When Is the Right Time to Hire a Social Media Manager for Your Personal Brand? 10 Signs It’s Time…

– As a solopreneur,
hiring a team to help grow and manage your business is an exciting and often frightening step. And knowing when and who to hire first can often feel a little overwhelming. My mom and I have built a
seven figure personal brand with very minimal outside help, thanks to the automation systems and strategies we use
to power our business. But in this video, I'm gonna share some of our
best outsourcing philosophies and let you know what the signs might be that it's time for you to hire some help. My name is Jordan Maylea, co-founder of the Global Freedom Community alongside my mom and business
partner, Kathy Schneider, where we give ambitious
women the blueprint to start, grow and automate
your online business, so you can create revenue on autopilot while living the lifestyle of your dreams.

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the next video we put out. Hiring a team to help you juggle all the moving pieces in your business can be a really exciting step to take and making the right
hires first will ensure that you get to spend more of your time doing the things that you really enjoy and that you're really good at and less time doing the yucky stuff that you're really not that
fond of inside your business. One of the first hires
that many people think of is a social media manager. Now, this can be as
broad as having someone or a team of people who really manage all of your social
media, creating content, posting, engaging with your audience, or it can be as simple as hiring someone to handle one specific
social media platform that maybe you're not
that knowledgeable about, but you know you need
to have a presence on.

Hiring a social media manager might be the perfect first
step for some entrepreneurs, but it's not the perfect
first step for everyone. Currently, my mom and I
have three main team members who work with us inside of our business. We have a web designer, a video editing team and a web developer. While our video editing team is contracted to work with us weekly to edit videos, just like the one you're watching now, our web developer and web designer only work with us on a project basis.

So, why did we choose to hire those people before hiring a social media manager? The truth is, managing
our social media accounts is something that we're
really good at in our business and it also happens to be
something that we really enjoy. And with programs like MeetEdgar where we can preschedule
and even auto-post the majority of our content
so that we can set it and forget it and go about our daily life without having to sit on
social media every day, managing our social media accounts really doesn't take that much of our time. Instead, we chose to
outsource the activities that we're not good at and or don't enjoy in our business first. Nothing is more frustrating to us than running into technology issues that we don't feel qualified to fix. We have wasted so many hours
over the years trying to fix a slow or bring a
webpage up that went down or fix the formatting and the coding that's happening behind the scenes.

And now that we have a web
developer who is always on call, it is so refreshing to know
if we have any kind of issues with our server or the
performance of our website, we can send a message to her
and then go about the task that we already had planned for the day, knowing that she's gonna
get on it right away and get it fixed properly
and get it fixed fast. I'm pretty good at editing videos, but I really don't like to do
it and I'm pretty slow at it. So, as soon as we hit
a certain revenue goal within our business, we decided to outsource our video editing, which allows us to spend
more time doing what we love, which is creating content and
less time editing that content so that we actually get to show up and serve our audience more. My husband is a web designer by trade.

And so, we hired him on a part-time basis to help us anytime we're
developing new web pages or new funnels to make sure they look really, really great on all platforms, whether someone's looking
out on one desktop or mobile or on a tablet, we want them to have a great experience. Now, I'm really great at coming up with the content for the page, but I'm not so great at
making it look pretty and then making it function properly. So this is where my husband
comes in, he takes my ideas and he really brings them
to life on our website. So, this is our hiring
philosophy in a nutshell. Start by outsourcing the
things that you don't enjoy, and you're not good at. Then move on to outsourcing the things that you're pretty good at,
but you simply don't enjoy.

Using this outsourcing
strategy in your business, frees you up to spend your time doing the things you're good at and that things you
enjoy in your business. So, how do you know if it's right for you to hire a social media manager? I've got 10 signs that it might
be the right move for you. Here they are. The first is that you're
working more hours than your ideal week and you're in a place where you're ready and
looking to outsource.

In other words, the money
coming in from your business makes it worth it for you to
spend more money and less time, and that is the right choice,
the right fit for you, your business, your
family, and your lifestyle. Number two, you already have a solid profit plan in
place for your business. And one of your main goals is
to increase your visibility and get your business
in front of more people so that you can connect
with more future clients, customers, or teammates. Number three, you just don't
really enjoy social media. Number four, you just can't
keep up with the trends and you really don't have the desire to invest the time to do so.

Number five, you know you
need to have a presence on a specific platform,
but you don't really know how that platform works
and you don't wanna invest the time or money to learn
how to do it yourself. My mom and I went down
this road with Pinterest. We took a Pinterest course. We learned how to use
Pinterest in our business. And just three months later,
the entire algorithm changed and we were gonna have to go
back through the course again, with all of the updates and totally change our Pinterest strategy.

pexels photo 4050319

We really didn't have the time
in our day-to-day schedule to relearn and start
continuing to implement what we were doing on Pinterest. So instead, we hired someone who had been through that same course who already had a proven track record for growing brands on Pinterest, and we had her work on
our Pinterest account for several months. Now here's another quick lesson for you. When you do outsource, you
always wanna be evaluating, is this decision really
improving my bottom line? Ultimately, after six months of working with this Pinterest virtual assistant, we found that having a
presence on Pinterest wasn't really making a big improvement in the bottom line on our business. It wasn't bringing in
a whole lot more leads or really any new sales.

And so, we decided to let
that area of our business go for now, knowing that we
might revisit it later. Tip number six is that you've
invested all the courses, you've put in all this effort, but you're still not reaching
your goals on social media. Be really careful with this one. When you're evaluating who
to hire in your business, get really clear on what they can do for your business and your bottom line. Make sure that who you're
hiring is actually going to be able to accomplish the goals that you have in your business. Because if you don't have a
good profit plan in place, more followers, more comments, more likes, that's not necessarily going
to make you more money.

So make sure you have a real conversation with the people you're interviewing and make sure that you have
the strategies in place that they can then go and
implement their growth strategies and it's gonna actually grow your business in a positive direction. Number seven is you're
neglecting the things that can really be making
you money in your business because you're spending so
much time on social media.

This is a big one. Remember that you have certain
income producing activities inside your business that only you can do. If your schedule doesn't allow for you to balance social media with those income producing activities, outsourcing might be a great step for you. Number eight, you think
of social media last in terms of your business. And other words, you know you
need to have a presence there. You know you need to be showing up, but it's not really
where your passion lies or where your focus is
in terms of generating the most leads and sales. Number nine, you're too busy. You're missing messages. You don't have time to reply to comments. You often post sporadically
or inconsistently because your schedule
simply doesn't allow for you to create content, post it and
show up on a regular basis. This would be a perfect example of when hiring a social media manager might be the right fit for you.

Finally, you love coming
up with content ideas, but you don't really like designing the content or posting it. You could create content
ideas in a Google Doc, share it with a virtual assistant
or a social media manager, let them design and post
the content for you, saving you time and allowing you to focus on what you really enjoy
while spending less time on the parts that you don't. Ultimately, hiring a social media manager or any role in your
business comes down to you, your business goals and
really what you enjoy doing and what you don't enjoy doing. One mistake we learned the hard way is if you're really to get
results in your business, hiring someone is not
necessarily a magic bullet that's gonna make everything better. We have spent so much money over the years to learn this lesson the hard way, thinking that if we simply hired someone who knew more than us in a certain area, it would turn things around.

Sometimes having help can be really great and sometimes it actually
can turn things around in your business, but more often it's
better to have something that's working really well, and then you hire someone to take over and amplify that strategy for you rather than hiring someone to try to figure out what's broken. One big step to being ready to hire a team to help you manage and grow your business is having a proven profit plan in place, that's consistently generating
leads sales and sign-ups for your business. We gave our entire blueprint around how we went from
social media nobodies to hitting $300,000 in sales
with our personal brand inside our free 60 minute masterclass, Our Repeatable Revenue Masterclass.

Inside this free training, we're gonna show you how to
attract, capture and convert your ideal clients,
customers, or teammates on autopilot using strategies that will work even when you don't, freeing up your time
so that you don't have to spend all day on social media. You don't have to sit there and message strangers on the internet. And instead, you can
focus more of your time on those income producing activities and the things you really
enjoy doing in your business, instead of always looking
for the next sale. The strategies we teach
in this masterclass are really what allowed my mom and I to grow to seven figures
before we started hiring help by working just a few hours
a week on our laptops. With the systems we share
in this free training, you're gonna be able to really grow your business exponentially, even if you're a solopreneur
who doesn't have a lot of help.

You can reserve your seat
for the masterclass now at
globalfreedomcommunity.com/freetraining. And I will be sure and link
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