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SPEAKER 1: Digital. SPEAKER 2: Marketing. SPEAKER 3: And E– SPEAKER 4: Commerce. SPEAKER 2: In 100 seconds. SPEAKER 1: Ooh. Oh, it's time? OK. We're doing this. Digital marketing
and e-commerce are some of the fastest
growing industries right now, with thousands of
jobs needing to be filled. SPEAKER 2: Do you like fashion? Technology? Entertainment? Companies of all sizes
in nearly every industry all need digital marketers
and e-commerce specialists. SPEAKER 3: So what is digital
marketing and e-commerce? Say you started a business
selling clothes online. That is e-commerce,
the buying and selling of goods on the internet. Now, let's say other
businesses started selling clothes similar to yours. How do you set your
business apart? That's when you use
digital marketing, which is a practice of
reaching people online through digital channels.

probably already have some of the skills needed
to succeed in these fields. Are you a good storyteller,
organized, curious? Do you like solving problems
and spotting patterns? These are some skills
we use every day. SPEAKER 1: We need
more digital marketers and e-commerce specialists. It's a great job. I know. I am one. The Google Digital Marketing
and E-Commerce Certificate teaches skills
employers are seeking. SPEAKER 2: And equips
business owners with the same
skills to help them thrive in a digital economy. The certificate can be
completed at your own pace, and no previous
experience is required. And when finished,
we'll connect you with employers who are hiring
right now for entry level roles in digital
marketing and e-commerce. SPEAKER 3: If this career
field is right for you, visit [CHEERING].

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