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Setting up all of this takes a little Less than 10 minutes and you can get Paid 25 up to 50 dollars again and again Basically for unlimited times without Creating your own product or service Without building a website and without Investing a single dollar and you also Don't need any social media followers For this because I'm going to show you How to leverage Google and Google Drive In order to make money online using this Brand new strategy so if that sounds Good enough then make sure to drop a Like down below and let us begin with Step number one which is to obviously Open up Google Drive already just a quick disclaimer Here if someone replies to your comment Like this claiming they're me just know It's a scam I don't have WhatsApp I Don't have Telegram and I would never Attack you for money you can check their Accounts they don't have a verification Badge they don't have the same Subscribers or videos as me and they Will just scam you my only Instagram Account is at I'm Dave Nick people are Just creating fake accounts reposting my Photos and dming you asking for money You can track their posts the engagement Is fake their new accounts and just know That I would never text you like that so Just stay safe and report them all so For now you just want to sign up to the

Google drive and then you want to open It up and just leave it opened like that We're gonna come back to the Google Drive later on in this video now for the Step number two you want to go over to Google and you want to search for Different articles and blog posts they Talk about how to rank higher on Google Maps now don't worry as I said you don't Need a website for this and you're not Going to be trying to rank your website Higher or whatsoever it has nothing to Do with that you just want to search for Articles and blog posts that give tips On how to rank higher on Google Maps for Example 10 key steps to ranking higher In Google Maps I can open up this Article right over here and I can read Through it and I can see if it's Valuable and if it is then I can use it For my own purposes now what I also Recommend you do is just copy the link For that article so copy the link Address of that article that thinks About different tips for ranking higher On Google and then you want to proceed To the step number three and step number Three is to go through web to PDF now Once you're over at the webpdf you just Want to paste that article Link in this Box and you want to click on word now What this this will do is this will Convert that web page into a PDF Document and I'm going to show you how

You can leverage that PDF document to Get paid without creating your own Website and without spending a single Dollar and also without any social media Followers so you're not gonna have to Build an Instagram page a YouTube Channel or anything like that so you're Just converting this web page that is Already providing a lot of value you're Converting that into a PDF document so That's going to take a couple of seconds Depending on your internet connection But once it converts you will be able to Download that PDF document with one Click of a button so just press on this Arrow pointing down and the PDF document Will be onto your computer now for the Step number four what you want to do is You want to go over through Fiverr which Is a freelancing platform where you can Find a lot of different services and You're specifically going to be Searching for services that help people Rank higher on Googles there's a lot of People that are going to optimize People's websites and do some other SEO Stuff for them to help them rank way way Higher on Google Maps or Google in General so for example I found this this Service over here that that says I will Skyrocket your local SEO Google business And GMB ranking so they will help people Rank higher on Google so what you want To do is you want to open up an a gig

Like that in Fiverr you want to click on Share this gig copy it's a link and then You want to proceed to Affiliates dot where you will be paid it's 15 to 50 dollars per person that you Refer so they are they're a CTA Commission plan is 15 to 50 dollars per Person that you refer for example I have This account over here where as you can See so far I made 160 dollars I'm gonna Reload the page so you can see that this Is not a screenshot or whatsoever so we Have still 160 dollars here but anyways You want to go through marketing tools And you then you want to go to default And deep link so this is already Affiliates dot I've just Created an account it's literally gonna Take you less than two minutes to create An account for yourself and then you Want to click on LP URL and you want to Paste that fiber gig link here and then That's going to create your own custom URL that you can copy with one click of A button so this is the Fiverr CPA and Now if I go to this link you will notice That that's going to take me to this Particular service where if someone buys This I'm gonna make anywhere for 15 to 50 dollars per person that I refer so What we're gonna do right now is we're Gonna proceed to The Next Step which is To open up SATA over the so s e J v you want to click on edit a

PDF document and then upload that PDF Document from webpdl so what you're Basically doing is you're editing that PDF document which you basically turned An article into a PDF document and now You want to edit that PDF document just So you can insert your affiliate Link in It so basically what you can do is you Can insert a call to action between These lines for example I'm going to Insert a call to action right over here I'm gonna say get your or rank your Website higher on Google Maps try it Here or click here to you try now and Then what we can also do is we can add a Link so that link is going to be our Affiliate link for the Fiverr gig so Link to an external URL is just going to Be that fiber gig link so you're gonna Paste that link here and then you're Basically just going to have multiple of These call to actions throughout this Article so basically do the same call to Action maybe here and then here and then Maybe here as well so basically while Someone is reading this they're Constantly going to be seeing your call To action that says whatever like Whatever call to action you create in my Case it's like rank your website higher On Google Maps click here to try now and Because they're reading this article They talks about ranking higher on Google they would obviously be

Interested in that and if they click on This that there that's going to take Them to Fiverr where they can actually Purchase that service rank higher on Google and we're gonna earn a commission From that so now you just want to click On apply changes once you've included Your affiliate link inside of that Google inside of that PDF document click On download download that video F Document and proceed to The Next Step Which is to open up Google Drive and Just upload that PDF document through Google Drive alright so you just want to Drag and drop and you want to upload That file now once you upload that file You're going to be able to open it up And then you can click on these three Dots at the top of the page and then you Can click on share and then you can Change the the general access to be Anyone with the link and you can copy The link for that Google Drive for that Google Document so now when someone open Up this Google Drive Link it's going to Take them to this page where they can Start reading about how they can rank Their their website higher on Google and They're going to see the call to action That says rank your website higher on Google Maps click here to try now They're going to click on that and That's going to take them to Fiverr so That's going to take them to this Fiverr

Gig where they can purchase a service And we're gonna earn a commission so now What you want to do is you want to open Up Google and you want to start Searching for businesses around the World so that can be a barber shop in Bali barbershop in New York that can be A cookie shop in Los Angeles that can be A candy shop in any City around the World it doesn't necessarily need to be In the U.S or it doesn't necessarily Need to be in the top tier country as I Said you can do Bali you can do Jakarta You can do any any place around the World in any business and then you want To open up more businesses on Google Maps and then you can go through them And you're not interested in these that Are at the top because they're getting The best results and they're getting the Most customers because if someone Searches for barber shop in New York a Barber shop in Bali and they're ranking High then they're more likely to collect Those customers but the guys that are at The bottom of the search results for Example these guys or the guys that are On the on the fifth page of Google are Obviously missing out a lot they're Losing a lot of potential customers Because they're not ranking high on Google so what you can do is you can Open up their website in most of the Cases they will have their contact

Details on their website or on their Instagram page and then you can either DM them on Instagram or you can message Or you can email them if they have an Email address in their website and you Can basically tell them that they're Losing by not ranking higher on Google And you got nothing to sell them you're Helping people rank higher on Google and You can tell them that they can read the Free article that to learn 10 different Ways that they can rank higher on Google And start accepting new customers in This case that's what I wrote and then I'm gonna highlight that text and I'm Just going to insert my Google Drive Link so click OK and then you can send Those emails or those messages to those Businesses that are not ranking high on Google Maps and since they will realize That they're losing a lot of they Probably know this already their their Competition is taking all their Customers because the competition is Ranking higher so these guys are losing A lot of money and they but they don't Know what to do so now you're giving Them a free article where they can learn More about how to rank higher on Google So you're providing them with value for Free and while they're reading the Article they're also going to see a call To action which if they click you are Going to earn a commission once they buy

The service to rank higher on Google and It's gonna pay off for them they have a A business and if they rank higher on Google they're going to get more Customers and they're just going to make More and more money so it's an ultimate Win-win from both sides so that's how You can help businesses around the world Without creating your own website and Without investing a single dollar while Making thousands of dollars in Commissions I really hope you've learned Something new in this video and if you Did make sure to drop a like down below And I will see you next time

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