wish you all the best, keep doing what you're doing, bro. – Gabrielle Cruz, I see you. Fadil, what's good? Daniel K, I see you bro. J Howard, thank you for coming in. – Hey, Gary. – C.J going through
these cards like crazy.

What's up? – [Peakins] Hey, Gary. – Hi. – We're all huge fans, including our son. – Yeah. – I love it. What are your names? – My name is Peakins. – My name is Taniqua. – My name is Kayson. – Kayson, what's good, bro? Kayson, make sure you get this photo 'cause it's gonna be a bad-ass throwback Thursday one day, bro. You're gonna flex on 'em. – Yeah, he made sure that
we got the screen recording. So we have a podcast called
"In Comes The Money", not him, not yet. – Not yet. – So we're basically talking about here comes the value in life.

So not specifically
money itself, but other- – Of course. – That can provide you value. It could probably be more
valuable than money itself. And we've been doing it
for a few months now. I think we have like the talent and the… I guess we're meeting our expectations as far as like how we
want it to be in some way, from where we're at. But as far as getting out to other people, we're really struggling with that. For me, I'm like a visionary kind of guy, I'm really creative. I think in a few years,
I'm gonna be just like you or a version of you. – [Gary] Yes. – And my wife, she is like
really good with just executing. She knows what to do. – She's the operator, you're the creative? – [Taniqua] Yeah, exactly.

– Okay, good. That makes sense, that's a good team. – It's been working out really well. It's just now we're trying to figure out, okay, we're doing all this work- – How do we maximize? – How do we maximize it? – What does maximize mean? – So I guess we're having trouble figuring out like kind of- – Trying to get people to listen? – Yeah, that and how to get people to engage with our content, making sure our podcast
episodes aren't too long. We do it on YouTube also. – It has nothing to do with length. Joe Rogan's long as fuck. – Yeah and we- – Don't use length as an excuse. – We've been using some of your strategy, where we have like videos on YouTube that's like an hour, 45
and then we'll break it up. We'll have two minute videos on Instagram, 30-second clips on- – Do you know that for
four and a half years I put out ungodly amounts of content and nobody was watching, every day? Four and a half years, you know that? – I didn't realize it
was that long (laughs).

– So, I think maybe COVID
messed with me a little bit because now I'm trying to
figure out like a good system. I'm very, very much impressed by how you're able to
manage your social media. Like, pretty much all by yourself and- – Well, not really. I mean, now I have a
humongous fucking team. Now I did it all by myself for seven years so I know it's possible. – Yeah. – The question becomes a couple of things. How much TikTok content
are you putting out? Tell the truth 'cause you know I'm gonna
punch you in the face. – No, I don't wanna get punched, Gary. I'm gonna tell the truth. – I'm gonna punch you verbally 'cause I don't do the physical shit, but I'm telling you right now, bro, when I ask that question and I get that body reaction from you, you know it makes you wanna
take this fucking laptop and smash your fucking face with it.

You know that, right? – [Peakins] I know. – I'll tell you why. I'll tell you why. Because when you want it that bad and I'm pounding in your
fucking skull for free that all the action's
happening over there, why the fuck are you two
coming up with excuses for not doing it? That's what I want to know. – You're absolutely right. Like, so I- – I think it's just fear. It's just where- – No shit, I know what it is and I know that most people either do well getting out of fear through warmth or through some straight shooting shit. I'm giving you my straight
shooting shit right now 'cause I know your warp thing each other and it's not fucking working. – Yeah. I think for me, like outside of fear, is just like a feeling overwhelmness when I think about all
of the different options. – That's because you're out here saying that you're gonna be the next me. That's why you're overwhelmed.

– I'm thinking too big. – [Gary] Yes, bro. – Thinking way too big. – The reason you're overwhelmed, is you're telling me to my face, you're the next me and you haven't gotten
out of the gate yet. And that's crippling you. That doesn't mean you
shouldn't have big ambitions, but if you're overthinking, your ambitions are crippling you. – 'Cause I'm always thinking, okay, well, if I'm gonna spend an hour,
I need to do the best, to maximize that hour. And then I'm looking at
so many different options until the hour already passed. – Trying to figure out what to do next. – So I think like, pre-COVID- – It's not too late. Raul on TikTok has just started. Go ahead. – What are your thoughts on- – What are good options for- – LinkedIn. – [Taniqua] Podcasts? – LinkedIn and TikTok
is free organic reach. Where the fuck are you all at? I've been telling you
this shit for 18 months.

– You have. And I'm wondering if- – And I'm not talking about just you two, I'm looking at all the faces in here that have ambitions,
that want shit to happen, that are trying to get it out here. The fuck are you doing
in this Zoom right now? – What about- – You could be watching Netflix, you can be playing PS5, you could be listening to some music. You're fucking in here
'cause you want something and I'm telling you the free shit. I'm not even charging you for this shit. I'm telling you to your fucking face. TikTok, LinkedIn, TikTok, LinkedIn. TikTok, LinkedIn. You got a fucking podcast. – Yeah. – I'm asking everybody in here, why the fuck aren't you executing
on what I'm telling you? The answer is 'cause you're insecure. The answer is 'cause you're insecure. And the answer is 'cause
you don't fully believe me. The answer is a million
fucking other things but it's all right in your fucking dome. And I don't know how to
get it the fuck out of you but I'm trying a million different ways.

I'll go sweet, I'll go different, I'll go like this rant right now 'cause one of you fuckers might do it because this is the moment. I'm doing secret content. I fucking made a secret Zoom
for you fuckers tonight. Here we are, I don't need
to be doing this shit. I'm dying out here for you guys. I mean it. I want it for you real bad.

You know why? Not because I'm fucking, Mother Teresa, not because I'm on some altruistic shit, because it's real. It's real as fuck. But I can't help you if you
don't fix the fucking well, which is your fucking dome. And if you don't do the shit I tell you. – [Peakins] That's true. – TikTok, LinkedIn. You know why? Because when you post on those platforms, more people than you deserve will see it. – You're right. – And then it will go away. I lived it. I lived it on Twitter, I lived it on Facebook, lived it on Instagram.

You can't do that shit on Instagram now. – So here what I'm getting. I'm aiming a little bit high and I think that's probably
what's getting me overwhelmed. So I get that. So I think, if we say, 'cause right now we don't
even have 1,000 subscribers on YouTube or anything like that. We have less than 1,000
followers on Instagram. I'm thinking by the time that like, let's say you have an opening
of 10 minutes next year in June of 2020 or something like that, we wanna get there. We wanna get to that point of- – Get where? – [Peakins] What's that? – To get to 1,000? – Get to 1,000, at least. – For what? To high-five yourselves? The fuck does that mean, bro? The fuck does 1,000 mean? – I think I'm trying to- – Why wasn't 500 good enough? Why isn't 5,000 good enough? Bro, you're making fake goals.

The fuck will that mean? What happens when you hit 1,000? I'll give you 1,000 right now. What's your fucking YouTube? – At "In Comes The Money". – [Gary] Spell that shit. – I-N, C-O-M-E-S- – Hold on, hold on, hold on. Hold on one second. – Let's see if I feel different. – You're not gonna feel different, bro. You're gonna feel the same
bullshit you feel right now. How is it spelled? In? – In comes the money. I-N-C-O-M-E-S. – I see you. You guys are very cute. Good thumbnails, I'm impressed. – Thank you, Gary. – [Taniqua] Thanks (chuckles). – All right, I'm subscribing. Now you have 143 subscribers. Now you're 144. Now I'm going here. Please, if I've ever
done anything for you. – I appreciate it, Gary. – You're gonna appreciate
the next part more. Anything for you, please follow this lovely couple. A.K.A subscribe. – (laughs) I'm seeing notifications.

That's only coming from
the people in here, I haven't even posted yet. I'm trying to teach… – I'm impressed by how
you execute, for real. – That's all I fucking do, bro. People think all I do is talk. All I do is fucking make shit happen. Listen to me. – You do. – My man, here you go, everybody. Here's the fucking link.

Click it, everybody fucking fill it. All of us follow, they're very lovely. It will be fun. Here it is, there's a link. I really mean it. I really fucking truly
fucking expect all of you to follow it right now, for
real, for real, for real. But here's the real question, my man. You're not gonna feel
any different at 1,000. – I think I've developed like
an internal expectation of- – Period, stop right there. And that is the end of the game for you. Fuck expectations, focus on process. Do you love doing the show? – I love the process.
– Yeah, it's awesome. – [Gary] Good. – I feel like we're
teaching ourselves stuff and then we review it and we're all like, oh! Man, that's so cool.

– Good. You love the process yet,
you have anxiety and tension and unhappiness around the whole thing because of expectations, bro. – That is so true. And we've actually said
that on the podcast and I'm a big victim of it. So I think along with the process, part of what gives me anxiety
is my lack of execution. And I've always been curious
about what your routine is. – My routine was I was blessed
with operational capabilities and then I honed them
since I was five years old and now I'm 45. Talent. Just like you were blessed
with good looks, bro. (Peakins laughing) – Look at that compliment. (Kayson laughing) – Yeah, the little man liked that shit.

Let's go. Listen to me, listen to me. You are not an operator. – [Peakins] I'm not. – Good news. You don't need to be. – She is.
– Good. So stop worrying about operating, start worrying about
community and content. You're not in your
community enough, my man. – Yeah.
– Yeah. – And that's creating more anxiety for me. I don't know if anyone else can relate, it's gotten worse during COVID, I think, because my routine has just hit a big- – Bro, COVID exposed things, it didn't create things.

Let me give you an example, right? You're producing a really
nice YouTube show, I like it. I'm really… Like, you're you're putting it in. Like it's a nice looking thing. Like you guys are doing it but you don't understand right now is that the world works on
everything you do after the show, not the show. I put out garbage lighting content. I put out garbage production
unless my team does some… Big shout out to Abby
for yesterday's post. That was fire. But I'm out here putting
out volume and message. You're putting all your energy, I could see it from a mile away. You two are putting all your energy into the production of the show, not the awareness of the show.

– [Peakins] Yeah.
– [Taniqua] Yeah. – We wanted it to be
something that we love. – Good. Well then, if you wanted it to be that, then stop talking to
all the other bullshit 'cause now you love it. You're good, you won but that's not what you want, that's the bullshit
coming out of your mouth. – Yeah, yeah, I want both. – Calling you bluff. (all laughing) – I think because the
expectations of everyone else kind of drives it and it also messes with my
anxiety because I know I love it, I know it's great content
and I wouldn't like- – Whose expectations? What others? Who? – No, myself.

Since I was young I would… I have this personality where I just feel the need to achieve. And even if it's not
up to your expectations and I feel like I've done
everything that I can so by the time I'm dead, I've been used as much as I possibly can. – Go ahead, keep going. – I feel like I'm misused or underused if no one even sees the effort that we've put into something. – No, no, bro. That's you trying… No, that's wrong. You have it reversed. (Kayson cooing) – Can you elaborate, please? – Of course. Everything you just said was about you. Everything that you just said was selfish. – It was, yeah. You're right. It was kind of selfish.

No one here cares, specifically, about what I'm trying to do (laughs). Or how I feel about it. – It's not even that, it's that you want them to look up to you. – That is true. I want them to be like, "oh!
He's the man, he's good." – I know what you want. – What he just said was dope. (Kayson cooing) You're right. – Which is why it's not happening. – That's right. – It's the reverse, my guy. You ready for this? You ready for this? – I'm ready. – I don't give a fuck that everybody here thinks I'm the guy. – You are though, by the way. – But because I care about knowing that I have so much to give and just giving and letting the chips fall and whether I'm the guy or not the guy, my team will tell you,
I have no fucking idea.

I posted the other day in our thread that I was pumped that my
idea of my three cups post was the worst post we've ever had. Now, one could sit here and say, "yeah, but you've got it easy now." No, that's who I was always. Bro, either you're doing
it out here for them or you're doing it out here for you.

Right now, you're doing it solely for you. – So what motivates you to continue even when the results of… 'Cause you have to have
like certain expectation- – Because I like when there's no results. I believe I deserve them. I believe you two deserve
not having subscribers. – So we can learn from it? – Of course. – We've learned from it (laughs). – Bro, the market's always right.

– Yeah, we did just get started too. – You did but stick with me. It's not about that 'cause
that goes again in excuse land. (Kayson cooing) And it's not about winning or not winning, let him do his thing, I love it. Listen to me, it's not
about you just started, it's not about how many
views you have or you're not, it's you understanding that
you have the new content that's good for them and if
you don't have subscribers, they're right not you.

– Yeah. – And my intuition is that you're like, "why aren't they seeing it yet?" – Yeah. That is true because I feel
like some of this stuff, marketing-wise is formulaic in a way, where if you put the right key, where you do X, Y and Z, you should be able to
get a little bit more than if you did none of that, whether you have good content or not. And so I feel like once
you've done all the work- – First of all, you
haven't done it well enough because it would have worked. And it's just math. But I promise you, the problem is… Listen to how you're thinking. Let me break this down for everybody. Let me break down your psyche 'cause this will help, I think.

So first, you're about you. You want the admiration, the fame. You're worried about it
from your perspective, this is all I'm hearing. Then, the next thing you're worried about is hacking YouTube for you. (Kayson cooing) First, I want it. I wanna win. We're gonna win, we're gonna be the fucking… We're gonna be that cute black couple, we're gonna fucking win, the world's gonna love
us, this is our time. Then all your energy is, let's either buy some bullshit
YouTube hacking course or find some free content and we figured out how to
meta-tag our thumbnail, why the fuck isn't it happening? None of this has been
about doing shit for people that will bring them tons of value.

Yep. All right, my time is up here. I will do this again. – I appreciate it, Gary.
– We appreciate it. – I love all of you. I hope everybody has a great night. Good evening, all that shit. I love everybody. Have a great night. Thank you for being a
part of this, everyone. Take care. YouTube watcher, what's up? It's Gary V. First of all, thank you so much. I hope you're doing super
well during these times. I also wanna ask you, please subscribe because my commitment and exploration of YouTube
is about to explode. Stories, polls, more
content, more engagement, more surprise and delight. This is the time to subscribe. I hope you consider it and I hope I see you soon..

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