Introduction from your Social Media Liaison/Tech Weenie

Hi! My name is Gerry Martin, Chief Petty Officer
and Bosun of the HMS Wolverine in the 3rd Fleet of The Royal Manticoran Navy. I am also acting as the Social Media Liaison
and Tech Weenie for HonorCon this year in Raleigh, North Carolina on October 31st through
November 2nd featuring David Weber, Timothy Zahn, and Keith Decandido as our guests of
honor. I will be uploading for you some videos from
each of our department heads for HonorCon throughout the months leading up to the event
as well as other videos relating to HonorCon in years past and the Royal Manticoran Navy
in general. We have plenty in store for you all at HonorCon
and I cannot wait to share it! You can look forward to sessions streamed
online, recorded sessions, and a ton of exciting programming. If you want more information, you can check
out HonorCon's website at, the HonorCon facebook at,
and The Royal Manticoran Navy's website at

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We also have a HonorCon twitter at @honorcon
giving out trivia about the universes of our guests and information about HonorCon in general,
and finally we have our HonorCon tumblr at Let me take this opportunity to thank you
again for checking out the HonorCon YouTube channel, and we look forward to seeing you
at the convention!.

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