5 New Remote Jobs 2022 – Remote Data Entry Jobs, No Phone

Hey folks, welcome to the remote professional
network. We post online jobs, remote jobs, and work
from home jobs on our online job board. So let's go ahead and dive into the couple
positions today. Today, we're going to be covering a bunch
of data entry jobs. So if you're into data entry, no phone jobs,
the ground for these ones, we will give you instructions on how to apply to these at the
end of each job and at the end of the video as well. All right, so let's go ahead and dive into
these. This is going to be a data entry clerk position
in the United States.

This is a full time position. So you're going to be working 40 hours per
week, 18 to $20 per hour. If we scroll down here a little bit, we can
see that again, data entry position. This is going to be a six month contract. And if you work well, they're going to hire
you at the end. All right. So they're looking for again, a remote worker
in the United States. You're going to be working the Eastern time
zone. That does not mean that you had to live in
the Eastern time zone, but do know that if you live on the west coast, you are going
to be waking up a little bit early. So keep that in mind for this one. They're looking for two to four years of data
entry experience, backend document processing, Microsoft suite outlook, word, Excel, computer
proficiency, high school diploma, et cetera. And they are, again, they just kind of list
again, you know, the requirements that we're looking for. Keep in mind, guys that two to four years
of data entry experience, that could be a lot of different tasks that you've been completing
and jobs that you've had in the past.

So as long as you were entering data and managing
data in any type of form, you can list that as your experience guys, right? You don't have to have been doing it full
time, full blast. You can definitely save. You had some kind of, you know, office administrator
position. You worked with Excel. Maybe you manage some data for customers,
clients in the past. Definitely include that in your experience
back in document processing is really just managing documents. Guys. This is not a hard task, so he can ever, if
you've ever worked with that documents, managing them, saving them in files, managing document
libraries. So you can definitely put that down as well. My guess is again, they're going to look more
for this experience as opposed to backend document processing experience. Okay, this one's going to be a little bit
easier to teach than this one. And again, this is going to be from diocese. This is a staffing company. They typically do post a decent amount of
data entry positions for us. So definitely this is a reliable one. Go ahead, apply to this one again, 18 to $20
per hour.

Pretty good, pretty solid range for a data
entry. And again, if you want to improve your chances,
guys have get a landing. One of these data entry jobs, they're going
to be very competitive. A lot of people don't want to work on the
phone. This is going to be the one you want to enlist
your experience in. If you have, if you want to go the extra mile,
if you learn a little bit of sequel or SQL, go ahead and Google that it is a computer
language and it is used a lot and that, and the data side of things. Okay? So if you have Excel experience and sequel
and you land this first job, you'll get some experience. And combining that experience in the future,
you can definitely command over a hundred grand at some point. Okay? So let's go ahead and move on. We have another data entry clerk position
with diocese. All right. This one is going to be again in the United
States data entry clerk, fully remote work from home job in the United States.

This is going to be 17 to $20 per hour. Now it says annually. So want to change that? So definitely you will not be making $17 a
year. This is going to be per hour. Okay. So basically the same range as the other one,
let's go ahead and look into the requirements. Now this is going to be a contract of three
months and they said that they have a hundred percent conversion or extension from this
company. So if you work these three months to a great
job, they're going to hire you at the end as well.

Similar to the last one, we just went over,
okay, they're looking for a preferred candidates, a data entry clerk. They just enter this so that they pick up
more keywords guys. So you don't have to worry about any of this,
but if you had a title similar to any of this definitely might peak their interest a little
bit more the day to day responsibilities, answering phone calls. So do note that this one is going to involve
answering calls. So this one is not a no, no phone job. If you're looking for a no phone job, go back
to that first job we discovered there is no, there are no there's no phone work involved
with that one.

With that being said, if you were, if you
were not applying to phone jobs, because you just don't want to, I might encourage you
to apply to this one. The reason being, if you work this for a year
or even your three months, you can then go ahead and put data entry specialists on your
resume and that's gonna make your life much easier. Moving forward, applying to non found data
entry positions, right? If you already have the experience, you're
going to have an easier time getting a data entry job. So that might be something to consider again,
if you are not able to work on the phone, definitely revert back to that first time
that we just spoke about there's no phone work involved in that one, moving on, though.

They want you to answer phone calls, follow
back up with the client process, pension payment, enter data into the pension system, track
ongoing cases, et cetera. And then basically they, as far as other skills,
they want, you know, basically your soft skills professionalism, quick learner, taking the
initiative. Basically they want you to be able to manage
yourself. And again, this is going to be in every single
data entry job that you apply to your guys. If you don't have experience with working
with Excel, guys, you definitely need to get that experience, especially in the data entry
world, right? That's where you're going to be working with
almost all the time. You can put, you know, you can put Google
sheets down on as experience, but most folks that work that work with data, they're going
to be working with Excel. It's just a lot easier to handle a large amounts
of data with XL. So again, if you don't have experience with
Excel, check out this video, we recommended a couple places that you can go to get certifications

pexels photo 5745183

We're not affiliated with us at all. There's the Justino training that you can
do, and that should be free. Okay. The other thing you can do as well, you can
just hop on YouTube. You can search for Microsoft Excel training
for beginners and start there. Okay. We will also we'll we'll, we'll go ahead and
we'll look for a video on YouTube and post it in the community tab. So we'll find a good one that you can reference
in the future as well. Okay. They also want you to have computer proficiency,
organization skills, data entry experience back in document processing, et cetera. They want you to have a high school degree
or GED, and they prefer a bachelor's degree. They are looking for someone who has experienced
preferably and finance and accounting or banking. Guess I would, you know, in my opinion, they're
going to be just looking for, if they can find somebody with data entry experience they're
not going to care too much about this stuff. So definitely if you have a little bit of
data entry experience, highlight that in your resume.

Again, just like we said, in lashed up, you
don't have to have had to work as a data entry clerk operator specialist, you have data entry
experience. You probably did data entry work in a previous
job, and maybe you just didn't realize it. So think back to your other positions that
you've had, right? Data entry involves working with large sets
of data. If you've ever, ever worked with Excel, managed
some client information, you probably have some data entry experience.

Gail let's move on to the next one. The next position is going to be a data entry
clerk for tiles for less. So this is going to be another United States
full-time position. Full-time remote position. There's no salary information here, guys,
but I'm going to guess that this is going to be rough. It seems like data entry work is roughly the
rough, you know, rate is about 15 to $20 per hour. So I would guess this one's going to be about
the same. Okay. So we're not going to cover up a ton of information
here, guys. It's pretty basic stuff. They might have your soft skills and they
want you to have basically the same you know, requirements as the last couple of jobs, they
wind to create accurate spreadsheets, you know, update the information and sure the
data's backed up. And so on this one looks like it's a little
bit less intense than the other jobs. This one looks a little bit more entry level
friendly. If you don't have experience really doing
much of anything, maybe you're just commanded college, high school or something like that.

This might be the job for you. Or if you're looking just to really get your
feet wet and the data entry, and maybe you haven't worked with computers at all, this
one looks a little bit friendlier. So this one might be for you guys. All right, we're going to move on to the next
position. This is Wilberforce college. This is going to be another data entry clerk
position for the United States. This is a remote Full-time job. We can see here, their responsibilities and
way to handle and coordinate active calendars schedule and confirm meetings and shore file
organization based on office protocol, ad hoc support around the office as needed again. When they say around the office, they just
meet virtually. So you don't have to worry about that. The qualifications, they would like you to
have a bachelor's degree for this one. They'd like you to have soft skills. They might be able to multitask and proficient
in Microsoft office suite. So again, that's just Microsoft word, PowerPoint,
Excel, et cetera. All right. So again guys, if you're at, if you're at
this point in the video and you're sitting here going, man, I don't have any you know,
Excel experience with Microsoft Excel and you want a data entry position.

I would say stop where you're doing right
now. You know, pause your application process. If you're dead set on data entry positions,
you need to focus on getting some experience in Microsoft Excel. All right, because if you don't have that
on your application and you know, these other, you know, a hundred, 200, 300 applications,
do you have it? You're not, you're not going to be considered
for it, right? We try to be realistic on this channel and
help you guys. If you don't have Excel experience, you know,
Microsoft power BI Smartsheet or something, or you know, experience working with the software. You're, you're going to have a rough time
getting a job in the data entry. Once you do have it, though, you should have
a much easier time. And it's really not that difficult guys. So again, we will post the link in the community
tab polls, try to find some good resources for you guys there. Okay. All right. And then the last job we have here is going
to be a data entry clerk for foot and ankle specialist.

This is a full-time remote position. What they're going to want you to do is gather
invoices, statements, reports, personal details, et cetera, from employees and other departments
and clients scan through information to identify pertinent information, correct errors, et
cetera you know, create accurate spreadsheets, backup the data and so on. Okay. So definitely this is going to wrap it up
for us today. Guys, you're going to be able to find all
these, all these jobs, that remote professional network.com. If you didn't see a job for you, we are an
online job board. We have a ton of other jobs that you can go
ahead and search. Whoops. Right? Mr. Beast, posted on her or a job where the
other day we have Victoria secret. Like if we're seasonal candidates live nation
and way more options guys. So even if you're international, we have a
couple of job options for you guest relations and the United Kingdom guest relations and
the Australia and more so we will see you next time, guys, don't forget.

Check the community tab. We're going to post some information there
so that you can use that to land one of these data entry positions. Okay. We'll see you next..

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