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With the laziest way that you can use Google Docs to make money online as a Complete beginner from literally Anywhere in the world because there is An AI bot that's pretty much going to do The work for you and you can just copy And paste using this Google Docs method And make money online and even if you Never made a single dollar before and You also don't need to invest anything As well which makes it completely Beginner friendly so with all that being Said let us actually begin with a method With a step number one which is to go Over to and obviously Start a blank brand new document just a Quick disclaimer here if someone replies To your comment like this claiming They're me just know it's a scam I don't Have WhatsApp I don't have Telegram and I would never tax you for money you can Track their accounts they don't have a Verification badge they don't have the Same subscribers or videos as me and They will just scam you my only Instagram account is at I'm Dave Nick People are just creating fake accounts Reposting my photos and dming you asking For money you can check their posts the Engagement is fake their new accounts And just know that I would never text You like that so just stay safe and Report them all so you want to open up a Blank new document where you can start

Typing different things now you're not Necessarily going to have type anything Yourself because as I said the reason AI Bot is going to do that for you but what You want to do next for the step number Two before you come back to Google Docs Is you want to open up gumro now gumroot Is a website where you can build your Own digital products and you can sell Them right over here and it's also a Platform that's being visited by Millions of people every single month Which means you can even get sales just From Gum Road itself so what you want to Do is you want to click on start selling You want to sign up for a gumroad Account and then you want to go to the Products section and you want to click On new product and you want to click on Digital product and you want to enter a Name for that product now the name of The product is going to depend on what You choose but I'm going to give you a Couple of different suggestions so Before we come back you want to go Through step number three which is to Open up this AI bot called the chat GPT Over at the so check the GPT Is a tool which allows you to talk to it You can ask some different questions you Can ask them to write a song for you to Write a story for you to write a book For you to do your homework to reply to Your boss it can do a lot of different

Things for you but what we're gonna do Is we're going to use chat to GPT to ask Him to do some of the work for us so you Can actually use them to create a Digital products you can basically ask Him for example give me 50 different Websites to make money online or give me If they're a list of 35 different work From home jobs or give me 50 different Websites that not a lot of people know About if you start to make money online Whatever that might be or give me 50 Different websites to promote my to Promote my affiliate links or give me Different tips on how to get more Instagram followers so you're basically Just creating something valuable with Him he's gonna actually do it for you But you want to ask him to create Something valuable which you can then List for sale and this is not going to Be the main business model there is Actually you're not going to make the Most of the money by selling this Product you're going to make the most of The money by upselling inside of the Product and I'm going to show you Exactly how that works so as you can see Here here's listing out 50 different Websites to make money online like I Have personally never heard about most Of these different websites even though I've been in the space for years and Years and you can see that so far we

Have 30 31 Authority View and it's just Going to continue to write different Websites and brief descriptions all Those websites for me so I'm gonna wait For a couple of seconds until that's Done and once it's done we're gonna Proceed to step number four which is to Open up the next website where you're Actually going to set up the upsell so Here we have 43 different websites so What I'm gonna do right now is I'm Pretty much gonna copy them but I'm Going to leave it like this for now then Proceed to do step number four which is To open up Warrior plus and Warrior plus Is a website which I personally use to Make hundreds of thousands of dollars in Affiliate commissions it's a platform Where people come to sell different Products related to making money online And building an online business and then You can come in and you can promote Their products as an affiliate and earn A commission whenever someone buys from You and the minimum commission is Usually 50 which means if the product is Selling for a hundred dollars you will Make fifty dollars a profit per sale so What you want to do is you want to go to The all offers in the affiliate Marketplace you find the offer which you Want to promote that is related to Making money online and online business And once you find it you pretty much

Just request approval request to promote That offer and then you can grab your Referral Link in my case this is going To be the referral link that I'm going To be promoting if you open up the two If you open up the website the actual Affiliate link you're gonna be able to See that it is related to making money Online it's an offer it's a product it Helps people make money online so what You want to do now is you want to go Back and you want to copy all of these Different websites that this AI bot has Generated for you so I'm going to use This I'm going to basically just copy And paste that inside of my Google Docs And you can of course customize this Text you can customize the colors you Can customize the phone and everything Just to make it look a little bit better Because essentially what you're creating Is a digital guide for people that are Interested in this case and making money Online and you're gonna list 50 Different websites where they can make Money online and it's all written for You you just have to play around with Different fonts which shouldn't be that Hard so you can just select whatever you Like so I'm just going to select a Different color for the page setup so I'm going to go to the page setup here And I'm going to select the page color And the custom color and then custom

Color is pretty much gonna be in one of These and then most importantly once you Start customizing your Google Document What you want to do is you once again Want to go back to Warrior plus copy Your referral link for one of those Offers and then you can create an upsell Between these lines you can pretty much Just add a call to action that can be Click here to see the best way to make Money online or you can just create your Own quality action this will be just a Super basic one but then you pretty much Just highlight that text you insert your Affiliate links it becomes clickable and You can also of course customize the Colors and you can of course customize The text so it actually stands out so People can now click on this and now We'll pretty much just copy the call to Action and I will paste it between Multiple lines to make sure that people Don't miss it as I said just play around With your designs just make it look a Little bit better and more appealing and Then once you're done creating Your Design you will title the document in This case it's going to be 50 websites To make money online and then I will Click on file and I will download this As a PDF document so now you can go back To your camera account you can name your Product you have 50 websites to make Money online you can price your product

For one or two dollars which obviously Isn't a large so you are going to make Money off of that but you're going to Make the majority of the money from the Product that you're promoting the Warrior Plus offer that's inside of this Product that people can buy for one or Two dollars and if you think about it People like just invest a dollar in a Product that's gonna show them 50 Different websites where they can make At least ten dollars on on some of those Which is obviously a decent return on Their small investment and then inside The product itself they can also click On your affiliate link and purchase an Additional product where you're going to Earn a bigger commission and that's Where you actually make the most money So this is just going to be a front-end Product which is gonna be one or two Dollars just to get people in the door So you don't want to customize this Click on customize go to the content Section select a better content editor And then click on upload your files Computer files and just select your Google Docs PDF file so that when Someone buys this product they can Instantly download a PDF document which Includes your affiliate link so they can Instantly get access to it so you don't Have to worry about delivery or Whatsoever and that's actually one of

The best things about selling digital Products online so now you can get Customize your product write a Description of what this product is all About so you can say that this is going To be a list of 50 different websites Where people can make on some of those Websites they can make 20 dollars thirty Dollars fifty dollars just so they get a Taste they know that like if they pay One dollar for this product it's Eventually gonna pay off because they're Gonna learn about at least one of the Websites where they can put that it's Gonna make ten dollars or twenty dollars So it does make sense to just invest one Dollar in this gumroad product so you Just want to write a brief description There maybe add a banner or a thumbnail As well and then you can click on Save Changes and you can publish this to Download marketplace now to get Additional sales you can copy your link Your link for that product in this case The product that shows 50 different Websites to make money online and then You can start sharing that on additional Social media platforms you can go to which is Facebook's Alternative where you can find thousands Of different groups and hundreds of Thousands of members interested in a Specific topic so if you go to maybe and You search for make money online groups

You will be able to find groups with Thousands of members interested in this Topic so for example this group has Almost 8 000 members this one has 900 Members 2.5 000 members 300 member Members 800 members and so on so all These people are interested in making Money online so what you can essentially Start doing is you can start joining Those group groups and then you can Start posting inside of those groups and Start promoting your gumroad product to Those people that are interested in Making money online you can say hey guys There are 50 different websites where You can make money online one of these Websites helped me like make 12 or 13 Just so they get an idea that they pay One dollar once again they can Potentially make at least 10 20 or 30 From one of the websites that they get Access to and there's actually thousands Of different creative ways that you can Use a chat the gpv to create value which You can then monetize on different Platforms online and these are just one Of the ways that you can use if you make Money online I really hope you got some Value out of this video and if you did Make sure to drop a like and I will see You next time

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