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aids out and because or her doctor said,
you know maybe should take those out you might he might be
better for you. And her music teacher told her to put her
hands on the side of like the wall or the drama when she was
playing the drums and feel the vibrations she could feel the
music. She is a composer and is
composed tons of music and every single piece of music.
She she's come up with his come from inside her. You know how people get
inspiration from this one and this one this one of them they
put it together and say this is but it's really a combination
of everybody and that's cool. me But it's so turned me on to
know that everything this woman has every created came from
inside. It's like imagine if you're sitting in a dark room
and people say be creative everything you come up with
cannot come from inspiration from outside has to come from

And it reminded me also a
little bit about Dolly Parton because I remember her saying
when she was young and she was growing up and I think was East
Tennessee and she said that the only musical influences to her
were her family because they were just saying they just
staying together. And it wasn't like they heard
somebody on the radio or they heard this one or this one till
so nobody told young Dolly Parton when she was younger
seeing more like that person because they're selling a lot
saying you know what if you're a little more like that she's
top of the charts. Oh boy if you did this, I bet you would
be ex look at her success so instead Dolly just learned from
inside. And so when she went to become
a singing star. She was herself. She sang like herself. And she was a unique and she's
and she is an individual she's unique and she's an original and isn't that cool like the
coolest people are trying to morph into somebody else.

I'm all for inspiration.
I believe that it's important because that's how you know
life goes but the people who just find it from deep inside
isn't a wow. So I keep thinking like wow
that is the coolest thing to have it come from like deep in
your heart and deep in your soul and that's you with nobody
telling you too. But if you ever been in any almost any
industry cut your hair like this, or sound more like that
or be more like her look how good she's doing look how well
she is doing or in a relationship you kind
of turn yourself into a pretzel to
fit in and be more like that so it works here.

All these things
you know, and it's like all you really want to do is be you. Right that's the way you were
created to be you and original and not an imitation of that
one and this one that one. Someone said like what a waste
of this not to be you. All these beautiful God given
things are suddenly you know that you're not using them,
you're trying to contort them into somebody else. So for
Dolly Parton to that beautiful percussionist and composer.
So is amazing really move made to myself. Thank you I love and
I get introduced to people like that. There are lots of originals out
there, I feel like Kristen Bell's an original.

>> Yeah. Hi Kristin how are you
just talking about. >> People who are originals who
don't. You know, I feel like you live
your life you do you and I tell me if I'm wrong or right.
I was just talking about how. I when I sit with Dolly Parton
and I heard her tell the story about how she learned to sing
and she learned in the hills of Tennessee in just saying the
way she sang, nobody said seem more like that if you say like
that you sell records. She just didn't know, and when she went
to Nashville and saying she was an original that's Dolly, you
know no and she wasn't conforming to be like anybody
and I feel like every time I've interviewed you I feel like you
just go to the beat of your own drum.

>> To my right I take that as a
a very high come from. I mean, yeah I think that I think that it's to fatiguing
to do anything else. Yeah, you know the kit you can get
such a comparison hangover when you're trying to emulate
someone else and not only that but you you you'll never be
able to any late someone else to perfection and be you're
going to lose what makes you unique like everyone has their
own uniqueness. I think for a while I probably did I wanted
the in the cool indie and you know all these other things
that girls and sort of my category in my business and
industry we're doing and then at a certain point I just
realized. I have a saying it's quirky here then most ends just
lean into lakes is it's a must. It's like a stay in your Lane. I'm like I don't need to be
anything else I just need to do what I do and I had to like
there was this huge moment of relief when I was just stay in
my Lane.

>> Was it was it. I'm like how
does that moment com that's what I'm curious about like did
something happen or did you just kind of decide over time. >> No I think what happened was
I was you know this is probably 12 years ago and I was
attempting to do everything that all the other actresses that
were succeeding in my category were doing and I loved when
they got parts and I was trying to be happy but I secretly
wanted to be involved and my husband said, and why do you
keep trying to audition for all of these dark indy's that's not
you stay in your Lane, like you have something that other
people don't have which is the ability to I don't make things
light or a little weirder cork here like start focusing on
your choices and not trying to fit into anyone's box and it
was when he said stay in your Lane that I realized, yeah, maybe maybe the people
that I actually admire there were the ones that see that the
decided to drive down their Lane and they're laying only
like you're saying about Dolly Parton and working looking
around the whole time.

>> Yeah, and that did it feel
like to feel like riding a wave like sometimes like you're
swimming upstream like I can do this I can be them, you know
and then all of a sudden a car. This is much better. >> Yeah, and it's like it.
It creates this nervous. This initially because well
what if what I want to do is not something that anyone has
ever done before. I like even in your line of work, I'm sure
you're like well, maybe I want to be late hard to hear and
hard hitting some other places. Those aren't supposed to mix
and there's no the thing is as you grow up, I think I realized
though there are no rules. Yes, just no rules you can do
what you want to do if it's authentic and it's a huge
weight off my shoulders, not to try to fit into the
category of someone else and to just instinctual Lee sign on to
projects when I want to and then somehow I've created the
thing that is my Lane.

House across the street from
the girl in the window, it is out now on netflix I mean this
is so talk about stay in your Lane. This is in your Lane, I
mean it's filled with all the things you love, and it's got
the dateline stuff, it's got the weird our humor in the
weirdness tell us about this show for people haven't seen it
yet. >> It is one of my favorite
things I've ever done and I know I sound like a broken
record because I say that every time I do something but I like
the I don't know I like being a part of things that I that I
think have thread the needle.

So specifically. These writers
Rachel human Larry came from the groundlings they created
that nobody's I loved and respected them they pitch we to
show they said it's about time we make fun of the genre so it
will be a satirical psychological thriller, so
everything will be played straight but we will absolutely
be poking fun at every single cliche in these movies and you
know back in the 80's. They were a little bit more tongue
in cheek.

The psychological thrillers crazier things happen
and then got very Syria is it taking themselves very
seriously and you know, Rachel especially just thought it was
maybe about time we poked a little fun at it so it is it's
a darkly comedic thriller but it's heavy on building suspense
while increasing of certainty, so it's going to take you on a
ride and and my favorite thing is the people who don't get it
and are like this is weird, I love that like yeah that's
the joke. That's the it's the whole thing
makes me happy and I'm. >> And I'm thrilled with but it
is hard to figure out.

I mean this is one of those layups
when you start watching it as >> Well no because when if
you're going to do a broad it. comedy everything was going to
be a joke then you're going to struggle, audience is
disconnect if there's not a reason to see the. So hopefully
it's just a laugh or 2 hours you might you know just turn it
off because you care staff and the falling in love or they saw
the whodunit just don't care. So we had to make sure that
both were very very important. So the food and it is
definitely in the driver's seat, but around every corner
we are poking fun at how much wine she's drinking to use the
obligatory line of I know what I saw and you know like these
characters in the psychological thrillers particularly the ones
written by women for women, they tend to women have this
like secret ego, my characters, very self-absorbed and she
keeps talking about how she was a beautiful art she's to be the
greatest artists and then we show her paintings and there's
some entirely average.

And like that's the that's the joke,
she's talking so much about how will she ever paint again will
show the world. Her talents again, and they're just like
let yes the Marriott or some now every every single thing is
a joke. >> Underneath the joke
underneath the job, I great time making it so does the love
of this genre dateline and what not to stay back to when you're
a kid you read mysteries like where you always into the what. >> Girl let me tell you I still
have my Christopher Pike book yeah, Chris yes, I have them on
a bookshelf like my 8 ones that I was allowed to buy where
they're all like you know who didn't come home from prom or
whatever the titles were and then my mom has a really
dark sense of humor so we watched X Files I was that was
happening and we watched all the dateline's I still can't
find a dateline that I that I haven't seen. I remember one X
Files with my mom.

It was a one we called liver man and somehow
he like went through the greats of the air conditioner he came
out like in smoke for many such your liver out like I was
there. That was the plot how old were you when you're
watching us. So maybe 15, I don't know John
Allison adolescent so I remember one time. My Mama
gotten up to go to the restroom and then I sat on the couch and
a couple minutes later, I got up and she had been waiting
underneath the dining room table lot. And as I grabbed my
leg. I've truly most people I can
sometimes you're not scarred come on. Now, I love that some
love it love it, it's fun.

I like laughing at myself and
things and especially when I get scared, I also like scary
stuff and like horror movies. >> That's I like all your your
mom sounds really cool. And you I yeah. some of the really cool mom
don't forget guys check out Kristen Bell's netflix show is
called the woman in the House across the street from the girl
at the window. The time was that all of that says it all.
President thank you so much we really appreciate you. Thanks
for all that all then I took a lot of notes so I learn stuff
to thank you. Coming up after the break we've got Valerie
Bertinelli stick around guys we'll be back on the hoda show.

I mean a true original like
she, I love the advice that her husband DAX Shepard gave her and she was always trying to
fit into another person's shoes in her professional career.
You know, she said that she like the in the dark kind of
she was kind of admired those actresses she was always trying
to take those roles when really
what came naturally to her is being kind of quirky and
funny, and sometimes you shy away from
that what you want the opposite of that.

You know I knew a great funny
writer who only want to do is write serious stuff because it
felt like that was the it you couldn't scratch. But in
reality. Funny was where his that was
his lane and sometimes I think because if your Lane comes too
easy. You feel like it's not really yours like it that I do that
without thinking that can't be what I'm supposed to be doing. But maybe that's the answer
like that actually is what you're supposed to be doing the
thing that you're meant to be doing the thing that comes easy
the thing that feels like breathing the fake thing that
feels like my heart can rest I'm home like
that feeling, and I think once you find that
that's probably you're probably on the right road like where
you're supposed to be a okay, ladies and gentleman. There are
many people who I get the opportunity to interview and
only a couple.

I'm madly in love with and one
of them is Valerie Bertinelli she is in her wine cellar which
is a perfect place because why not Valerie's got a beautiful new
book out it's become a number one New York Times best seller
of course it has because she's somebody who everyone has been able to
connect with in some way and Valerie is a piece of all of us
in her so I think when we look at our we see ourselves and we
feel like yeah. She's got this I've got this is
called enough already learning to love the way that I am today Valerie, that number one New
York Times best seller I don't know if that ever gets old.

>> Does it like what was it
like oh my God oh. >> I was blown away when I
heard. It gives me so much joy because
it I feel like it's really going to connect with more
people which is what I really want to what I really want from
this book I want people to see themselves in it I I want
them to expects for themselves that I
am enough already and enough already with the negative
self-talk I think it's it's so important to put ourselves on a half I mean it's East look at
the negative so so easy but it's a little more challenging
to just like focus in on the positive when things can feel

>> So what do you do because I
am enough saying that your enough like that is a huge
statement and everybody has a little dark side right here on
the shoulder that says no you're not you know who you are
and I know who you are and you can actually almost hear it,
it's like. Oh yeah out how do you take that that part of you because it's
part of all of us and and like cast aside and remember that
you are enough. >> Because they're liar that
little voice is a liar and we're like to a lot in our

And it starts at a very young age for a lot of us.
I can only speak for myself in that. I was told the lie that I
am and lovable when I gained weight and that is simply not
true, how does your weight make you lovable are not well it
doesn't and to believe that it had it so ingrained in my
system and trying to pull that out. It is a challenge to say I
don't know enough. Boy is a powerful when you can really
start to believe that I don't believe it every day I am doing
my best to believe that every but it gets easier maybe it's
my age, but it just gets day easier. But I I see so many people so
much younger than me that they're really starting to get
it that I'm enough that you can't you can't treat me this
badly because I don't treat myself this battle and there's
a a level of what we're willing to put up with because we've
been so not good to ourselves so we're
willing to put up with that from other people well the more
the better we treat ourselves.

The better people will treat
us. >> Anyone who has you know
people reading your book are learning about you and they're
also learning about loss and how you've been coping with
loss, but the loss of your former husband Eddie Van Halen
but when milestones happen after
the fact I was the fat because he just is birthday adjusting
hast like how do you how do you treat a day like that. >> I don't know why it was so
hard this time then the first time that he wasn't here for me
a text him or say happy birthday. I'm I found myself being very
aware of how I was going to express it and the picture that
I posted went back and forth about like should I do this
people are going to think you know that there's so many
pictures I was in a post and I started overthinking it
and started thinking about what people would say like are you
kidding me are we here again bow care what someone else says
about how you're going to express how you feel about

I just posted the picture and I said I don't
know. I want to say it gets easier it
just it sort of gets more complicated. It, I saw a lot of signs from him
that day that I chose to believe that there were signs
from him and it it could be at peace.
I just my heart just was with wealthy. And I wait until the
very end the very end of the day to call him because I know
he was feeling overwhelmed with all of the stuff online I
think he probably stayed away from most of it. But it was OK he mouthed off a
little bit about a few things that bothered him and I was
glad to be that for to hear it for him. But I'm worried more about him
and in him not having a dad to enjoy in all of his success
someone who was the most proud of them if anybody could be
prouder of Lafayette was at.

>> And being. Wow Wow like what to post and how to react
to how people are reacting to you you know, and all of those
things and it's that line of like. I got to worry about how
I'm feeling or my tenure about what people think about how I'm
feeling. Yeah it tricky, weird thing to even consider
even as you're sitting at a keyboard to just put a
sentiment out there so I know you're very protective of
wolfie online to your like to back off Barbie all coming you
know, and you should I love the many things I love about you.
But how do you protect your own heart and soul or do you care
about what they're saying about you like.

>> Care less and less I also
happen to be very incredibly kindness sent home for me andhe then not and I I appreciate
that more than anything I I I take that in and when the the
few do that come up, it's like that block. But it is really
easy to push now. Yeah, so I just do that I don't need.
I don't need that in my life, you're I mean what would be
like great if we could just have a block but none are head
as well. Yeah, a lot. I let's do it. in droves. And so are they is
that they sing I was just crazy said, but a change she teaches shows
like what you have put out into the world, you have everybody
saying the words like Miami to like that's how I feel I know
that feels like and you you want to give hope
what do you like what will someone take away if we read
through the pages I might see myself reflected.

What do you
hope what are you hopeful that they'll learn because you learn
so many lessons from all these different people who you've
who've helped you along the way Angie and let others know what
what what you think small but what concrete things do you
think people would be able to take from what happened. >> From just did the the store,
I mean just something as simple as my relationship with my mom.
Those are such complicated relationships and I I I I the first thing that
comes to mind is my regret for not having opened up more to
her let her open up to me if she could.

So that we could
have been closer when we're up close as you can be I guess for
the trauma that my mom went through her whole life. But regrets I hope that people
take away from this that if when you treat another human
being is if you're never going to see them again and and you
are the kindest you can be. Well so much better and you're
never ever regretful of being kind to someone you know you're
always regretful of all I should have bounced off yet
have done that yeah, there's never regret about letting
someone know how how deeply affected them and how much of

>> You know people struggle
with what to share and how vulnerable to be and how do you
how do you share, but but also have some self protection in
now and then that's a fine line, especially, I mean you
you can be an open book and others will many parts of Yahoo
nobody's going to know you know, but but how do you
decide. What is what is OK to share and
what you're going to just keep for you and your family. >> I don't know that there's
ever a decision yes, sometimes I just verbal vomit out yeah. Yeah, that's how I feel like
yes, and I guess that I'm okay with that being out there I I
love for ne Brown, yeah, and of her idea about
vulnerability and how that set to in power and peace and I do
believe the more vulnerable we are the more powerful we become
in our own lives and in how we impact others and to to see how
the owner ability is powerful.

And it's not a weakness and I
think we need to teach that to a lot more of our men. Yeah, I
think you're right how is will see by the way. It's music's going well were
cheering him on and it's for Grammy. I mean do its job I
said what I like what it people don't get nominated, but their
first record a lot this is a very rare thing in and what for
me. It's for best rock song so it's for songwriting and from
the moment I started hearing things I was like dear God,
you're a songwriter, you know our that is that yeah I wrote
in my notebook is so cool that's the hardest part.

>> I'm so proud of him well
there's nothing I mean the only I just when you talk about
Wolf. It's like it may be one of my favorite things that you
do. Now I want to say thank you I want everyone to pick up this
book, let's keep it where it belongs on top of the New York
Times bestseller list pick it up it's cold enough already
learning to love the way I am today it's chock full of
lessons if you're feeling a little down and out pick it up
you'll be like not alone.

Okay, yeah, I can do this. >> Haha I love you thank you so
much to seems to be okay, you guys hope so. >> Today all day up next on
hashtag cooking some about making 2 pro team packed
recipes with a pantry staple canned chickpeas first he's
going to the chief has to make a hearty together with a shot
of a solemn and lose to the sweet potatoes for dessert,
she's going to turn the low to >> Just get all your
aggressions on the sweet potatoes, OK, you have any
stress in your life don't take it out your friends make this
recipe taking on these cases. >> My life would not run with
up to you whether unsavory rescues or speak to user to
select food. I love my life, I guess you could really say
I'm a hashtag to Egypt. I'm sure you to my favorite recipes
used to use my tournaments all steps to get a delicious
surprising to see brownie I know what to make these rescues
you're gonna love to do it. China must all sometimes called
toll is the spice to decrease that my mom is made for me all
the time when I was growing up, it's one of my son favorite
Indian vegetarian dishes so today, I thought I'd get a
little creative and stuff that inside some baked sweet

So if baked potatoes are your
by spicy chickpeas are your 5 this is the recipe for you, I've got all of my cue to
potatoes here there clean so I'm just going to hope the
court so they can release team when they be. So stick your hand for a potato
that dispute. Keep your eyes on your goals.

All right I definitely did some
damp it for now, I'm just going to read these potatoes with
olive oil and sprinkle with us all is that those are at the spot
currently their love and their lives. All wasn't allowed to see
details to get this money outside I love people get to
really. Now just a little sprinkle of salt. We can't forget this season,
everything the flavor everywhere. Like the little potato are
ready they're going in the oven 40 to 45 minutes at 425
degrees. Now that may seem potatoes are
baked in the oven their secure in their eye and the start of
my time. First thing they do is Just clearing my workspace
nothing to see here. I love using an inch and
basically everything but onions garlic and ginger are just the
aromatic in cooking he really can't happen without them. Now for my car list just going to miss it. In says really really fine so
you just want to get all of that delicious garlicky flavor
out you know you did this right if
you smell like garlic for 3 days. We're just getting all that

Now I'm just can use ginger a
really easy way to peel ginger is use a spoon to just use it
to scrape that that little peel and I'm using only an inch
here. Now there's an immense why
ginger up superfine one extra so that flavor. It's just that much of the 2. OK, my onions garlic and ginger
were already ready for the hot oil than ever to making some
oil and my medium pot until it shimmers and that all all mayor
Maddox giving up all my pot.

Once the oil shimmers that I
know it's ready for the onions in a little feet and shimmering sometimes at
Mannion. >> I want to cook the onions in
the olive oil until they're tender and translucent started
to run around the edges. I want to get some color on
them before that the car like this. In the reason that we're not
adding the garlic and ginger in with the onions because those
take a lot less time to cook so you want to get the onions
going and then we'll add the garlic said those who don't. >> I think these onions are
ready to eat their garlic and ginger companions one cook the garlic and ginger
in with that means for about one to 2 minutes, so it's not
aromatic fragrant get rid of that Ross now.

>> This is why must follow box.
I'm a solid above my prized possession, I have literally
never live the single day in my case without it how they store
all of my favorite spice is also my mom talking to store
all my bases, let me show you a little reveal. These are my favorite places
that they use. And these are also the ones
that are going to go and my son of a solace. My onions garlic and ginger
smell amazing the book amazing which means it's time for the
fall. I'm going that's what my favorite with all spaces here.

I like to add can for some key
spice adding to market my favorite
places. A lot of human I absolutely
love it. Time for some coriander about
it. And in a straight in. Did you know that Brandon
Potter is just to see this watch ground up. Now it's not a little bit of
salt and pepper. So I want to roast lamb with
salt spices until that promise all a small those away we want
to close to one stop for a grand Mary Matalin and finally my little secret
ingredient entrepreneurs for driving powder. I'm sure Potter is so tangy
tart it has a little something extra into this tunnel. Adding I'm sure Potter was
definitely my mom's tips so. Thank you mom for making much
time I saw a lot better than it was before. I wish you could smell it. But you can so you're just going to make it
I I'm sorry I don't make the rules. But I am making them alone. Okay with all us most amazing
super aromatic nominate miss I want to cook that's made a
piece in with my onions and spices and put the fence and

Now I'm at my tomatoes you can
use fresh meals for sure, but I'm using canned and fresh
tomatoes because I think convenience is the most
correct. My tomatoes are looking
delicious delicious to however that's what brought. Okay it brought everything to a
boil now, I'm just used to simmer and cook uncovered 5
minutes. The fdot a very important
friend to the parties are 60's. I could never forget about
them. Could you think that and straight in here.

It really upset gravy now that peace of mind are
really nice home and here I just wanted to simmer this
together for 20 minutes. I want the gravy to become they
can achieve peace really in use in with all that soft. Make sure you cover this fault. Okay 20 minutes has passed I
think it's time we take a peek at my time I saw. I mean look at that look I
think it is it looks delicious smells even
better there is one more thing that I do like to in much from
us all a little sneaky it's nothing to see here just some
sneaky it. You won't even see it or taste
it. I just like to sneak in some
cute reason there from time to time, you know, is that a handful going to tear
it no science to that years. And Mister Dunn's much on

Speaking of something green. I do like to add a little bit
of cilantro in here as well something nasty, be brings all
the favorites to light. I keep those tender stems, but
I'll remove the stems like this. This doesn't have to be but >> all this talk about cilantro
has been craving something my cilantro mint chutney I'm show
you how to make that this was the scene. I do that. Let me just start off by saying
that I love to be a life without chutney is one that I
just don't want to live if you're not eating chutney
you're not living. Kenny is super popular and in food,
especially Indian Street food, I find that states right it's
usually with a lot of herbs spices a lot of lemon or
something acidic it's super delicious really take, let's
make my favorites launch a this by the way is so easy to
make you're just going through everything in your blender it's going to get my slaughter

Again just like in my town, us
all with okay to keep those tender sends on this launch.
I'm just going to keep the tender ones that removed the
thicker once these are a bit more bitter so we don't want
these are troubling. Like I said super simple recipe
that everything to a blender I don't know why these children
near they want their 15 seconds of fame. I must launch streets my
blender into super Floro very right so
I find that complements us launch a really well and
anything you at the sun is just going to really weekend the
flavors if the flavors were sleeping
this Cheney is going to weaken the players.

I love some heat, I love sweet
spiced so we're in the attic of all 3 Chile here. If you want to be less spicy
you can be seated. But I will not be partaking in
that. I want all the Spice to trim it topic straight in there. Yes, I live life a little
risky. So I do just to sing a freshman in
nothing like some fresh lemon juice is in early Brighton office
flavors that something of this today which we need with all of those
best years. Now for my spices that's so in
a little human. A little humans. Now I'm just at a little bit of
water to help get the blender going. You can feel free to add more
water as you plan just if you need to get the blunder moving
a bit more East. Texture looks great. It's also good too. As you can see some nice
texture I wanted this to be a little thinner because I will
be chiseling on top of my time.

Steps if he does to set this aside to check on
the potatoes and then get ready to play. >> I mean it is literally
losing sweetness look at that camera stations. Okay so I have to tell you
something chana masala is typically served with protein
honor Rice but I want to get a little fun here little creative
so I'm the supply chain a solid into my sweet potatoes. I think we're ready to play
dates. I think I'm ready to eat that I know for sure I'm going
to get it's potato right here that is
the one that I want. This is the chosen one look at
all that sugar is just caramelize around the edges. Okay you need to look at says. You see this. You see it. Hey, And this week, the Tim love
literally love time to bring much saw into the
picture. It says the side. I will see you later. If you talk to their feet like
people okay, I cut my secret, a tow. Just create a little slip right
here just a little hope for that I'm a solid set in.

Now it's time for. >> Get a little bit of
everything that they Grieve the chick peas twice he spent. >> It fits perfectly. >> Little home from my. >> Did not get a massage or
shut me. This is going to add some right
to us. Precious. In a little bit of spice just for a little bit of glam
we're going to add some chopped It on the plate just enough. It's that mix. I can assure you that my mom
has never done this before so I have to show her picture I want
to see what you think she will be proud of the start
of this, although it stopped.

That looks so pretty ascetic
Lee speaking, this looks amazing. Tonight this now I think yes I think yes I can
see this now. It's literally can do no wrong. It's hearty and satisfying it's
filling. Very guns. I think I really leveled up
baked potatoes today perfect week night. Even lunch. That was a shot at getting this
can even handle it looks so good. We all think of chick peas and
something like a ton of us all right. But here's a secret I really
like to be with them in my deserves I know I know you're
questioning my life choices right now, but just you wait, I
mean look at the ingredients for much of the bodies. >> These 2 key brownies are one
of the most popular rescues on my block.

>> And because I know you're
wondering we're asking the question can you tease chick
peas all I have to say to you is you know all they do is to
create an irresistible fudgy texture and the chocolate
involved everyone with so let's get to it first thing I did
here is some almond butter I like this because it's great to
90 that's a lot about is. Now we're going my chick peas I most valuable can treat

My MVP is make sure that for you as you
stick to the truth under the front steps super super well. And just remember that she used
on at any flavor to the ground all they do is help to treat it
really nice budget picture and make it really station when you
need it now on the go for something LX tracks. So it's to sweeten the sticky brownies
up a musical connection. Well from my flower in these
brownies I'm not actually using a bunch of it at all. I'm giving you some almond
flour kind of dense bushes also been a nice touch. What I like about a month far
is that it's just ments right so that the some really good
texture and also really nice we've got to have a little bit
of cocoa powder. I'm using unsweetened cocoa
powder here this is really important. We don't want
anything added to our focal Potter wanted to be sure and
we're ready adding sugar to our County, so no need to buy a
suite of others to help everything plan and at
some enough now a little bit later too.

>> Are you ready for the
blender brownies of your dreams are you ready to not make a
smoothie and make brownies instead same Perfection perfection. The Ministry of the sides don't
give it another little blunt you want to be super super
smooth. >> You really never know that
he's in years actually causes Okay you got a look at the stat
you just you've got a stick Come on now that's just not
fair. Super velvety really smooth. Just needs one thing. Chocolate chips as a team and
why would I make a brownie without out that just doesn't
seem right. Make sure you remove this from
the blunder before you had your chocolate chips, you don't lend
up some traffic gets into the air. No that is not speaking from
personal experience. And for them, I talked the tips
I do not measure this with anything but my heart. Now it's time to transfer in
Lebanon. >> The texture is lush is I know they're still has you really get full lot of
people I'm not saying do that same trick people but like this
8 foot.

I wondered what the difference
is between a check in the garb on Toby well I have news for
you. There is no different. Iran so it's just the Spanish
term project. This just looks nice honestly,
plus a little extra chocolate never hurt anyone. They gave okay, we are ready
for the oven going in 350 degrees for 3540 minutes time
so excited for their journeys. My pride and joys my cheek you
counties of let them cool for 25 minutes, this is important
to select from from up with a copy of it, you know that
they're done when they start to pull away from the sides of the

Look at how easy parchment
paper makes my life. I mean look at health budget
that is still lives. All that has to happen. And for me the event. I think I'm ready to taste. I'm just so touching. This is my party trick. But it isn't a brown ease. I just need to take a picture
of the interior to achieve it. Too good. It is crazy how you can use it
to use they just add that really nice but the texture
we've got some rich chocolates they taste for decadent but
they're also super satiate ing and so she out the extra
chocolate chips now he's not about that. I hope this inspired you to use
to use a new and fun, unique ways even basing the brownies
and now you know why they're so versatile and also why the love
right. >> They post them I like that. Then you that's a pretty sound
them. Hi everybody welcome to Dillon
dishes cooking with Cal on today all day this week it's
Taco Tuesday and we're showing you our favorite ways to turn
any Tuesday into a Fiesta with my steak tacos and Turkey
veggie quesadillas and of course any talk of the night
wouldn't be complete without a great success.

So don't miss a
bonus recipe buys St. Mango salad which can be made mild.
Spicy however, you like all right so planning meals for an
entire we can be so challenging so stressful one way to make
meal prep easier is to give each night, it's on the I find
that when you have a theme, it's easy to program your
favorite dishes to kind of match that menu. So our first
recipe is for steak tacos for this state marinate you're
going to need garlic cilantro jalapeno orange line vinegar. >> Oil and soft and for the
homemade salsa top these tacos with County tomatoes. Onions
garlic cilantro jalapeno olive oil lie and soft. So got to split up into our
different ingredients. This is all going to be for the
marinate and this is all for our guy I think somewhat
specially me that I was so here we go, let's get started so why
don't you first is make America of course Kirstie wanted to
marinate for about 2 to 8 hours any longer than that the states
and it turns much.

There's a chance we can make this with a
mortar and pestle Iceland control of all the food
processor it's not as fancy but gets the job done. Chair, these are awesome one. Station now this is jalapeno
business you see one. The Chanel favorite show and
since long-term use. It isn't yeah, taste it. I'm taking is It's not that. All right we have and we're
going to for all the state and then just let it set the next
several hours. >> Let's cover this up top of
the friends and I can make ourselves >> a couple of big shots.
Do all that. pink color, but that's because
he has I love this city and all the
flavors come together you've got to stay marinating all the
flavors that come together and leaders will fire up the grill
panel maker steak tacos right. OK so we have passed the state
marinating all day long.

Gray is a little bit president. So we should finish this
airlift Okay that's weight. >> So you'll notice if you look
at them eat it all goes that way like all the lines are kind
of going that way. >> So we want to cut this way
against the green, so that it's nice and tender otherwise it
will be 200 to 2. >> The next recipe on our menu
for Taco Tuesday is a fishy and Turkey case, India, the secret
to this recipe is to really just use whatever you have
around the house just open the fridge pull out whatever
veggies or meet you have on hand and here's how Cal and I
made our easy cheesy quesadillas.

>> If you look, CBS. Yeah, I'm ready to get started
in effect. Read it like he sees it. >> It's just a means of the
seas. It was kind of sons and he
tried again. It was your favorite food. when you do that I'm going to
peel the carrots okay. It was the like this. >> Then you that's a pretty
sound them. Guess what >> I mean did is any real
quick. OK. >> And a little salt and
pepper. We're going to be business 70
tonight in people. I think because the turkey.
Yeah. >> Hey Ali what's for dinner. Tacos can you say Taco >> you can use a Taco haha.

>> I'm glad she has all I can
use a cheese too. You can use a beef with me. >> Welcome back to doing dishes
cooking with Cal, so you just heard Ali say it's Taco
Tuesday. And this week we're showing you our favorite ways
to turn any night into a Fiesta. Now of course this
theme night wouldn't be complete without chips and
salsa and sometimes I like to mix it up with something sweet
so I recently talked Calvin, how to make my mango salad that
doubles as a sauce.

I love this recipe because it's really
versatile and for this recipe you're going to be may go.
Shallots red bell pepper cilantro and lime trees. >> Yeah you see people to see
in city. You're just isn't go in the hole is low right
time. Year tiny if I can do this but I don't want. Okay.
He wants them to me and looked. >> Do you know what this is. >> The and this is actually
call the shots. >> What is this and the tomato
had to. Pepper. This is for the winds that we use. This is that chance. what color is missing here. it can only get some of these
leaves okay. >> Loves me he loves me not. And that was me you as an. >> A pop of color. >> So you try to squeeze in
person. >> It's the reason twist
reasons that I love that line >> It's a little salt and
pepper. Because the salt brings out the
sweetness >> In fact this place.

>> For all these recipes go to
today's dot com slash doing dishes. >> I Jeff Daniels my that 5 2nd rule that just to be
safe. I'm gonna put them in dishwasher been other times
about was on the sla has still go by the 5 2nd rule. >> I'm asking for kids in the
kitchen. >> When I really started
cooking was when I was 7 years old that's when I really got
into the love of cooking my family's been in his hair too
definitely influences my on cooking style might know why
uses some specific ingredients, I still use to this day I kind
of looked into those ingredients from starting to
see things on the Internet and starting to kind of be like
letting grass for example, it's actually you ve couple and
then from there digging a little deeper.

Actually all
that was being reviewed that my Grandma might have had to be
someone of her recipes I didn't really have an exact schemes
and I just think I loved the experience I think that the
best thing I learned from participating on the shelf.
It's not something that I realized immediately it's
actually something not come to realize over the years is that
food has so many memories behind it because when I think
about it. I don't remember every single dish, I mean I
don't remember I finished in the crack time did I remember
the guy just like they're not but I remember are those 23
other kids on the show who were just such a blast and the
memories and going out to even come in living the life in l a
that's what I remember when that was at the start of this
pandemic com I had a lot of time off from remote learning
so I decided to cut for a 100 days very first it was believed
that it was a that was a good news is that my dad did
remember as a 100 days of and still 11 years old the
summer, my favorite hobbies I think are definitely playing
that piano.

>> I love playing downstairs
Ninja got to like boom boom boom, I think my favorite is
probably just the rings because you could just kind of climb on
mom and I love reading it out to my face for adults who are
not great cooks is China just seen the other joys of it
because cooking isn't just about making the food is so
just find a part of that that you like to enjoy the process
as you go along with that. >> Welcome to my kitchen today,
I'm going making right now lions by crispy chicken Ron
involved with soy sauce and I love this dish because their
minds me and all why because of all the many flavors I'm here
and I Romney noodle station I'm going to be moving a 120 grams
of dried flower, I'm also going to need 16 leaders of warm
water and this is so we can dissolved part since been of
beats baking soda and finally with skin need a pinch of salt
to give a deft the flavor.

I mean does all of my teaspoon
of both making so down so now in order to get this all
incorporated and Sue I read flour I'm just going to kind of
make a small Welsh year similar to how I would do for a pasta
and I'm just going to add in my water mixed day for Egypt, a
flavor just kind of missing our teams but think a little more
than the adding in are pinch of salt as you can really see here
show is really starting to form and now I feel like this is all
kids favorite part about cooking that I'm getting a
ditch before I get in there with my hands just kind of
staying fit add some over since its very gloomy still discount
Santa. I flower and then logistically we're going to
really get a Joe out of here and from eating this really 2
different ways I kind of like two's the fall of my hand and
start kind of like needing it this way you can also put it
back upon itself which creates more layers and spreads the
moisture throughout I'm going to come a rolling pin and we
now start rolling this out into a little square to spend more
of that more moisture at all we're going to cover it was
sister ran out and lasted for about an hour.

If you want to
overnight. You can just a friend read it and take it out
in the morning. So now we're going to be getting started at
our chicken stations to make our Kristie check the start of
the show but for this to just don't need to skin on skin on
chicken pies as well as some coarse kosher see some and some
grape seed oil say us time to score our chicken. >> And this is just by kind of
meat and small cuts with in this game and not the actual
court ruled. This is stunning sure that we get a room really
nice crispy chicken. >> I don't and will also make
sure it crackles at now using the other hand, I'm just going
to salt, making sure to get into all of
those that tracks as well. I have some great oil which is
perfect for cooking at high temperatures so I'm now just
getting out in our chicken that we need action buys my eyes.

>> And the kids out and that's
about 7 to 10 minutes. >> It's an internal temperature
of 165 degree says that internal temperature of 100 and
60 seconds so I think we did our job everybody in this now,
I'm just going to put this out on to play we cannot let that
just over there so we don't. >> Get rid of all of that
goodness on the bottom of the pot just yet is that going to
be the case for our bra. >> I would definitely say while
making this there's a lot of influence from my wise cooking
this dish more such as the ginger, it was something she
used very often it's so small, when it's rose it just gets
that magic on kind of like pops it leave it in the back of your
throat to kind of working all throughout the mouth son out to
this pot of chicken goodness.

I have I should talk to
machines about forced to half a and to that on out in my spiced
ginger to really stop and foot
injuries flavor. I really find that fight over low sheet and
by slicing it really really nice is the flavor even more.
And now we're going to add in the men's ginger since its we
just wanted to do cynically blue so wanted to burn. And this is ready and I find it
because you can really snow that ginger coming alive South
that I know this is already in the bottoms are little bit I
mean I in my chicken stock it's not what I ice Moss tiny
circulate this leaves a food's but almost flavor which has
very all odd.

Snow to almost majestic called would have like
a magic Castle, but I've also gotten some cry letting you got
to just have this city a crash landing mask. But it does give
a really nice lemon flavor so now we're going to bring this
next step up to a boil and numbers similar efforts how
minutes to really let the flavors meld together before
adding on almost another layer of seasonings in order to accomplish this
Suisse us and you're going to need some AI system while some
areas as well as a good and honestly, Sox the first thing
you want to do is be your salted water tabloid begin
immediately add our eggs and then you're going to cook
this for 6 and a half minutes so now that my agenda, cooking
and any ice that I'm gonna get started what he told the
students of soy sauce.

Again that little bit of
plastic Lewis last us for that had think I'm there to to the
storm cell and then abortion or tablespoon of has consistently
all right to feel are are soft boiled. And now we're going to
let our little babies are asked. So now we are at our new
little station and reshoot to continue for repairing our
Dow's so on I'm going to get started doing it by hand and
this is a lot more fun. But can also get a little messy Tim,
and I'm just going to put that on a well floured surface using
some bread flour as well I'm once go twice and then we're going to start
making cuts to Route one and they're all gonna take it apart
and you got in if that this is not looking to
exact the rest but not as big as you would cut that to choose
which is a little wider than not as small as we get it a lot
of it also trial and error if I'm honest yeah, that's my
favorite part about being a home pack.

We're going to cook Easter 45
minutes, we get those tender springy noodles or otherwise
known as aunt on site now that I knew those are cooking we are
getting started on to finish So now we can add in that
second layer of flavors south to kind of help that lemon
grass out a bit we have 2 teaspoons of lending juice, us
a little bit of soy sauce and then adding some Marion and
Japanese why of also some rice wine vinegar and a pinch of
salt for again that death a flavor some block pepper feel a
little bit of the dust that's already. And let's go check on
their needles. Those are nice and tender zone and just wants
to send out and so on time ago had overtime cross station and
now we're going to bring a new Overman.

>> A delicious bras this
reminds me mind about why I'm a Grandma spa like I said
earlier, although I love just when I'm with the I also love
when I'm with my wife or my Grandma. Hello to live. >> I'm so excited to guard is
one of my favorite dishes that most of us my favorite racing. >> I just want to kind of cut
it around the ball and sending a public. Since I was we got ice Allianz novel I I'm
now in mice so we saw some homes and now we're just going
to cut it out. I'd say huawei a look at that or any idea why
not just so satisfying now though I we're going to search
the singer checked and Aladdin both of my a simple accessed to little pop
we're just going to garnish spring I was I feel I hear the
final product.

All of it is how do you think
the looks at why. So said no I D like this said. >> Thank you so much for us we
thank the well, I mean thank you for teaching like this kind
of the inspiration to discover I so proud of that. Now we're
going to continue to gain. I hope you guys enjoy this
risky as much as I did and thank you again for joining me. >> You know today all day up
next on has take cooking some Dada has the cure your midday
much and he's going to whip up for easy snacks. So you'll
always be prepared when hunger strikes. First up some of making one of
holder's favorite sweet treat dates stuffed with on the
budget to be said hot or cold, then she breaks up a simple
super maple Allman granola and finally he's making popcorn
that spiced with Gama sala saved bottom bother with this.
I suspect. >> I'll just say this OK you
have a first date with one of these states.

You will be having more. >> I can with my cell phone. >> I cannot go a single day
without setting whether I'm at home or on the go it is simple
hashtag always next time honestly a world without
snacking is simply not what I want to win so I cannot wait to
show you 3 of my favorite weekly that staples. >> Michael let's just update us
warm and those in mind that people can olah and Mike
Phillips just saw a gun. >> I love days and no I'm not
talking about the romantic kind, I'm talking about the
Mitchell kinds.

They are my favorite sweet snack to
throughout the day. I'm show you how to make them 2 ways why
didn't stop and frozen and dipped in chocolate. Most states come with Pitt so
I've actually already pitted the is up by about 10 here.
So I'm just going out to them on a little journey for the
microwave for about 10 to 15 seconds just to get them really
nice and warm in. A first date or second date
when you have 10 date spreading to be stepped on the weather warming the dates brings out
there already naturally Golden caramel flavor and then when
you stuff them with almond butter the Heat actually allows
almond butter to melt it gets really nice and gooey and
delicious I really already 21 right now. Okay we're going to start stuffing them so it got it
creamy almond butter here you can also use a crunchy almond
butter you can use a peanut butter cashew butter if there
are any nut Butters that you're harboring in your pantry this
will be a great time to use them.

I'm pretty generous here.
I would say use of a teaspoon to 2 teaspoons just because I
like a lot of almond butter but you can totally choose,
however, amount works best for your life because we fitted the day's it
actually serves a really nice pocket for the almond Butters
just sit in a little hole, you know. It's like the state was meant
for almond butter here on in.

Good form I think and it's going to continue with
the rest of my days. So actually to saw this recipe
on my instagram and has now deemed it to be her favorite
snack. >> You take a date and member I
told you the whole thing, new kid you put in some dark
chocolate and somebody better, yeah, you know, I like I like
the melted chocolate in the peanut butter enough butter
thing with the salt soho to. >> You're watching this for you
you can kind of see how when I put the almond butter inside
this little pocket, it starts to melt a little bit and look
so can we.

It's like a little River of
almond butter that I want to swim in. So lucky days. I only myself up. So for this recipe and a lot of
the other recipes I make using Gates you want to make sure
you're buying the Mitchell kind, I'll just say this OK you
have a first for one of these days. We will be having more. >> I can't with myself. So we've got to hold me back
from making another day job because they will happen again. >> OK wait this guy needs a
little more almond butter I'm so sorry, I'm going to do for a
second. Okay, I am drowning in on the
matter. All of my dates have been
stuffed with the almond butter they look really nice. The ready to go out and they
say I need to stop them down and then I promise now that I'm done stuffing all
of the dates, I'm just going to top it with a little bit of sea
salt just to bring out that
sweetness and balance everything out really nicely.

I sometimes also like to use a
salted almond butter too and that's going to really create
that naturally, salty sweet combination which we love. And there you have it. My favorite warm stuff, dates
my coffee companion. My favorite date. In my opinion you can never
have an update. So I'm the show you how to make another arrest
accusing days. They're frozen stuffed with almond butter and
then dipped in chocolate. So we've got our dates already
pitted and no we're going to just go ahead and set them
straight with on them better fish feel pain a year. Again we're going to have the
almond butter find a nice home in this pocket that we created
by putting the days. And remember we are going to be
some urging these in chocolate so we want to make sure that we
don't overfill the Allman better so that it gets a bit

Even though we love a bit of
messy chocolate, so sometimes when I look at my freezer and
I'm like where did all the ice cream go I make use instead.
They're also super quick to pull together and use mostly
what you have in the change and if you're not keeping dates in
your pantry now. Take this is your sign to start
if you have a nut allergy you can even use it to Heaney or a
sunflower seed butter as well and then when you're done
freezing them they seriously taste like a candy bar. I know you think I'm crazy but
they do that promise. Some for dessert item as a
snack during the day, there's so many things you can do with
them. They really are the perfect day
to day for the perfect date.

And now for my chocolate all
I'm going to do is melt in the microwave with a little bit of
coconut oil this is going to help get nice and smooth and
glossy we're going to do this in 10 to 15 2nd increments and
we're going to keep stirring throughout so gets really nice
ones. The facts straight in there. Got my spoon at the ready for
stirring and I'm going head to the Mike right. Now it is time to take our
dates for a little swim and chocolate.

I think they're excited about
this I'm not sure. Here's what we're going to do. Every day just drop it straight
into the chocolate. Soriot likes this. Roll it around so that the
entire day is coded make sure you get that residual
chocolate to kind of drip off the size of the spoon like
this. And now we're just going to
place it back on to our pressure papers. And now we're going to chocolate swim and repairs. This is like a very luxurious
that I have to say for the days because we've stuffed the
states with almond butter we want to make sure we're rolling
in the chocolate a little bit gently just so that the better just
come out.

It's okay, you got a little
messy here. It's part of the game. It's part of the dates. So I wasn't good. Serve this year next state. Those that are those good those
get will it ever stop making the
folks for this. No mistaking the stopping of the summit. It's part of my brand now. One final say. now just for good measure, a
man at a little drizzle of chocolate on top, it's going
make it look really pretty. I don't believe in less is more
when it comes to chocolate. I think we always need more
chocolate. If you don't like chocolate, I
want to Anderson. These drop me a line. But also if you'd only talk
about my life and so okay, now I'm just going to top them
with a little flaky sea salt this is really going to bring
out that sweetness balance out the chocolate is the perfect
combination. I'm using a flaky sea salt as
well so it looks really pretty and a little fancy.

Okay, we're salted and now we're ready for the
concert. Can we take a moment look at
how cute they look. Tuesday, it's ready for their
day. Stop making just okay. These are honestly so good
because of the chocolate because of the almond butter
and that little flaky sea salt they seriously he's like a
candy bar, America's here anywhere, you know I left in my hot days. The pros and AIDS. We're going on a lot of states
today. They honestly look so good. We love them, you know what I
need to take a picture of the suspect. I know it's a
favorites not she's going to love the chocolate wants to. The states are fully ready for
their close. It's almost unfair. Got the shot. I think it's time for you to
use. It's so good. The dates are so sweet aman better worked so well. That's all it's making everything come to

And you there's a reason why
these every day. Now that my dates are done I'm
going to let you in on a little secret, let's keep this between
us for NOAA is super easy to make it home and get the
ingredients I can show you out. And all is one of my favorite
things to make at home, it's super versatile safety that
solo this much fun as you're going about your day or serve
it with your favorite yogurt and the show you how to make my
favorite 90 people to know for any and all the rescue like
to separate my what in trying to break we want to make sure
that all of the ingredients are thoroughly incorporated so
that's why I'm going to do I've got some melted and cooled
coconut oil here and I'm just this, going to add the rest.

And so my almond butter. And this is going to serve as a
really nice mixture for the oath and nuts and seeds and
whatever else we're adding to this you know what's really
going on to get those really crunchy clusters and clusters are why we're all
you know on the first place anyway, right. Almond butter is in to sweeten it up we're going out to maple syrup
this is the maple fortune of might not be able to Noah maple has this really nice for
the richness of the tunnel. It's so good, it's really
lightning speed so it's not too sweet. I got all my when 3 D and in my
bowl and not just whisk it into its nations. Be careful here where neighbors. I don't do it, but you should
where whisking and where whisking and I just wanna with this
until it's nice and smooth making sure that all the
ingredients are thoroughly incorporated. Okay, but in 3 D and it's going to
set them aside they're going to hang on for later a nominee get
to work on my right because I like to maximize the
presence of Custer is in my very first and I'm gonna crush
minus before that into my notes so in order to do this all you
have to do.

As you're not into any sort of
that. It's a rolling pin or even a
bottle and just get your stress out. It also role that if your more
delicate, but I'm really going for it today. That promise, I'm a very
patient person. We want them to be coarsely
crushed, but it's okay if we have some bigger or smaller
pieces, it's nice to have some structure with a granola like
the crash. I've got my bowl of Oats right
here. And I'm just going at all my
drive Mixon CIN my constant here. I stressed the Cannes result. I should also say that if
you've got any nuts or seeds that have just been hanging out in your pantry for
a little too long this is a great opportunity to use them
up. I'm adding some mins and now. It's going uses sentiment here
you can also use that may get to play really whatever you
play it.

Looking at a little pinch of
fall. And now this unfold in all my
drying things together if everyone to know each other. Very friendly been around. That makes all my dry
ingredients together and it's going to add my wet ingredients
and mix everything together. If we go. This wet mixture is really
what's going to help this going to have stirs play like to make
sure when I am mixing both the wet and dry ingredients
together that everything is really nicely coated.

Okay listen closely the really
important thing when all of this to make sure that everyone
has some first one to make sure that all of the in knots in
this entire mixture is spread out very even layer so everyone
has room for 3. By spreading everything out for
also going to make sure engaged in a very even Chris Blair. And we're just putting
everything down really gently spreading it out nicely we
don't want to pass anything too hard to question any of the
nuts. Now that everything is spread
out and just to go bacon governor at 3.25 degrees for
about 3040 minutes. Well if your goal is making me
want to make sure that we're stirring it every 10 to 15
minutes. So we can ensure even in this state. Spread it out evenly again. And then back in the oven week. >> The secret to super crispy
crunchy blustery granola is actually letting it cool
completely before you break it apart servant, I know it's
tempting but you still have time for a
little bit of it.

This bill is for people to not
just going to break it apart and that's with that. I mean you just can if you can't say no to this
this is crazy look at how crunchy the clusters are what I live
for only reason I can like this is the most
satisfying thing he ever. I will break it apart though,
just a little bit we want to maintain those clusters though I'll take run all over and all
of our day. And did you see how easy it was
to throw this together and that is fine but when you've got
this Super Bowl one. And look at this peak, it so
even so Golden in this heat. We need to dig into this
cluster. Lightly sweet from the maple
syrup not too sweet so it's perfect breakfast companion. Honestly this at any time of
the day you could even top A really nice Chris called in a
layer on top of some vanilla ice cream. you know what my dad loves this
recipe and make it all the time. And some of the pictures so it
can be a little bit dollars in her life is you know haha he's going to be so dollars.

>> Speaking of mind that this
next recipe is inspired by him something he used to make all
the time so the grab ingredients and stir up the
pot. This is a variation of a pop
for St. That my dad, this make all the time for a guy my mom,
my sister and I would always steal some before you could
even have a single for all. So I guess this is redemption
for him, I'm going to show you how to
make your popcorn really delicious really flavorful with
this spice and is also a mixed So I've already got my popcorn
and now on to the left hand on medium-low heat from out a
little bit off.

Well. You can use your favorite
places here. But I mean he's one of my favorites, which is
some garments Allah this is a really common blended Indian
spices and it's really delicious really warming.
It's a very savory flavor the mine. In the streets while oil. Along with some high and
covered this is going to take it up a notch the Spice
department I like things very spicy finally. >> I'm going to add a little
can just saw. And now all we need to. >> It's just our spices now the reason that we're
heating the spices here in the oil is because nobody likes or
spice spices are not to the east. So we want to cook the
spices with the oil still to come for a grant to become
aromatic it doesn't use a lot of flavor in trip-hop fine. >> I was so obsessed with
copper in college. I'm pretty sure it's the only reason I
made it through I would just knock on it like all the time.

>> It got me to write sans thank you hop on. Stone so much for me my life. And you want to make sure you
continue to stir your spices in with the oil, so it doesn't
burn. We're only doing this for about
a minute or so until you smell that delicious aromatic spice
Mel you don't want to smell to rock. When you allow the government
solace to cook in this oil you can really smell all of this
individual spices 2 men cry and or it's also free man. So my spices and the oil small
really aromatic up cook it for about a minute now it's time
just a little bit more profit.

And it's going to shake it up
so everything's going for it and here now is just one of my
friends. It smells so good. >> That is going to toss it so
that everything is well incorporated. This is just a really great way
to make a flavor infused popcorn so that you're not just
playing with the plane, Sol you're not just for the plane
butter there's a little something extra going on. Now that my spices are fully
incorporated in my popcorn and then add a little bit
nutritional yeast this as a very cheesy and savory flavor
to the popcorn without actually It makes that in a little bit. And then it finished with a
little pinch of salt. I have to show my dad that I
made this a little bit better than it is. it smells so good I seriously
wish you could still I cannot wait to begin. So I'm just not going to wait.

He pointed a gun. Oh come on. This might be dramatic. >> But I don't think need
regular popcorn ever again. It's so good. And again you can use your favorite spice
this year, you can even do a little salt and pepper little
garlic powder really making your own but just know that I
have a feeling you will not go back to regular salt in. It's so good, it's really good
to us. >> The next time you get a
snack attack all I have to say is don't panic because it is
the rescue there so delicious and the best way to keep your
day going. >> Guys super busy cooking up a
storm, but I have something exciting to tell you cooking
it's back to tune in to today all day. Okay got some the oven I got to
go see later.

>> Well I'm Craig Melvin this
Malta we have a lot to celebrate here in DC including
a truly once in a lifetime event for the first time in
history, 2 of the biggest events in sports, the 2022
Beijing Winter Olympics in Super Bowl 56 will happen at
the scene saw to honor the occasion we
partnered with NBC sports to bring you a special series once
in a lifetime highlighting amazing stories from
communities all across the country that have one thing in
common. For story takes us to the
streets of South Los Angeles where a group of coaches is
inspiring kids on and off the field it started back in 2011
when the Los Angeles Police Department started pulling kids
from rival game territories in Watts on to the football field
to ease neighborhood tensions.

10 years later the team, he's
still making it back provide a once in a lifetime
opportunities to kids from disadvantaged backgrounds,
including storing it in a new NFL campaign. >> Nothing else mattered as the
football season begins the stars of the nfl's kickoff
campaign didn't emerge from bright lights or a big stadium. >> It's a team of kids in Los
Angeles is Watts started by the LAPD has a way to engage the

You want to change start with the EU educate the
U. >> My name is Aaron Thompson, I
may most spin-offs and I'm also head coach of the watch Rams. >> Coach he has been policing
and watch for over 25 years an area of just 8.2 square miles
and has the highest concentration of gangs in all
of l a kids are forced to me our decisions S and 1911 coach
Z offers a different option for kids this program is about
discipline. >> It started with just 30
players. But now over a 100 children ages 8 to 14 spend 4
days a week playing football with the LAPD. >> It's about academics
football is not first. >> 13 year-old Evan and his 11
year-old little brother Noah say the team has helped raise
them. >> I look at my family. Father
figure like a male role, my countrymen and then my
teammates and that is insisting >> Started in 2011 and the team
will slowly growing winning the this.

Trust of the community then in
2017 the La Rams got involved lighting uniforms player
mentoring state of the art field and once in a lifetime
opportunities. Molly Higgins is the Los Angeles Rams vice
president of community affairs so they invited me. >> Down to Wass to ride along
some of the officers back in 2017 and just fell in love with
their vision and what they're trying to do. >> That commitment and
contributions from the La Rams have struck a deep chord for a
man who's dedicated his life to service.

>> Something that I prayed for
man. From day one. Just a big name. and sorry about that. This this is somebody believe
in these babies, you know. It's helping out was great. They believe in you to yes. >> The impact is easy to see
before joining the Rams in 2019 Evan was getting D's and F's in
school now he's a straight A student with a full scholarship
to feature lead Academy. >> I've gotten so many
opportunities from going to a school because $38,000 a year
to a team. >> Being in NFL kickoff comers
with air.

It's been amazing. >> We were there as the team
got their first peek at that commercial battle gotten off
the hook. >> Warning new uniforms for the
La Rams and they got an extra surprise because of the hard
work. >> It you all at the watch Rams
according to this community on November 7th, the NFL is going
to send each and every one of you just so fun to see the Rams
play the titans get up for yourself. >> I thought their season, the
smiles big as as they did when I met a couple days ago, this
place is big. It is is is like I'm speechless because I mean Stan and think about it like the face of it in the Simon has
been the biggest to date. >> It's big for all of them
because they have each other's back. >> From a commercial to the
Super Bowl has been and 23 his watch Rams teammates have
earned tickets to Super Bowl 56 based on their academics
leadership. And the volunteer work. >> We hope they have a blast
and a special thanks to NBC News correspondent who consume
all the sharing that story.

>> 6 time Super Bowl champions,
the New England Patriots are our of bonafide football
powerhouse. Well did you know that there's another Boston
football team. This just as dominant in their early as the
Patriots were in their prime. Today's Chanelle Jones with
more. >> They are New England's
football dynasty no no the other one. 6 championships, check the
greatest quarterback in league history checks. A star wide
receiver in the league MVP, you guessed it. Meet the Boston renegades champions of the women's
football alliance, the largest women's tackle football League. >> In the world, everything's
the same the only difference is we don't need the cups you're
no longer. In Boston. >> The really great success
hasn't come easy wasn't always like this we build that
culture, I'm on the fence, I know we want to you guys and
now one which has come in they know that they're coming into a
600 national change the team.

How would you describe the
Boston. Renegades I would say family first. >> And decided 2 nations had
seen. >> Long before they can break
tackles they had to break the mold, but these athletes
started playing when football has few options for women. my whole life but it was an all
girls team really started like in the neighborhood with my
brothers. >> With the beloved pats Bruins
Red Sox and Celtics making Boston at title town. The
renegades are earning their own part of that glory in detention
for that Pierce fan base.

>> But this football is all
passion, no pay that. >> Practicing on nights and
weekends after working their day jobs has won and lost like
star defensive back Shaun Tait bonds who teaches high school
math. Tell me about some of the athletes that you play with
that kind of commitment to they >> We're doing this 3 days a
week asked to work hours and have. then on the weekends. >> It's a huge commitment.
We. >> There is a full-time work
when they're in school every hour outside of that their
dedication to their craft which is really their passion. >> And this July with the
renegades chasing a record 6th title. They got a surprise call
from the sideline. >> If you wish we'd like the
privilege of flying you on our Patriot team plane. >> We found out today that Bob
Kraft and the Patriots, one of fires to the games.

>> It's not just the cool
factor taking the Patriots private plane but the
opportunity to bond after being separated during the pandemic. >> We started the season, 9 and
be able to all be in the locker room at the same time we didn't
have after parties after games where those times off the
field, you get to know your new teammates and on the field ones
so for that championship weekend to just be all of us in
the same place it just made up for all of those opportunities
that we missed prior.

>> Gates will start chasing
their 4th straight title in the spring. Visibility is just as important
as the victories. >> Women's tackle football is
growing tremendously and it's because now we have little
girls are seen women playing at the highest level. There's tons
of women playing football and we just may not be on ESPN top
10 thrower out there working hard and kind of the game
commit to it deserves. >> Growing the game for the
next generation of girls suit up on Sunday.

>> I was a little girls out
there who want to play support them complain all they want to
do is play a sport. The girl has a desire to do
something that she has to deal with all that means we need to
nurture it. >> The renegades are looking
ahead to their new season starting in April. They also
have another milestone to be proud of their quarterback
Allison who you heard from in our story. In Canton is pro Football Hall
of Fame. So congratulations Coming up next Pittsburgh
Steelers, Joe Haden teams up with special athletes to give
them the surprise of a lifetime. Welcome back to a once in a
lifetime special wave partnered with NBC sports to share
inspiring stories, including this one about an NFL star and
the cause that is near and dear to his heart. The traumatic childhood that
created a special bond between Pittsburgh Steelers cornerback
Joe Haden and his brother Jacob his brother also has a talent
for sports competing as a special Olympic athlete.
NBC News Morgan Radford sat down with Joe to hear his
message of hope for special Olympians all
around the world.

>> How does it feel every time
you step on a stir. >> So much and she has so much
to dish it, Joe Haden knows his responsibility to the town of
Pittsburgh. As a star quarterback for the Steelers,
but he wants to use his success to lift up another bridge.
The 2 time pro Bowler is the first NFL player to serve as a
global ambassador for the special Olympics. >> We color so much from them
it doesn't cost to be nice to people basically on everybody
just that they give me a perspective on life of just being nice to the next
person and that's when everybody does then it's going
to be a whole lot my support.

>> Hated learned that
perspective at home, his little brother Jacob who was born with
a cognitive disorder that affects his ability to speak is
also a special Olympian. >> What he's he taught you. >> I couldn't imagine not being
able to talk to people you know, and I just get
frustrated, people don't understand what I'm saying and
he's always just so happy always so chipper always wants
the best for everybody else. >> Inspired by his brother Joe
set off to fight for those like Jacob around the world,
including a trip to Abu Dhabi in 2019 for the special
Olympics world games he and his teammates have also hosted some
of Pennsylvania's special Olympians at Heinz field. >> And just a few weeks ago, he
delivered the surprise of a lifetime when he told a
athletes and their families. They were selected to represent
team Pennsylvania at the 2022 us a game. >> I'm very excited to let you
know the team P 8 p to be on the pole that he

>> But you owe it to those that
had that steal to be able to >> Call it makes me just very
very happy inside they make you make. realize what sport is about you
know just the passion to play you know, but at home with your
friends and I just I get so much out of it now has so much
for doing that Joe's passion to >> Coming from a brotherly bond
with Jake up that started help. >> And you probably isn't
pretty protective of him, I understand and when you were
younger you actually save this >> When Joe was 9 years old 4
year-old Jacob was drowning in a relative's pool with his big
brother dove in to save him.

pexels photo 6913709

>> I jumped and push them up
try to swim grabbed him as one to 3 feet or call Michael
Moffat helicopter came he was airlifted out when was the
moment where you said my brother is going make it. >> I just didn't want to
believe by the was about to be there, you know so I just kept that change your relationship.
Obey to the time, you know we always are very very protective
of my brothers, my dad, I'm the oldest like he always just look
at the bottle cap 2, but this is just in perspective, you
know, that's always like this to short and just be there for your family. >> A family that has taught him
his greatest lessons off the >> Growing up and throughout
your years in the NFL, what is field.

Your relationship with your
brother. Jacob what does it means everything, you know. >> Him watching me and all my
brothers go through I literally football high school football
college football coming to all my games in NFL, and just been
so supportive and just never upset he's not planning just
always happy to see us play that's something that hits me
every time I see him he's at the games and just the happiest
person to see me out. >> And it is great to see Joe
out there paying it forward up next are once in a lifetime,
how the NFL is helping the California town working its way
back to normal after one of the worst disasters in that state's
history. Welcome back 3 years ago the
town of paradise California was severely damaged by wildfires,
thousands of homes were destroyed and residents
displaced. NBC News Steve Patterson has a look now at how
football and the San Francisco forty-niners are helping
residents work there we back to normal.

>> There's a well known secret
to understand the spirit of a place like there is much good. It's best back under the bright
lights of Friday night where church is a great eye in
the open and serving as always performed by Johnny cash. For a long time since the early
1950's, the blessings of hard knocks high school football
have been part of the tapestry of paradise. Under legendary
coach, Rick create 10 league championships in the past 22
seasons alone, and in 2018 the bobcat's were poised for
another run.

Until the morning of November
8th, everyone lost their home, you know 90% of the people I
knew on that day the camp fire became the deadliest and most
destructive wildfire in California history. Wiping out nearly 14,000 homes
in a matter of hours, 85 lives lost the town was obliterated
but miraculously after the smoke cleared in the embers
school coaches house was still >> Friday morning after a fire,
I said if our houses there standing. that's a sign that guy wants me to stay here. >> Parents once nearly 30,000
strong was down to a population of just over 2 factions.
Nearly every coach and player homes. Then just 4 days after the fire
the San Francisco forty-niners whose to the team for their
Monday night game it was the spark they needed.

>> They had a meeting with 12
players at the meeting and I told them we're having
football no matter what. >> With that jury sees helmets
facilities or even a football the throw around coach called
for prime times I wanted to give them some hope and maybe a
little bit of hope to add. >> In the fall of 2019 hopeful
turned in for the first game flooding the state with 5,000
fans revive town and spirit. >> That night, especially
brought true hope to the town brought hope to those who want to come back and rebuild.
I walked out after the first home game people would leave people
crying there can put the bobcat's one paradise one.

>> That La times sports
columnist bill plaschke he was so inspired by night he's been
back several times to write a book on the town and team. >> Kids told me we can build
houses we can build roads. We we've lost everything but we can play football. >> I've been with these guys
since I was like 7 years old, so it feels happy to both the
fire in the COVID-19 pandemic even though his family was
forced to relocate to San Diego running back Tyler Harris and
chose to stay bunking with friends and coaches meaning
dedicated to paradise and the >> What is this team you what
it's a steamy reach other it's team. family like we were out here
together every single day of this is like the second home to
me. >> This year teams backed down.
But paradise itself still has a long way to go. Former mayor Greg played
coached him for the past 20 years has run the chain games
for the bobcat's he's also using his construction company
to help rebuild the town 70 homes so far what keeps you

>> Had a 7 year-old guys is
Greg the fires were saying we're been through. But he said for the first time
my life I have been home never had that before. It's kind of feel okay, yeah. >> In 3 years, 1000 homes have
been rebuilt the spirit of paradise becoming legit Sunday, the forty-niners host
to the bobcat's once again presenting them with this about
jersey and honor. >> During the national anthem. >> You can see it in the eyes
of everyone in town or of resilience in the face of
adversity. >> I hear the call that
paradise straw hut. >> Our oquirrh and the
Baltimore Ravens join forces to surprise a very special high
School principal and for deserving students. Welcome back to once in a
lifetime, our friends our oquirrh coming down to Baltimore
Maryland to meet one of Baltimore's finest principles
and give her the surprise of a lifetime. >> Jen and Keith bank stadium
Connor want to Baltimore kind of principal doctor guy just
went and bought of digital Harbor High School in fact she
just one Maryland's principal of the year we're going to meet
her and her students in just a moment, but first we want to
show you how doctors Quinton buck is leading her students
would look devotion and tiktok.

>> Wise and sparkle why are you
good morning. Good morning dose, I know and sparkle is
what doctor tell you just want to but principal of digital
Harbor high school he does best miss when bucks he always
treats for students with a lot of love for my she has taken
care of you that I'm a. What the president wants. But as the
best first want to you know Laker I don't know what's wrong
with you. >> Zipping down the hallway
with his trademark, sparkly shoes at best and portable
music system. Any special requests and I like the night
posting tiktok so many tickets. People laughed about that acts
like he's getting into the and that way by any means
necessary. >> Since doctors went in but
became principal 3 years ago. >> Arbor has been set a record
in attendance, great performance. >> And graduation rate I
recognize that is on need to research what this generation
needs as learners as well as does the whole town and the
whole experience what the free barbershop for its 2 that is
something that really changes the spoke of how our students
show up especially our young >> They also set up a free
resource room stocked with men.

Personal care and household
items that any student can get this Creek. >> Its students needs are not
met. In other places that shows that in the classroom, so I
want to be able to bridge those gaps of students in any way
that we need for them and their families so that they can show
up as the that's so. >> And while talking about her
students she just be. >> My kids are resilient, they
are persistent, they are just you know a beacon of light for
me, I love my students.

>> And it's clear they loved
her. >> You know back page asked the
feeling that what happened. >> Even the teachers the
digital Harbor get emotional talking about she has the
ability to bring out the best in each
individual, she's everything that the school was meant to. Do when you set out to do it. It's life changing and lives are changing all
around this school but for one doctor Swinton Buchholz one of
her comeback kids that was a big difference.

Greens my
family has to pass in classes. The one down version of future
working in real estate. >> We say that just went by
when I'm making I made sure that I tell people you may be. He said when that make it I'm going to make sure people
know that you were the person that helps me. The thing that meant so much to
me about what he said, was that he saw his success because when
kids can see their success that's the turning point for
them. >> A turning point for students
a school and a community inspired by a principal with
sparkly shoes and a personality to match with a huge heart. >> And humble and grateful to
stand in this moment with them and have this memory because
they deserve it.

>> We have a little surprise
for you are you ready, I think so every student at Digital
Harbor high is getting a free. Locked off. >> For everything you're doing. >> What an awesome moment also
how cool is it Mister Roker getting to went out of the
inning T bank stadium like that go out. Thank you so much for joining
us for once in a lifetime for more inspiring stories from the
gridiron to the medal podium tune in to today all day during
the 2022 Beijing games, starting February 4th.

>> Most people probably know
you as rcs yeah rcs is allies is say yes that it doesn't look
at a cool nickname to have. Yeah got the nickname, I was
like my second or 3rd year on the U.S. Ski team, one of my
coaches, obviously Ryan cochran-siegle is a mouthful so
he came up with rcs from and then tied in like remote
control skier from it so that's kind of his play with it
and then that that end up sticking. Yes, people literally
just ad like yes, yes, yes, like I'll be walking on the
street and someone recognizing the bill say rcs and I'm still
like when I'm home in Vermont, I I'm
more of Ryan and then like when I'm on the road.

Rcs so it's
funny when it blends together. It's pretty good nickname know
right, yeah, yeah, I like it, I like. It's so easy kind of you know,
sometimes they'll sign rcs too. So you've got you've got one
Olympics under your belt does that make 2022 easier or
harder, what does it do. Looking at. >> 2018 and now I'm definitely
in a different place in my career so I think having the the pressure
taking off in the sense that have already begun the
Olympics. I understand the event like what's at stake.
That's the relief.

I think now knowing. I mean the better
places kind of ski I want to see and do I want
to do. There's more pressure in that sense. But I'm definitely
just trying to take it one day at a time take my time and
enjoy enjoy the process and we'll see we'll see how
everything turns out well for you what's what's the goal. I think like 2 sides and you can
quantify it would like winning a medal or winning the
Olympics. I'm definitely more cited toward just focusing on
my skiing and I want to go out there and perform my best
perform to the level that I know I can and that's that's my
kind of inner goal I would say.

>> If you do that then haha. >> I do that I believe that I
can metal or I even believe like my top ability is good
enough to win the Olympics but a lot has to come together for
that to happen. >> How would you describe this.
Last season for you. >> As a roller coaster ride.
It's a. It was a lot of fun and game. To an abrupt stop a little
quicker than I would have hoped, but I think whereas able to achieve the
skiing in and was able to put my mind on race day I thought
was really what I need to do in order to be successful. >> You were on a hot streak and
then January 2021 what happened. >> Just I mean, yeah, it's definitely riding a
lot of confidence with my skiing and being in kits bill
it's the Tories downhill. I mean it's really everything
start it there so trying to just execute my game
plan and I mean I was going there trying
to win you know trying to do everything that I could and it
just in the run kind of 3 quarters
the way down is pretty close to the finish.

I think that he
said in a little bit and just got a little behind it and
entering the traverse of of kids villages, crazy follow. And just was a
little behind my skis and ended up kind of looked up and I was going one direction, the
course on the other and I ended up just kind of T my way into
the net so abrupt and 2. A really good start my season. >> And there's pretty bad
injury right. >> I think yes, it's of it was
a severe injury, but it wasn't. I was able. I mean in a sense
walk away from it.

And the timeline of it was fairly quick at surgery.
Beginning of February and was seeing again in May so in my eyes like I think it was
a pretty easy injury. It's just one of those things that you're walking such a fine line with
how severe could be I mean it was obviously it a fracture
in my neck and whenever you're dealing with your vertebrae
your service find you. We want to be very careful with
that whole area so it was a big learning
experience kind of understanding the limits of
just who I am and what I can be and trying to learn from that too
so. >> It was a disappointing
obviously was disappointing. But I mean just how did you responded that you're on this
hot streak and then something like that happens. It's kind of. >> Like before this all year.
I mean I've had I've been through injuries before a
minute so I've kind of gone part of my process is what I
mean the start gate.

Obviously want to get injured,
but I also before I go I always have the
acceptance of like okay, like in order to ski to my
ability you have to accept that injury is part of the risk being able to do that every
single day like I think in a way makes it when it does go
wrong and I mean I through this injury like in a way of already accepted
that that could happen and when it does then you can kind of
just move on from there.

That being said I would like to be healthy and stay healthy. >> That that's that's a mindset
isn't it. I mean it's almost like a fearless mindset you
have to have a right. >> I think so I think I think
it's like some of the life in general, like you don't know
what's going to happen. But you also you have to put yourself
out there and in order to give yourself that shot. And I think yeah trying to play around with
just what type of risk you're comfortable with and trying to be smart in the
situation that you need to be spotted and then kind of let kind of go in the other ones,
you know, and that's still going to be
your attitude moving forward.

Yeah, definitely I'm trying to be very conscious of what I'm doing on the Hill
every single day if there's something that's popping up
that seems like maybe need to be addressed than trying to go
and address those types of issues with its mice skiing or
equipment or whatever. But yeah, I still I I want to
go out of stargate feeling close to limitless I know that
there are limits but understanding that that line
and not trying to cross that line but definitely get close
to it. >> It's a it's a balancing yeah
like life. What I mean it's described as a minor neck break
that sounds major to me, but how are you feeling right
now. >> I feel great. I just
finished a 5, 5, and a half we camp in Europe. I was skiing
full speed.

And that it's funny I don't I
never think about my neck. One out on the Hill are skiing
it's only when people are asking how I'm doing so in a
way that's night now like I feel fully healthy
functionally, I feel 100% and I think to give credit to my
surgeon and obviously team behind me that have helped me
get back to where I want to be there's still a lot of progress
to be made. But I feel like I'm in a good place.

After that
injury is there a moment where you think oh gosh maybe this is
it may be a on ski again. I think there. Brief moments I would say when
I was gather myself out of it.
After immediately after crashing to the net I was
trying to like figure out what was going on I had this weird
sensation in my on that was really sure about and I think
there's always that like uncertainty if you don't really
know what's going on that could be like oh maybe that was that
was it prior to going under from eye surgery

I think they say there's like
one percent chance that you could not be walking out of
that out of the room so those are the moments that it's
like this could be scary but then once I got through surgery
like the surgeon, he felt really good about how
everything went in. And I think just the way that
he'll get it. Gave me a lot of confidence to
that I would be back. >> Let's let's go way way back
in time how old were you when you started skiing. >> I've been told that was 2
years old, I wasn't I'm not old and I was not old enough to
remember, but that's what my mom says about 2 years old
because you don't remember right now, what makes it so
easy like not having that well easy in the sense that
I've always known how to ski to me.

But then hard if I'm trying
to do something else. >> That's interesting ever
thought of that so the beginning steps of skiers and
you don't even remember exactly it's just been ingrained in me
from the beginning almost it's like walking. Yeah as far back
as you can remember you've been as far back as you can remember
did you love it. I think so like it's hard trying to figure out. >> The earliest moments are
memories that I have on snow but I would say it wouldn't be
here. Just the thing around trying to
keep up the milder as and that's kind of the that's how I
grew up and I think it's there's always a love for.

>> Learning and getting better
and I think there's just a love for the feeling of scheme to
and having those things they seem like they've always been
connected to when I go out. scheme from such a young age. >> I have to give credit to one
my mom but also my grandfather who had the great idea to bill the scary for for his kids
and then obviously grandkids and the community in general so
my grandfather. They keep talking built first the road and then
eventually expanded to what we have now with people are told
it might. That's what this is right is exactly that's what
we're so fortunate to be a part of and so this is
rhaegar upright yeah, more or less obviously I grew up and
start robot were enriching now so take a 20 minute drive.
But from I would say mid December
through beginning April it's been pretty much every day here
scheme. Having a lot of fun, you know,
once I was old enough to see eye on that was that I just go
out and I explored.

>> Figure it out you're a mom
pretty good skier, right yeah, he's okay. >> From what I've heard.
Yes, my mom was the 1972, when I look at small champion. In support of an so that's kind of the the biggest
achievement in our family, but I think between her 2 sisters and brother and then
also my other cousins to we have a lot
of other athletes as well. That's a pretty powerful family
legacy isn't it. Yeah, I think so I think in terms of ski
racing. It's a small world but yeah, there's definitely a lot
to be just feel good about to be
proud of and and but I think it's too like outside of ski

We're just. I don't know the
normal Lake weird funky from on family too. >> But I think the weird and
funky who were all like. >> Different types of Corky I'd
say I'm just our personalities and I can explaining exactly
what it is like. I think we just all we're all independent, but we
all enjoy each other's company to
and and try to be good people >> How do you guys how much you
guys support each other and in general. just help each other skiing and
beyond I would say. >> Skiing a good amount like I
know I talk about Bob about the downhills he would compete in
this the same downhills that I competed today like talking
about different sections of the those down hills and then my
older cousin Jimmy to he 10 years old the mean he had a
lot of experience with Solomon GS to on the World Cup, so kind
of understanding what he went through in his process and to
to learn how I can the better scares well from him
so and then in general life like I
mean I was just up at Jimmy's House helping him build this

There's a lot of just kind of
that camaraderie and give and take. >> You see all these bids, they
have some meaning no they yeah East one, definitely has its
own story, but it's kind of cool. It's a blend between
both. >> My mom and her siblings
World Cup racing Korea's and then. Some like dozens of
myself as well so I can see light some days that I raced
with and then some that's that my Mama, Ray said that Michael
bother Maryland on Monday. So. It's a lot a lot of history a
lot of stories. >> To get on the wall here to
these bids that they did you have to win big or did you
just. Here on the being on the wall is that you've got to.

>> Take the bed after the race.
When you're a little kid you always have to get back but
once you start getting a high level then you get to keep your
visit just kind of cool. >> Cool moment when when you
see all of this and just think about everything your family
has done what goes through your mind. I don't know I think. >> In a way I think it's like
timeless you know like seeing isn't passed down.
I'm starting my grandfather down to my mom and aunts and uncles and then on us
and even further to the generation below us. I think
there is changes in the sport, but at
the same time it's kind of like I think the core in the heart
of the sport of skiing is is a constant and that's kind
of that's what I see the family success does it make
you feel pressure or is the opposite of that is it sort of

Yeah, I think I've always felt helped by people are familiar. With the clock, a name and I
think that's kind of it's a cool way to connect with people
there remember my uncle Bob raising kids feel are are my
mom when one thinks, and then also with our generation us
kind of bring your own stories to that and plus I think just
are family environment and the
culture that we have is is very positive. Just about going out and doing
something you love. I think a lot of us have been fortunate
that we love to see a singing and just going in skiing. >> Take a look at Ryan
cochran-siegle of the United States what comes from that
great scheme family where his mother of the 1972 Olympic
slalom gold medalist Barbara Ann Cochran we should not write
how to ski at the family's mountain area in Richmond,
Vermont, the Cochrane ski areas called so big legacy here for Ryan
cochran-siegle to follow.

>> To be a part of that legacy.
What is that media. I think it's it's special in the way it
feels like contributing to something
that's so much more than me and that like that doesn't know the
pressure and away. Not every cop of accomplishment
in our family is on one individual you know it's kind
of it's a collective and every one of us has been able to
bring something to the table. >> If you thought of the fact
that your mom got her gold medal 50 years before these

>> Is that what it is now I
have not. I remember so. I was racing world juniors in
2012 and that so 40 years from her and that kind of registered
I did not think about the 50 years until now so now I know
why now do you think when you get that. I think it's it's cool. I mean
that Olympic gold medal so much a part of who my mom is and
what he's able to come accomplished and I think it's also it will be
tricky having that connection to also make this experience my

Obviously like I I love
celebrating my mom but I think there's also it comes to a
point where you have to be your own self too so. I know this there's positives
in to this and just got to go with the flow.
I mean gold medals 50 years apart. Pretty good story of a
good story for sure yeah, I have a hard time when it's
like obviously the future you can't control you don't know
what's going to happen. I think the potential of that happening
is incredibly special and it's cool the cool to dream about. But I also
recognize like the work that it takes to get there is still has
to be done you know, and that's what I need to focus on right
now do you, I mean. >> For all the family talking
everything like that it seems like I mean your your mom wrote
you a note in Korea right that that was the main message that
she was she was giving.

>> You know it was really just
about. The Olympics are it's not just
about winning medals. It's about the experience from going
to opening ceremonies too competing in your event and
trying to just appreciate every moment and and do your best and
that's what's so important in the know to remember she talked
about how she was just as proud as getting 11th in the GS as
she was when a song and I thought that was that was cool
just you know, it's medals are such
a highlight. But there's other accomplishments that you can be
proud of 2 and the cool thing about it was I also got 11
that. Yes, so we kind of share that as well that to hear that from him on
that must mean a lot right yeah for sure, and she's been so
supportive of my career and and everything really in life for
me so I definitely I'm fortunate that I was able
to go out with her being my mom and having kind of that positive mentality.

At best college student. Yeah, what are you studying
working toward a mechanical engineering. >> Easy stuff for its acts.
I think it's easier. >> In the sense that I take one
or 2 classes at a time very different from out and be fully
enrolled and go through that struggle bus. But I've enjoyed
it so far that what's mean. >> Is what you're doing in
college right now preparing you for something you see yourself
doing post skiing or what. >> No I have no idea what I
want to do after I'm done skiing. I should probably get a
handle on that. What I'm interested in. But I
think mechanical, it's I think it just opens a lot of doors and seeing I mean how my career
goes and kind of where I'm at I think there's a lot of
opportunity with that.

Both in the ski world and then outside
of that as well so. I like the clouds that have
been taking it definitely have that scientific kind of mathematical mind and it's a good challenge to that
applies to skiing right, yeah, completely I mean like I remember when I was
taking physics this is a few years ago now but just how much
are latest a scheme like skiing is a grab the sport and the
forces that kind of your provided most of
its just through gravity. Obviously the fiction on the
snow and aerodynamics to but maximizing kind of that maintaining the conservation of
energy. Throughout a full run, you know maintaining the
momentum, I'm using using that to propel you down the hill is
this how you how I think about it completely.

>> So basically when you're
skiing it's like you're doing homework. A lot more fun than homework
though, but like trying to maximize forces maximize energy
going down the hill. That's how I think about and and trying to
keep it simple to that's like with math and physics I think
the root of those types of things are it's a very simple type of. I think information available.
And so just trying to keep things keep things simple.

>> So when we talk about family
mission scheme whenever there's a family business right. >> Yet what's that blue.
Yeah, slopeside syrup back in the day when my grandparents
got this land. I think it's 500 or so acres. We were lucky
that there's a lot of maple trees on
it so back in 2010 for my cousins got together and they wanted to build a maple
syrup business and so that's kind of that's where slopes
that Sir came about about I was kind of I was I was too
young to be involved in like the forming of the company but
old enough that. I'm a good labor get helping hand so.
I've been involved and I can and when the time is right with
my schedule and and with their so it's a cool process to be a
part of what does that involve doing. It depends on the time time of
year. Most of the time it's kind of
being up in the woods helping with the lines that helped
funnel the Sarah or the sat down to the sugar House.
I'm kind of end of February beginning of March is when the
boiling season happened so in that time if I'm around and
helping foil the sat down to Sarah and then not really the bottling side
but just putting the syrup and in these
big 40 on the barrels and then setting those aside.

I think the most fun part is at
the end of the season. When I'm done skiing kind of
like to unwind we go up into the sugar Bush and that's when
we pull all the top side of the trees, so it's a cool cool kind
of resetting process and we're out hiking through the woods
and kind of getting to getting a good sense of our
family land as well. >> So your family skis and
makes maple syrup you're basically like Vermont, central
casting right.

>> Yeah, I would say so I think
we're or a celebrated family, I think
in Vermont. But yeah, we're we're fortunate
with our hobbies you like so yeah, completely yet. >> All right. Let's will be
reimagined are about a 100 days out from the Olympics here.
I mean just for. >> Being. >> A 100 days out from the
Olympics, what goes through your mind from just competition
standpoint. >> I think it's still just day
by day I'm doing everything I can each day to give myself the
best opportunity. For when the time comes you know seeing seeing the
schedule of how things will fit together
but also I mean what's most important is is today being
here being present but that so it's an exciting time, but I
think slowly as it comes. >> The pandemic is still very
much an issue there's going to be restrictions in China, how
do you feel about that. >> It's just we have to learn
to adapt competing all of last year and
going into this year to I think there are a lot of changes.

That fell very foreign at that
time and I think because we've been through them then
everything that will be thrown our ways something we know we
can adapt to so I think that's the rules that are put in place
obviously the protocols all that following that to our best ability and then. It means that we can still be
pursuing our dreams and I'm kind of being able to do what
we love them.

That's what's most important and remembering
that that's the point you know not getting kupp caught up with the difficulties. >> If you don't have family
there because of restrictions how do you feel about that. >> I feel OK I always think if
I'm kind of separated with my
racing life and my like family normal life, I
think it's easier to focus on the skiing.

Obviously a want family and
friends to be able to take part in experience that with me, but
I think there is kind of added drawbacks that
too but I one way or another I think >> I look forward to that time
and however may make for as long as you get to compete yet
completely whatever it takes For your support of folks
understand to it if there are smaller crowds, fewer people
there cheering you on doesn't have an impact for you. I don't think so I think as ski racing. >> Kind of it depends on where
we are in Europe, it's a really big sport in North America, not
so much I think in Lake Louise, we usually compete in front of
a couple 100 people so we're used to different
environments and plus when you're skiing in the course,
it's not like you feed off people. Down at the bottom so I know, but you want you want
people to see our sport person because I think that's where
it's it's kind of felt the
strongest, you know live sports when you're there in person you
see it differently and you you feel it I think in your article
you to do so the more people we can have their I think the
better but again it's out of our control.

>> Friends watching today out
they were here out on our Olympic 5 sized 6 already in
the Winter Games. They are loving watching the
competition. We love that you're tuning into our digital
show called today and 30 plus today we're going to start with
figure skater Nathan Chen and his record-breaking start men's
event it was like what we like to call sensation on the court
that for every 10%. Anyway, the legendary Scott Hamilton
will join us to break it all down the Rain's going one on
one with one of the biggest names of these Olympics were
talking about Shaun white it's the snowboarding icon step
games and his final games of the 2 of them chat about the
long road and took her shot to get where he is your base
enjoying every moment will also introduce you to team.

newest medal is on the slopes, Ryan cochran-siegle one silver 50 years after his mom one goal
on the slopes is a story and then on the 4th hour Jenna and
I tried to meddle we set up a winter obstacle course on the
Plaza and have some help. K I'm going to watch out.
Why can't wait to find out who won gold in the bragging
rights, let's get this a live picture started right now it's
time for today and 30. >> Let's say good morning to
Craig who's there in Beijing, hey Craig to Savannah, good morning and
as you know the Olympics always gives us a just a ton of
storylines the joy of winning the agony of defeat powerful
stories of redemption. That's what's happening right now with
Team USA is figure skating star.

Nathan Chen, bouncing
back from a disappointing 2018 Winter Olympics to now leave
the competition, dazzled on the ice his fist in the air and
broke a record here in Beijing off is all felt around the
world. Just days after helping the U.S. next silver in the
team event. >> American figure skating
superstar anything chance dominating the men's short
program setting a new world record ahead of this week's
free skate portion. >> Every opportunity to get a
competition is one that I should be grateful for on this
really happy to be here. >> In a sport where every
millisecond matters American Ryan cochran-siegle making the
most of his Olympic opportunity in the men's super G. Back on his skis just a year
after fracturing his neck.

Rcs finishing only 4 hundredths
of a second behind Australian legend. Mathias Meyer to see
silver. Cochran seagulls run coming 50
years after his mom Barbara and won gold in the slalom at the
72 Winter Games. He's loved it from from the very beginning
mother and son celebrating together while for par. >> As an athlete, you know
you're always charging always trying to get better and I
think sometimes you can use it as fuel. But just never giving
up yourself. >> Meanwhile, one American
medal contender is stuck watching the men's singles
competition from the sidelines. Vinson Joe out after testing
positive for covid. >> I've been doing everything
in my power to stay free of covid since the start of the
pandemic because the 21 year-old posting.

>> An emotional message to
foreign to speaking to his younger self. >> You had a dream you followed
it you made sacrifices for you dedicated your life to it. And today. >> You are that person and sent
images like these from inside an isolation facility offering
a glimpse of the strict regulations that athletes who
test positive are facing. Some competitors complaining
about a lack of training space bad food and poor hygiene
options available in quarantine. >> Overnight the 2 top squads
in women's hockey renewing their rivals.

With their loved ones cheering
back in Park City, Utah. >> Defending gold medalist team
USA taking August 2018 runner-up Canada in a pivotal
preliminary games. But this one goes to the
Canadians with both teams advancing to the quarter
finals. In turn the Olympics is one of the stories to watch. Eileen Gu soaring to incredible
Heights in the debut of women's freeski big 8 the 18 year-old
teen on born in San Francisco but competing for China landing
massive tricks on her way to gold group all smiles with even
more medal chances on that. >> And guys we just learned,
Ryan cochran-siegle we're going to be talking to just a minute.
He's going to be competing in 2 more events, the giant slalom
and the Alpine combined tonight Micaela share from returning to
action along with the Beijing debuts of Shaun White and Chloe
Kim meanwhile as we send it back to New York. Take a look at where the latest
medal count stands right now. >> So that's all right that
that is short in that short of change. We we've got our plan
now Craig for tonight, sitting in front of taking every single

I know Olympic couch potato, yeah, right here well,
the pressure was immense on Nathan Chen, heading into these
Olympics and boy did he deliver in for the second time in these
games are going to talk about it all with Scott Hamilton in
just a minute but first NBC Stephanie gosk with more on
that unforgettable world records state high step
morning. >> Hey Sunday morning it really
was I mean this was more than just a performance. This was
Nathan Chen, settling an old score with the last Olympics he
finished a disappointing 5th in pyeongchang in 20 18 now in
Beijing. He sits at the top of the leaderboard after the best
short program he or anyone else for that matter has ever skated
for us figure.

Skater Nathan Chen, the road to gold and
redemption started Monday night. >> His emotional fist pump at
the end of his program telling us all we need to do now. >> That performance was a
starter he did everything he >> Who did he ever nearly 114
Chan, receiving the highest needed to. score ever in a men's short
program. >> Let you know that I often
shows a lot of emotion at the end of that you were visibly
happy it was just a spur of the moment thing you know just
really happy with this case. >> Element after element near
perfection. The men's short program is one
of 2 skates needed to win the individual gold medal. It's 170
seconds of pressure and requires the skaters to
complete 3 jumping elements in 3 attempts because it's shorter
it's both easier and costlier to make errors but on this
night, Nathan Chen, made no errors one. It's a far cry from
chance 20 18 performance in pyeongchang whereas the gold
medal favorite he had a disastrous short program.

>> Major mistake there laxalt. >> Jen rallied to finish 5th
landing a record 6 clause in a free school, but he didn't
medal. Since then Chen has been almost unbeatable winning 15 of
16 competitions Monday's performance was a continuation
of that dominance his record score leading the one 11 he
scored last Friday helps lift the U.S. team to a silver medal
in the team competition. My focus was on trying to do
the very best, I could Chen's chief rival Japan's 2 time gold
medalist yuzuru hanyu the last man to be chairman made a major
mistake leaving out an essential element during his
routine was going for a quadruple salchow now the door
is wide open for Jen. >> If he wins it will be the
first U.S. gold in the sport in over a decade and the young men
considered to be the best in the world will finally have his
hands on figure.

Skating's most coveted prize. >> Individual men's event and
Chan's chance for gold will be the free skate which takes
place in prime time tomorrow night Jason Brown, the other us
skater that we haven't talked much about he skated on Monday
night. He scored a personal best and sits in 6th place and
guys he's in 6. But he's a lot of fun to watch. >> I view to full skater known
to be so artistic Stephanie, thank you all right, let's
bring in our good friend, Scott Hamilton, the figure
skating analyst for Olympic ice on Peacock and the 1984 gold
medalist Scott, I mean she couldn't have not gotten better
for Nathan Chen, he was top drawer last night.

I read it explode, it was so
much fun to watch, I know what a difference 4 years makes. >> You see the way takes the
eyes now you see just that look in his eye you see the way that
he slowly methodically just goes to each one of his
element, you never doubt for a second, but it's going to
happen exactly the way he wants it to happen and it was just
so. >> So much fun watching him
deliver the goods on his redemption Olympics and now
he's got a big lead going into a long program where he doesn't
need one. He's going to be practically impossible to be. >> I'm the only one that can
beat him at this point is in South and I don't see that
happen, I mean it's so fun to watch as you said not only
because of the artistry the sheer scale but because he has
closed the door we're burning the 2018 pyeongchang towards
never show yet again because this supersedes everything
Scott talk to us about how the free skate plays out, I mean is
that or is a longer like how does it you know what is the
more to prove their how does that play out.

>> Well, I mean they punch and
rewrote kind of how people build their long programs he's
forced everyone else to try to come up to his level of ability
and so 5 quite passes you you look at that his closest
competition, the 2 Japanese men and kind of Yemen blew up.
And it's just like a where you know they're capable of doing
incredible things and they're phenomenal skaters, but they're
not quite at his level of proficiency and consistency so
it's going to be racing just going out and and doing a
program by the rules, he's written for everyone else and
you know just seeing his demeanor seeing is consistency
seeing is approach seeing his confidence builder the
performance I I just can't I mean long program can't get
here fast enough for me.

>> Well Scott there's precedent
for someone who doesn't do as well in the previous Olympics
and then they do super well. 4 years later you are in that
category. I think you finish 4th or 5th that you ended up
winning the gold 4 years later same event say with Brian
Boitano what happens in those years to change the way you
skate and the way he's skating.

>> When you mature you just you
mature there's this that this it's almost like a refining
happens, you know, you know like what is a diamond look
like when you take it out of the ground right is kind of
that in over those 4 years, you gain experience you gain
perspective, you gain confidence. You you just game
on everything you need to be able to the next time around
with that previous experience taking the ice for the whole
different intentionality a whole different mindset a whole
different level of proficiency and it's just remarkable what
can happen, you know as say after you know 3 world
championships and an average. >> I you know victory over 19
points and against time which is the biggest rival so.

>> I knew basically took
himself out of the competition last night and the other 2
Japanese men are formidable. Thank you. All made it has to
do it. I said it a million times on to say it one more
time maybe if they've been jet is on his game, he's an. >> Beatable I love the area
well double we love to watch him shine. the slopes with a remarkable
run, Vermont, native Ryan cochran-siegle took silver in
the super G his medal, not only the first of these games and
alpine skiing for Team, USA. It also came 50 years after his
mother won Olympic gold in the following week. We are
delighted to have Ryan joining us now right good morning for
them. Good morning. Well, you got to
tell me about that conversation with your mom 50 years apart
you come from skiing Royal see the conference are famous in
Vermont and worldwide. What was that like when he said mom I
did it. >> It was it was super cool. I mean I think you know just
embracing everything being able to share that with
my my family, my mom, my sister I think we're all crying a
little bit is definitely I still can't believe it.

>> Well it's such a beautiful
moment, and it's hard to believe Ryan that one year ago
right now you are actually in a hospital bed, you are nursing
an injury from a broken neck. Here you stand now on the medal
platform did you ever imagine back then and that day that
there would be a shot at you coming back and getting a medal
for Team, USA. >> Yeah, definitely I mean I
think when I got injured last year I was skiing at the best
of a risky than. You know that gives you
motivation to come through an injury and give your all when
you come back so I think it's it's wild looking
back and seeing the year that I had and standing here now is
you know it's just full circle, and it's it's such a special
moment. >> Well, it's incredible what
has this team been like there we've got a lot about the
courses and some of that you know complications and the
challenges you did it anyway you overcame them, but how is
your experience.

>> I've had an awesome time.
I think the past few days aside from today, I definitely was
trying to figure a lot with my skiing between my set up and
how to approach this health. But it's definitely that type
of Hill where you have to put everything on the line, the
snow is very active. And it allows us this year to really
push yourself and just ski with joins. He would love and >> embrace the moment and
where's your metal, Ryan, where you keep the next hole
back after yesterday. How heavy it is a. That's a
beauty active duty, Ryan, you earned it well think about
it in that hospital bed what year ago incredible hour
journey back. Thank you so much for being with us you major
country proud, good luck in your next event. >> Thank you so much you guys
been what a cool kid. >> Tonight a limping legend is
back in action. Some white is competing in his 5th and final
Olympic Games.

Shaun white 19 at his first
Olympics now. >> He's 35 had the chance to
catch up before heading to Bay James to talk about his career
his decision to step away and what comes next. >> Setting the moment that
almost 2 decades Shaun White has been a flying highlight
real shot why for that goal with the spin it seem to be
ending the laws of gravity to his will Shep discord into his 5th
Olympic Games. He's already thinking about. >> Returning to or your your
all the food of the 5th. is it still a special as it was
we're making your debut into Reno, what the comparison.
The first time.

But you know haven't really said
this too much he's going to feel weird. Coming out of my
mouth, but this this is some really savoring every moment. The letter what's so yeah,
yeah. >> Credits conversations he had
with another extreme sports icon with helping him reach
that decision skateboarding pioneer Tony Hall ever talking
to him. He was like man. I never tire
of 32 anything I wish I would've gotten us into I've
done more now that my tires competitive career. So I still
do this to skate every day. I'm just not worried about like
getting points getting scores of titles things. >> At 35 wife says natural wear
and tear on his body has taken its toll that it includes of
that spill in 2017 which landed him with more than 60 speeches.
Are you as fearless. >> When you're out there at
30,004. I have to say no just because
I'm older and I think it can actually process the like.
And through this bad accident.

So if this goes wrong, I do
know the outcome. I will say. I still have that ability to
pull the trigger. Well, okay today Sunday, let's
go you're going to cause. You have to adjust to get it. >> All right. The three-time
gold medalist says he's ready to take on the competition here
in B J with the goal of making it back to the top of the medal
stand go there there. >> 6 seed and in mind Evers and
in get that gold again and get what I'm I'm just I want it,
you know wouldn't be here if that wasn't the case, but you
know being able to like stand proud
and pass the torch to the next generation.

I'm ready for it all. >> Still the list haha. >> Off the slopes white he's
found happiness and his relationship with actress Nina
dobrev. >> It was a big day for a while
now but to get. Yeah and you know at the seminar. >> Florida we just hit it off
and then the world shut down. Let's be real like. I'm here for the long.

But yeah
it's been about 2 years. It's been great yeah well thank
you. >> So guys please report that
showed why is it not. Well we we I I was I was fascinated out
because. >> He wanted to talk about a
lot like he was going on and on. Also told me about. >> He told me about partnering
up with his brother to start a new snowboard company, it's
called white space. But first he's here to compete. He hopes
to win gold one last time. And you can watch him in action
tonight in primetime on NBC it and because wonderful example
to because it goes to show you have this wonderful season, but
there's still more to do. Yeah. >> The world's greatest
athletes gather for the wet Winter Games and events like
figure skating Stu jumping get >> Okay and when that happens
we think to ourselves maybe one hot. day we too will be Olympians
but since that is a Mike Leigh we decided to host our own

>> He celebrates his own
correspondent Katie Nolan okay Katie sides this really
challenging strange obstacle course what I'm going to I was
looking forward to the women's hockey, it's not I while the
gold medal game that they played Canada. Last night USA
they last for 2, but I think the gold medal match could be a
rematch and they're going to. What we're doing okay. Okay.
So here's what's going to happen. You're going to go into
speed skate first they're going to step onto these you got your
caps and goggles and his staff on these plates have put your
hands behind your back you know you know like it's okay I got
to go out there says very authentic then we're going to
hit up bobsledding it's our version a box letting you get
your helmets on on for safety, you're going to scoot from here
to there okay and you're going to put on those hockey gloves
and pick up your hockey stay at a dribble that gigantic
regulation size hope all around the circular platforms want to
pay attention, but it 5 goals to tie account if you want
health care the around the platform, you have to move the
Pa when you're at the very end got to jump into the think
snowballs and then we're going to get a it feels like you're

So what we do put on the whole my whistles very well
ready, what set. >> Has out to an early lead,
but. The with the lead, but what
stock picking a person pick the stick up for that I
might have been a better there she goes around Jenna and we've got you want to
because you know. Congratulations on your win a
game. How do you break it down we're
number one. I think where you really took the lead was after
the bobsled one super gloves on and tried to pick the stick.
Stake, but but you got to also unfortunately got out of bounds
which I think just apart a little bit you did like a fence
on the member yeah that was know what else is so sad, but
so out of breath.

Yeah, relay double, I put your
helmet on and just remember to watching what else are you
looking for I mean everything but Micaela Shiffrin she had to
be a lot of her for a show substantial going for 5 medals
this limits, I'm hoping she can turn that around and you can
see you're gonna and they can channel we die oh my God, it
was credible, I got bags under my all right guys and for our
primetime coverage of the game it begins at 8 o'clock Eastern
on NBC and Peacock. >> Don't forget you can watch
the games all day on the networks of NBC and in prime
time tonight on NBC on because they should come back tomorrow
get another good after said today and Thursday we'll see
you then.

>> Let's talk about the quad
what does it feel like to nail it. I mean the quads the reason
why you know I've been able to get to where I am in my sport.
It's been something that you know, I've just love doing
since I was able to do it. >> Standing next and
representing United States of America, Nathan Chen. Let's get this party started
anything. >> Gorgeous squad left as the clouds out there. But it must be like to go to
work knowing you are the best at what you do in the world. That's this deep in it. >> Yeah, I guess I've been
guilty of this putting the expectations are certain
athletes are expected to win the gold the inside favor.
So how does that stuff more against you. >> I think there's definitely
pros and cons with with a hearing that sort of a
narrative I think it does build confidence in the sense that
you know other people supporting you and they believe
in you as well. But on top of that like as an athlete we want
to be able to do this for ourselves and not of course
other people are supporting us we want to be able to to
perform as best as we can so that other people can you know
just feel feel as though the work is being respected as
well, but at the end of the day when we're on the ice or on our
field of play like we're kind of by ourselves with no one
else is really there to support us are there to help us
accomplish the goals that we're trying to accomplish in that
exact moment.

So I think being able to sort of switch that
offered try to distance yourself from that narrative
allows you to kind of be in your own world when you're
performing. >> Tell me about your your
training regimen are are you superstitious or mean you have
to do things the same way every time or how do you approach it. >> With training and definitely
in love to have consistency as much as I can heading into
2018, I was super superstitious every single thing I did was
like oh I have to do the certain order of putting my
skates on pretty my socks on the clothes on.

I found that
just started getting my head and if things didn't exactly go
the way that I want to tune in you know that would be
indicative of how performing obviously that's not the case
and others completely. A mutually exclusive events so I
think that having had the opportunity to
do every single thing right and then perform reportedly, really
let me just like you know I like these don't matter all
that matters is how you train how you set up your just the
effort that you put it in training and that's all that
you can do and when you get to come to shove trying the best
that you can do are you disappointed yourself in 2018,
you felt so low your expectations and those of many
people who observe a sport. >> They're really hold on to
that plateau and major mistake there the
timing of it all seemed like was all coming together for
this live PICS brilliant at the nationals, this was his and it
just has not turned out that way.

>> Have you shaking that offers
a good to remember. >> Again I think there's
definitely pros and cons to you know going back and reflecting
on 2018, there's a lot that I didn't write that competition,
there's a lot that I did wrong during the competition, I'm not
even just in the competition, but it's the lead up into the
competition and and again as I sort of
mentioned you know every competition till difference of
2022 is not going to necessarily feel exactly 2018
did which is not a bad thing either.

But use using sort of
experience I learned in in training for 2018. I think I've
definitely for myself in a better position
to you know approach these Olympics and is right. You know
be able to recognize how how cool the expenses in itself.
I think last time I was so focused on being like hey, you
know, this is the one opportunity they have to win.
Whereas now it's like a like this competition in itself is
just so amazing, you know the all every single athlete has
put in their entire life and to protecting this poor and then
we ought to come together and share. I think that's us a
really powerful sentiment and you know be able to remember
that constantly remind myself >> I think that's been pretty
positive months and speaking of that. 2018 and with much to put it in
perspective. Yes to disappoint the short program came back in
a big way that long program.

>> So far he's done 5 was. Number 6. Yeah, are you kidding me it's the
first time that somebody has done 5 was the Olympics but 6. >> I guess that's where your
your focus has got to be on overcoming states. >> Certainly I think that
anytime adversity comes you learn the most and that was
certainly the case for the short program or it was not and
did not play in my favor, but you know having the
opportunity to to really quickly switch gears and put
myself in a position to develop some confidence is really key.
Let's talk about the quad. >> The most difficult element
this program spot left. >> Oh yes, this is done and
just something special. >> What does it feel like to.
I mean the quads the reason why you know I've been able to get
to where I am in my sport, it's been something that you
know, I've just loved doing since I was able to do it it's
something that even as a young kid I aspire to do.

growing up in Salt Lake City and watching the 2002 Olympics
growing up. I was 3 years old at the time so I don't recall
much. The of course I was watching the reruns as as I got
older and I'm just being able to watch TV all the figure
skaters their duties, amazing jumps is amazing programs was
really inspiring and I think that that sort of love for for
jumping in the low for rotating was just like something that
clicked immediately and I think a lot of my first quite honest
15. Since then it's just always always enjoys be able to do
them. >> It's not that you just land
a quad can save you do it seemingly effortlessly that it
would so well what is it, I mean when you're doing your
program you've got to hit and how many times too many times
have to return every what is that like it sounds like high
intensity interval training.

>> It definitely is I think is
this way to equate quads basically like let's say that
you're going to the gym and you're like PR in on some
exercise like you know you're making your your best attempt
at an exercise of the heaviest way that you never done you do
that put it down you get this 5 seconds afternoon again and
take 5 seconds and do it again and again and again and the
free parking we have some time so basically we have 7 elements
that more more often you'll see around 4 or 5 quite attempts
being done so each one is basically you know as you squat is generally as physically
demanding as we can get the sport. So it's you know really
amazing to be able to see both the man and the woman now doing
quads and just knowing how physically taxing it is just
like it's pretty incredible to >> Knowing you have to have
that many times in the program see.

Are you thinking about had like
OK here it comes again comes >> It's definitely there's a
lot of pacing the has to go on again. to the program knowing certain
elements take up a certain amount of energy but that
energy is something that you learn when you're in training,
so when you're doing is positions and training like
okay at this point in time the music I have to have this
amount of energy you have to have this amount of speed and
then through those petitions are fine tuning that not having
to worry about it once I mean once you do it like you know 50
times like okay know exactly what I have to be without
thinking about it, that's the magic of training skating fun,
getting super fun. Yeah, oh absolutely and it was a fun,
definitely would have retired long ago. >> You're always training for a
competition, so they have moments that you can really
experience the joy of just being out there that sense of
freedom and let your body do what it does certainly.

>> They definitely throughout
the season. They're like that since lows of moments of like
high motivation, you know, we're just training to do the
very best we can 10 competition and other times where I think
sometimes get a little overwhelming and I think those
of the best time to take a step back and share fun moments on
the ice with your fellow training mates or whoever else
you know you share that moment with on the ice. I think those
are the times we really recognize how how cool it is
and how lucky we are to have the opportunity to be able to
have this I see that we spent hours and hours on sort of
working on our craft but also being able to share that with

>> You mentioned it touches the
moment ago, but can you talk about the level of
competition out there guys shi's the deal we can do is
getting tougher. >> Fish at this competition is
in the men's division is definitely the toughest.
I think I've really ever seen and a lot of these athletes are
athletes from past generations that are still continues
continuing to pursue sport. So that's really incredible.
You know, I'm sort of in the middle generation, currently in
the in the competitive field. But there's a generation above
me and Anderson below me that continue see are just doing
incredible things every competition is always very
exciting. >> Your parents came from
China. He talked about the personal connection of being in
Beijing for the Olympics which are winning a gold, there mean
more than someplace else. >> Certainly I think being able
to have the opportunity won't just be able to be there where
my mom grew up she was born and raised in Beijing so and I
still have my my grandmother her mom still lives in Beijing
as well so people have you know that close family ties to
Beijing is really really special.

And yeah, it again, and they you
know the Olympics is something that every athlete is really
dreamed about and that's the one thing that we're striving
towards every single day. And why we go to the rink every
single day and why we try so hard so regardless of anything
you know just to be able to have the option to be those are
especially when there's that family emotional connection. >> Some athletes have been very
outspoken about their concerns about China's human rights
record is that something you talk about something into your
feelings about. >> Sure I think at this moment,
you know, of course is a very complicated issue that I think
what that's the suited for for the experts and right now you
know, of course is it's it's difficult.

But right now is as
much as I kind of like to focus my attention on and just try to get there get to the Olympics
and did the best I can. >> But the whole world is
dealing with this covid thing I wasn't how has it affected your
tuneup before Beijing. >> So I think as an athlete or
maybe not speaking for other athletes, but for myself, I've
been really fortunate to be in a position where I still have
access to a range, I still have access to a place where I can
continue working and training and I know that a lot of people
suffered a lot more from this pandemic and I have so I'm
really no place to complain.

Of course our season has been
slightly affected by having cancellations and all that but
still you know bottom line is you know my family has been
healthy I've been healthy. I've been fully vaccinatd Ali
has been fully vaccinated we're able to live a somewhat normal
life and especially I can live a generally normal life by
being able to go to the rink every single day still so you
know, I'm I'm in no place to >> We're taking notes as you
watch the games and in Japan complain. about how athletes were able to
do what they do in the face of a pandemic.

>> Yeah, definitely I mean we
were given some of the statistics about the mobile
over in Japan and it's pretty astounding how safe they were
able to keep all the athletes. The case tell was extremely
extremely low. So, I'm looking for to be able to have an
opportunity to go to Beijing in a you know, pretty confident
that the IOC and us PC will do a good job of keeping us
healthy. >> During the summer Olympics.
Simone Biles is you know broke the ice, no pun intended.
This issue, you know them mental approach for athletes
and I think we all kind of stood back and look at what you
guys do and it was pretty dangerous to.

Serrano was that
good for sport in general. I think so yeah. >> I remember one of my closer
friends was he's he's a very funny person. And he's he was
sort of documenting the Olympics and just like how
crazy it is that what we do even exists like you
know we step on the ice and tricks like that such a bizarre
concept, and same thing with gymnastics, you know they're
doing all these crazy crazy tricks and on all these
different apparatuses that are extraordinarily dangerous and
it's like why do we why you know, but for us all talking
the other conversations among the cross disciplined athlete.
Yeah, I mean maybe not as much as. I think there will be but
definitely there is some across this up and communication but I
think they're all you know somone definitely was like a
shining star most all the athletes, I was like hey like
we have this opportunity and it's kind of just before that I
had the I had the notion that doing that was just like just
like not gnesen acceptable.

But just like unheard of like
we just don't I just don't do that you know, but after she did that were like
white by not was not acceptable. You know I think
that's amazing that she was able to find the courage to
step up and be like you know, I'm more important than
anything. I'm a more important than that and more important
then you know, then this one event so I think that being
able to have a character like that and do that the highest
age allows all of us athletes to some peace knowing that you
know at the end of the day when it comes down to it where the
most important things in our >> I'll go one further and say
that it's been good for fans own careers. because I think and once they take for granted
what you do, but we assume that it's safe to let you know it's

I think we're going to reality check. >> Yeah, I think I think that's
definitely true I think more so for gymnastics definitely
skating or is it looks like with the pair skating, that's
very very dangerous what they do. For the singles skaters not
that it isn't dangerous. I think there is a lesser
degree of of risk in terms of you know very great bodily
damage. But of course we can get hurt we can get into quite
easily. So to be in the right mental spot like you and in
order to accomplish in these elements you have to be the
right mental state and if you're doubting your abilities
are doubting the success of the oftentimes it just doesn't go
well so I think it's really important bill to be like hey,
you know our mental health and physical health are very
closely related and you know they both have to be at the top
of the game.

If you want to be able to accomplish what we want
to accomplish you've taken a break from college or going
back in the fall, what looking forward to that as I can be
able to happen absolutely I'm really looking for tonight is
also to build to be here in California in training and be
around my teammates but it's just such a different you know
change of pace and you see sets. So many new people and
then just so much going on campuses it's really fun to
build this school and I'm >> Well you're in school it
wasn't possible to be a regular really looking for. columnist with freshman or you
know where you're going to practice twice of that. >> It was it was different, I
mean there are a lot of like athletes student athletes on

So you know the sort of lifestyle is not exclusive to
me. There are a lot of other athletes that spent a lot of
time and and they're sort of feel the plan and competed and
they a lot of the athletes competed more than I can to
maybe 4, 5, times this season, they competed like every
weekend so the schedules a lot of the other athletes were way
more busy that I was but it was like it was fun to be able to
have you know to several lives those kind of trying to join
together and I had as much as I could to try to socialize and
you know be a college student but I'm looking for 2 games to
go back and in August and hopefully assume a larger
student role and that role. >> Fans I'm standing down here
with 12 year-old yet. 12 year-old Nathan Chen, make
the old were you when you started skating, I was 3 and a

>> What was it about stating
that first for you. >> You know skating it for me
just was the most successful sport. I think I grew up in
Salt Lake City and I lived it maybe 5 minutes away from the
main training site at the 20,002 Olympics and I think
just because the Reno was so close and it was like every
time you walk through those doors, you are reminded of the
Olympics. I think just having that sort of like spirit of the
Olympics really guided need to be like hey, this is a relief
well, thank you to of course I had the opportunity like
swimming to a couple other things, but it's not my
stature, I think my parents helped the guy that decision to
in terms I played hockey.

I did gymnastics as well.
And the couple other things as well, but my focus has always
sort of on skating and that was the thing that enjoy the most
and I think that I just like found my talent early for that
and that was just the thing >> We can talk about being a
natural you feel like you're. that stuck. >> Through as a young age, you
know it's getting did come fairly natural to me, but you
know in order to make its way and I think all of although all
the athletes that are at this level find a fairly natural. >> The Vegas competition.
But that's where you felt sure what was that moment like after
being on this incredible streak to kind of be mortal again.

>> You know even some of the
conditions that I have one I also made mistakes on and I
think that every time you make a mistake. It's like oh that
happened how can I get out of it and I think that's an issue
that the initial reaction but after the company is over you
have time to reflect its like it was a sense of relief
because like in practice a lot of times things go so well,
you're like oh man like. How is this going to last for
and then as soon as it happens is that OK now it's time to
start building again certainly again I think that just having
that constant, you know up we're doing great and bring it
back down, you know honestly being humbled but you know like
recognizing that it's not always going to be great and
then figure out how you can climb back up and dropping down
climbing back up and with everything I think that's
definitely the model that.

>> I find is the most
sustainable. I think that yeah I'm costly trying to get this
upward trajectory. It's not going to it's not going to
attend. >> Obviously the ultimate goal
is to is to win a medal in the win a gold medal, but there are
you competing it at that moment against yourself as much as you
are done see other athletes. >> Definitely I think something
that's really cool about skating is that we have the
opportunity to just be alone on the ice and not be you know
face to face or directly directly interacting with
another competitor. So it allows us to be competitors,
you know be determined be you know the athletes that we are
and then off the ice to be completely normal people.
Ultimately when you're on the ice, you are the one doing
everything there's no one you know screen with their blades
here with your with your own skates or whatever it might be.
So outcomes based off of you and so regardless of what the
other athletes to you know you are ultimately competing it
yourself you're trying to do better than what you previously
deter trying to push yourself as as far as you can and hoping
that that's enough to competing with your personal best with
yeah, certainly I mean every time you come here just like
for me the West is like at the start of the season.

I'm trying
to find where my baseline is try to figure out where I
currently am I'm not most of the other competitors just
where I physically as an athlete and he's come to some
kind of let's take a step takes to get a little better a little
better. And those those improvements might be like very
very minimal or they can be pretty large steps and how the
previous count and goes. But that's just you know that's
the intent that's the goal that I have so you know looking forward to us
championships which is you know 2, 3, weeks from now.

I look
back at the previous competition, be like what could
have improved on what could have done better and try to
make that happen. >> So a lot of people project
and what they expect from you in Beijing, what do you expect
what your your big goal in Beijing. >> Ultimately I want to go to
Beijing and just you know as as cliche as that sounds just
enjoy that expenses must that as much as I can.

Of course
their 02:00PM for some there to get the best I can but I think
that from past experience going to an event being like hey like
I'm here to to do this specific job doesn't always play to my
favorite, given that especially in skating its objectives.
There's Motors, you know elements of said subjectivity
to the sport so scoring is kind of out of your control. So
ultimately all that comes out is how well you can perform and
how will you train and you know being able to trust that
training. But ultimately you know in order for me to perform
well. I've I recognize that it's important for me to be
happy and be present and as long as I'm able to do that the
president be happy and then just enjoy the expenses much I
can and will be pretty full so >> I'm just by the way it's not
a cliche I mean a lot of that that. athletes talk about we want to. >> We want to have fun and a
young Jane, so that's a thing in into I didn't have fun, you
know, I was just so grounded on this one goal that you know and
then I go back and reflect back on downtown and like even you
know I I've been thinking like 5 years 10 years on the line I
want to be able to look back on my career and be like man, I I
love that I you know enjoyed every moment and I want to go
back and be like.

I don't remember I just remember being
stressed out, you know, so that's like where this season
and are trying to restructure my of my thinking so that win
or lose like I'll be able to look back and like that was a
great experience. I think they call that maturity. >> You're going to experience
for the athletes and Japan did which is nobody in the stands
are no family or you expect to have family there. >> Unfortunately, as it's
really difficult to have family there and I have been talking
to Mom and I don't think she'll be able to get into and kind of
that time. But I think that's OK ultimately I know that
they're supporting me from wherever they are in the Globe
and through my whole career even if they're not that I know
that they have missed for the acts of its sentimental yes,
it's nice to have family there.

But when it comes out forming
comes comes out and you know being at the limits. No it
doesn't. And have the opportunity to my goal now is
to be able to go to the banks and joy that experience and
just create a memory that I would love to last forever, you
know, and that's whether or not I win that's win or lose and I
still want to be able to look back in you know really
experienced and really enjoy that experience winning or
losing is not going to determine whether or not the
experience will be something that feels tell me about your
bracelet yes, so I partnered with David Yurman to support
one of my favorite nonprofits gold House fortunately
everything came together really well and we were able to first
a percentage of the proceeds of this a percentage of the space
and goes to both House and support their goals and it's
just been really cool to be able to partner with such a
great nonprofit, especially in amongst all the stop Asian hate
going on over the past few months and just to be able to
do whatever I can to support you've got a pretty strong
social conscience.

>> As much as I can. Also host
a kids edition of the year so not asking you if you have
advice for kids to see you guys miss, skate and really want to know
what it takes and will continue to share what it takes to
become a. >> So happy ice skater I think
the biggest things that I've learned in my career just one finding a team that
supports the 100% and oftentimes it will take time to
figure out for me that's my mom my dad, my siblings, I coach my
team is pretty large so have my coaches, my nutritionists my
strength and conditioning coaches. And of course, my
friends these are all people that I definitely would be able
to do this without.

Of course times will be great, but also
times might not be so great and during this time that's when
you really need to fall back on the people that support you and
that also leads to the next part which is just to really be
able to have fun with that I know again this is something
that has said a lot but to be able to consistently going day
after day to try to accomplish something like you need to be
able to enjoy it. And for me that's that joy comes from
being able to share these cool moments with my friends as well
as personal sense of accomplishment. By setting a
goal from it for myself and be able to accomplish that goal
and those goals can be little but they'll be able to just
find ways in which to you know bring happiness and what you do
I like the idea of the team though yeah.

>> I think and a growing up
certain kind of was maybe like 5 or 6. And then I moved to
California could bring that kind of with me so kind of help
from the different instruments. I definitely neared a lot of
what my brother Ted going up as well he started learning the
guitar when I was around 13 or so and so I as women to get are
and have been playing some on and off since definitely not a
very talented musician. I'm like a big event like an
interesting place that. >> It's been fun, I mean it's
nice to always bring in competition with me generally
been like to stick with me to come to shuns and it's really
nice to be able to have something that.

I think take
into my hotel room completely you know not worry about
skating into something else that's that's fun and I'll be a
hobby and and brings them joy. >> I know a lot of people
myself included to adopt music as an alternative to to what
our main main gig it is important to have something
else in your life is your time for something else in your life
besides getting. >> But I think that's
definitely something that I learned from college and that
you know time management is is key to being able to be
honestly just successful, but today happy I think that as
an athlete we tend to have this notion that you know it's
always like always a 100%, you know pedal to the metal and
if you want to have success you have to constantly sacrifice
everything and. >> And while there is some
chief that while you know you do have to put in the hours and
if they're not working you have to be disciplined and work hard
and technical troubles, I think they're the other half but
being able to spend time away from what you are what your
true goal is allows you to hear it for us to be able to have
them for her mind when you go into the training, I think when
you're just bogged down and sort of overwhelms really
difficult to be productive on the ice for at least for that
is for me so finding stuff like music and other little hobbies
and things that sort of take my mind away from skating just
getting it.

A fresh perspective on it, let's get it. >> Was there really a pleasure
is that they would you report watching you can feed. >> Chen say shanel tired.
And figure skater Nathan Chen, dominates the short program
with a record shattering for Mormons have ever seen in a
short program inside his quest for Olympic gold with just one
state to go. Shining moment team, USA and
see the race is his way to a silver medal in the super G ski
spot to tense ahead right now years to the day after his mom
or an Olympic gold. And this morning, Ryan is with
us live. The U.S. women's hockey team
falls to team Canada overnight. >> Those stories plus Golden
girl, 18 year-old Eileen Gu, a California native skiing for
China wins big air in dramatic fashion 19.

>> Straight ahead, her message
to fans and critics after choosing to represent her
mother's homeland. >> And ride of his lifetime
snowboarding icon Shaun white soaking up every moment of his
5th and final Olympics. >> I kind of realized this sort
of you know with the midst of it all what the legend is
saying to us as he gets ready to wow the world one last time
today Tuesday February 8 2022. >> We use this is a special
edition of today. The Winter Olympics with Savannah Guthrie and hoda
kotb live from Rockefeller Plaza. >> Many welcome to today, we're
so happy you're joining us on this Tuesday morning are you
feeling at the Olympic spirit.

It's a 6. >> Pretty cool right that
warning if Congress is actually it's been including that
remarkable comeback story for Americans care Ryan
cochran-siegle or rcs as we like to college winning the
super G silver just a year after he fractured his neck in
a crash during another race. He comes from skiing wrong on
various rcs good morning over metal. That's we'll talk to him
in a bit all right, but let's begin with. Nathan Chen that
would call in the quad King posting the highest score ever.
In the men's short program to move closer to his dream of
Olympic gold we're going to break it all down that
performance with skating great.

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